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This is actually one of my earliest stabs at erotica, which only recently surfaced during a wander through my assorted USB drives. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it!

(As always, all characters engaged in sexual situations are 18+)


“But I don’t get why I have to be here…”

As she dragged her suitcase along behind her on its little wheels, Julia Reed was kind of wondering that herself, given the complaining she’d been hearing on and off for the last half hour. Unfortunately, they were both pretty much stuck with the situation, and the best answer she could come up with as to why was one her son, Adam, wasn’t going to like hearing. She gave a mental shrug and decided that there was little point sugar-coating it.

“The short version, dear, is that your cheating prick of a father has decided to move his latest slut into the house – and I am not having you stay there.”

Okay, so maybe snapping at him like that wasn’t the best plan, but she was hardly in the mood to really give a damn about his feelings. Given the way her soon-to-be-ex husband had treated the pair of them, she suspected Adam might actually be glad for some time away from home.

Once he got past the whining about missing the party he’d been planning to go to over the weekend, anyway. As she stalked down the pathway toward the room she’d managed to book for them both at this motel, she fumed silently at just how crappy a turn her life had taken of late, and amused herself with thoughts of creative revenge on the shit-bag she’d foolishly married when she’d found herself pregnant with Adam nearly nineteen years before. She’d known he could be a prick, sure – what man wasn’t sometimes – but this?

Maybe it was time to play the field a bit herself, now that she was dumping the trash like she should have long ago. Even at 38, she had a fine figure that she’d worked to keep in shape, and she knew damned well how good she looked. Hell, even Adam had made some joking comments about the way her long blonde hair and 36D’s had helped his school football team to a win or two by distracting the opposition.

“Look,” Adam said from behind her, “Can’t I just stay at Jake’s for a few days?”

Sighing, she stopped and looked back over her shoulder at him. “Honey… I can’t say it’s only going to be a few days. Look, it won’t be so bad. I’ll find us a better place to stay tomorrow, and we’ll see about you going to Jake’s party. But for now, let’s just get ourselves settled in here for the night, okay?”

After a few moments, he shrugged and nodded, and she managed to muster up a smile for him. Given how late it was, she actually considered herself lucky to have found them anywhere at all for tonight, but one look at this place had convinced her they weren’t staying long. When they got to their room a minute or so later, she shrugged her long coat off of her shoulders – and cursed as her purse slid straight onto the ground.


Dumping her coat on top of her suitcase, she bent down to retrieve the purse – and the keycard for the room. As she straightened up, she glanced over toward Adam, and saw him quickly looking away. She wasn’t sure, but she thought there was a flush to his cheeks that hadn’t been there a moment before…

“You okay, honey?”

He nodded quickly, still looking out into the night instead of at her. “Yeah, fine.”

Pulling the keycard out of her purse, she shrugged off what she thought she’d seen and concentrated on getting them the hell into the room. “Okay, honey, I’m afraid there wasn’t a lot of choice when it came to rooms. We’ve only got the one bed, I’m afraid…” She looked at him again as she pushed the door open and gave him a quick smile. “We’ll have to share.”

Adam shrugged as if he didn’t much care, but that flush she thought she’d seen was definitely there this time. Rolling her eyes at the teenager’s attempt at stoic acceptance, she walked into the room, dumped her suitcase by the bed, and looked around with a sigh. Definitely not the best of accommodations… but it would do. Hell, it would have to do. Blowing out a long breath, she realised that it was pretty hot in here, and there was no sign of the background noise of working A/C.

Which made sense, given the way the rest of the day had gone.

“Okay, I’m going to see about sorting some of this crap out,” she said, pointing to her case, and Adam’s since he’d put his beside it. “You may as well see if there’s anything decent to watch on the TV.”

“Are you kidding? In a place like this, the only good reception we’ll get is for the pay-per-view.”

“Which, young man, we are not watching.”

If she’d been on her own, she might have considered it, but eighteen years old or not, she wasn’t going to let him do so. Especially with her here. Grabbing the remote from where it sat on one of the bedside tables, she tossed it to him. “See if you can find something bursa escort that I won’t spank you for watching.”

