Purple Distraction Ch. 02

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This is part two. To find part one and catch up on what you’ve missed, please go to the bottom of the page and click.

Purple Skirt-The First Class

It had been the longest fifty minutes Jeff had ever spent teaching a class. Most of it had gone by in a daze, while he had tried his hardest not to stare at her as she kept smiling and seducing him in the front row. The worst part was that her purple skirt had a split right down the side so that she could covertly open it up while covering herself with her bag. No one other than Jeff could see what was going on, and he was tormented to death trying to pay attention to what he was supposed to be doing.

He had taken over a Biology 101 course midterm. The original professor had suffered a massive stroke and it was doubtful that he would ever teach again. All of his classes had been shuffled around to other professors, with a couple of the strictly research profs also getting a class. Normally Jeff was busy with grad students and post docs, dissecting the biological world of the mouse, and more importantly some of the traits that it shared with humans. Now he was teaching one class a day, three days a week, and already he was off to a start that was going to distract him more than anything.

“So read chapters 27, 28, and 29 and on Wednesday we’ll review the genetics of aging, and sexuality,” he had assigned as he turned away and the class was dismissed. A large rush of noise and movement swept across the room as over two hundred students attempted to escape through two sets of doors in under a minute. Sitting down a the small desk, Jeff spent the time trying to calm himself down and forget that she was sitting there, her sex begging so hard he could smell it across the room. Slowly the room cleared and he was aware that there were just a couple of students standing in front of his desk awaiting his attention. Looking up he was both surprised and a bit relieved that neither of them was the woman in the purple skirt.

“Doctor Reed,” a petite redhead who looked younger that his daughter spoke first, “Crystal asked us to see if you might be able to help us,” she was smiling a curiously seductive smile at him as she leaned over his desk, her young, lithe body now getting very much of his attention. She was wearing a loose fitting top, and her rather large breasts were quite visible as she seemingly presented them to him for his inspection.

“You see we have this problem, and we realize that a man such as yourself, with your intimate knowledge of biology might be able to come up with an answer,” the other coed spoke this time. She was a blonde, tall and wearing a pair of orange running shorts that he had only ever seen the likes of once—when he’d gone with some colleagues to a bar named Hooters while attending a convention in Chicago.

“Crystal thinks that you might be able to help us figure out a solution, or at least help us relieve the pressure until a solution can be found,” it was the redhead again, and he couldn’t keep his eyes off the deep valley between her breasts. It was tan, and firm and enticing, and he was sure he was going to go crazy as he realized that he had never prepared himself for the prospect of being so close to women almost half his age that weren’t very shy about their bodies.

“Stop, just a second,” Jeff was saying as he realized that his body was beginning to stir again. The close proximity of the two girls wasn’t helping. True, he thought, they had to be at least nineteen or twenty, weren’t all college women these days, but he wasn’t used to dating anyone younger than thirty five, and he hadn’t even begun to recover from the woman in the purple skirt fucking his brains out just over an hour ago.

“First, I don’t know anyone named Crystal,” he was trying his best to get out of a situation that he was sure couldn’t be as confusing as it seemed to him. “And I’m not sure how I can possibly help you figure out a solution, or relieve pressure when I have no idea what you’re talking about, or how you think I can be some sort of expert at these mysterious things.” There, he’d spoken his mind and that should be the end of it. He was just supposed to pick up the lectures where they’d been left off and hand out the tests. He didn’t even have to write or grade the tests; he was told he had T.A.’s to handle that. Yes, he thought, T.A.s, he’d forgotten all about them.

“Why don’t you speak to the T.A.’s about your problems, and let them figure out if it is something that they can take care of or if they need to involve me,” he said as he picked up his papers and started for the door. It was so simple! He should have remembered the T.A.’s to begin with. Slightly proud that he’d found a way out of an ever “hardening” situation, he was glad that he would be able to get out of the room before either the redhead or the blonde figured out that he was sporting solid wood behind his desk.

“Uh, Doctor Reed,” it was the redhead again, obviously being direct and ankara escort bayan to the point didn’t always work with some people he thought as he turned and covered as best as possible. “We are your T.A.’s,” she was saying.

“I’m Sally,” the redhead was indicating herself, “and this is Colleen,” she said nodding towards the blonde.

