Rest Area Karen

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Rest Area 2 miles the sign said. Thank god I thought to myself. After herding my rig nearly 700 miles today my body, especially my butt, told me it was time to park for the night. Hi there, Jake is the name. I’m 6′-3″ and 210. Just turned 31 a month ago.

I found one of the few remaining spots and parked. I let my engine idle to cool down while I did my post-trip inspection and made my logbook entries. I shut down, grabbed my toilet kit and headed to the restroom building.

As I entered the lobby I noticed a short, cute, just the right side of plump blond of about 23 or so. That would warm up the bunk tonight very nicely I mused.

As I walked by she said “Mister I’ve got 2 little kids and my car is broke down, can you spare a few bucks to help out?”

I slowed down a little and replied “I’ve been on the road almost 10 years now. I’ve heard that scam before. It’s getting late you should be getting home.” I picked up my pace and went into the Men’s room.

A shower is not possible every night on the road but washing your hands and face and brushing your teeth can make you feel like a new man. Just remember to take a towel with you. A lot of the wayside rest areas only have those damned hot air dryers. You ever try to dry your face with one of them? Me neither but I bet it would be youTube worthy.

As I stepped out into the lobby I suddenly had a very irate blond in my face, well my chest actually, her being 5′ 2″ and me being 6′ 3″.

“How dare you” she hissed at me with fire in her eyes. “You don’t know me at all and you accuse me of trying to con you.” She stepped even closer and still hissing, said “You think I hang out in toilets and try to scam people?” This was accompanied by a boney little fist to my chest.

“Some people on the road do run out of money.” This was delivered with another little fist, this time to the arm as I was ready for it this time.

“Some people do have car trouble.” Another punch to the arm.

“Some people do have children they are responsible for.” Yup, another one.

“Some people do try to escape from an abusive spouse.” This one was more of a hard touch. I looked down and her eyes were full of tears.

“Some people have no one to turn to for help.” she whispered. I watched helplessly as the tears ran silently down her face. I stood there thinking that as a gentleman something was required of me. I was the strong one, I should be doing something. Instincts took over and I stepped up to her and enfolded her in my arms. That’s when the sobs and the gut wrenching moans began.

I don’t know how long we stood there like that, if you told me days I would not have argued, eventually she wound down and sniffled as she backed away from me.

“I’m sorry, god I got the front of your T shirt all wet.” We both looked around for something to dry her face with then I remembered the towel in my backpack. “Here” I said. “It’s not dirty, just a little damp.”

“If I use that it will get makeup all over it.” I just laughed and pointed to my T shirt where most of it had already been deposited. She laughed too and started the cleanup process. When she was done she stepped close and handed me the towel. I’m not really sure what happened but the next 30 seconds was the sweetest, tenderest, and yet most totally intense kiss I had ever been involved in.

She finally stepped back and said “I don’t quite know what just happened but I liked it, I liked it a lot.” I know I had a dazed look on my face but I was able to respond with a very internet casino articulate “Wow”.

“So what happens now?” she asked. “Where are your kids?” I asked. She pointed to an old junker right outside the door. “Now we collect them and get them to my truck for some food and get them settled in a nice warm bunk” was my reply.

The kids, a boy 4 and a girl 2, were excited about being in a semi and even more excited about the mac and cheese I made in my microwave. They ate and settled into my spare sleeping bag on the top bunk and were soon sleeping. I pulled the heavy curtain across the bunk and settled down to talk with their mom.

Her name was Karen and she was 24. She met the father of her children when she was an 18 year old naïve senior and he was a 23 year old army vet looking for work. Or as it turned out, someone to work for him so he could lie around and drink beer all day. The hitting started shortly after she told him she was pregnant. He figured he could slap her around any time he wanted because she had nowhere else to go. After the second kid it got worse. Her parents were not happy about her life choice and had apparently disowned her. She finally had enough and just packed up the kids and some clothes and left. Unfortunately the car was nearly as old as my favorite jeans with about as many holes.

