Pounding Melanie

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When Leon (Lee) Pounder Jr. went to the County Youth Detention Facility, something inside of Melanie came unmoored.

Despite her best efforts to be a good mother to Lee and provide a stable home, her son had begun to run with the wrong crowd. Lee and a buddy had broken into a house, looking for something to steal. They didn’t get anything and nobody was hurt, but they were quickly identified and arrested. And there was a gun involved. Lee hadn’t held it and this was a first offense, but the homeowner insisted on pressing charges and Lee got six months. The fact that he was Leon Pounder Sr.’s son probably tipped the scales against any possible leniency.

It had indeed been a rough three years since Leon Pounder Sr. had been sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Melanie had found work cocktailing in a stripper bar, although she had shied away from the boob job she would need to make the real money on stage. Not that she was entirely lacking in that department. She’d always had two nice handfuls. But time and a child had done their work and she was somewhat saggy and deflated. Nevertheless, she was surrounded by the kind of hard men she had always known, men a bit like Leon Pounder Sr. and she knew how to tease them to please them. She always had.

Melanie had been barely legal when the virile and dangerous Leon Pounder first had her on her back, hardly older then that when Lee came along, and just twenty when her parents cut her out of their will. At the time she was defiant. Screw them! What did they know of love? She was in love with Leon and she wasn’t afraid to scream it at the world. She loved his broad chest and thickly muscled torso. She loved his devilish grin and fuck ’em attitude. She loved picking out the tattoos he would adorn his arms with.

But most of all she loved his cock and what he could do to her with it. Leon had taught her how to fuck that cock, and suck that cock and in time, to accept that she had to share that cock with the other women who caught his roving eye. Later, after he had trained her pussy to be greedy and her tongue to be exciting, he started trying to share them with his buddies, and then his business associates, and then… well, there was money to be made from a hot piece of ass like Melanie.

It was then that she finally left him for the first time. It wouldn’t be the last time, but over the years she began to straighten her act out, build a home life for young Lee and eventually to reconcile with her parents. There were relapses into the hell that was life with Leon; tempestuous reunions and violent breakups. But he had been out of their lives for almost two years when he killed that cop. He was on the run for ten days, and Melanie shivered every time she recalled that they caught him just a few blocks from the modest apartment she shared with Lee.

They had never properly married, so there was no divorce. He sent letters asking about Lee, whom he had shown little interest in previously, and asking her to come for conjugal visits. To her chagrin, she even considered it in a wicked moment. Despite her good looks, she hadn’t many suitors. Leon scared them off, even from prison. But when he heard that Lee was being sent to the Youth Detention Facility, he sent a letter of “fatherly” advice to the young man about surviving on the inside, and that sent Melanie over the edge into the abyss of obsession.

Chapter 01:

It was after hours when Melanie had come home from work to find Lee drafting a response to the letter his father had sent. It was his last night of freedom before turning himself in to serve his sentence. She showed Melanie the letter and she was appalled. It read as though Leon expected his son to follow him into a life spent in and out of jail.

Melanie somehow managed to remain calm, although inwardly she was seething. She stood over the young man slouched on the sofa. “First of all, thank you for sharing this with me, Lee. You showed me a lot of trust.” She paused for a moment to consider. “Let me shower up and get dressed for bed while I think on it. Then we’ll talk about an appropriate response, if any.”

When she returned, she had tied her hair back casually and wearing her loose flannel jammies. Lee liked seeing her in these, she looked soft and relaxed. He couldn’t help noticing the way her breasts swayed gently under the material as she walked across the room to him. He had taken the moment to ready for bed himself and was wearing only the boxer shorts and T-shirt he favored. She led him to the sofa and they read Leon’s letter together and Lee’s start at a response.

It was respectful and tentative. Lee didn’t know quite what to say.

“Lee, lets address your father’s letter first. Frankly, it reads as though your father expects you to spend much of your life behind bars.”

“No Ma! No. No way! I was an idiot and I’m going to pay for it. I’ll miss my graduation; I’ll miss my friends… Ma, I’m scared. I don’t know what’s going to happen to me.” He was still just a boy under the bravado, pendik escort and he began to dissolve into tears. Melanie pulled him to her, and they wrapped their arms about each other, Melanie’s soft female curves yielding under young Lee’s lean, sinewy embrace. Lee loved these moments of closeness, but secretly feared that she might notice the way his cock was stiffening. For a long moment they grieved that they were soon to be parted.

