Salenna Ch. 03

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Saleena Part 3: Her friends arrive for a learning experience

The imminent arrival of three of Salenna’s friends and the strong possibility of little or no sex during their visit sent Craig off to one of his mates for some much needed R & R. He was in paradise with Salenna but was getting the life blood sucked out of him, literally, a few days off and he would recover and be able to satisfy her demands and more.

The physical activity during the last few days had taken its toll, he hadn’t been prepared for it as he had stopped sports training about 6 weeks ago, also he was his own worst enemy, if Salenna wasn’t imploring him for sex, he himself couldn’t keep his cock out of her three holes even if his life depended on it. Craig had become a sexual glutton, but who could blame him, he would never find a woman like Salenna in ten lifetimes and just had to keep fucking in case it was an ephemeral dream and disappear in a wisp of smoke.

Barry answered the door, grabbed Craig’s hand and shook it and pulled him inside in the same motion,

“How are they hanging, you old bastard, I was coming over to see you but thought I would let you settle in first, don’t tell me you’ve had an argument with your old man already, geez you look like shit warmed up what happened?”

“ I don’t know where to start, but I’ve near fucked myself to death with a nun that’s been staying at our house, she has long blonde hair, absolutely beautiful looks and figure, slim as a rake and has the biggest tits you’ll ever see.

I don’t know what size they are or even if they have a size to describe them, she has a clit that’s always swollen and when I lick it she cums and just about drowns me.

When she sucks my cock it goes all the way down her throat, she wont let me come anywhere but in her mouth or on her tits, except when I arse fuck her and she loves the taste of my cum.

My dad taught her to fuck.” Craig blurted it out and was bewildered by the truthfulness of what he had told Barry.

“ Hey it’s me Barry that you’re talking to, I’ve known you all your life, you don’t have to bullshit or impress me, just sit down I’ll call the doc and he’ll give you something, meantime I’ll go and introduce myself and see if she wants to make a foursome. Did you major in fantasy stories this last term? Cos if you did I bet you got an “A”. Let’s be serious, and together we might be able to solve the problem and get some color back into you- hey that’s a joke!”

“ Barry, what I just told you is all true and I’m the happiest man alive and I came for a rest to get my strength back.” Barry was also a negro not as tall as Craig but just as well built, good looking, very shy, almost as big in the cock department and covered this up with a dry sense of humour and was a near virgin (I know, you are or you aren’t), he wasn’t sure if you counted the hand jobs.

“I’ll give Sean and Ray a bell, maybe the four of us can sort out your predicament, if not you can bore us shitless about your exploits, I for one can hardly wait as I didn’t know that a female like that actually existed.” Barry was getting horny just thinking about what Craig had divulged.

The four of them sat around, two whiteys and two blackeys all good friends from childhood, drinking beer and discussing Salenna. After hearing what Craig had to say they were all quietly thinking to themselves ..HOW CAN I GET INTO HER PANTS! For the next couple of days the four of them hung round together, swimming, practicing basketball and doing weights etc. all still thinking of Salenna.

The cab pulled up at the front step and all four doors opened up, three nuns alighting in a flow of black and the driver who went to the trunk to get the cases. Salenna and Roger were there to meet them and the girls were talking and giggling at a frantic pace, so while they hugged and kissed each other Roger paid the driver who was waiting patiently.

“ This is my Uncle Roger, he is the best uncle anyone could have, he spoils me and lets me do whatever I want”

“Uncle Roger this is Jill” Salenna said and motioned toward a girl about 5’6” very pretty and that’s all he could tell, “this is Christy and this is Celeste.” Geez they were all about 5’6”, they all seemed very pretty how was he going tell them apart, he could pick Salenna but even she looked the same from the back, never mind he will sort that out later.

“Hello Mr Harold they chorused, thanks for having us.”

Salenna took them on a tour of the house and showed them their respective rooms. It seems the four of them were great friends and slept in the same dormitory at the convent, they shared everything even their inner most secrets and were as innocent and naïve as the driven snow, they had decided on a swim after the long journey.

