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An old Volkswagen camper van sat silently with its engine cover open on the side of a mountain road, looking tired and forlorn in its dust covered faded red paint. It’s owner, an affable tall blonde carpenter named Roddy, sat on a nearby boulder, contemplating his next move. He was a long way from anywhere.

Hoping someone would drive by, he waited. And waited. But the road he was on was little used, and really didn’t go anywhere anyone wanted to go. Roddy used it to get to a little known scenic overlook high up on the mountain where he spent the night once in a while when he felt like getting out of town and had nowhere better to go. There was only one residence up that way that he knew of, a big log-style mansion overlooking the city lights way off in the distance. It was many miles uphill, and a vacation residence, so walking all the way up there seemed foolish.

The daylight was fading, so Roddy made up a sign using a piece of a cardboard box, and wrote on it with black oil from old engine’s dip-stick.



He left the engine cover open, tucked the sign into the bumper, and set up his bed for the night before settling down with a beer. After two more beers dusk had turned to darkness, and he climbed into bed and fell asleep, thinking he would get up early in the morning and hike down the mountain for help.

Out of a deep sleep he was startled awake by bright lights and a man’s voice.

“Hello? Do you need help?”

“Yes,” Roddy said out the window, “I’ll be right out.”

The voice belonged to a sleek looking grey haired man in his sixties, stepping out of a black Mercedes convertible. He was dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, and looked like a million bucks.

“Thanks for stopping,” Roddy said as he got out of the camper. “My engine broke down this afternoon. I thought I’d have to walk down tomorrow.”

The man asked if Roddy would like to ride with him up to the big house, but Roddy declined and gave him a phone number to call in the morning of a friend who had a Volkswagen repair shop. Roddy wrote down the part he needed and said the friend would know what to do. The man told him his wife would be coming by in the morning, they shook hands, and Roddy went back to bed.

About an hour later there was more bright light, and another voice, this one female.

“Hey! You need help?”

“Oh… I, uh… hang on a minute,” Roddy said groggily.

This voice belonged to a stunning young blonde with a thick and brassy New York City accent, wearing a little red cocktail dress that left little to the imagination. She stepped out of a yellow Maserati convertible and promptly sincan escort bayan twisted her ankle on the dirt shoulder of the road.

“Fuck these things,” she snarled as she pulled off her stiletto healed shoes.

Roddy was wearing nothing but small boxer shorts when he stumbled groggily out of the camper, and he stepped on something excruciatingly sharp in his bare feet.

“Fuck!” he said quietly, lifting his left foot in his right hand to look at his heel, not realizing the cars bright headlights perfectly lit his big flacid penis for the woman to see.

“Ain’t it a bitch?” the woman said, soaking in the sight of the well endowed young man and smiling a little. “You need help or somethin’?” she said, and Roddy could tell she had been drinking.

“No. Actually, a guy came by earlier, and he’s gonna make a phone call for me in the morning. But thanks, I really appreciate you stopping. Guess I should have taken this sign down.”

“Oh. Yeah, no problem,” she said, looking at Roddy’s muscular chest.

“He said you’d be coming by in the morning… are you his wife?” Roddy asked.

“Yeah, I’m his fuckin’ wife,” she said, suddenly angry. “The mornin’ he said? God damn it, he’s prob’ly got a tramp up there. Was there a little twenty year old bitch with him?”

“No, he was alone.”

“Fuck, she was prob’ly up there waitin’ for him. The mornin’ he says. That’s what he said to me too… now I know fuckin’ why.”

“Maybe you’re just imagining things, he seemed really nice.”

“I aint imaginin’ nothin’. Every tramp in the city’s lined up for his money. I’m one of ’em I guess. Fuck…”

The woman held her face in the hand that wasn’t holding her shoes, and started to cry. Roddy didn’t know what to do.

“You wanna sit and catch your breath for a minute? I’ve got beer if you want one.” After he said it he realized it was a bad idea. “Maybe you shouldn’t drink any more if you’re driving though.”

“I’m not drivin’. I’m gonna work this alcohol out a my system right here,” she said, wiping the tears away. “You got a bed in that thing.”

“Whoa, I don’t know…” Roddy said, not wanting to get in the middle of a marital dispute.

“You don’t know? You don’t fuckin’ KNOW?” the woman said, getting angry again. “Look at this and tell me if you don’t fuckin’ know.”

In one quick move she dropped her expensive shoes in the dirt, unzipped her little red dress, and let it drop onto the dirt around her feet. She stood in the bright headlight glare of the Maserati wearing nothing but a black garter belt and black shear stockings. The deep black shadows cast by her big Playboy centerfold tits and eryaman escort her prominent pussy lips made her look like the covergirl from an old pulp fiction novel.

