Ramifications of Camping

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*Author’s Note: This is erotic fantasy. It involves sexual situations between consenting adults, all of whom are over 18 years of age. Since it is fantasy and it’s my fantasy, I presume a world free of STDs. Makes it so much more fun, don’t you think? I hope you enjoy the story. If not, such is life. Comments are always appreciated.


“Chet, it’s Beth.”

“Beth!” Chet exclaimed in surprise when he heard his baby sister’s voice coming from the phone, seven years younger at 46. “What a surprise. It’s been what, 2, 3 years?”

“Something like that,” Beth replied. “It makes it even harder to be calling you.”

“What’s up?” Chet asked.

“I-I think that I’m going to leave Jim,” Beth replied.

“Is that good or bad?” Chet asked.

“Both,” Beth laughed. “Bad that I feel the need to leave, good that I’ve finally got the nerve to actually try.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Chet said. “One of the advantages of being a life-long bachelor is never having to deal with anything like that.”

“Chet, I need someone to talk to that I can trust and you’re the only family I’ve got other than the kids and I’m not ready to talk to them about this yet,” Beth said. “Anyone else will have an agenda.”

“Okay,” Chet replied, surprised, as they had never been particularly close, first because of their age difference, then because of the divergent paths their lives had taken, though there were no other brothers or sisters and their parents had died about 10 years ago, after which they had had even less contact, though there had never been any type of a problem between them.

“Can I come visit you?” Beth asked. “I need to be away from here for a bit to sort things out, make up my mind.”

“Well, sure,” Chet replied, “but I’m leaving tomorrow for a week. Can it wait until I get back?”

“If it has to,” Beth replied, “but I’m feeling desperate right now.”

“If I could, I’d change my plans,” Chet said, “but I’m meeting a colleague from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich for our annual adventure trip. We’re going to hike the Kalalau Trail in Kauai and camp out for a week.”

“Hawaii?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Chet replied.

“Hiking and camping?” Beth asked.

“That’s right,” Chet replied. “We’ve been doing this for about 10 years now, a different place in the world each time. It’s about as good and total a break from astronomy as we can get. You’re welcome to stay in my house until I get back if you’d like.”

“Could I come with you?” Beth asked.

“Come with me!?” Chet exclaimed. “Beth, this isn’t a Sunday hike, it’s a hike through a tropical jungle in the mountains. It’s always either up or down, almost never level. There are no bathrooms or facilities of any sort. We carry in most of our food, dehydrated rations, and we can fish, but it’s a physically demanding hike. This time of the year, I can pretty much guarantee 100% that it will rain every day.”

“Then why are you going?” Beth asked.

“To get away from it all,” Chet replied, chuckling. “I can handle being wet and sleeping rough on a beach for a week. The fact that the weather is so bad this time of year means that there will be even fewer people on the trail. Since there is no infrastructure of any sort, the sky will be clear if it’s not cloudy. I’ll still have my stars.”

“So, what will you do for a whole week?” Beth asked.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing,” Chet replied, laughing. “It’s my time to shut down my brain and just be. It’s my favorite time of the year.”

“Chet, I just don’t want to be alone right now and I can’t bear to be here,” Beth practically pleaded.

“Beth, other than the question of whether you’re physically capable of doing it, I’d have to ask Gerard,” Chet said. “We’ve been doing these trips together for years, without women. It’s also his break from everything, including Mari, his wife. What sort of shape are you in?”

“I’m 46, Chet,” Beth laughed. “My ass is bigger, my thighs thicker, and my breasts have started to sag. I’ve even got enough grey in my hair that I can’t deny it anymore.”

“Well, mine’s totally grey, if it’s any consolation,” Chet replied with a laugh. “Look, I’ll give Gerard a call and explain the situation, see what he says. But I can’t make any promises.”

“Chet, I promise that I won’t be a burden and that you’ll never hear a word of complaint from me,” Beth said.

“Give me a bit and I’ll get back to you,” Chet said. “This number is okay?”

“Yes, it’s my cell phone,” Beth replied. “Chet, no matter what, thank you.”

“I’ll be in touch shortly,” Chet said.

“Okay, thanks,” Beth said. “Bye.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Well, it will certainly change things, won’t it?” Gerard asked in his clipped British accent.

“Yes,” Chet agreed. “I’ve done everything possible to discourage her without being blatantly obvious.”

“Well, she is your sister, after all, even if you aren’t particularly close,” Gerard said with a sigh. “I’m sure that bursa escort we’ll manage.”

