Right or Left? Ch. 05

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Adriana Chechik

Thanks once again for your support and votes on my evolving incest saga.

The story continues with Jeff and Wendy (brother and sister) and her girlfriend Kylah preparing for their upcoming spring break vacation.

In this chapter:

Atlanta is calling.

The Doctor will see you now.

Four fucking days.

Wendy spends the night or does she?

Family Affair

This story may contain peanuts so if you’re allergic to incest, anal, oral, threesomes or girl on girl sex, please do not go any further.


Atlanta is calling

Jeff had time before he was to meet with Kylah at the doctor’s office, so he decided to stop for a bite to eat. Kylah’s mom had been a satisfying surprise and had left him sexually content and hungry as hell. He never thought Jasmine would be so into sex and oral sex in particular.

The screen on his BMW lit up with an incoming call from his mom. He was on guard right away as his mom never called him during the day unless it was an emergency.

“Hey mom,” said Jeff, “is everything okay?”

“What?” said his mom, “oh, yes, sorry for calling Jeff I hope you are not with clients.”

“No, I was just about to grab something to eat,” said Jeff, “I had an exhausting meeting.”

“I worry about you sometimes,” she said, “you push and push and even though you keep yourself in good shape your body can only go so far. Maybe you need to slow down a bit and enjoy yourself.”

“Your right mom,” Jeff said, “I just hired an assistant to help me out. Hopefully, she will provide me some relief.”

“That’s great!” she said, “what is it your dad always says? Something about being harder and smarter to stay on top.”

Jeff laughed at his mom’s unintended sexual innuendo. “Yes, something about harder and smarter. So what’s up?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “I just wanted to let you know your dad, and I are heading up to Atlanta today. His company wants him there for a couple of days, and then we are going to spend the weekend there looking at rental homes.”

“Are you more excited about the transfer now?” Jeff asked.

“I am Jeff,” she said, “it’s just difficult leaving you and Wendy behind. Promise me you will take care of your sister, I know the two of you are close but..”

Jeff could hear the concern in his mom’s voice and her fear that she was abandoning her children. ” I promise I will always be there for Wendy,” said Jeff, “for whatever she needs.”

“Thanks, Jeff,” said his mom, “that means a lot to me.”

“Okay, have a safe drive and don’t worry about anything here,” said Jeff. “I think Wendy and Kylah wanted to get together this weekend anyway to talk about our vacation; we leave next Friday.”

“That’s right!” said his mom, “Please don’t let the girls get into too much trouble! I know they are young, but they are lucky to have you to guide them.”

“You know mom, I am looking forward to some sun and relaxation too,” said Jeff. “The girls promised to listen to me and do what I say so I am sure we will all enjoy ourselves.”

“Thanks, Jeff,” she said, “see you on Sunday night.”

“Bye mom” Jeff said as he ended the call.

Jeff smiled a wicked smile knowing the girls were not scheduled to be meeting with him this weekend, but he was sure they would want to now.

He was semi-surprised that his parents were heading up to Atlanta. His dad had talked to him briefly yesterday about the possibility and also clarified a few things for him.

Jeff found out his dad was also worried about leaving him and Wendy to fend for themselves when they moved to Atlanta permanently later this month. He told Jeff that he and Wendy could stay in the home up to six months, but then, unfortunately, it would have to be sold. Jeff had told his dad not to worry as he was thinking about buying his own house in the next few months anyway and Wendy would be welcome to stay with him. His dad was not a very emotional man, but Jeff could see the sense of relief on his dad’s face and in his eyes.

Jeff was pleased he could step up and take the pressure off his dad and mom. They were great parents, and he owed them so much for their support of him all his life. But, in all honesty, he was a bit selfish as he thought about unrestricted access to his sister’s tight little body. The thought of being able to fuck her every night in all her holes was making his cock hard. With all these images of his sister naked in his mind he had to unwind a bit before heading into the diner, the last thing he wanted to do was scare the waitress with a hard-on although if it was the regular one, maybe he did.


The Doctor will see you now

Jeff had enjoyed his light lunch and was sitting in his BMW waiting for Kylah to show up at the parking lot of his friend Dr. Low’s office.

Dr. Low had graciously squeezed them in and was going to meet with Kylah so she could get a prescription for birth control pills. The last thing everyone needed or wanted right now tuzla escort was for Kylah to have an unexpected pregnancy.

It was several minutes later when Kylah pulled up and parked beside him. Jeff didn’t know if it was because he had just had sex with her mom, but he suddenly saw Kylah in a different light. When she exited her car the smile on her face was genuine, and her eyes lit up when she looked at him. It was at that moment his heart skipped a beat.