When I asked where she was going she replied that she was sort of on her way to an old girlfriends place where she was sort of going to stay and she sort of had a job lined up when she got there. Lots of sorta kinda and she was still about 100 miles from where she was going with a bad alternator.

I told her “I’ve always found that a good night’s sleep either brought solutions to problems or made them seem a little less disastrous anyway.”

She said “I agree except for one little thing.”

“What’s that?”

“That kiss is not going to go away and my lips are still tingling. What do you suppose we ought to do about that?”

I’m dumb but not stupid. I replied by pulling her onto my lap, tilted her head to the proper angle, and let my lips do the talking. They talked for quite a while until she finally broke loose and came up for air.

“I have three questions for you” she gasped. “Number one, do you have any condoms?”

Somewhat disheartened I sighed “No, I do not”

“Bingo, a correct answer right off the bat. I hate the damn things, which is part of the reason I have two kids I suppose.”

My relief must have been evident of my face because she let out a little giggle and said “OK question number two. Do you like anal sex?”

My blurted answer was “My god yes, it’s my favorite after eating pussy.”

“Yeehaw I think we have a winner folks! Now for question number three. Why are we still dressed?” With that said she started stripping down. She was down to her bra and panties when she noticed I wasn’t following her lead.

“Obviously you have some questions of your own we need to address.”

“Yes, ah well you do remember your two kids right above us is number one I guess.”

“When they go down you can’t hardly get them awake until they have their 8 hours in. You also have them zipped up behind a thick black curtain.”

“Number two is do you really want anal sex with a guy you just met?”

She grinned and said “Anyone who can kiss me like that can do whatever they want to me.”

“OK then” I sighed as my clothes started coming off “but I do want to hear how you became a little anal slut.”

She peeled off her undies and bra and got on her knees on the edge of the bunk. “I will gladly tell you the sordid canlı poker oyna story while you lick my pussy and get my asshole ready for your hard cock.”

I needed no further instructions and sank to my knees. Her thighs were already wet from her leaking pussy. I brought my face up close and inhaled the heavenly scent of an aroused woman. I gently blew on her exposed lips and a got a little moan and a trickle of pussy juice ran down her leg.

“Well one night Al came home all pissed off about something and only had me to take it out on. He told me to strip and get ready to be fucked. I had had a rough day and told him I wasn’t in the mood. He grabbed me by the hair and started ripping my clothes off.”

“Oh god yes lick my ass and pussy” she moaned softly.

“When he got me naked he threw me face down on the couch and tried to get his little prick in my pussy but I wasn’t helping at all. He finally got real mad and grabbed a bottle of lotion off the end table and squeezed a bunch between my ass cheeks. It was sure slippery enough then but his aim was still a little off. I let out a yell when about half his cock went right up my ass.”

“I tried to get away but he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me. He said that’s what you get for trying to deny your husband his just rewards and started thrusting into my butt.”

“After a minute or so it started to feel good, really good. I started pushing back into him to get it all the way up there. The idiot thought I was still trying to get away and that he was still punishing me.”

“I was enjoying the hell out of this new experience but I was damned if I was going to admit it to him. I kept moaning and moving around like it hurt and he really got off on that. Finally he grunted and shot his load up my ass. He pulled out and fell over onto his side. In a half a minute he was snoring.”

“God, would you please put a finger in my pussy while you lick my little butthole? I need to come so bad.”

With a small smile I did as she asked. That really got her going and it wasn’t long before I had three fingers in her pussy and my tongue up her ass. Her pussy started twitching and contracting and soon she had a nice long come. She only moaned and whimpered never crying out at all. She finally relaxed and looked over her shoulder at me.

“I love to come and hold back from making any noise. For some reason it makes the orgasm better. Under the circumstances I’m glad I can do it,” she giggled.

“Anyway, I went into the bathroom to clean up and wound up with my hairbrush up my ass while I diddled my pussy and boy did I get off on that. After that I would deliberately piss him off so he would fuck me in the ass. He never did catch on that I loved it like that.”