Roger was in the rec room practicing pool when they all came down for a dip. This was much better, thought Roger, why did I have any doubts about them staying, perhaps the thought of four nuns in the house had worried him, after all that doesn’t happen every day. Without their büyükesat escort habits on they were all just like normal 18 year old girls, now clad in only bikinis Roger could identify them. Jill had long blonde hair, a slim figure, firm tits, smiled a lot and had flawless skin, Christy had dark hair, also good looking with a slim figure but her tits sagged a little. Celeste had auburn hair also good looking, her skin was a little olive in complexion compared to the other two and her tits were very full and set close together making them appear larger than they were. The scene before Roger was very pleasant and in summary the four of them were all good looking, all slim with good figures, all about the same height and all had big tits. Not in the same league as Salenna’s, approx 36c at a guess, what is it in this day and age, has every young girl got big tits? or was Roger just lucky they happened to be gathered at the one place.

Roger didn’t intrude he just kept playing pool and admired them through the window, not bad he thought, at least they were easy on the eye. The last days had sapped his energy and rest was something of a luxury, so Roger slipped up stairs to see if he could steal an afternoon nap away from the noisy chatter of the girls.

The swim and the sun had sent them inside to the rec room for a drink, they wandered in and flopped on the cushions, “What do you want to drink?” Salenna asked peering into the fridge

“Anything, as long as it’s cold” was the reply.

Jill propped on her elbow and said “So what have you been up to for the last 2 weeks tucked away down here? Anything special that we should know about? Your uncle seems like a bit of a hunk has he kissed you on the lips yet?”

Salenna was silent not knowing what to say, she couldn’t lie, yet it was too early to tell them what she had learnt. “My cousin is home from college and we have been into town shopping, we swim a lot and I have been trying to get a tan

“You haven’t been to successful with the tan, what else have you been up to?” Celeste asked.

“Your cousin, is that Craig the one that you mention now and again? By the way, were is he? We haven’t seen him or a photo of him, what’s he look like?” it was Christy this time. “Does he look like his dad? If he does it could be interesting.”

“Uncle Rog isn’t really my uncle and Craig was adopted at birth by him and Aunty Pat and he’s very handsome, tall and well built and he’s visiting his friends for a day or two, anything else? This feels like the inquisition.” said Salenna, she knew they were only curious and meant well.

Jill reached for the remote and pointed it at the T.V. and clicked it, she searched the channels and there was nothing of interest so she hit what she thought was the off button, the screen flickered and the tape that Roger had edited started to play. The sound was loud but Jill was to mesmerised to turn it down and the four girls stared as the moans and groans filled the room, they did not move or talk, they were stunned.

Salenna started to ooze between her legs as she watched herself and Craig fucking, the film was turning her on and she could almost feel that big prick inside her. The girls had seen penises in photos and on young boys but never one that was erect, nor one that was black and the size made them gasp, they watched till the tape ran out and had seen and heard the most graphic fucking and sucking session they were ever likely to see.

“Where did you learn to do that?” asked Celeste incredulously.

“Uncle Rog taught me, then I taught Craig.” Said Salenna in a matter of fact way. Now the questions came like machine gun fire.

“Is it really as good as it sounds?”

“Does it hurt?”

“How did you fit it in, it’s so huge?”

“What does cum taste like?”

“How did you get his cock down your throat?”

“I can’t believe that it will fit in you bum, is it nice?”

“I thought only blokes squirted cum”

“Is Rog’s cock that big?”

“You love fucking don’t you?”

“Do you think Rog will teach us how to fuck?”

“Do you think Craig will fuck us if we learn?”

“What does it feel like when he licks your clitoris?”

Salenna tried to answer the questions as best she could but after watching the tape, plus the fact she was rubbing her clit brought on an orgasm that she couldn’t control so she let it take its course, let out a loud groan and shuddered as she came. The girls looked on in amazement.

Roger awoke from his nap, had a leak and headed down stairs to check on the girls, they were in the rec room and talking excitedly when he entered, they didn’t see him so he tried to pick up the conversation and he heard the word “fuck” and “cum” a lot and it dawned on him, they had watched the tape while he was asleep.

Shit! How was he going to get out of this, to top it off his star pupil was writhing round on the carpet in the middle of an orgasm. Christy was the first to spot Roger and hurried toward him, the others followed.