Kylah was beaming at Jeff as she ran to hug him. “Hi Jeff,” she said as she rambled on. “Thank you so much for arranging this! I am so glad I will not be missing out on anything with you and Wendy. I can’t believe next weekend we will be on vacation!”

Jeff laughed at her enthusiasm she was so cute as she bubbled away. “Well,” said Jeff as he grabbed her hand in his, “let’s go, girlfriend!”

Kylah continued to talk away as they walked up to the office building telling him all about her day. She stopped just before they entered. “I forgot to ask,” she said, “how did it go with my mom?”

“Your mom is an amazing woman,” said Jeff, “she showed me how much she cares for you and even gave her blessing for us to continue having sex.”

“She is? She did?” said Kylah, “are you sure you met with the right mom?”

“Yes,” laughed Jeff, “she showed me a side of herself that she has kept locked away and I think you will notice the difference when you go home tonight. I will tell you all about later right now let’s go see the doc.”

The waiting room was almost empty, and the receptionist directed them to a waiting area. “Dr. Low will be right with you,” she said.

When the last person left Dr. Low came out personally to greet them. “Hi I’m Dr. Low,” he said as he presented his hand to Kylah, “pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Kylah,” she said, “and I appreciate you seeing me on such short notice.”

“Well,” he said, “if Jeff weren’t such a good personal friend of mine it would never have happened. So I guess you need to thank Jeff.” The doctor turned and let his receptionist know she could leave for the night and to lock up on her way out. “All right shall we go to my office? Jeff, you can wait here if you don’t mind.”

Kylah looked from the doctor to Jeff with a bit of shock on her face. “Please, can Jeff come in?” said Kylah, “I need him to be there for me.”

“If you are okay with it then I am,” he said, “just know I will be asking a lot of personal questions.”

The three of them walked down the hall to Doctor Low’s private office. “Please have a seat,” he said as he sat behind his desk. “Now Kylah are you over eighteen?”

“Yes sir,” said Kylah, “I’m nineteen.”

“Good, then we don’t need your parent’s approval for the birth control pills.”

Doctor Low continued with all the questions he needed to ask as he filled out a form on his desk.

“When did you lose your virginity?”

“Jeff is the only man I have ever been with,” she said then looked down embarrassed. “I took my virginity with a hairbrush when I was sixteen.”

“Well,” laughed the doctor, “you’re not the first girl to tell me that.”

He continued with the questions, “do you feel pain with intercourse?”

“Well,” she said, “Jeff is pretty big, but it feels good too.”

Doctor Low looked over at Jeff, and Jeff gave him a ‘what me’ shrug.

“Do you smoke?”


“Any serious illnesses in the past?”


“Any family history of serious illness?”


“Any history of migraine headaches or blood clots?”


“Are your periods regular?”


“What type of contraception do you practice now?”

“Um, I don’t know what you mean. I swallow.” Kylah said.

Jeff and Doctor Low laughed, “Okay I think that will work,” said the doctor.

He asked Kylah several more questions then put the paperwork down and looked at Kylah.

“Okay that wraps up all the questions now, but I really should do a quick pelvic exam,” said Dr. Low, “Are you okay with that?”

“Oh!” said Kylah.

Jeff looked at Dr. Low trying to gauge whether he did need to do an exam or if he was just playing around. When he saw the doctor wasn’t laughing he knew it was for real.

“Okay,” the doctor said, “do you still want Jeff in the room?”

Kylah gave a strained laugh as she looked at Jeff. “Um, is it conditional to me getting the prescription?”

“No it isn’t,” said the doctor, “but I highly recommend we have a baseline for future exams.”

Kylah thought about this for a bit, the doctor was just professional but he is a good friend of Jeff’s, and she didn’t want to make it awkward for them in the future.

“I think I will do it another time if that is okay with you Doctor,” Kylah said. She could see Jeff give a small sigh of relief and guessed she had made the right decision.

They watched as Doctor Low filled out a prescription form. “This is for six months, but you should practice safe sex for at least a week once you start taking them just to be safe,” tuzla escort bayan he said, “I will want to see you again before renewing it to make sure that there are no side effects. “

“Thanks, Doctor,” said Kylah.

“Yes,” said Jeff, “thanks so much Doc.!”

“My pleasure,” he said, “have a great vacation!”

Jeff and Kylah got up to leave the room. “Wait!” said Dr. Low, “I have something for Jeff too.” He reached into one of the cupboards behind him and came out with half a dozen samples of Viagra. “I don’t want Jeff to be falling on his end!” laughed the doctor.

This time Kylah joined in the laughter wholeheartedly as she thought about Jeff’s cock staying hard for hours on end and the fun they would all have on vacation.