He chuckled a little at that, and Julia’s mood brightened a bit. Nothing made her happier than seeing her son smile, and if he could so that after everything that had happened today, maybe things weren’t a total loss. As he sat on the bed and started flicking through channels – and he was right, the reception was shit – she began putting some things in drawers. Maybe they’d get out of here tomorrow, but there was no harm in being ready in case they didn’t…

She bent down to grab some clothes from her case, but paused when she heard a thud from behind her. Looking over, she saw a rather embarrassed-looking Adam picking the remote up from where he’d dropped it on the floor.

“Sorry,” he muttered, looking quite determinedly at the TV. Julia shrugged and went back to unpacking, only to pause again when Adam spoke up. “Uh, Mom… I think this thing’s stopped working.”

She looked over and watched as he pointed the remote at the TV and pushed a button to no noticeable effect. She sighed and walked over to the set, bending down to check if it had any actual manual controls. It did, and she started pushing the buttons. “Tell me when you see something watchable.”

“Sure thing, Mom.”

After a few channels, and no comment from Adam, she cast a quick glance back at him – and froze. His gaze wasn’t on the TV, it was locked squarely on her ass. Cursing herself silently, she wished she’d actually thought about it before dressing herself in a t-shirt and – more importantly right now – a pair of very short denim cut-offs. Suddenly, she realised why he’s been acting the way he had outside, and turned back to the TV controls with a fairly evil little grin. It was good to know she still had it, even if the guy reacting was her son.

“Any time now,” she said out loud, and she heard the bed shift as he twitched at the sound of her voice.

“Umm… that should be fine.”

A quick look at the screen showed a blurry but watchable picture, and it seemed they’d found one of the 24-hour news channels. Considering what else was available, that was probably about the best they were going to get. She looked carefully back at her son, and wasn’t surprised to see where his attention was. After a moment, ‘What the hell” drifted through her mind. “Let me get a better look.”

She moved back a bit, still bent over, and knew that the better look being got was all Adam’s. She checked again, and his eyes were still firmly nailed to her tight, denim-covered butt. Her husband hadn’t paid that sort of attention to her for a very long time, and being the focus of that sort of male attention sent a warm rush through her. before she really knew what she was doing, she lifted a hand to her chest, running it over the swell of her breasts and letting the sensation feed what Adam’s eyes were already doing to her.

Abruptly, realisation hit her. This was her son she was teasing like this, and she quickly straightened herself up and walked back over to the suitcases. Blushing furiously, she kept her back to him as she finished putting things away.

What the fuck are you thinking, she asked herself silently. Are you that desperate? Get a goddam grip on yourself!

Shoving the last of the clothes, or near enough, into the drawer, she pushed it closed and started heading for the bathroom. “It’s getting late, I’m going to grab a shower. And hopefully cool myself off, she mentally added. “You just… watch some TV for a while, okay?”

“Uh, sure.”

His voice sounded a little strained, and she risked a glance his way. “I know this is hard for you honey, but it won’t be for long. I promise.”

With that she ducked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Leaning back against it, she closed her eyes and tried to get rid of that cosy feeling that had come from teasing her son like she just had.

Just because I’m feeling… God, don’t even go there. And is it fair to him to be doing shit like that? I mean, I know he’s a young man, and his hormones will probably drive him to eye up anything with tits… and probably try to do a whole lot more than that, if he was given the chance.

She let her head fall back against the door behind her and let out a long, slow breath.

Is he even still a virgin? There’s plenty of girls who’d be happy to relieve him of that, I’m sure. He’s a good looking kid, after all. That blonde hair he got from me looks good on him, and those blue eyes… and he’s built like a… Firmly, she got a good grip on her thoughts and berated herself for letting her mind start drifting toward her son’s physical charms. I just need to cool myself off, and then we can pretend none of this ever happened.