“Mr çankaya escort Harold, sorry Roger- Salenna just told us that you taught her to fuck and suck, we can see by the tape that she really enjoys it, if we promise to very good and not tell anyone would you teach us too?”

Roger was between a rock and a hard place because if they did tell anyone about him and Salenna there could be heaps of trouble, on the other hand if he teaches them he could be in heaps of trouble. The thought of trouble was with either option so he chose the latter, at least it will be fun.

Roger went to the bed and took off his shorts and lay on his back, his flacid cock lying in the crook of his thigh. The girls got out of their bikinis and stood around the bed naked waiting for instructions, he motioned them onto the bed and started feeling their breasts, he could feel the blood pumping and in a second he could feel it reach his penis and it grew to its full extent. Jill, Christy and Celeste gingerly touched it and stroked it, amazed at the size it had become and how hot it was.

“I think the first lesson that you should learn is how to suck a cock properly and then how to swallow the cum without spilling too much.” The girls nodded, so Roger continued “Salenna will show you how to suck my cock and I will explain what she is doing.”

Salenna was onto it like a starved animal and Roger was saying “She is running her tongue around the head, now her tongue is tickling the slit at the top, she is generating saliva so her mouth will slide up and down easily, now she is circling my cock with her hand, both her mouth and hand are stroking it. At the same time she is tickling my ball sack”.

The cum was building in his balls, “As she goes down on my cock she is relaxing her throat so that I can push it all into her mouth. You can see that she is going slow and deep, when I cum Salenna will take her head away so you can see it squirt, normally you will feel the balls ride up into the tightened scrotum just before the man cums and you will attempt to swallow it all.”

Salenna only had time to move her head to the side when it shot, she pumped if faster and harder and cum was flying in all directions, when Roger’s breathing was back to normal he said “Now would be a good time for you to lick some cum up and see how it tastes and if you like it.” There were four tongues lapping at his stomach, chest and cock, life can’t get any better than this Roger thought to himself and this is lesson number one.

Never were there three more eager pupils than Jill, Christy and Celeste but the practice that they were putting in to get it right was having a draining effect on Roger and so it was back to the Viagra till they had perfected their technique. Roger was still taking the Viagra as they progressed to the next lesson, the art of fucking.

Salenna was used again as the assistant as girls were told how to position their body to get the best penetration, how to hold off their orgasm by clenching down on their cunt muscles so when it came it would be more intense, thank goodness they were excellent students and learnt quickly otherwise their teacher would have had a limited life span. Roger congratulated them, not only were they stunning looking with figures to match they could also suck the chrome off a bumper bar and fuck like they were responsible for saving the human race.

Salenna’s 18th birthday was the next day and Roger was thinking of a way that it could be celebrated and remembered as a very special day in her later years, then it clicked, a graduation ceremony for all the girls!

He gathered them together to gauge their feelings towards his idea, he would get Craig and some of his friends to come around and the girls could test themselves on what they had learnt in the last days, the acceptance was greeted with enthusiasm and Roger was mobbed and hugged and kissed as they rushed off to apply makeup and decide what to wear.

Roger reached for the phone and hit the “B” for Barry button, the dial tone went for a few seconds, “Hello….Barry speaking.”

“This is Roger Harold could I speak to Craig please Barry?”

“Sure I’ll put him on”

“Hi dad, need some help with the nuns? Got you saying grace and going to church have they, what’s up?”

“It’s Salenna’s birthday and I was wondering if you and three of your mates would like to come over and help celebrate, about noon and I’ll have a BBQ organized with some drinks, yes or no?”

“I’ll say yes for all of us, we haven’t got anything going and we all need our souls saved or whatever they are into at the moment.” There was a pause for a few seconds as Craig consulted with his mates.

“Okay see ya in a while, want us to bring anything? Prayer mats or bibles?”

The boys rolled up in their bathers, towels over their shoulders and looking very athletic with their broad shoulders, straight backs, muscles bulging and a sort of swaying lope to their walk. Barry, Sean and Ray plopped down on the chairs ankara escort by the pool and Craig carried on into the rec room to get some drinks.

“Hi, Mr Harold.” They said.

