Playing Doctor Ch. 02

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Playing Doctor Part 2 continued…

Thanks for all the great ideas and feedback. This story is based on true real life experiences.


With the fog of guilt and shame, it was destined that mom would come home to find Amy and myself playing “Doctor.” Mom couldn’t have timed it better, catching us in the middle of our fuck-fest naked as the day she gave birth to us. “What could I say or do?” I thought to myself. The usual line that got me out of trouble or reduced the sentence wasn’t going to work this time. The evidence was all on tape and as everybody knows, a picture is worth a thousand words. With heads down Amy and I started upstairs to mom’s bedroom where she awaited our arrival. The brave soul that she is, Amy proceeded first.

In the past when dad was alive, there was a habitual process to the way retribution was given in our household. First, mom would explain the charges against the accused. Second, the accused was allowed to defend themselves. Last, the punishment (dad usually administered) destined you to pants around the ankles and a sore butt for a few days.

With my dad gone things are little different now. First rule with mom, the accused has “no chance in hell of saving themselves” so why waste time listening to the blameworthy when your screwed anyway? A lesson that time after time has taught me to be mute while mom is yelling. Second rule of thumb, cry like a baby and moan like you’re dying. It’s worked on more than one occasion, like the time when I wrecked mom’s car. Last and most important, after mom is done yelling get out of sight. She likes to give out a year’s worth of chores as she tells it “to set you straight.”

As I followed Amy into the master bedroom mom intercepted me as I was about to enter.

“You go to your bedroom and wait for me young man, your sister and I are going to have a private girl to girl talk and then I will deal with you next!”

Feeling dejected, I slumbered to my bedroom fantasizing on what they could be talking about. Were they talking about the birds and the bees or (laughing to myself) talking about cock and how big mine is. Whatever the answer, I felt Amy was the bravest soul in the house at this moment.

In my room I sat naked with regretful lingering thoughts of what Amy and I had done. “It was mom’s way of embarrassing Amy and me” I mumbled to myself. By keeping us naked mom knew she would shame us into guilt. It was a beautiful move on her behalf. Humiliation was mom’s way of making her wrath stronger. Strange I thought, a little while ago I wanted my clothes off as quickly as possible, now I wanted them on just as fast. I’m going crazy! What’s taking them so long? What are they talking about? Why are they so quiet? I need to know! The anxiety is killing me!

Quietly I made a rash decision to sneak down to mom’s bedroom and get an earful of what was going on. Getting caught eavesdropping couldn’t make things any worse. I’m already in “crush depth” trouble I reasoned to myself. It doesn’t get any worse than that!

Putting my ear to mom’s door I heard the faint noises of groaning. Certainly that isn’t Amy and mom….but wait! Amy did say she is bi-curious didn’t she? Quick glances of mom naked with Amy were invading my thoughts. What a sight! I couldn’t believe myself as I looked down to see my giant erection forming.

My mother is quite beautiful for her age. She is 42 and I swear people sometimes ask if she is my sister. Youth never left mom in her later years, not in her face and especially not in her body. You see mom works out a lot and “tones” her body as she calls it. As far as mom’s knockers are concerned they are my favorites. One time I accidently walked in while she was in the middle of changing clothes and got an eyeful. Her tits are not as big as Amy’s (go figure that one). I’m guessing a C cup and she’s got these pink puffy nipples that to me are just begging to be sucked. She has a thin waistline that she watches constantly and her breast fit perfectly to the shape of her body. Surprising mom was the first time I ever saw a naked female body. The image branded permanently to my memory.

Dreaming of my sister and mother naked, I heard a “click” noise. Shit! Amy and mom are watching the camcorder evidence. Quickly I walked back to my room avoiding capture. Then out of the silence, I heard a familiar sound. Wack! Wack! Then a wail like someone is dying. “Amy’s getting spanked” I thought to myself. My turn is coming soon and the suspense is killing me!

Down the hall I heard the door open to mom’s room. I looked out in the hall and saw Amy coming towards me with tears rolling down her face and what looked like red marks across her ass. In her hand was a yellow piece of paper. She didn’t speak to me as she quickly put her clothing back on and quickly leaves the house. My nose pressed to my bedroom window, I witnessed Amy pulling out the driveway to an unknown destination. Did mom kick her out of the house for good?