Four fucking days

Jeff and Kylah stood by his BMW and talked about where to get the prescription filled before they went their separate ways when Jeff’s cell phone went off again. As he checked the name, he saw it was his sister. “One sec,” said Jeff, “Wendy is calling me.”

“Hey bro, did you hear?” said Wendy all excited. “Mom and dad have left for Atlanta, and we have the house to ourselves for four fucking days!”

“Hang on,” said Jeff, “Kylah is with me, and I am going to put you on the speaker in my car.”

Jeff opened the passenger door for Kylah, and she sat down on the black leather seat then he walked around the car and joined her. Jeff hit the power button and put his sister on the car speaker, “okay,” said Jeff, “we can both hear you now.”

“Hi Kylah!” exclaimed Wendy, “We won the fucking lottery! I just found out my mom and dad have left for Atlanta and we can fuck Jeff for FOUR FUCKING DAYS!”

Kylah looked at Jeff and could see his smile filled his face, and his eyes twinkled at her. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was and in truth thought she had won the lottery with Jeff a long time ago.

“OH GOD!” Kylah exclaimed as she smiled at Jeff, “I am so fucking horny thinking about it I could give your brother head in his car right now!”

“Do it Kylah!” squealed Wendy. “Suck his big fucking cock!”

Jeff laughed as he watched shy Kylah come out of her shell. It happened every time she and Wendy got together, Kylah’s promiscuous side revealed, itself, and he loved it.

“Whoa, whoa,” laughed Jeff, “don’t I get a say in this?”

“No big brother,” laughed Wendy, “Kylah and I are going to take control this weekend! You are going to be our little boy toy!”

“I love it,” screamed Kylah, “can we tie him up too?”

The laughter was shared among the three of them as the girls talked about all the things they were going to do to Jeff and his big cock. Jeff sat back in his seat as he watched Kylah’s face as she and Wendy plotted the weekend’s sexual games. Right now at this moment, he didn’t think life could get any better. He had a gorgeous girlfriend in the seat next to him and a sister who matched her in every way. He stopped his daydreaming for a moment when he realized he had just acknowledged to himself that he thought of Kylah as his girlfriend.

Jeff looked at the parking lot and could see they were the only two cars in the lot. It was risky, but all the sex talk by the girls had made his cock ache, so he decided to take Kylah up on her offer. He undid the zipper on his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

“Oh fuck Wendy,” exclaimed Kylah as she looked over at Jeff, “Jeff just took his cock out of his pants. It’s huge!”

“NO!” screamed Wendy. “SUCK IT!”

When Kylah tried to lean over to take him in her mouth, Jeff put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. “Listen to you two little teasing sluts,” laughed Jeff, “it’s my turn to tease you, I am going to stroke my cock and Kylah is going to tell you what I am doing.”

Jeff hit the power button to move his seat back for more access, “Tell her Kylah,” said Jeff, “tell Wendy what you see.”

“Oh fuck Wendy,” said Kylah, “it’s huge, and the tip is leaking, I want to lick it so bad. He’s got his balls out too; they’re bouncing on his pants. Fuck this is so hot to watch!”

“More,” breathed Wendy, “tell me more.”

“His hand is moving up and down, I can see the skin stretch and the veins are popping out,” said Kylah. “It’s so beautiful to see.”

“Oh Wendy,” said Kylah, “Jeff has his hand on my face, he wants me to suck his thumb at the same time.”

“Do it Kylah,” said Jeff, “watch me stroke my cock and suck my thumb like it was my cock.”

Kylah attacked Jeff’s thumb with vigor as her tongue swirled around it as she sucked hard. Wendy could even hear Kylah’s loud moans.

“Suck it Kylah,” said Wendy, “look at his hard cock and suck his thumb.”

Kylah was turned on visually looking at his cock; she reached into her pants to finger herself.

“No Kylah,” said Jeff, “take your hand out of your pants.”

“Wendy you too,” said Jeff knowing his sister only too well, “no pleasing yourself, we can please each other later tonight.”

“Fuck Jeff,” said Wendy, “I was just getting escort tuzla into it.”

Jeff pulled his thumb out of Kylah’s mouth with a loud plop.

“Oh god Wendy,” said Kylah, “his cock is screaming out for me, and I can’t touch it. It’s leaking out more now. Please, Jeff, let me taste it!”

“That’s a good girl,” said Jeff, “because you said please you are allowed to lick my cock but no sucking.”

“Oh thank you!” said Kylah. “Did you hear Wendy? I can lick his cock!”

“Fuck,” said Wendy, “I wish it was me!”

“Hmm, he tastes so good Wendy,” said Kylah sexily as she licked the pre-cum off the tip of his cock. “Fuck I want to suck you so bad.”

“Okay sit back now,” said Jeff to Kylah.