“I think he’s just trying to help me, Ma. And he is the expert on this sort of stuff.” He made a small laugh.

“I’m sure he is, Lee. But he doesn’t know how to be a father and this is not the way.”

They sat silent for a moment. Then she spoke to him, “We have to think of this as a do-over. We have the next six months to think about who and what we want to be and make it a reality. You have to do it.”

“I know, Ma. I will.”

“And I have to do it, too.”

“You’re fine, Ma. You’re great.”

“No. I have to do it too. I’ve made too many mistakes in my life. Loving your father was the first of them.”

“Do you still love him?”

“Not any more. He left me with too many bad things… and one, one really good thing.”

Lee looked apprehensive.

“And that’s you, sport!” She laughed and rested her hand lightly on his muscled chest. “You make it all worth while. We’ll make it worthwhile for each other.” In truth, she had always doted on the boy. He did have his father’s better features, unruly dark hair and eyes, the devil’s own smile, a rugged masculinity and it was evident even as a child that he would have the kind of cock a woman could cherish. Not that she’d seen it for a while but she could imagine, and privately, sometimes did.

Together they crafted a short, courteous, but distant letter of response. They wished Leon well, but made no mention of the “advice “he offered. Instead, they spoke of a vague plan to go on to community college after Lee was out and left it at that.

The next day he was gone. Melanie had promised to visit every week, but Lee told her no, he needed to time to figure things out for himself. She was not too worry, he was sure he’d be fine. The bravado of youth was back.

Really, her son was all she had, and when she was finally without him, she found herself truly at loose ends for the first time in her life. And so she began to think really, really hard about how to keep him, and keep him from his father’s long distance grasp. Lee was seventeen when he was sentenced. He and Melanie shared a birthday; he would turn eighteen on the inside, while Melanie felt well worn at 37. When Lee came home to her, he would be a man, and she began to think of him as a man. She needed to find out all she could about what kind of man he would become.

Lee liked the girls. Melanie knew that. He’d had a string of girlfriends, although none had lasted very long. He did seem to have a preference for redheads, although if none were to be found he was happy enough with blondes and brunettes. He turned his nose up at the slender girls though. Short or tall, pretty or plain, they were all plush and curvy, and more then a few were exceptionally stacked. Melanie chuckled affectionately at the thought. He was a typical young male and goggled at the prospect of the big-tittie girls.

“Ma, I like the girls to look like girls.” He had confided after dinner a few weeks earlier when she had commented on a current flame.

From the door to the kitchen Melanie teased him, “Don’t I look like a girl?” She cocked her hip coquettishly and tossed her honey-thick hair.

“Hey Ma, you look definitely like a girl. You’re why I like girls to look like girls.”

She ran her hands over her bosom. “I’m afraid I don’t, eh–stack up to some the girls you see.”

“Aw, Ma…” he grinned as he charged out the door. “I’m going to the movies with Cindy.”

“Be back by midnight!”

Well he would have to go without for the next six months and after he was incarcerated she decided his bedroom needed to be shoveled out, and keeping a sharp eye out for the porn stash she assumed he kept, she went to work. What she found beneath the clothes both clean and dirty that were strewn about the room surprised her. There were a couple of DVDs starring a mature, but fit and very well endowed redheaded “actress” fucking and sucking a much younger man. There was also a wide ranging selection of magazines, a few quite raunchy; but most featuring clean, fresh faced women with lovely bodies in artistic photos. It was between the pages of these that she found his drawings. He had clearly been copying the photos and she judged he was very, very good. Melanie had enjoyed drawing when she was younger and had been fairly talented. Apparently Lee had inherited that knack plus some. She had no idea he was so gifted. There had never been many drawings on the refrigerator from her son, although if this is what he drew, it could explain why she never saw them.