“And as for Crystal,” a voice materialized seemingly from thin air behind him. Spinning around quickly, he saw the woman in the purple skirt standing in the open doorway. “I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to introduce ourselves earlier,” she was saying as she walked the ten feet that separated them. In shock Jeff extended his hand to hers as she presented it, and she pulled it right to her left breast.

“But whether you know it or not, you’ve already met our ‘problem’, and you’ve proven quite adept at providing a temporary solution if nothing else,” Crystal was saying as he allowed his hand to linger upon her warm breast. His mind was spinning, unable to comprehend everything that she was saying. All he could think about is that somehow he had managed to fuck this minx and land himself in the midst of something that had far reaching consequences.

“Maybe we’d be better to discuss this in an office instead of in a lecture hall that will be filling up very shortly,” Crystal was saying as she released his hand and smiled as it lingered for a couple of seconds upon her breast.

“We could use Doctor Jordan’s office, it’s right down the hall,” the redhead, Sally offered. Jeff just nodded and followed as Crystal, Sally and Colleen walked out the door. Walking behind Colleen he found himself trying to find a panty line within the short-shorts that hugged her ass so fine. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, but even if it was bad, it looked oh so good from here.

They walked down two halls and approached a door, upon which Sally pulled out a key and unlocked it, ushering them inside. Jeff just stared wondering how she had a key to a faculty office.

“I’m a T.A., remember,” she smiled at him, seemingly amused by the constant state of confusion that seemed to appear upon his face. Jeff walked inside and realized that the office wasn’t very big, and didn’t even have a proper desk for a professor such as Jordan. He frowned visibly and it was Colleen that offered up an explanation this time.

“This is just the T.A.’s office, Doctor Jordan’s main office is in the Adams building. Sally and I both have a desk here and a couple of filing cabinets, nothing much else is needed.”

“Ok, enough already,” Crystal was saying as Sally was closing the door and pulling a rolling blind down over the opaque window in the door. “Back to our problem and how you’re going to help,” she was saying as she started to remover her flowery blouse, baring her luscious chest to his gaze yet again. Transfixed, all that Jeff could do was watch her.

“You see, Jordan was working on a bit of research on the side, and it had some side effects that he hadn’t expected,” Sally was speaking from his left and he turned to look at her. She had pulled off her top also, and was undoing a black bra. Unable to believe himself, Jeff watched as her large, tan breasts spilled free and sat upon her chest just a couple of feet from him.

“However, we now need to figure out a solution,” Colleen was saying as he turned to his right and for once wasn’t incredibly shocked to find her half naked and with large, full looking breasts.

“Because we can’t keep up with the milk production,” Sally was saying again as he looked to his left and realized that her nipples were rather large, and swollen looking, and beginning to lactate on their own.

“Or the increased libido,” it was Colleen again, having finished removing her shirt she was pulling down her orange short-shorts and a pair of wispy, thin black panties. Jeff stared, there was nothing else he could do except stare at her well shaved pussy lips and full breasts. He was in shock he realized, amazed shock as Crystal bent her head to Colleen’s left breast and began to suck upon it.

“Oh thank you,” Colleen was saying as Jeff could hear Crystal begin to swallow milk from Colleen’s breast. Her efforts brought a heartfelt sigh of relief from Colleen as Crystal fed from her breast. Jeff stared, unable to move his gaze until he abruptly felt a cool breeze upon his cock. Looking down, he saw Sally undoing his pants.

Sally was smiling up at him as she pulled his cock free and greedily slipped it quickly inside of her mouth. Jeff groaned as his hardness was engulfed by the second woman in as many hours. He closed his eyes and leaned back against the desk as Sally began pumping his cock with her mouth, sucking hard upon him as she bobbed her head.

“Just don’t let him come,” Colleen was saying as Sally sucked upon Jeff, “Its not fair if you don’t share him,” Crystal was laughing as she moved to Colleen’s right breast.

“Don’t worry, I think he’s got elvankent escort enough cock to go around,” Crystal was saying as Jeff’s eyes opened back up and he watched Colleen. Colleen was staring at him, a lusty daze glazing her eyes as drops of moisture began to glisten from her shaved pussy. Jeff noticed that her lips were full and pouty, and just beginning to spread and open. It was amazing; in less than two minutes she had become fully flushed with a sexual heat that seemed greater than anything he had ever seen.