“We always do. Give Mari my love,” Chet said.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Chet, Chet!” Beth called out, waving her hand and jumping up and down when she saw her brother waiting in the arrivals hall at Lihue Airport in Kauai.

“Hello, Beth,” Chet said surprised to feel her trembling when she hugged him tightly, his arms automatically enveloping her. “It’s great to see you,” he said, holding her at arm’s length and taking her in, her ass definitely starting to spread and her legs heavier, while the brunette ponytail that he remembered still hung almost to her waist, though it was now liberally streaked with grey. “You look great,” he added, smiling into her hazel eyes.

“God, what a liar,” Beth laughed, “but thank you anyway. I needed something like that. But you, other than the grey hair, you look the same,” she said, taking in his 5’10” and 225lbs, his barrel-like chest and muscular arms standing in stark contrast to his ice-blue eyes and piano-player’s hands with long slender fingers.

“Where’s your friend?” Beth asked.

“Waiting for us at the resort,” Chet replied.

“Resort?” Beth asked. “I thought that we were going hiking.”

“We are,” Chet laughed as he took her bag from her and led her from the airport, “but we always treat ourselves to a nice stay at the beginning and the end. You’ll love the place, the Princeville Resort on Hanalei Bay.”

“Oh, Chet, this is simply amazing!” Beth gasped when the taxi deposited them at the entrance to the Princeville Resort.

“Wait until you see the view,” Chet chuckled, leading her into the reception area, then out through the back to the pool area overlooking Hanalei Bay.

“Oh, it’s just like Hollywood!” Beth gasped, clapping her hands in delight.

“Come on, our rooms are over this way,” he said.

“This one’s yours,” he said, stopping in front of a door and using the electronic key card to open the door, then handing it to her before leading her in.

“Oh, Chet, this is too much,” Beth laughed when she saw the room, big, lushly tropical in theme, overlooking the pool area and the bay beyond.

“Thinking of getting back to this room will give you some comfort at times during the coming week,” Chet said, a big smile on his face. “Come, let’s go meet Gerard and go to dinner. 5:00am comes very early and you’ll want a good night’s sleep.”

Beth started to say something, then remembered her pledge not to complain and bit her lip, smiling instead and following her brother two doors down where he knocked.

“Mine’s in the middle,” he said as the door opened and a man who looked very similar to Sidney Poitier smiled out at them, his hair a small afro also streaked with grey.

“Chet,” he said, smiling and standing back, swinging the door open. “And you must be Beth,” he said in his clipped British accent, taking one of her hands and bringing it to his lips. “Welcome to Hawaii.”

“Thank you,” Beth replied, blushing at the unexpected British gallantry.

“You had a good trip?” Gerard asked as they entered and he closed the door behind them.

“Yes, thank you,” Beth replied, “and thank you for agreeing to allow me to intrude upon your vacation.”

“Now, now, I’m sure that you’ll be nothing but an asset and an additional pleasure to the week,” Gerard said.

“Dinner?” Chet asked.

“Splendid,” Gerard replied. “Beth?”

“Yes,” Beth replied. “Suddenly I’m hungry.”

They enjoyed dinners of freshly caught grilled mahi-mahi served with sautéed assorted local organic greens, along with an Ulupalakua Blanc de Blanc sparkling wine from Maui Wine. Beth related a skeletal outline of her predicament at the gentle urging of Gerard.

“I think that I’ll forgo coffee tonight,” Gerard said when they had finished eating. “I want a good night’s sleep.”

“I agree,” Beth said, yawning. “I think that the time difference is catching up to me.”

“What do you think?” Chet asked as he followed Gerard into his room after leaving Beth in hers.

“She’ll be okay,” Gerard said, unbuttoning his shirt and removing it, then his trousers, letting them drop to the floor. “We’re not in a hurry, so no need for her to have to exert herself too much,” he added, pushing his boxers to the floor, his chocolate cock dangling in front of him as he sat down on the end of the bed.

“We can overnight at Hanakoa,” Chet said, sinking to his knees in front of Gerard and reaching out and wrapping a hand around his ebony cock and jacking it to its full 7″.

“And if she finds out?” Gerard asked as Chet leaned over.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” Chet said, swiping the head of Gerard’s cock with his tongue. “I really don’t have a problem with it,” he said as he took Gerard’s cock into his mouth.

“Ahh, yeah,” Gerard sighed, leaning back on his hands and watching as Chet sucked his cock, bobbing up and down on it, taking it all into his mouth each time, his nose pressing bursa escort bayan up against Gerard’s belly. “Suck it good.”

