Richard’s Game

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Like many couple my husband Rick and I engaged in some roll playing from time to time to spice up our sex life. We found often it worked well causing us to go at each other like newly-weds.

We were not too much into the BDSM stuff as I have a low tolerance for pain. Some melted candle wax dripping on my nipples was about as bad as it got.

We did a lot of the “School marm” and “Farmer’s daughter” stuff and even some where I was a prostitute.

I never thought much of it when Rick suggested tying me naked to our bed.

Our large four-poster bed was ideal for what he wanted to do. I could have my arms and legs outstretched and there would be room to tie my wrists and ankles to the corner posts.

Rick went into his dresser drawer and produced four lengths of gold silk rope each about three foot long. Obviously he had preplanned this.

I wondered why Rick had been in such a hurry to get me in bed. Usually we watched the eleven o’clock news before going to bed and it was hardly ten o’clock.

I figured he had a hard-on he wanted me to look after for him.

He had me strip completely naked, even removing my rings. Then spread-eagle on my back he securely tied me to the bed.

He asked me to try to get loose.

I tugged and struggled but he had done a good job, I was his prisoner.

Then he did something I wasn’t expecting, he took one of my silk scarves and tied it around my head blindfolding me.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just wait, you’ll see.” he answered.

I was expecting he was going to get undressed and climb on top of me.

Instead I heard the bedroom door open. Was he leaving me tied here?

“Richard” I called out.

“Just a minute dear.” he said.

Then I heard them, other muffled voices whispering to each other.

“Who’s there?” I asked alarmed.

“Just a few friends.” my husband replied.

I bursa escort tried to listen to see how many were there, two, three or more? I realized how ever many of them there were they were all looking at my naked body on the bed.

I knew I was no Miss America but I did have a passable body. I stood five foot four and weighed a comfortable one hundred and sixty-five pounds. My 38D breasts with their large pink nipples would certainly get their attention as would my ginger red bush.

“What are you going to do?” I was afraid to ask.

The guys just want to take you for a test ride Rick chuckled.

So my husband was about to have his fantasy granted, to watch other men fucking me.

“Who are they?” I asked listening to see if I could recognize any of their voices.

They were talking too low, I could not tell how many there were or recognize any of them.

“Maybe you can recognize them by their cocks?” Rick joked.

I felt the bed sag, yielding to the weight of an extra body joining me.

Whoever it was positioned themselves between my open legs. I felt a cockhead nudge between my pussy lips. With one quick thrust it slipped into me.

I was being fucked by someone unknown. I tried to identify who’s cock was in me, was it someone I knew or a stranger?

Try as I would I could not determine if it was someone I knew or a complete stranger fucking me. The cock felt a fair size, perhaps bigger than Rick’s, but I had not had another man’s cock in me for almost ten years.

My pussy began to lubricate with the activity stirring up my juices. I tried to resist but the movement of my hips only excited the clock inside of me.

Defeated I relaxed and allowed the cock to slide in and out of my lifeless body.

I could feel no condom on the cock fucking me, he was riding me bare cock and unless he pulled out her would be coming in me.

Rick knew my diaphragm bursa escort bayan was not in me as he had promised not to come in me if I didn’t use it. It made our lovemaking more exciting to have sex with the possibility of me getting pregnant.

The fact that my husband was allowing these “friends” fuck me bare cock told me he didn’t care if they knocked me up.

“Please!” I begged my attacker.

My plea went disregarded as I felt his body stiffen on top of me and the warm sensation of sperm filling my pussy. He had shot his load into me!

Being blindfolded the second cock surprised me touching my lips while the other drained into my pussy. My husband wanted me to suck their cocks too!

A thumb and finger squeezed my nostrils closed and when I opened my mouth the gasp for breath a cockhead entered my mouth. About six or seven inches of hard cock followed the head into my mouth. My tongue raise and I felt the weight of the large erection resting on it. My lips closed sealing the throbbing shaft inside my head.

I felt some relief as the spent cock was pulled from my pussy after having inseminated me.

My reprieve was short lived as the cock began fucking my mouth as another slid into me wet pussy.

The cocks were all feeling much the same and I abandoned trying to identify them.

Resolved I was here to please my husband I decided to enjoy my gang-rape.

There was something erotic about sucking a cock. “Nice girls” didn’t put cocks in their mouths. My Mom had told me “never put anything in my pussy I wouldn’t put in my mouth”!

Now I not only had a cock in my mouth I didn’t even have a clue whose it was. What the hell, I begin to caress it with my tongue as I started to suck. I would like to have stroked it but my hands were tied securely above my head.

The cock in my pussy had resumed where its forerunner had left off. With the benefit of residual escort bursa cum it slid freely in and out of me making soft squishing sounds as it did so.

I started to move my hips as much as possible, grinding the cock in my cunt. The guy fucking me tried to synchronize his thrusts with my motion. I felt the stirring of an orgasm deep within my womb.

I wanted to cry out for him to fuck me harder but the cock in my mouth was ramming so deep into my throat I could not talk. I could just make grunting noises as the two cocks pounded me.

Suddenly my mouth was being filled with thick salty cream from the cock I was sucking. It came in big stringy squirts, one after the other as quickly as I could swallow it. The roof of my mouth, my tongue and even my teeth were coated with the thick sperm. Like a good wife I ate all of the cum.

Not to be outdone by the cock in my mouth the one in my pussy erupted like a volcano spurting its hot lava into my crater. It was the first time in my life that I had two cocks coming in me at the same time.

The light momentarily blinded me as my blindfold was tugged down so I could look in the face of the guy who had just come in my pussy, it was my father!’

“Dad!” I cried out.

I had just fucked my father and made him come in me. I was going to hell.

Looking up I saw whose was the other mystery cock that had just filled my mouth with cum, it was my brother Wayne.

I had confessed years ago to Rick that both my Dad and brother had fucked me.

One time when I was living in a third floor apartment of a house and working as a waitress Dad had come around crying the blues because Mom had kicked him out.

I had taken his to a steak house for dinner and let him stay at my place that night. I had agreed to a “sympathy fuck” to cheer him up.

Another time my older brother Wayne had come home drunk and raped me in my bed.

Thankfully I had not become pregnant on either of those occasions but now after they had both dumped their cum in me it would be a miracle if I was not preggers.

“Surprise!” Rick yelled as he started to untie me.

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