“I’m not going to worry,” Colleen was saying as she pushed Crystal’s mouth off of her breast and knelt down next to Sally. “Just as long as you share,” she was kissing the shaft of Jeff’s cock as Sally sucked upon the head. For his part, Jeff just stared in awe. One of his newly acquired T.A.’s was sucking upon the head of his cock, while the other was greedily licking upon the exposed skin of his shaft. Looking over at Crystal he was surprised to see that she had pulled some type of apparatus out of one of the desks and was busy attaching it to her breast.

“It’s a breast pump,” she said amused at the bemused look upon his face, “new mothers use them to pump their breast milk when the baby is sleeping and save it for later. We just pump it and put it in the fridge so Doctor Jordan can run some tests on it,” she smiled as she finished hooking it up and flicked a switch that started a motor and began the pumping as she called it.

Jeff couldn’t spend much time pondering what Crystal was doing; he was too fond of the attention Sally and Colleen were giving his cock. They had now begun alternating sucking on his cock. Sally would suck his shaft deep inside of her mouth for a minute, while Colleen was busy sucking upon his balls. After about a minute they would switch and Colleen would suck upon his cock while Sally tickled his balls with her tongue. It only took a few minutes to realize that Sally was the better cocksucker, at least according to the voting coming from his dickhead.

Looking over at Crystal, Jeff realized that she had already filled up one container of milk and was starting on another. Gazing at Sally and Colleen’s breasts he realized that they were dripping milk. They were so full that it seemed as if their swollen orbs couldn’t contain themselves any longer.

“They really should be milked,” Crystal said following his gaze, “it’s been over four hours for them and they generally start bursting by then,” she was now reclined in the seat, her legs splayed over the sides of the chair. Crystal’s right hand was rubbing quick little circles upon her sex, as she held the milk machine to her right breast with her left hand. A small droplet of milk was growing upon her left breast and threatening to drop and slide along the beautiful curve of breast flesh. Jeff groaned at the same time that she did.

Looking down he realized that both Sally and Colleen’s breasts were dripping like a leaky faucet. Jeff had never seen or imagined anything like this, he hadn’t even considered the possibilities of lactating breasts before today, or that they might lactate more than the breast itself could contain. Sally was staring up at him as she parted her lips and engulfed his cock again, easily and quickly taking him deep within her mouth.

“I can’t take it anymore Sally,” Colleen was saying as she stood up and pulled Sally with her. Jeff’s cock slipped out of Sally’s mouth with a plop as Colleen pushed him over to the desk and pressed him down upon it. Jeff was now sitting in a half reclined position as Colleen climbed up on him and grasped his cock, pointing it towards her wet and open pussy lips. She quickly pressed his cock into her pussy and impaled herself upon him. Jeff moaned as a new, tight, almost virginal pussy engulfed his cock for the second time today. He fell back upon the desk and closed his eyes, lost in the sensation.

“Well he better at least be able to lick as well as he fucks,” he heard Sally say as he became aware of a body pressing down upon his face. He opened his eyes in time to see Sally’s pussy, a very hairy red pussy with big, meaty full lips press down upon his face. Taking a quick breath he stuck his tongue out just as her cunt engulfed his mouth.

Jeff felt hot wet flesh press against his face while at the same time he inhaled a deep breath of feminine musk. Sally ground her cunt down upon his face as his tongue set out to attempt to lick up the moisture that was saturating his face as she pressed upon him.

It had been several months since he had eaten pussy and Jeff had forgotten how appetizing it was. He ran his tongue along the edges of Sally’s hairy snatch, licking up every delicious drop of her honey. Sally just moaned and pressed herself harder against him while he licked. At the same time Colleen had a vice grip on his cock with her cunt and she was fucking him with complete abandon.

“Just make sure he can still breath,” Crystal’s voice etlik escort bayan came through muffled by Sally’s legs pressed against his face. It was all Jeff could do to keep up with eating her pussy while he was being pounded by Colleen—it was good that breathing was an involuntary reflex otherwise his overwhelmed body might have forgotten how.