Reluctantly she did as Jeff asked. “Can I play with my nipples Jeff?” asked Kylah.

“Me too!” echoed Wendy.

“Where are you Wendy?” asked Jeff with a little concern in his voice. His little sister could be reckless, and she could be in the college library for all he knew.

“I’m at home,” Wendy said, “waiting for you naked as the day I was born.”

“Really?” said Jeff. “You’re naked?”

“Well, not really,” she said, “but I can be in a flash if you want me to be.”

“No,” said Jeff, “you can both play with your nipples but only through your clothes. Okay, Kylah you can start again.”

“Thank you, Jeff,” said Kylah, “Wendy are you playing with your nipples like me? Oh, I can feel it at the tips.”

“Yes I am,” Wendy said, “oh Kylah I’m pretending they’re yours.”

“Oh fuck that’s hot!” said Kylah, “He’s doing it again Wendy, Jeff is moving his hand up and down. Oh, my god, Wendy Jeff is looking at me and licking his lips. He’s so fucking handsome I want to throw myself at him.”

“Pinch your nipples Kylah,” said Wendy, “pretend their mine. Your nipples are so big my fingers can feel them right through the sweater.”

“Yes, yes,” said Kylah, “I can feel it. Fuck Wendy Jeff’s hand is moving faster now, all the way from the bottom to the top, right over the swollen tip. Jeff has his head leaned back, and his eyes closed. He’s moaning out loud Wendy, can you hear him?”

“Yes,” said Wendy, “he sounds so sexy as he jerks off!”

“He looks even sexier,” said Kylah as she watched in awe as Jeff unabashedly stroked his cock. “Wendy his cock has grown even bigger, and the tip is leaking more cum. It’s torture to watch and not be able to touch him or suck him.”

“Fuck!” said Wendy, “My panties are soaked!”

“Mine too!” said Kylah, “My cunt is leaking so badly, and I am aching.”

Jeff turned his head to look at Kylah as he continued to jerk off. “You like that word don’t you Kylah. Look at my cock and picture it going in and out of your cunt. I’m fucking your cunt so hard right now. Can you feel it?”

Kylah was pinching her nipples with all the strength she had. Trying to pull them right through her top. “Yes, Jeff,” she said, “I feel it deep in my cunt!”

Jeff watched Kylah’s hips fuck an imaginary cock, thrusting her hips into the air.

“Oh Wendy,” Kylah said, “I love the way you pinch my nipples and twist them with your fingers while I watch Jeff stroke his cock.”

“Yes!” said Wendy, “Yours too!”

“Wendy Jeff is using two hands now,” said Kylah, “he’s massaging his big balls now too!”

Jeff moaned out in ecstasy as his orgasm approached. “Fuck I’m close now,” Jeff said, “Kylah I need your mouth on me now to catch my cum. Don’t suck just wait for it.”

“Did you hear Wendy,” bragged Kylah, “Jeff is going to cum in my mouth!”

“Fuck,” said Wendy, “I wish I was there to share it with you!”

“Oh Wendy,” moaned Jeff, “Kylah’s mouth and lips feel so good on my cock as she grips it. So soft and tight. I’m so close to coming!”

“Do it Jeff!” shouted Wendy, “Come in Kylah’s mouth, make her drink your cum.”

Even though Jeff had told Kylah not to suck his cock, it was beyond her ability not to. Jeff felt her sucking him drawing him deeper and deeper into her mouth as her tongue teased the shaft. His hand bumped into her chin at each upstroke, and he finally gave up.

“Suck me Kylah!” Jeff said, “Suck my cock in your pretty mouth. Yes, just like that!”

“Oh Wendy, she is so good at sucking my cock I can’t believe how good it feels!” said Jeff. “Here it comes, I am coming in her mouth. Right now! Fuck!”

“Drink it Kylah,” shouted Wendy, “suck him dry!”

“Hmm, hmm, hmm,” Kylah moaned as she sucked and swallowed Jeff’s cum with each shot that he gave her.

Jeff had his hand on the back of Kylah’s head holding her in place as he spurted into her mouth.

“Fuck Wendy,” said Jeff, “Kylah is still sucking my cock, milking me for every last drop. She loves it.”

“God damn Jeff,” moaned Wendy, “get home quickly I am so fucking horny I don’t know if I can wait for you.”

Jeff laughed at Wendy’s comments and moaned again as Kylah just couldn’t stop sucking on his cock. “No more Kylah,” Jeff said as his cock was still sore from everything her mother did to it. “You’re a fantastic girlfriend!”

“Girlfriend!” shouted Wendy, “Is Kylah your girlfriend now?”

Jeff wasn’t sure how Wendy would feel about this, but he was about to find out. “Would you mind if she was Wendy?” asked Jeff.

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