It was then that Julia realised that she’d left her toiletry bag near the bed, and she’d brought nothing in here to change bursa escort bayan into after her shower either. Cursing under her breath, she straightened up and turned to open the door again. She barely got it open more than a few inches, however, when she caught sight of Adam laying on the bed. More accurately, she saw him rubbing a hand over the crotch of his jeans.

Holy shit… is he…

Apparently he was, and as she stood frozen at the sight of what she was watching, he pulled down his fly and reached inside. Within moments, he pulled his hand back out again, as well as what looked to her like an already semi-hard cock.

Her mouth went dry at the sight, but she couldn’t make herself look away. As she watched, he began slowly stroking his shaft, and her eyes went wide as it grew to its full length under his attentions.

Oh… my. We certainly have grown up into a big boy, haven’t we?

Maybe not that big, it couldn’t be more than about six inches long, but it was the first live cock she’d laid eyes on for nearly three years, and suddenly the fact that it belonged to her own son just didn’t seem to matter anymore. As she held the door slightly ajar with one hand, the other slid down her body to start gently rubbing over her own sex. She could feel the heat of her body through the fabric, and knew that what she was watching was getting her wetter than she’d been for longer than she cared to remember…

God… it looks so much better than his fuck-brained father’s… That thing could fill a girl right.

As Adam worked his dick with his hand, Julia slipped her own up under her t-shirt and started gently rubbing her fingers over her breasts. She could feel her nipples tightening, hard enough to peak through the material of her bra – as if the dampness her other hand could feel through her shorts wasn’t enough of a clue about how she was reacting to the sight if her son on the bed.

Quickly, she stripped off her top completely, tossing it aside and dumping bra on top of it as fast as she possibly could. As she looked back through the gap around the door, her fingers went to work on the buttons of her cut-offs, and as soon as she could she slipped a hand inside.

That’s it, baby. Work that cock for Mommy.

Licking her lips as she watched him do exactly that, she slipped her fingers past her panties and the bare skin beneath to the wet heat of her slit. Soon, both mother and son were stroking themselves in unison, biting their lips to keep any sounds of the pleasure they were giving themselves from escaping to alert the other about what they were doing.

Faster, honey. Stroke it faster… come on…

With his free hand, Adam shoved his t-short up his body, giving Julia a lovely view of his toned abs as he pumped his hips in time with his strokes. She knew what that meant, and licked her lips in anticipation. Sure enough, within a few more moments, her son’s fist stopped, his back arching as a spurt of creamy cum shot out.

Holy… fuck!

Jet after jet of cum arced through the air as it flew from his swollen tip, spattering all over his belly in a display she’d never seen outside of a porn movie. For what seemed like forever, she stood in awe as he unloaded more sperm than she could have thought possible all over himself before finally relaxing in the wake of his orgasm.

Oh, my beautiful little boy… Mommy is impressed.

After watching the show her son had just put on, even if he didn’t know it, Julia knew she had little choice about what she was going to do now. her body was on fire, screaming out for attention, and there was no way she was going to be able to deny herself. Carefully closing the bathroom door, she smiled to herself at the thought that she’d be giving Adam plenty of time to get himself cleaned up. Within seconds of the door closing, her shorts and panties hit the deck, and she perched herself on the toilet seat. Stroking her hands all over herself, she closed her eyes and pictured every single stroke she’d watched her son make over his cock.

As she started tweaking and playing with her hard nipples, her other hand flicked over her clit, drawing a little gasp of pleasure from her lips before she slid a finger deep into the slick heat between her legs.

He looked so good… Mommy’s big boy now. God, such a huge load…

A second finger joined the first inside her pussy, sliding furiously in and out as she drove herself ever closer to her own climax. Images of her son jacking himself off flashed through her mind, and she revelled in the deliciously sinful sight of what he’d done.

Some girl is going to get very luck with that tasty-looking bit of meat…

And it was that thought, popping into her mind as she pushed a third finger deep into her cunt, that set her off. As her climax ripped through her, a moan of pure ecstasy forcing itself out as she bit her lip hard to escort bursa keep from screaming, the image in her imagination wasn’t her son jacking himself off – it was her, swallowing every drop of his cum as she sucked his cock as deep as it would go in her mouth.

