Pool Encounter

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Taboo Times 4

The cool pool water danced around her pussy. The raft she was floating on barely held her exposed pussy lips out of the water. With her foot on my cock and my hand rubbing her ass, I knew that today was going to be the day.

The sun was hot and comforting as it caressed our exposed body parts. I was extremely horny as I had been recalling several of our previous encounters. She was horny and wanted to play and I was more than willing to accommodate her desires.

My sister in law loved to taunt me by flashing me and rubbing her hard body against me at times when she knew I couldn’t react. Like the time she backed into me and then bent over straight legged, forcing her pussy against my cock. She was always trying to get me horny. It always worked. Today was no different. By flashing me her pussy and pulling down my shorts to give me a foot job, she had succeeded once more.

While she hung herself off the raft I took the opportunity to test her to see how far she wanted to go. I gently slid my hand around her ass and under her bathing suit. She pretended not to notice I was there, but I knew how to get her attention. I slid my index finger over her asshole and flicked her little rosebud. She quickly spun around to look at my hand almost fearful of what I was going to do. I gripped her ass tight to let her know that I wasn’t going to stop.

She shifted and twisted in an attempt to remove my hand, but she was unsuccessful. I circled her ass several times before I dipped my hand into the pool. I quickly returned to her ass and made my presence know. I dripped several drops of cold water onto her asshole. It clenched in reaction to the intruder. It was wet and juicy looking as I stared directly into her ass. I swirled and circled several more times before pressing my finger into her asshole.

She quivered and paused. Her mouth fell open as her gaze turned to meet mine. She stopped moving and paused in anticipation of the finger fucking she was about to receive. Her hips rolled forward exposing her ass for me. I sunk my finger deep into her asshole and she gasped with every inch of movement. It seemed to me that she had never had someone else’s fingers in her ass. Not that it really made a difference now. I slowly and methodically pumped my fingers in and out of her ass. She lifted her ass even more to ensure I continued. I gently added a second finger and she grunted at me in approval. My thumb hung down over her pussy just waiting to join the party.

I thrust my thumb quickly into her pussy. She was wet and dripping as I dipped my thumb in her too. I rocked my hand back and forth alternating the penetration. Her head fell back onto the mattress, eyes closed and mouth open as she gasped for breath. I moved in closer so I could give her a good lick. My tongue flicked over her ass hole and danced with my fingers. I slid out my fingers and licked her gaping asshole. She jumped up and spun around to watch as I slid my tongue all over her ass. She paused and watched but never objected to my licking. I thrust my tongue deep into her ass and swirled it around. I watched as her eyes rolled back into her head in total ecstasy.

Her ataşehir escort bayan foot slid from my cock as I slid two fingers up her ass and started to pump her hard and fast. I floated on my back and swung my body under the raft. My raging hard on emerged from the water in front of the raft. Peering up towards her like a periscope of a submarine. I clung to the raft with one hand and pumped her ass with the other. She grabbed my cock and pulled me out of the water and to her waiting mouth. She hooked my leg to hold me up and firmly grabbed my ass. Her finger tips rested gently on my asshole.

As I thrust my fingers deep into her ass she attacked my cock like a viscous animal. She bounced up and down rhythmically to the pumping of her ass, taking in as much as she could with every gulp. Her fingers pressed at my ass but never penetrated it. Her free hand gripped my cock and pumped it after every suck. Her pussy was dripping only a few inches away from my face. I slid my thumb it to keep it company. Instead of alternating the pumping I pushed into both spots at the same time. I could feel her moan as it vibrated through my cock. It felt so good that I almost lost control right there. She was over the edge and there was no turning back now. My cock surged and flexed inside her mouth, she must had known I was about to shoot in her mouth. She slobbered all over my cock and pulled off with a suctioned pop, leaving my cock wet and ready to explode.

She released my leg and let me drop back into the water. I stepped onto my bathing suit as it rested on the bottom of the pool. She closed her legs and grabbed my hand, in an attempt to have me stop my assault on her bottom. I paused for a moment and looked into her eyes. She smiled and slid off the raft. Her body dropped into the water and away from my grasp. I think she thought that she was going to leave me horny and hard once more. She was wrong.

She slowly walked towards the ladder and I followed close behind, grabbing at her with every step. She turned before the ladder and reached for my hands and pulled me close. We stared at each other, our faces only inches apart. She moved her lips as if to speak and lunged forward to kiss me. She kissed me deeply and slid her tongue into my mouth. The idea of kissing her after she had sucked my cock really turned me on. I grabbed her ass and pulled her in. My hard on pressed solidly against her stomach. I could feel her smile as it pushed into her. Her mouth was wet and she was aggressive. She sucked hard on my tongue before she turned to the pool ladder.

I grabbed her by the waist as she reached the ladder. She had raised one leg to lift herself out. I held her close and pressed my hard cock into the cheek of her ass. She paused and tilted her head back towards me. One hand reached down for the string ties on her bikini bottoms the other grabbed her chest. I pulled away the material that had held her scarcely covered. I swooshed the bottoms off to the side. She moved with a jerk as I stepped one leg between hers. I squeezed her tit as it overflowed my hand. Quickly I placed the other hand at her pussy. Her mostly shaved pussy felt great escort kadıköy in my hands. My fingers dove towards her clit.