“Tell me if you don’t fuckin’ know,” she said again, this time with a wry smile.

The rapidly growing tent in Roddy’s boxer shorts gave him away.

“Yeah, you fuckin’ know,” she said, looking right at it.

She was next to Roddy before he could say anything, running her hand down inside his boxer shorts onto his big swelling cock.

“That’s a fuckin’ nice cock you got there,” she said, stroking it’s length.”You’re gonna make me forget my troubles, aren’t ya.”

She squatted and pulled down the boxer shorts and inhaled Roddy’s big cock into her mouth.

“Oh FUCK yeah! This is gonna be fun,” she said, sliding her hands along the long saliva covered shaft. “Dickface up there’s got a little tiny one. Thinks his money makes up for it, but it don’t.”

Back in her mouth it went, and a first class, deep throat blow-job blew Roddy’s head off, right there in the glare of the headlights. As his mind came back into focus he thought about how great sex skills must be a prerequisite to being a rich guy’s trophy wife.

“You got a light inside that thing, or are we gonna be fumblin’ around in the dark all night?” the woman asked.

Roddy walked naked to the side door of the little camper, switched on a dim interior light, and the woman switched off the headlights on her car.

“Jesus Christ, I can’t see a fuckin’ thing,” she said, standing next to her car.

“Hang on, I’ve got a flashlight,” Roddy said.

He fumbled around and found one, and aimed the beam out through the back window of the camper at the woman. She lurched forward on the sharp gravel, her big tits jiggling like nothing Roddy had ever seen.

“On the ground dopey,” she laughed. “You got all night to look at the tits.”

The woman climbed into the camper and onto the small double bed. “That cock’s gonna make my day I’ll tell ya,” she said, grabbing onto it.

“Where are you from,” Roddy asked with a smile.

“Brookyn. Why?”

I love your accent,” Roddy said.

“I don’t have a fuckin’ accent. You got a fuckin’ accent,” she said with a laugh. “I see your ready to go already. Jesus, your fast. You gonna put that thing in me, or what?”

Roddy and the woman fucked all night long. It was astonishing they could keep going hour after hour — it was like fate had brought them together on the exact night of their lives when their sexuality peaked, and nothing could stop them. They had sex every possible way a person can, and then they did it all again.

Just before etimesgut bayan escort dawn a small car sped down the mountain and flew by them.

“Fuckin’ little tramp,” the woman said as it passed, and she sixty-nined Roddy, giving him an angry, gagging, deep throat blow-job that made him cum as hard as the first one four hours before.

When the sun finally broke over the horizon they were on their backs, exhausted, sticky, and breathless.

“Fuckin A!” the woman said quietly.

The old Volkswagen camper van was a shambles, and looked like a hurricane had blown through the inside. Curtains were pulled down, a cabinet door was broken clean off it’s hinges, and the cloth cover on the bed mattress was ripped open, revealing the foam rubber beneath. Roddy’s sleeping bag was trampled on the floor, and everything that was anywhere was now somewhere else.

After a few quiet minutes the woman started gathering her wits.

“Jesus Christ,” she said, “my hairs all fulla Jizz. I ain’t never seen a guy cum so many times.”

She used a small mirror on the wall that had somehow survived the mayhem, and ran her fingers through her bottle-blonde hair to try and get it looking halfway normal, and she licked her fingers and smoothed her makeup a bit.

“Fuckin’ jizz on everything, you animal,” she said as she looked at her cum splattered stockings, and she glanced over at Roddy with a sexy, appreciative smile.

“You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen,” Roddy said, admiring her body in the soft morning light as she peeled the stockings off her legs and unclipped the garter belt.

“I’ve heard that line before,” she said.

“Yeah, but they didn’t see you like this,” Roddy said.

“Wanna bet?” she said with a wry smile.

The naked woman stepped out of the camper, walked gingerly across the sharp gravel, tossed her rolled up stockings into the convertible, and picked her little red cocktail dress up off the dirt. She shook it out and brushed it off, and slipped her stunning body into it and zipped it up, adjusting her big tits so they spilled out the correct amount. She reached down and slipped on her stiletto heels just as a car rounded the corner from above. It was her husband. Roddy pulled on a pair of shorts while the man parked his shiny black Mercedes across the road from the Maserati.

“Good morning Darling,” he said to her. He looked as tired as she did.

“Just checkin’ to see if this guy’s all right,” she said. “You OK in there?”

“Never better,” Roddy said as he emerged from the camper with a smile.

“I just called your friend,” the man said. “He said he’d be here around eleven with the part you need.”

“Oh thanks,” Roddy said. “Since I didn’t have to worry I had a really good night thanks to you.

“Glad to be of service,” the man said. “Ready to go Darling? You look nice today. Did you do something new with your hair?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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