Reunion with the Twins Ch. 02

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The bell started ringing at the house and the twins informed me that we had 10 minutes before dinner so we better get cleaned up. We took the hose we were using for the horses and sprayed each other down and took a quick shower before toweling off and heading for the house.

“Make sure you take your boots off before going inside, otherwise mom will have a fit,” said Deb.

I have to be honest, I was as nervous as hell. For the first time, I was about to see my parents and my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Dave completely naked. And they were about to see me that way as well. Uncle Dave and Dad were already seated at the table while mom and Aunt Ruth were bringing the food to the table. The twins had me sit between them on one side across from mom and Aunt Ruth on the other. Everyone seemed oblivious to the fact that we were naked. This was going to take some getting used to.

After saying grace, we all ate more than we should have. Aunt Ruth is an awesome cook and she always has a way of making you feel at home. Even as her and Mom were seated across from me as naked as could be, I felt very much at ease in the situation. After dinner, the twins helped mom and Aunt Ruth with the dishes as dad, me, and Uncle Dave went outside and sat on the porch. Uncle Dave talked about the horse farm and the prospects for the future. Soon afterwards, the woman joined us and the talk turned to the lifestyle that they had adopted.

“Several years ago, Ruth and I went to a clothing optional beach in Florida. The girls were 8 at pendik escort the time and Ruth has always been very liberal in her ideas, so we stripped and enjoyed the day at the beach completely naked. The girls took to it as naturals. When we got back home, the girls liked the feeling of not having to wear clothes, so we kind of adopted that lifestyle here,” said Uncle Dave.

“The only problem was, that as the girls got older and began maturing physically, Dave started to get aroused by them. So I needed to come up with some sort of game plan to take care of the problem. We had a family meeting and we discussed our sexual feelings with each other. We all felt that having sexual feelings toward each other was ok as long as those feelings were dealt with in an appropriate way. So we came up with a way to feel comfortable with each other sexually. There are no secrets with us. We felt that being able to masturbate in and around other members of the family was a safe and comfortable way to alleviate sexual tensions or stress from the day.” Explained Aunt Ruth.

“The girls are comfortable with the arrangements and Ruth and I feel we have taught our daughters to enjoy who they are and not be ashamed of their bodies,” said Uncle Dave.

“Who’s up for a swim?” asked Deb.

“Sounds good, I’m certainly ready,” I said.

“Lets go. Race you to the dock.” and with that the twins and I were running towards the pond.

Once at the pond we dove in and swam out to the platform in the middle.

“I hope Mom and escort pendik Dad didn’t freak you out about our living arrangements. I know it’s out of the ordinary, but it works for us and we all are happy and healthy.” said Dawn.

“I really don’t have any problem with the nudity thing. I actually enjoy the feeling of being naked. It’s just seeing my parents and yours naked is going to take some getting used to. And I have never masturbated in front of anyone before. I’ve always done it in the privacy of my bedroom or bathroom.” I said.

“Look, it really isn’t that awkward once you practice it enough. Everyone knows what the expected outcome is and you feel so much better afterwards. Me and Dawn enjoy our sexuality to the fullest. We were excited when you decided to come down for the reunion, especially a week early. We’ve always thought you had a great bod and looked forward to being with you this week. And seeing the lovely cock that you have has just increased that excitement. We not only want you to enjoy your week but want to be a part of that enjoyment as well. Do you understand where I’m coming from?” asked Deb.

‘Yeah, I think so but I need to be straight with you. Until today, the only girl I have ever been with is a Playboy centerfold. I’m not used to the real thing.” I said.

“Relax. You’re a natural. When I sucked you off earlier, you had no problem fucking my mouth. And you came quite nicely. Will teach you the oral pleasures and in return you let us use your cock when we need to, deal?” said pendik escort bayan Deb.

” I have no problem with that one!”

“Good, then get ready for lesson number 1. Dawn and I are going to teach you about the clit. It is the most sensitive spot in a woman’s pussy. Show Rob where it’s at Dawn.”

Dawn spread her legs and pulled back her lips to show me the location of her clit. Deb took my finger and had me gently rub it in a circular motion. Then she had me rub it up and down. And with each stroke dawn began to moan with pleasure.

“That’s it. Keep that up. Nice and slow. Vary the speed and pressure as you go. Nice job. See, I told you that you were a natural. Now take your other hand and pinch her nipples. Rub them between your fingers and gently pull on them with ever increasing pressure. Nice. Your doing great Rob.And you can tell that dawn is enjoying it immensely by the heavy panting and moaning she is doing.”

“How do I know when she is going to cum?” I asked.

“She’ll tell you when she is close and then you rub that clit with ever increasing speed and intensity, but not too hard. Your doing great, she’s almost there.”

“OH Yessss. I’m cumming. OH, God, yes,yes,ahhhh! “

Dawn raised her hips in the air and came like a bucking bronco as I continued rubbing her clit with increased speed.

“Oh God, that was great Rob. You are such a natural at this. Now it’s time to taste the nectar.” Dawn said.

And with that she stuck her finger into her soaked cunt and brought her fingers to my mouth.

I have to say that it tasted quite nice. I had never tasted pussy before but I have to say that I could get to enjoy this very much as the girls would teach me latter.

To be continued…

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