“Mmmmmshit…” she muttered to herself softly after the last tremors of her violent orgasm faded away. “You dirty fucking bitch.” She couldn’t believe she’d let herself imagine what it would be like to suck her son’s dick until he came in her mouth, but her soft smile at the results told her she was unlikely to regret it.

Feeling loose and limber after her little ‘workout’, Julia got to her feet and looked at the door. Her smile deepened as she thought about what was on the other side… then shook her head and sighed at her own behaviour. Heading for the shower, she dialled the water on and slipped under the stream.


A while later, she dropped the towel she’d been using into the basket and grabbed her t-shirt off of the floor. She slipped it on, followed by her underwear, and then looked at what was left as she tried to decide if it would be a better idea if she just stayed in here all night. It would be an uncomfortable experience, certainly, but definitely safer. That said, she’d worked that little blip out of her system, and the cold blast she’d finished her shower with had helped.

No, she could do this, and it beat making a big deal out of things. It also meant she wasn’t going to have to try and explain to Adam why she’d locked herself in the bathroom – and if she could avoid that dose of awkward, so much the better.

Taking a deep breath, she opened the bathroom door and walked out, only to find that her attempts to get herself ready to just make like nothing had happened were totally pointless. Adam was still laid on the bed, sure, but with his eyes closed and his chest rising and falling in the slow, steady rhythm of sleep. There was also the fact that he was wearing nothing more than his boxers…

To be fair to him, it looked like he’d started out under the covers, but the lack of A/C meant that it was pretty warm in here and it was obvious that he’d kicked the sheets away from himself as he slept. The TV was still on, it’s light flickering across him where he lay, and she had a very good view indeed of his toned body.

“Dammit…” she muttered quietly, turning away quickly and rubbing a hand over her face. “This is so not what I need right now.”

Sighing, she looked back over her shoulder… and her gaze dropped almost immediately to the bulge in the front of her son’s boxers. An image of what she’d watched him doing earlier popped into her head, and she blushed and looked quickly away again.

Come on, he’s asleep. Just lay down, curl up, and do the same.

There was plenty of room on the bed for her to do just that, and with another breath to steady herself, she moved over and sat herself gently down on the mattress. For a while, that’s all she did, sit, watching him sleep. She’d not done something like that for years, and it felt kind of… nice, just looking at her child and thinking of how nicely he’d grown.

Very nicely, in fact, and she had to remind herself that she wasn’t supposed to be running her eyes over him like that.

He’s out like a light… Not really a surprise, given that performance he put on. Her gaze dropped to his lap again, and saw that there was a definite stirring down there. Though it looks like not all of you is asleep, is it honey?

Shifting closer, she watched as what was under those boxers swelled just a little more. Licking her lips, she glanced up at Adam’s face and smiled.

“What are you dreaming about, hmmm…?”

She should have backed off right there and then, turned her back on the whole thing and gone to sleep. She just… couldn’t. A soft murmur from her son had her jerking back a bit, but nothing else happened. Unless she included the fact the head of his cock was now starting to peek out through the front of his boxers. Her breath caught at the sight, and her tongue flicked out to run over her lips once more.

Adam murmured again, and she was moving before she realised it. Rolling over, she lay down with her back to him and closed her eyes. Willing herself to go to sleep, she tried to blank her mind and let the fatigue of the day draw her down. After a while, however, she gave it up as a waste of time. She wasn’t going to be able to drop off with this bubbling through her…

Julia rolled herself over to face her son, and didn’t bother even trying to keep from looking at what was holding her attention. In the time she’d been trying to convince herself to sleep, Adam’s shaft had swollen even more, and a good inch was laying outside the fabric of his boxers. Slowly, she reached out a hand and gently brushed her fingertips along skin of his abdomen, then looked up at his peaceful face.

Just stay like that, honey… Mommy just needs to…

Her fingers moved down his body, and he didn’t stir at all – even when they skimmed down far enough for the tip of his shaft to brush over the back of her hand.

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