“God how I love a big hard cock in my cunt,” Jeff heard Colleen as her moans coalesced into words. The air was thick with the smell of hot pussy, breast milk and sweet sweat. Everyone was moaning except for Jeff, he was busy trying to breathe while getting pounded by two college coeds’ intent upon fucking the life out of him.

“I’m going to come,” he heard Sally moan as he sucked upon her engorged clit. He had known she was getting close as her pussy was racing her breasts to see which could leak the fastest. Jeff had felt a growing wetness upon his chest and belly and finally realized that it was the combination of Colleen and Sally’s lactating breast dripping upon him.

“Me too,” Colleen moaned back as she began to really pound herself down upon his cock, banging her pelvis against his pubic bone as she went. Jeff wished he was going to come with them, but he wasn’t quite there yet. The combination of having just come about an hour ago, coupled with the fact that he was concentrating hard upon Sally’s pussy tempered his cock just enough to overcome the mind-blowing reality that he was naked and fucking two horny girls while a third was masturbating a few feet away.

“Oh…Oh…,” was all that Sally said as she pressed down hard upon his face and sat quivering and withering while she came. Her juices increased immensely and began overflowing Jeff’s ability to keep up with his tongue. At the same time Colleen began screaming and thrashing upon his cock. Jeff couldn’t believe how tight her cunt squeezed him, it almost hurt it was so hard. She stopped moving and seemed to be clamped on tight to his cock as she collapsed forward and lay against Sally.

In the muffled distance Jeff was aware of the fading moans from Crystal who must have brought herself to another orgasm by her own hand.

“Bravo,” a new voice said accompanied by a slow clapping. Sally jumped off of Jeff’s face so fast that he thought she must have been shot. Looking up, Jeff just stared at the newcomer, completely unprepared for who he was looking at.

“Oh hi, Justine,” Crystal said from her chair where she was still naked although she had removed the pump from her breasts and they looked a bit less swollen. If Jeff had had enough time he would have realized that Justine was flushed with a similar sexual heat and swollen breasts that afflicted the other girls. Unfortunately for him he didn’t get much of a glimpse at the newcomer.\

“Oh my God!” Justine screamed as Jeff lifted his head and made eye contact with her.

Jeff just stared, Colleen cunt was still trembling upon his cock as she lay over to the side where she had fallen when Sally had hopped up. Jeff for his part was staring in abject terror at Justine. He was frozen and didn’t know what to do, to say or even to breathe.

“Justine,” Crystal was saying as she laughed at the sight that must have greeted Justine upon walking into the office. “This is Doctor Reed,” she continued, “he’s taken over for Doctor Jordan, and we were just explaining our problem to him.

Horrified, Jeff managed to push Colleen’s limp body off of his cock and attempt to get to his feet before he slipped on the excess milk that had fallen to the floor. He fell backwards and cracked his head on the desk before losing consciousness and falling into oblivion….

“Doctor Reed,” a vague disembodied female voice seemed to be calling him like a siren in the fog of his mind. “Doctor Reed….,” it repeated itself before he realized that he had already heard it quite a few times before. Wincing with pain he opened his eyes and waited for his vision to clear and the room to swim into focus. He was looking at Crystal.

“What….,” the questioning tone of his voice seemed to convey everything to Crystal.

“You jumped when the secretary came in, slipped on the floor and cracked your head on the desk,” Crystal offered to his confused look. She was putting her blouse back on and getting dressed. Looking to his left he realized that it was just Crystal and he in the room, Colleen and Sally had left.

“But Justine,” he asked of her as he looked around, “I know I saw Justine standing in the doorway, I heard her voice just as Colleen had her orgasm,” Jeff couldn’t put all the pieces together but something seemed wrong more than just his sore head.

“Justine,” Crystal now seemed to be confused as she looked quizzically at him, “who’s Justine,” she asked.

Jeff pondered for a moment, he knew he had been in a very enlightened state of mind, and it wouldn’t be inconceivable that he had imagined something, but he knew he’d heard her voice. Hell, he’d been hearing her voice for years. Justine was his brother’s daughter, and his daughters’ best friend. He’d forgotten that she went to this school and was a sophomore this year. His daughter had gone to another school out of state and so the two of them hadn’t been as close lately.

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