Problems of Parenthood Ch. 01

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Dear readers,

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. All characters are above the age of 18 and any likeness to a real individual you may know is completely coincidental. This is simply a work of fiction and fantasy and is simply meant as a form of entertainment. Please feel free to leave comments and constructive criticism. Enjoy and on with the show.


Susan and Jim were what you would consider to be a couple living the “American Dream”. Successful careers, in their upper 20s and already owning a home, married to their soul mate, and planning on extending the family with a baby on the way. Sue was 8 months pregnant and already in love with the baby growing inside her. Jim was looking forward to either raising a little boy to be a professional baseball player, or protecting a little princess from the evils of the world. They couldn’t wait for their little family to grow and blossom. The biggest issue between them, was a lack of sex between the two.

Prior to the pregnancy, they had maintained a healthy sex life. Regularly making love during the week. Spontaneously banging each other’s brains out on the kitchen counter or living room couch. Even the occasional quickie in public place like the beach at night or changing room at a local department store. But with the pregnancy, that tapered off within the first trimester. They still loved each other, but each had their own reason for not initiating any encounter.

As the pregnancy progressed, Jim began to feel awkward about sex, not knowing what might be okay to attempt and what might cause damage to the baby. He saw Susan as a beautiful deity that became more gorgeous as time progressed. She began as a 5 foot 6 inch vixen with a set of D-cup breasts and a nice round set of hips connected to the best set of legs to ever squat onto a lucky man. With each passing week her breasts got bigger, nipples became darker, and hips broadened just a tad to add a little extra exaggeration to what Jim saw as the definition of pure sexual desire. And with the increase in perceived desire, came an increase in not wanting to do anything to disturb or harm his personal goddess. Jim was just completely unaware of how to go about any of the changes that occurred to a woman when she became pregnant and had heard too many horror stories about negative reactions from when his male coworkers had made the moves on their pregnant counterparts.

Susan also noticed all the changes occurring to her, just without the positive filter Jim possessed. She saw herself getting fatter and frumpier as each day progressed. She saw the darkening of her nipples as a bad thing. She fought constantly to make sure lotion was applied to fend off the stretch marks that popped up despite the relentless care. Through all these personal changes, what she also saw, was a husband who waited on her hand and foot, yet never tried to have any of the sexual fun they used to enjoy. A husband who sacrificed a relaxing night at home, just to make a late night run to the grocery store to satisfy her urge for french fries and ice cream, but had no desire for her more intimate needs. A husband who constantly suffered and slept in the recliner because he made the bed too hot for her to be comfortable, but never wanted to make her hotter in that same bed. He maintained his attractiveness throughout the process, but she just became a hideous blob; in her own mind.

As the weeks ticked by, this tension grew and grew. Both too embarrassed to discuss their own feelings, but both becoming more and more annoyed at what they perceived to be their partner’s opinion. Until one lazy Sunday afternoon, Sue happened upon Jim watching porn in the office. He wasn’t masturbating, just perusing through a couple videos (probably trying to find the right one to really catch his interest). This became too much for Sue to stand and she blew up. She accused him of not finding her attractive, wanting someone new now that her body is ruined, and even hinted that he might be wanting to have an affair. Jim responded with true hurt at such an accusation and laid out all his honest feelings about how he was afraid to do anything that might hurt her or the baby. He even pointed out that all the videos he was viewing were of pregnant women that shared the same features of Susan.

Susan then went from straight rage, to broken tears. Sobbing into Jim’s shoulder and apologizing profusely for being such an emotional mess. After lots of consoling and hugs, she finally calmed enough to have a true conversation.

“You honestly don’t find me to be a cheap knock-off of Blobba the Hutt?” she tentatively asked.

His honest response was to look shocked and pull her onto his lap sitting, “Of course not. I love the changes you’ve gone through. And while I know their only temporary, I feel like I’m missing out on a fantastic body that is right in front of me. And speaking of the Hutt, if you have that slave outfit hidden somewhere, I would probably kızılay escort never go soft if you put it on right now.”

After smacking him on the arm, she asked, “Then why haven’t you made any moves or even attempted to mention any of this previously.”