The paper itself was smudged and stained and… was that dried cum? Eeeeeuuu… She imagined him with maltepe escort a pencil in one and hand and his cock in the other. It was a particularly thick, long and rigid cock. Leafing through the pages she drifted into a day dream. The hand on Lee’s cock becomes a woman’s. The movements had gone from a vigorous beating to a more languorous and gentle stroke. The hand belonged to the mature redhead pictured on the cover of the videos. She was smiling as they gazed into each other’s eyes while she stroked him off. Melanie flushed, and the day dream ended when she realized that she was gently caressing her own dampening pussy through the material of her jeans.

Picking up the videos she thought, “I’ll have to watch these.”

Which she did, that very evening and she found them to be surprisingly hot, which she hadn’t really expected. The dark haired young pizza delivery boy the redhead seduced had a familiar quality she couldn’t quite pin point. The actress made a long slow strip tease out of turning her pockets inside out and pulling at her clothes searching for money to pay for her pizza. It was no surprise when the young man accepted her favors in trade and the pizza topping wasn’t the only salami in the room. The movies made her horny and she hadn’t had a man in… well, a long time, so she turned the videos off and made popcorn, and she thought some more. A plan was beginning to form.

Lee was so talented as well as handsome; she couldn’t let him follow his father’s path. He just needed some direction and something to cling to. He could cling to her, she would provide that comfort, but for direction… he was so talented. If he could just get into a good art school he could make something of his gifts. But a good school cost money, and the only way she could think to get it was to dance at the club, and for that she needed—

“Boobs.” She was inspecting herself in the hall mirror. To do this she had stripped down to the buff and was giving herself a hard look. “I need better, make that, bigger boobs.” She made herself say it out loud to drive the reality home.

“Okay then. What else?”

In truth, she still looked pretty good. Tired mostly, but her thick, chin length ash blonde hair had body and shine. She had a childlike face; heart shaped, with a broad forehead, exceptionally large, clear blue eyes, high cheekbones, a wide mouth featuring full bee stung lips and a small but firm chin. At five foot four, she was compactly built, although she had put on a few pounds in the last couple of years. Much of it was in the jiggle of her ass.

“Watch your diet, girl, and get into the gym.” She decided.

Then she cupped her breasts. She had just enough to require a C cup and that was more then she could hold in her small hands. But when she let them go, down they fell to lie across her ribcage. Not that she minded that, but she knew they weren’t going to earn her the money she needed. She pinched her nipples, which immediately responded by stiffening up. They were large and perched jauntily on her wide, pale areolas. She had always thought them too large for her breast size, although Leon liked them. If her breasts were larger, they would be a perfect match. She decided to do it.

“I’m going to buy some new boobs.”

Chapter 02:

Eight weeks later Melanie stepped onto the stage of The Smiling Kitty for her first professional dance. Using the stage name Gingersnap, she was almost unrecognizable as the tired mother she had been. Hard work in the gym had toned her limbs and back nicely, although some jiggle still remained in her lower belly, well-rounded ass-cheeks and flaring hips. It made her all the sexier, if you like that sort of thing, and why shouldn’t you? She had also learned a few tricks about stage make-up from her friend Dolores, one of the other dancers, and her pretty eyes flashed sultry and gleaming with her new emerald contact lens. She had chosen the color to complement the fiery red hair she now wore. She had considered a bob, or a wedge cut for it, but decided to go the other direction and had left it to grow, thick and wild. It grew fast and was just past her shoulders when she let it down, but more often she pinned it up casually, almost haphazardly, while a few loose locks framed her face and swung over her direct stare. She had practiced a small sly smile while looking directly into a man’s eyes and the effect was smoldering. When she flashed a full wide smile, wise men drooled and strong men buckled at the knee as all of their blood rushed into their cocks. All of this was good, and Melanie felt satisfaction with these particular changes she had made.

What she was uncomfortable with, what caused her a moments pause, were in fact her biggest success stories. The tit doctor had done a fabulous job. Melanie’s new Double D knockers looked absolutely natural. They were full and rounded, and in a push-up bra gave her a deep cleavage and firm ‘cups runneth over’ appearance. Unlike many boob jobs, they didn’t look unnaturally firm when she let them swing free. Instead kartal escort they draped across her rib cage like they belonged there. True, they were a bit lower then they had been, but after all, there was more there now. The thing is, they looked full rather then saggy. Her areolas had stretched slightly, taut across her breast flesh, and although now even larger and more delicately tinted then they had been, seemed appropriate and well sized. Her already large nipples were more sensitive now, and tended to remain extended and hard and noticeable.