Still naked, I hear ataşehir escort someone clearing their throat behind me. I turn around and see mom is standing in the doorway to my room blocking any attempts for a quick exit.

“You’re next!” mom screams at me.

I enter the master bedroom and immediately notice dads belt on the bed. Dreadful of what was yet to come, I let my guard down and stay silent. I never dreamed mom was capable of the verbal mistreatment she displayed to me next.

“You’re sick!” “Perverted and sick!” Mom screamed.

Staying mute I let the verbal abuse continue and mom have her way.

“Do you know I should call the police and tell them I have a pervert who likes to rape women on my hands!” “I hope they find you a nice gay cellmate to FUCK you up the ass!” “Do you know your sister is on her way to get the morning after pill, in the hopes that her perverted brother didn’t get her pregnant!” “Are you out of your mind pervert?”

Mom’s face was really showing a side I rarely see, and frankly I’ve been called a lot worse. So the carnage of mom continued….

“What’s wrong with you?” “Normal guys find women who are sluts to fuck.” “Perverts only fuck their sisters!” “What’s wrong, you couldn’t find a whore who would fuck you?” “I can’t blame them!” “I wouldn’t want to fuck a rapist pervert either!”

Mom was cutting it deep verbally to get her point across. I deserved every bit of it. Recollecting what she said shocks me to unfathomable disbelief to this day.

“Why?” “Why?” “If you are gay, it’s okay you can tell me.” “I’ll understand!” “If you want to masturbate, go ahead I don’t care!” “Just like I never cared about all those sluts you have hanging in the back of your closet young man!”

“Damn! Does everyone know about my pinups or what?” I thought to myself.

Silence enveloped the room while mom stared at me in thought. “What’s wrong son?” “If you are having girl problems, why didn’t you just come to me instead of your sister?” “I may be your mother but I’m also a woman.” “There isn’t anything that sluts or you’re sister don’t have that I don’t.” “If you can’t control those male urges of yours anymore, I understand.” “Your father was the same way.” “If you needed to see some tits, why didn’t you come to me first instead of your sister?” “I don’t have any problem with it!” “Is that what you want?” “To see my tits pervert?” There was a long pause as mom stared holes through me as if in a trance. She took a deep breath of air and said, “Tomorrow there will be a list of chores for you to do on the kitchen table, make sure they are done before Amy and I return from work.” I rapidly exited mom’s room before she remembered the butt beating that I had not received. I wondered what she was talking about when she said, “Amy and I return from work?”

Feeling incredibly lucky, I retreated to my room and called Amy from my cell phone to find out the scoop. We had a short conversation about mom making Amy work as a secretary at mom’s O.B.G.Y.N. clinic. There was an opening when her full time secretary got married and quit. Mom figured it would keep us apart and earn Amy some spending money. I went on to tell Amy about mom not spanking me. She got upset but calmed down when I told her about the chores I had to do. That night I couldn’t sleep feeling the guilt about what I had done. I decided to do something about it….

The next day mom and Amy left for work and I did my chores as agreed upon. After finishing my household tasks, I decided to drive down to the college I had planned to attend in the fall. A close friend of mine and professor of the university offered me a job on campus as a medical assistant. The job included free room and board, free tuition, free utilities, and a stipend each month that gave me spending money. I decided to take the job and start immediately full time against mother’s wishes. I told mom about the opportunity countless times but she disregarded my sales pitch on each occasion. I think mom’s biggest problem with the job was that I would be moving out of the house. She said, “moving out was not an option since your father’s death.” “You have to be the man of the house” mom would say to me while trying her best to have me abide by her wishes.

I called in a few favors from a couple of friends who helped me move before Amy and mom returned from work. The dorm room I would be living in was new construction and furnished. After unpacking my things I headed back to mom’s house to tell everyone the good news.