Sucking and jacking Gerard’s cock and using his other hand to fondle his balls, Chet was rewarded five minutes later when Gerard’s cock swelled, then exploded in his mouth, hot thick cum spraying onto his tongue as he sucked him off, gulping down his cum, not stopping until he had sucked every last drop from him.

“You’re getting to be as good as Mira,” Gerard gasped when Chet sat back on his heels, licking his lips and continuing to swallow.

“She’s world class,” Chet said.

“My turn,” Gerard said.

Getting to his feet, Chet removed his shirt, then pushed his trousers and boxers to the floor, revealing his rock-hard cock, only 6″, but very thick. Sitting down on the bed, he sighed when Gerard leaned over and took it into his mouth. Being worked up already from sucking Gerard’s cock, it didn’t take much to push Chet over the edge, his cock exploding in Gerard’s mouth, cum gushing onto his tongue and down his throat as Gerard gobbled his cum.

“That one was for Mira,” Gerard said when he finally sat back, licking his lips and scraping some cum from his chin into his mouth. “She insisted.”

“You’re a poor replacement, but I’ll take it,” Chet said, laughing. “I think I’ll sleep well now.”

“See you in the morning,” Gerard said as Chet left after dressing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“It’s raining,” Beth observed as they drank a cup of coffee in the lobby in the morning.

“It’s pretty light rain,” Chet said.

“Sir, a car is ready,” a receptionist called out.

“We’ll see you in a week,” Chet said, thanking her.

“The weather report is for rain for the next few days,” the receptionist said.

“Perfect,” Chet replied, smiling.

“Did you sleep well?” Gerard asked as they rode to the trail head at Ke’e Beach.

“Like a log,” Beth replied.

There was a Ha‘ena State Park ranger at the trailhead checking permits. Chet explained how Beth was a last-minute addition, but was able to show that he and Gerard had valid permits.

“Normally, that might be a problem,” the ranger said, “but this is low season and we’ve had a lot of cancellations because of the weather. But I must warn you that we’re going to close the trail if the rain increases in intensity. You might want to reconsider. It will be very slippery and can be dangerous, especially in these conditions.”

“We’re pretty experienced in primitive survival camping,” Chet assured her. “The fewer people on the trail, the better. In an emergency, we have a sat-phone in a waterproof case.”

“How many days do you plan on being gone?” the ranger asked as she filled in her own forms.

“A week,” Chet replied. “We’ve got plenty of dehydrated rations, plus water sterilization tablets.”

“Well, it is up to you, but I don’t recommend that you continue,” the ranger said, shaking her head.

“Thank you,” Chet said. “I appreciate that. We’ll be careful.”

“I’ll take the lead, you follow,” Gerard said. “That way we can keep Beth between us.”

“It’s only about 2 miles to Hanakapi‘ai,” Chet said. “You ready?” he asked Beth, a smile on his face, but not missing the fact that she was trying mightily to cover her total discomfort and dread.

“Yes,” Beth said determinedly. “I’m already soaked, so it doesn’t really matter anymore.”

“That’s the spirit,” Gerard laughed as he led the way.

By the time they got to Hanakapi‘ai an hour later, the rain was really coming down and the footing had become very slippery. The stream coming down from the 300′ Hanakapi‘ai Falls, another 2 miles up a reputedly difficult and dangerous trail, was knee deep and flowing strongly, though only about 6′ across. They formed a chain, holding hands, and got across without mishap.

“My god!” Beth said, letting her pack slip to the ground. “I’ve never seen rain like this before.”

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Gerard commented, stretching after relieving himself of his pack.

“What are we going to do here?” Beth asked.

“Well, if the weather had been better, I’d have wanted to try to see the waterfall, but it’s 2 miles up into the mountain and the trail’s supposed to be difficult in the best of times,” Chet replied. “So, I think that’s out, though I’d like to check out the trail for a bit, just to see what it’s like.”

“I think that I’ll just stay here,” Beth said, “if you don’t mind. I might change into my bathing suit. It’s actually harder walking with these being so soaked,” she said, indicating her T-shirt and cargo shorts.

“I’ll join you, Chet,” Gerard said, “that way Beth can change in privacy.”

“We won’t be long,” Chet said. “I’d stay well away from the stream. It can suddenly rise up because of the rain in the mountains.”

“I won’t go near it,” Beth promised.

“This is working out just fine,” Chet said after following the trail along the stream for a couple of minutes and stopping.

“Indeed,” escort bursa Gerard said as Chet unzipped his shorts and extracted his fat cock.

“She’s doing better than I expected,” Chet said, sighing as Gerard knelt in front of him and wrapped a hand around his cock, jacking it, then leaning forward to take it into his mouth.