But for all of the power of her eyes and wobble of her ass, men had trouble not staring at her new chest, and it made Melanie self-conscious. Men had liked her boobs before, and she was cool with that. But she had transformed herself from a curvy woman into an out and out big-tittie girl and that had never been her self image. It felt like conspicuous display, even in the most modest of clothing, and tonight, for the first time, she was going to brazenly exhibit her new investments before hundreds of horny strangers. In fact the point of all this was to make them horny, make them hot for her, make them fantasize that they had a shot with her, and then give her their money for the sake of the illusion.

The practice at The Smiling Kitty was for the girls to leave off cocktailing when the dancer before them started her performance. This allowed time for a costume change and even more, for the customers to begin to anticipate her reemergence. Each girl did three dances, in each one, wearing less and less. The final performance was typically in nothing but a g-string. After her act, she was expected to wait until the following girl had performed before returning to her cocktailing duties. Thus Melanie was never quite alone backstage. She had the support of other women waiting to go on, performing or waiting to return to the floor. Her friend Dolores performed her set as Melanie waited her turn, while Petunia, having just come off stage, waited to go back to work. She was getting dressed again, sliding into the short low-cut dress she wore as a waitress. Melanie admired her slim, slinky figure. Petunia did not have large breasts, and didn’t seem to need them.

Petunia winked at Melanie as she began to dress for her act, “It’ll be fun. You’ll see.” Melanie smiled, but inwardly, she trembled with nervousness. Flirting she could do, Melanie liked men. But this was a whole new level of flirting and to do this she had to become a whole new woman, Gingersnap, an exhibitionist who loved teasing men and flaunting her body. As her first tune sounded, Melanie downed a shot of Jaegermeister and then as Gingersnap, strutted through the curtains and into the strobing lights. Petunia blew her a kiss from the floor as the announcer bellowed, “Gentlemen, pull your hands out of your pants and put them together for Gingersnap!”

For her first dance Gingersnap wobbled onto the stage in red stilettos, lacy pink panties, and her boobs spilling over a deep violet bustier that let everyone know that new treats were in store for their avid gaze. From the stage, faces of the onlookers flickered in and out of view. Individuals were at first a blur, but as she accustomed herself to the lights, Gingersnap began to notice heads turning her way, eyes glued to her form, and some familiar faces beginning to appear. She ignored the pole placed mid-stage in favor of a promenade around the edge of the stage, her hands running seductively over the curves of her body, trying to capture men’s eyes for a quick smile and a bit of eye contact. And miraculously, as the dance progressed, her nervousness began to dissipate and she felt the power in what she was doing. As the first dance ended, she smiled widely down at the fat drunk whose eyes were fixed on her tits, and ran her hands all around them for his benefit.

Backstage, she downed another shot, light headed from the unexpected exhilaration of it all. She slipped out of the hot pants, revealing the sequined g-string underneath. Her ass would soon be on view and the bustier would come off on stage. From behind, she felt small hands gently massaging her shoulders. Dolores whispered in her ear, “You were marvelous out there, Mel. You got me wet, and those lunks will be creaming their pants by the time you get the girls out.” Melanie turned to hug her friend, conscious of her fat jugs mashing against the other woman’s big tits, downed another shot, and then Gingersnap returned for her next dance.

This time, the lights were low, and the stage steamy from dry ice. She planned to use the pole for the slow sultry music she had selected. She spun slowly about it, letting the men take in the sight of her exposed legs, hips and ass cheeks. She spent a good deal of time waggling it at them, letting them take in the sight, and imagine just what the scanty strap slicing down her creases was covering. Then slowly, as the dance progressed, she began pulling at the laces of her bustier, loosening it and revealing her deep, soft cleavage to eager eyes. Leaving the pole, Gingersnap made a slow walk around the perimeter of the stage carefully, slowly opening the bustier, showing more and more of herself to the room full of strangers. She was dizzy and a little foggy when a face from her past leered at her from a seat near the stage.

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