“Honestly? I was scared.”

“Of what?”

“All the guys at work told me of how they were treated when they attempted anything resembling sex or even mentioned it around their wives when they were pregnant. I didn’t want you to think I was some sex-starved pervert and didn’t even know what could be done while you were pregnant. Your body is going through so many changes, and I heard things can become too sensitive to do anything.”

As she heard this, she cuddled closer into his arms. “We’re still able to do things. Let’s watch one of these videos and see if we can get any ideas.”

“I found one the other day you might be interested in.” And he loaded the video bookmarked previously that week.

It opened to a women laying on her back, on an exam table with feet up in a stirrup as is during a gynecologist exam. Sue’s first reaction was to one of shock at how closely the woman looked like her. Her second was one of intrigue at seeing a naked woman on an exam table knowing something completely non-innocent is about to happen. This is a position she had been in several times, but never associated it with sex. Even though another person literally dealing with her most intimate of parts, she never actually thought about it in a sexual way whatsoever. This new thought got her completely soaked down below and that was the thing that surprised her most of all.

A doctor then entered saying how he was performing a new type of pelvic exam, and proceeded to drop his pants. To reveal a moderately sized dick that was already hard. Some cheesy dialog preceded the doctor putting some lube on his dick and start fucking the “patient”. Slowly at first, then faster as she got into the act. The entire scene lasted maybe 5-6 minutes, but was enough for Sue to notice how hard Jim was. She also noticed how much she was enjoying his hand slowly moving on her leg; and not in an innocent, relaxing sort of way. The entire thing was getting her more turned on than she had been.

“I know we don’t have a table like that, but what I need more than anything right now is that dick I feel poking into my leg to be buried deep inside me right now.”

Jim was hesitant, “Are you sure? How do we know it won’t hurt the baby?”

“Jim, I swear to God. If you don’t take me up-stairs and fuck me right now, I’m going to rape you where you sit.”

Jim only response at this point was to stand her up, and lead/drag her to the bedroom. Each doing their best to strip off what little clothing they typically wore to lounge around the house. Five minutes later found them completely stripped, with Susan laying on her back as Jim approached his wife. The look on his faced told Sue all she needed to know; that Jim was probably the happiest person on the planet right now. Jim crouched down to eat her out like he hadn’t in months.

“Jim, I usually love when you spend time getting me good and wet, but I’m soaked through right now and just need to you pound that hard cock into me. Please, JUST FUCK ME!”

Hearing his wife like he hadn’t in a while just spurred him on more. He stood next to the bed, pulled her by the legs so that her ass was right at the edge and held her legs high. With one hand holding her legs up, he used the other to guide his rigid dick into that dripping wet pussy he had dreamed about for months. He slowly eased his dick into her. Remembering the sensation of her pussy walls gripping his cock.

Jim was going slow as the feeling of sex was overwhelming, and the anticipation of the fucking was killing Sue. She wrapped her legs around him as best as she could and placed her feet against his ass. With more strength than she knew she possessed, she forced Jim’s dick the rest of the way.


Neither one knew who said what as they both exclaimed at once. Jim started to pull out a little but Sue held him there, “Wait, gotta get used to it again. Just hold up a second.”

When she nodded, Jim slowly eased out and gauged her response to make sure everything was okay. The little smile on her face with her eyes closed and biting the corner of her bottom lip told him it was time to throw it into high gear. Placing her ankles on his shoulders, he grabbed hold of her hips and slammed back into her. The grunt she made as she tried to say yes confirmed that she was ready for the fucking of a lifetime.

And that’s exactly what he did. Firmly holding onto her hips, he pounded into her with all the strength of every fuck he wanted over the last few months. As each thrust ripped through her, a new grunt, moan, or “YES” came belted from her lungs. Troubles forgotten, just pure lust was flowing from coupling. Neither knew how long they were at it, but Jim soon etlik escort realized that it wasn’t going to go on much longer. Jim held back as long as he could, tightening just the right muscles to make sure he could enjoy as much fucking as possible on this round.