“So now that you know how much I like it why don’t you get that fat hard cock of yours up my needy greedy little butt? I do have to tell you that your cock is going to be the fattest, and probably longest, thing that’s ever been up there. Oh, your cock just twitched! Does that excite you? Knowing that your cock is going to touch things in me that nothing else ever has? It sure works for me, my pussy is leaking like a sieve.”

It was working for me also. I don’t think my cock had ever been this hard before. She had backed up and spread her legs so that her butt was hanging over the edge of the bed. All I had to do was step forward and my hard on was pressed right against her slightly gaping pucker. She let out a soft moan and when I pushed a little more the head popped in she let out a slightly louder one. I stopped to let her adjust but she didn’t seem to poker oyna need it.

“Go slow but keep pressing, in one stroke I want you to bury that fucker up my ass” she hissed.

With a moan of my own I followed her instructions. I felt one of her hands reach back between her legs to check on how much remained. With about an inch to go it felt like that was all she was going to be able to handle and I eased up.

“Oh no you don’t.” she said. She then relaxed a little more and thrust her hips back burying me to the hilt. “Oh god, that’s what I meant about new places.” She breathed. “Now ease that thing out until just the head is inside and then slam him into me. Make me come on your fat friend.”

I did as she asked and within 10 strokes I was fucking her harder than any pussy I had ever been in. In about two minutes my efforts were rewarded. She started and gasping and throwing her hips around like she was having a seizure.

“Yes, yes, yes.” she kept repeating. Suddenly it was time. “Here it is, I’m going to come. Oh yes a huge assgasm! You gave me an assgasm without even touching my pussy! Oh this is heaven. Can you come now? That would feel so good if you could shoot your jizz into my hot ass while it is still twitching. Do it, do it now” she croaked out.

Being a good boy I stopped trying to hold off and starting firing cum up her ass. I tried to keep my grunts and moans as soft as hers but I was not nearly as successful as she was.

I slowly came to a stop with my cock still hard and buried deep. My legs were shaking so badly that I was concerned for a minute that I would lose control of them and crash to the floor. It was without doubt the best orgasm I had ever had.

Just then she squeezed my dick hard with her ass and said “Just stay right there and let me play with my pussy so I can come again.” It didn’t take her long to work herself up to what felt and sounded like a very satisfying climax.

“I hate to say this but pull out and hand me the towel would you?” I handed her my poor abused towel and she laid it on the bed then rolled onto her side and held her arms open. I very gratefully climbed in and snuggled up to her. Neither one of us had much to say, we just gently kissed and fondled each other until we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up and saw some daylight leaking through t he curtain and eased out of bed. I took my clothes to the cab and got dressed, grabbed my cell and shaving kit and went into the rest area building. The caretaker was there already and I asked him for the name of a mechanic who would come out and put an alternator in a car. His son was just starting his own shop and wasn’t that busy yet so a quick call had him on the way. By the time I had my morning routine done the mechanic was there looking over the car.

“Doesn’t need a new alternator, just a new control card” was his way of greeting me. He had one with him and in minutes it was in and we had the jumpers hooked up. The car started right up and he ran some tests and said it was good to go. He told me the damages and I gave him a healthy tip for getting it done so fast.

I thought about the great night I had just and then sighing, pulled $300 out of my wallet and put it in the CD case in Karen’s car. I told the caretaker to watch for her and gave him the car keys.

When I got back to the truck Karen and the kids were up and dressed. Sounding a lot more cheerful than I felt I told them they should all go and get cleaned up and we would have breakfast. They agreed and I helped them out of the cab. Karen gave me a nice good morning kind of kiss and a squeeze of my hand and headed for the restrooms.

I got in and fired up the rig, did the quickest pre-trip inspection on record and pulled out onto the highway. Some days I hate the road when all you have are your thoughts and memories and what ifs to keep you company.

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