Arriving back at moms, I noticed the answering machine was lit up with a message on it. It was mom saying she would be working late and not to wait up. Anxious to get back to my new living quarters, I decided to call mom and tell her I was moving out. Amy answered the phone as all good secretaries do and informed me that mom wouldn’t be available since she was busy with a patient. I told my sister about the decision I had made to move out and gave her the new address. kadıköy escort bayan Amy cheerfully announced she would visit soon as possible and congratulated me. I gave my sibling permission to inform mom of the “big news.” Amy always liked to gossip and by letting her bring mom up to date, I knew it would be for the better of mom’s rationality.

“Ring! Ring!” 2 A.M. and my telephone beckons me.

“Hello” I said half in sleep.

It was mother and she sounded upset. “Young man you are packing your things and coming home this instant.” “You could be murdered where you are living.”

I sat up straight in bed and replied, “Mom there is no way you are getting me to do that.” “I’m an adult and I think it’s best for Amy and me to stay away from one another.” “GOOOOD NIGHT!!” I slammed the phone down and disconnected it from the wall slumbering back to sleep once again. Some people might think I was mean to mother, but by taking a stand I knew eventually she would relent, or so I thought?

The next afternoon I checked my e-mail at school. There were thirty three messages from mom. One message had a picture of Amy sitting naked on the bed with her legs spread. It contained a caption pointing to her love tunnel that read, “You belong here! Come home your sister needs you!” I almost conceded and set out for home that very minute, but my stubborn streak returned and I held my ground. I printed and framed the naked picture and it now resides on the ceiling above my bed. I have masturbated countless times looking up to my big sister, in more ways than one.

A couple of days later I was watching TV in the dorm when I heard a knocking at the door. I looked through the spy hole in the door and sure enough there was mom. I didn’t want to talk to her since there was nothing to talk about. So I turned the TV off and slipped out a window until my persistent parent was nowhere in sight. Mother is so unrelenting when she doesn’t get her way. What will she do next? Only time would tell.

I worked my new job on campus and learned I loved everything about it. I could walk to and from work since it was only about fifty yards away from my dorm room. On my arrival back from work in the parking lot, I noticed something wasn’t right. Where’s my car? I parked it right in front of my dorm room and it was stolen! “Fuck!” I cried as I ran to the phone to call the police. As I was running in the front door of my dorm, I kicked a cardboard box with a note attached. I opened the note and instantly became alerted to mothers hand writing. It read as follows:

Dear defiant son,

I write to you filled with grief that your absence from home continues. Why haven’t you replied to my many e-mails, phone calls, or visits? Not knowing if you are okay has made me physically ill. So much that I have taken a leave of absence from work. The thought of losing first your father and now you are too much to bear. My life is lonely since you left and your sister misses you too. Please come home.

I have reviewed all the events following my voyeuristic spying of Amy and you having sex. I am disgusted at how I treated you both and feel somehow responsible. It was I that should have been bent over and promptly spanked, not your sister. I just couldn’t see that despite the fact it was incestuous, all my children were trying to do was bring a new member into our happy home. Perhaps a brand new baby girl or boy for me to love and enjoy. What a lovely gift for a future grandmother. It’s all a lonely woman could wish for. With your absence I now see the errors of my ways. I cry at night knowing I have thrown away an opportunity at raising another child and forced my son to move away from home. My hasteful decisions have torn this family apart and I should be punished accordingly. I now sleep in your old room dreaming of the day I will kiss you on your arrival back. Please give your mother another chance so that together we can bring another life into this world. Nothing would make your old mom happier.

If you decide to return home I promise things will be different. Since my kids are grown adults I have decided if you want to have consensual intercourse, I will support you anyway possible. Thinking of the day when another Ryan is born into this world is too joyous to describe. I know if your father was alive, he would be happy to produce another addition to our happy family. Don’t you?

Your sister and I have talked it over and with your permission, have decided to be your sexual slaves. Yes! To do with as you please! I have always wanted another baby and having my son as the father would make me so proud. Anticipating your possible homecoming, Amy and I have decided to stop all birth control. The thought of your cum in my pussy makes me so happy. You do want to make mommy happy don’t you son?