Chet smiled as Gerard sucked his cock in the pouring rain, the surging Hanakapi‘ai stream hissing over the rocks as it sped towards the ocean, remembering the many different places that they had encountered in their travels that they had also commemorated by sucking each other off.

“Oh, yeah,” Chet groaned, his fingers entwined in Gerard’s afro as his balls spasmed and he began pumping cum into Gerard’s mouth.

“Well, I was certainly ready for that,” Gerard said as he stood up after completely sucking Chet off.

“Me, too,” Chet agreed, laughing. “I was remembering some of the many times we’ve done this on our travels,” he said as he dropped to his knees as Gerard extracted his ebony cock from his shorts.

“A perfect way to memorialize an experience,” Gerard said, resting his hands on Chet’s head as his cock disappeared into his mouth.

The tell-tale taste of Gerard’s pre-cum flowing onto his tongue presaged the explosion that shortly followed as cum gushed into Chet’s mouth, Gerard’s fingers on Chet’s head tightening as he emptied his balls into his mouth as he was sucked off.

“That was great,” Chet said as he got to his feet.

“It was perfect,” Gerard agreed. “We should get back to Beth, though.”

“Yes,” Chet agreed, following Gerard back.

“Well, that’s quite an improvement,” Gerard said when they got back and found Beth standing by the stream in her bathing suit, a bikini that barely covered the crack of her ass, leaving her full-sized ass cheeks mostly exposed, the top revealing a good bit of her full breasts.

“Oh!” Beth replied, blushing. “I was starting to worry. How was it?”

“We saw enough,” Chet replied. “There was no need to go any further.”

“There’s a composting toilet over there,” Beth said, pointing.

“We took care of that,” Chet said. “Much easier for us. The next one is 4 miles from here at Hanakoa Stream. We’ll go through the Ho’olulu and Waiahuakua valleys in the Hono o Na Pali Natural Area Reserve before we get to the Hanakoa Valley where we’ll spend the night.”

“4 miles?” Beth asked.

“It was 2 miles to get here,” Chet pointed out. “You did great.”

“Yes, and such a lovely rain to walk in,” Gerard said, picking up his pack. “Shall we?”

Once again, Gerard took the lead and Chet brought up the rear, literally and figuratively, smiling when he saw Beth’s ample ass bouncing in front of him, the taste of Gerard’s cum still coating his mouth. An hour and a half later found them crossing the swollen stream at the bottom of the Ho’olulu Valley. It was really raining now with visibility restricted as they continued carefully on, a few times Chet having to reach out to steady Beth when she’d slip, once his hand filling with one of her ass cheeks as he stopped her from taking a tumble.

By the time they arrived at the stream at the bottom of the Waiahuakua Valley, Beth was visibly exhausted. The stream was swollen and moving very swiftly, though it was only 5′ across. Gerard crossed first, the water up to his thighs. He then turned to offer Beth a hand as she crossed. Somehow, Beth lost her footing right in the middle and fell. Her pack was wrenched off as the water sucked at her and it.

Gerard acted incredibly fast, jumping out into the middle of the stream and just managing to snag Beth’s pack, while Chet had instinctively reached for Beth, grabbing an arm which slipped out of his grasp, his hand sliding down to her hip where he managed to hook the bottom of her bikini, slowing her up just enough that she was able to reach out and grab his arm, even as her bikini bottom broke loose. Finally, the three of them were on the other side of the stream, Beth squatting down and hugging her knees, shaking like a leaf from the cold and shock at what had just happened.

“Well, that was certainly unfortunate,” Gerard said, “though nobody appears to be hurt and we saved your pack.”

“I-I’m c-c-cold,” Beth stammered, her teeth chattering.

“Gerard,” Chet said sharply, “body heat.”

Unresisting, Beth allowed them to lay her down on a thick copse of grass growing nearby, then Chet lay down in front of her, taking her into his big arms, while Gerard lay down behind her, pressing his body up against her back. In just a few minutes her teeth stopped chattering and she felt the warmth radiating from her brother’s and Gerard’s body into her own.

“I feel so silly,” Beth finally said, moving just enough that they knew to release her so that she could sit up, hugging her knees.

“Nonsense,” Gerard scoffed. “Could have happened to anyone. Hypothermia is nothing to sneeze at. It’s all too easy to die if not treated properly and immediately.”

“Do we have much further to go today?” Beth asked.

“Maybe another hour, hour and a half,” Chet replied. “Will you be okay?”

“Yes,” Beth replied. “Any more rivers?”

“Just one more that we have to cross where we’ll spend the night,” Chet assured her.

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