Her clit was swollen and raised and was easily accessed. It didn’t take much to make her groan again. She held her legs open as I rubbed her clit and slid my finger into her pussy in rapid succession. I moved slightly towards her raised leg and aimed my cock at her clit. As the two met she jumped in shock as my concrete cock brushed against her clit, I tweaked her already hard nipples and flicked them with my finger tips. I encroached upon her even more as the head of my cock smelled her horny pussy.

I lined myself up and held open her pussy lips as I pushed myself into her hot, wet, tight pussy. Now she really jumped as if she never expected for me to be fucking her. She never said a word and never pulled away. Slowly I slid my cock deep inside her. I pushed past an area that had been used before by either a lesser man or a lonely women’s best friend. About half way in I met with virgin territory. It was an area that was yet to be explored. Not that I am huge or anything, but it felt great to squish into such a tight space. She flexed and pinched at my shaft as I slid slowly in and out.

Her body loosened up as she got used to having my cock in her pussy. I played and flicked at her clit and pinched her nipples hard. She groaned and leaned back into me as I pumped away. I was finally living my dream. For years all I had wanted to do was to get my sister in law to suck my cock before I fucked her silly. Finally it was coming true.

I licked her neck as she leaned back against me. She turned her head to allow me to kiss her on the lips. This time I was the one who sucked on her tongue. She held it out for me to go to work. My hands were all over her rubbing her tits and her clit. Her hands reached around my back and tried to hold my ass. Using her hands she moved my hips to ensure I continued to fuck her.

Small gasps of air escaped her lips. Her breath became short and raged. She moaned in my ear and pulled harder on my waist. I stepped up on the stair to allow for deeper penetration. I thrust hard and deep inside her. She choked for air and her moans turned into quiet screams of ecstasy. She was heading over the edge and fast. For some reason I was not ready to join her. I pumped and pumped as she rode to the summit of her pleasure and jumped off with a yell of joy. Her entire weight fell back onto me. I held her up as I paused in my attack.

As she regained herself she panted heavily and stepped up the ladder. I grabbed her again as my cock slid out of her pussy. She just smiled and brought her other foot up to the same step and placed her knees on the outside of the bars. I held fast wondering what was next. She lowered her ass back into the water and grabbed my cock. Expertly she placed it at the entrance of her rosebud.

I had never imagined that I would get the chance to ass fuck her, but here it was in living color for me. Without a moments hesitation I shoved my cock up her ass. I was looser here that in her pussy. She had obviously been letting her boyfriend fuck her ass instead maltepe escort of her pussy. With an ass like hers I can easily see why he would say yes. I started to realize the culmination of all my fantasies was happening to me. I grabbed her tits and pulled her down onto my cock in an attempt to drive her where she needed to go. She didn’t need my direction. She rode my cock and flexed her ass in such a manor that in just a few seconds I was ready to blow my load.

As the sexual energy overtook me I grabbed her hips and pulled her as far down my cock as I could. I held her there as I shot my load deep into her ass. I couldn’t move. I was quivering as my body went into spasms of pure enjoyment. The pressure of my shots made her visibly react to their impact. As I loosened my grip I saw the red marks I had left on her waist. She squeezed her ass in a way to milk me of all my cum as she lifted herself up again and off of my cock.

Now I was completely spent, barely able to hold myself up out of the water. I watched helplessly as she climbed the ladder. Her asshole was still larger than normal. She smiled as she turned toward me. Her face was painted in a crimson mask. Her orgasm was obvious. She didn’t bother to put her bikini back on. It was still in the pool. She walked naked up onto the deck and grabbed a towel before heading into the house. The cum dripped from her ass and she caught it with her hand as she walked.

I floated in the pool lost in my passion. What a great fuck she was, just as I had expected. I never knew that she was into anal sex. I hoped that I could get her to ride again. I thought about all the day’s events, the great cock sucking and the even better fucking. I wondered how the younger sister became the better fuck. The water caressed me in my near sleep. I don’t know how much time passed when I heard the door open and someone step out onto the deck. I floated along without a care in the world. I assumed it was my sister in law, coming outside to get her bikini. I raised my hips in the water, just horsing around. My now firm cock popped out of the water for a breath of air. She might appreciate the firmness of my cock after such a great sexual encounter I thought. A loud gasp awoke me to the truth.

Standing on the deck in her bathing suit was not my sister in law but her best friend of many years. We both blushed as I scrambled for my trunks. She covered her mouth as she continued to stare. My sister in law followed closely behind her with a puzzled look on her face. The two of them started to talk. A smirk flashed across my sister in laws face as her girlfriend obviously got the quick version of our encounter. My sister in law was in a new bathing suit and they giggled to each other.

Totally embarrassed I turned away and swam to the other side of the pool. They watched as I fumbled with my shorts. They just stared as I got out of the pool and walked to the deck. I quickly grabbed a towel and headed to my apartment. I could hear them buzzing with all the details of our encounter. I turned and looked back as her friend winked at me as I turned the corner as disappeared out of sight. They erupted with laughter. What had I just done? I feared that my sister in law was telling her friend all the details of every encounter we had. What was going to happen next? Would she tell my wife? These fears were washed away as I peered out the window and watched them play with the bikini still in the pool.

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