Regretful of my selfish and inexcusable actions, I have decided to reward you for being such a wonderful part of my life. I have taken the liberty of taking your escort maltepe vehicle that has “rust is my favorite color” written on it, and traded it in on a brand new sports model. Thank goodness Amy and I didn’t drive your clunker any farther. It died with a puff of smoke right in front of the salesman. I took your advice and bought you a cherry red Corvette that you have always wanted. I was planning on surprising you with the purchase, but neither your sister nor I knew how to drive a “stick thingy.” We were lucky enough to find a nice gentleman whom I paid to drive the new purchase. He agreed to only take it as far as the parking lot at work where it now resides waiting for a proper owner.

I should warn you that your sister has protested my new gift, as we both know she remains without an automobile and it’s neither your birthday nor a gift giving holiday. To be fair, I have devised a game that we all will play to see who gets the car. It’s a simple game that has explicit instructions as to what is to be expected. These instructions are in the box I have sent you along with this letter. Read them carefully son. I personally know Amy has been watching instructional videos from the internet on how to drive a “stick thingy” car. She claims she can do it with little or no damage to the transmission. It would be a disgrace to the automobile community to see such a beautiful machine tortured by your loving sister. Don’t let this happen!

Another thing comes to mind I must tell you. If you decide to play my game and win the car, I will promise that I will only ask you once for your prompt homecoming. Whatever your answer, I will accept it as final and never ask again. If you refuse, devastation will coincide but sooner or later I will get over it. The thought of seeing you again is overwhelming son. Please come and accept my gift. Your sister and I appear out of place in your new automobile. The car needs a suitable driver and owner. It needs you!

Love mom

(P.S. There are pictures of the car in the box. Hope you like them!)

I was in awe. Mom bought me a new set of wheels and all I had to do is play a silly little game to receive it. This is too good to be true! I hurriedly opened the cardboard box and found the pictures. The car was exactly what I wanted. “What a beauty” I said aloud as if someone was listening. There were numerous pictures of the car from all angles, but the last picture was the one that really caught my eye. The car was in a parking lot with Amy spread naked across the hood. I couldn’t believe it! Someone could have walked by and seen her. The thought made my cock hard and standing at attention.

I reached in the box once more and fished out a piece of paper. It was the instructions to mom’s game. It read as follows:


Today you are playing “Doctor.” You are no longer my son; from this moment on you are Dr. Ryan OBGYN. Your office is located where your new car beckons your name. There is a bus pass included to get you to work. Nobody likes waiting to see a physician so please try to be on time. The doctor clothing in the box must be worn to play the game.

Amy is to be your assistant nurse and I am going to be your patient. My name is Christy and not mom. If you call anyone by any name other than the ones I have given, you lose the game. It’s a simple rule so don’t screw it up.

All that you need to know is Christy is going to the gynecologist for an unknown reason. To win is simple. Play your role to the point of reality and you win. Your devoted nurse will fill you in on the rest as soon as you arrive. I made this as easy as possible. Good Luck on winning your new car!

Love Christy (aka mom)

I put down the instructions and took out the clothing in the box. All the attire was authentic doctors apparel right down to the name tag, eye glasses, white lab coat and silk boxers (mom’s favorite). I couldn’t believe it! The fit on everything was superb and I was astounded by the thought put into all the details. With not a moment to spare I headed out with my bus pass in hand dreaming of my travels in my new ride.

On board the bus, a woman I have never met started to tell me about a sexual problem she had between herself and husband. She must have thought I was a real doctor and wanted some free advice. I decided to have a little fun and told her I couldn’t help if I couldn’t see the problem first hand. She blushed at first but then put her jacket in her lap and lifted her skirt right there in the crowded bus. I looked down to witness the girl drawing back her jacket and putting on display one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. I said to myself, “Playing doctor is great!” Arriving at my final destination, I disappointingly excused myself from the young woman and hurriedly exited the bus. I looked in the parking lot of mom’s OBGYN clinic to finally see firsthand my new car in person. It was everything I had hoped for right down to the rag top convertible.

I thought of spending time drooling over the new sexy machine when I remembered mom….I mean Christy told me to be prompt and on time. Reluctant to leave the car, I knocked on the door of mom’s OBGYN office and emerging quickly, Amy granted me entry since it was after office hours.

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