“Craig said you were having trouble remembering the rosary.” Said Barry.

“Actually I’ve been doing a little coaching while Craig was away, by the way you had all better call me Roger, Mr Harold is a bit formal round here.”

Craig arrived with the beers and threw a can to each of the boys. “Hey fellas put your towel over your laps, cos if Salenna arrives in her bikini you could embarrass her.”

The click of high heel sandals signaled the arrival of the girls, all carrying a glass of punch that Roger had made for the occasion and all wearing bikinis, looking like centerfolds from Playboy. The boys were motionless except for their eyes, tits then face then figure, check legs and back to the tits again, this all took 1/10 of a second and as it registered in the brain the reaction in all of them was unanimous, the stupid stare, open mouth and a growing erection, thank goodness for the warning and the towels.

The girls reaction wasn’t far behind the boys but they concealed it better, it was Roger that broke the tension and introduced them to one another, then Salenna ran to Craig and hugged him, gave him a sloppy kiss on the mouth

“I’ve missed you” she said. With that they all started to talk to one another and the ice was broken. Roger lit the BBQ and got more drinks all round.

After they had eaten they just sat around in a group and talked about teenage topics but they had managed to sit boy, girl, boy with Craig and Salenna together and the others in random pairs, what with the sun and the alcohol, inhibitions were starting to melt and Salenna was getting this ache in her lower body or more precisely in her pussy. The boys dived into the pool and started playing keep it off with a tennis ball, the girls watching and feeling horny.

Salenna was first to act, she undid the knot of her bikini top and jumped into the water, when she surfaced the top floated up and was only secured around her neck so she took it off and threw it to the side of the pool then did a few strokes to the edge and sat up on the surround.

Salenna was the focus of attention of all the boys, they stared as the water dripped off her blond hair and face and ran down over her monster tits and glistened on her body, she shook her head to get rid of the excess water and that caused her tits to wobble which in turn caused four erections. The other girls took the cue and undid their tops and dived in as well, Craig had already swum over to Salenna and undid both knots that held up her bikini bottom and was licking the smooth, aching pussy.

Salenna happy in her naked state or her normal state, got up and ran to the rec room with Craig in hot pursuit, his bum had hardly hit the cushions and Salenna was on him, his cock in her mouth, she was pumping with her hand and mouth and her tongue was swirling around the head and in the slit.

Craig needed release and within 25 seconds he shot 3 days worth of cum in her mouth, Salenna swallowed it all savouring every last drop but she didn’t stop, she kept stroking and before his cock had a chance to go limp it was hardening up again and her tongue got it to full attention again, in one deft motion Salenna slid up his body and impaled herself on Craig’s cock and was fucking him at a furious pace.

Craig was in control now, having come earlier, he rolled her over and pumped his huge cock into her as fast as he could, he could feel Salenna coming so he pulled out and started sucking her tits and playing with her clit with his fingers.

“Please don’t stop, please keep fucking me” but Craig didn’t appear to hear.

“Craig, please put your cock back in me!” she was desperate now. “I beg you, please fuck me hard. I need to come so badly!!”

Craig put his cock back in and did as he was told, slowly at first and building up in pace till Salenna was yelling “I’m coming,…..I’m coming”. The noise alerted the other six and they ran to see what the screaming was all about, when they arrived they were just in time to see Salenna convulsing in a wave of orgasms, Craig pulled out of her cunt and let his second blast of cum go all over her massive tits, they were spent and lay side by side gasping for air.

The boys stood in awe at the scene before them, all had full hardons and were aching to come, the girls sensed this and stripped the bathers off them and had the boys erect cocks in their mouths quickly, it only took a couple of pumps and a bob of their heads and the boys were gushing, probably the best blow job they had ever had, if they had ever had one at all.

Now it was the girls turn and they lay on their backs ready for a gentle fuck after the furious blow job the boys had just received but this was not to be. Jill had wondered all afternoon how she was going to get Barry to put his cock into her, he was so shy although full of bravado, but after sucking him off and seeing the size of his monster cock she was wondering how she was going to get that cock into her or would it fit, she shouldn’t have worried at all, it went in beautifully and the fit was perfect although a bit on the large side and they slowly started to get the feel of each other.

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