When he couldn’t hold out any more, Jim gave one final thrust and shot rope after rope of cum deep into Sue’s well fucked pussy. When Sue felt his dick erupting inside her, she couldn’t help but explode into her own world of ecstasy. Electricity shot through every nerve, starting in her pussy and spreading down both legs, up her belly, along her nipples, down her arms, and through her brain until all she saw was a sun burst of fireworks around Jim’s face as his orgasm was still spreading through his body.

Reflexively, Jim continued to fuck her as his dick continued to fill her pussy until a combination of their juices were squirting out around his dick. This went on for another minute or two until Sue finally came back to earth and the sensation became too much.

“Jim! Stop. Please. I can’t take any more.”

He just held his position with his dick slowly shrinking inside her. Both trying to catch their breath. Words couldn’t even be formed at this moment, so they each just grinned at each other like punch drunk fools sharing a stupid joke. Once coherent thought began working its way back into the picture, Jim said, “That has got to be the best pussy in the world.”

Giggling, Sue replied, “I know.” Both erupted in laughter which only cause Jim’s dick to dislodge from Sue and spill all the contents of her still pulsing pussy all over the bed.

This began a daily routine of sex-capades that could only be described as sexual hilarity as they attempted to find which positions still worked and which were to be removed from their current rotation. Sue found she loved reverse cowgirl for the penetration she was able to get while using his legs as leverage and support. Jim found that he pretty much went mindless with joy anytime anything remotely sexual happened.

The only thing that he missed was a good old fashioned blowjob. Try as she might, Sue was just unable to find a position that was comfortable for her and allowed her to access his for a nice and slow blow. Having discussed this a couple times, it came as a surprise to Jim when he woke up one morning to a soft, moist feeling around his cock. Looking down, he saw the top of Sue’s head slowing moving up and down the length of his shaft.

“Well, good morning to you too,” was the first thing out of Jim’s mouth.

Too which Sue simply replied by pulling back off his cock until just the head was in his mouth and swirled her tongue around the bulbous mushroom head. Either Jim took this as a sign to shut the fuck up, or he was simply unable to form words. All he did was take in the scene.

Jim woke up a kind of an angle in the bed; with his head in the center, but feet near one of the corners. Sue had crawled onto the bed from the foot of it and lay on her side with a pillow under her 9-month pregnant belly and her face right where it needed to be to sample Jim’s sausage surprise. In the last two weeks of her pregnancy and she finally found the perfect way to enjoy the cock that caused the whole change in life and body.

Sue slowly sucked and slurped on his dick as she re-familiarized herself with her favorite piece of Jim’s anatomy. Feeling the ridges of his veins that circulated the blood necessary to engorge his tool. Enjoying the reaction as her tongue traced along the edge of his cock-head. Savoring the sweetly, salty taste of the precum as it oozed from the tip. And finally the ever-so-familiar feeling of his balls tightening up as he prepared to unload their gooey contents.

As if on cue, Jim’s breath caught as he grunted his release. Sue pulled back once more until just the head was incased by her lips and began swallowing the second a shot hit the back of her throat. She counted the individual shots of cum and lost track as it hit double digits. The entire time they had been together, she had never missed a drop of cum when sucking Jim’s delicious dick; and she wasn’t about to start now. While she was a bit out of practice, she never remembered Jim ever shooting a load quite this large down her throat.

After milking the last little dribble of cum from his dick, Sue said, “That was quite the load this morning. You really missed my blowjobs, huh?”

“That and I was kind of having a dream about us when you woke me?”

“Oh really? And what were we doing in said dream?” she asked as she continued stroking his not quite soft cock.

“Well, I’ve noticed a couple time recently you having to change your shirts and that you’ve started wearing breast pads.”

Not quite sure where Jim was going with this, Sue simply waited for him to continue as she slowly revitalized his now growing penis.

“Well, I don’t want to sound perverted or anything, but demetevler escort I, uh, dreamt that as you were riding me, umm, milk was shooting from your tits and hitting me in the face.”

Sue stopped stroking Jim’s cock, still held it, and simply said, “You may be a twisted pervert, but you’re my twisted pervert and I think we can make this dream come true. But on one condition.”

“Name it, you know I’ll do anything for you.”

“Make me cum all over your face.”

Without uttering a word, Jim simply smiled as he got off the bed and moved around to the side; pulling Sue’s ass towards the edge. He knelt down and lifted her legs up and to the side as best they could in her pregnant state. First, he inhaled the aroma radiating from her pussy. The natural perfume that let him know she wanted him. Almost as if her body was guiding his nose toward her pussy as the smell of fresh cookies lures patrons to a bakery. He then lightly licked his way around the tops of her thigh. Catching the light taste of her juices that had already leaked out and spread themselves.

He loved how she reacted to all of this. He could feel the shiver in her legs as he held them aloft and see her anus winking with each spasm as if to share an unspoken secret. Jim took his time circling the pussy, never touching the lips, and not coming near the clit. From experience, he knew this drove Sue absolute bonkers and typically produced the biggest orgasms.

The next step was to begin with just the tip of his tongue at the base of her pussy. Seeking out whatever juices may have accumulated here. Teasing the entrance of her opening just enough to pull out some of her sweet nectar, but not enough to penetrate. He then outlined her labia one at a time. Repeating this step until he was sure all secretions had been captured. Occasionally nibbling and pulling on one of her lips, just to change up the sensations. Feeling her jump and hearing her moan each time he did it.

This was the part Jim loved, finding the magic combination to unlock Sue’s orgasm. Sliding the tongue up one side, and back down the other. Slowly wagging the tongue back and forth as it contacts both sides. Gradually delving into the depths of the warm her moistening hole. Swirling the tongue in circles as it pushes deeper into her waiting pussy. Listening as her breath becomes more irregular, sharp inhales followed by staggered and shaking exhales. Holding of a breath in one instant, than a quick release of some sound between a moan and a growl.

And just when her hands begin to move in a slightly frantic manner, Jim latches on to her clit. Not with force, but with just enough suction to extend it out just a little. And he starts a rhythmic humming to send little vibrations into her clit as he sucks it. Then he begins circling the clit in small circles with his tongue; all while it is still incased in the light vacuum of his lips. He changes his humming to a pulsing undulation of vibration as he plays with her clit.

To picture Sue at this point would be to envision a woman possessed by a demon. Laying naked on the bed with hands desperately clutching into the sheets as her legs are being held up by a man expertly eating her pussy. A layer of sweat makes her skin glisten as she shakes and jerks in response to her husband’s oral talents. Eye lids half open to reveal the eyes rolled back as she grunts/moans/growls sounds that can only be described as animalistic. Breaths are coming quicker now as the train that is her orgasm is approaching its peak.

Jim can tell by the changes in her movement and breathing that she is about to present him with a truly great orgasm. Knowing just what to do to send her over the top, he continues his oral manipulation her clitoris and reaches for her breasts. The ever growing orbs of glory that are waiting to be touched. Slowly rubbing around them, he notices a dampness that wasn’t present before; and just passed it off as sweat. Finding the nipples was his goal, and achieve it he did. Gently grabbing each hardened nub between his forefingers and thumbs, he gently squeezed as he started bobbing his head on her clit.

Thank the builder for well insulated concrete block housing, because what happened next would have made anyone call the cops.

Sue’s mouth gaped open as her moan began low and slowly climbed to near blood-curdling. And it held for longer than Jim thought possible. Jim was rewarded with her legs clamping around his head as he still held onto her clit with his mouth and nipples with his hands. What surprised him was the flow of juices from her nipples, almost forgetting that she was already forming colostrum for their baby. Her shaking stopped as her entire body tensed up for a good solid two minutes. With the initial wale now being reduced to a string of “YES”, “FUCK”, “OH MY GOD”, and “OOH”.

As her orgasm began to ebb and her body loosened up, Jim held her legs for her. Breathing began to return to normal and a smile replaced the orgasm yell that was on her face. Jim stood at the edge of the bed and simply gazed at the beauty that is his wife in the glow of her post orgasm.

“I can’t imagine a more beautiful sight than you right now,” Jim said breaking the silence.

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