Pick Up

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I met him in a bar. Yes, I know, of all the places to try and meet a guy, the bar was not my first choice. One warning that is universal, ‘never date a guy you meet in a bar’. Good advice that I usually found easy to follow, but then I saw him.

I went to California to visit an old friend and wanted to have a drink before I turned in for the night to my clean, simple and affordable hotel room. Anything was better than staying with Scott. Scott’s great; funny, active, kind and a wonderful ally, but he’s a slob, a true bachelor. Although I loved seeing him whenever I could, unfortunately it usually had to be somewhere outside of his apartment. I entertained the thought that maybe he would tidy up this time because he knew I was coming. Seriously? Who was I kidding? It hadn’t happened in the 10 years I had known him so far, I couldn’t really expect that things would be different this time. Besides I loved him because of who he was, not in spite of it.

I drove all the way from central Canada and it was about seven o’clock once I had settled and finished putting my stuff away. I wasn’t planning on hooking up with Scott until the next day so I had the rest of the night to myself. I remembered passing a bar on the way to the hotel. I was glad it was just around the corner. No need to get the car out of parking and besides, it was a nice night. I knew I would enjoy the walk after the many hours it took me to get there.

I hesitated before going in; it looked busy. I’m a pretty shy, anti-social person when alone; a busy bar was not the kind of place I would have preferred to spend time, but I needed something stronger than a coffee in a dark and cozy coffee house. Then I remembered; ‘Shit… playoffs’. It was bad enough I didn’t watch hockey, but to be in a bar during playoffs? What was I thinking?

Oh well, I was already there, and it was better than a boring night in the hotel room. I walked in and headed straight for the bar. I tried not to look at anyone, but could feel them looking at me. I could feel the heat in my cheeks. I hated to be the centre of attention, let alone in the middle of a bar. Most women eat this shit up but I am so, not that girl. I was convinced they were judging me; a woman alone in a bar, they’re probably thinking that I’m either a whore, here to meet a friend or just pathetic. I was banking on the meeting a friend thing. I just wanted a beer and then I’d leave. Easy cheesy right?

I was thankful for the TV screen in front of me even if it was hockey. During playoffs I would expect nothing less. I was actually getting in to the game when I started to sense someone watching me. The bar was getting louder as more people filtered in. I took a quick glance around and saw a bunch of different eyes on me but all very casual. I went back to nursing my beer, but couldn’t shake the feeling of someone staring at me. I slowly turned and looked down one end of the bar. There were two groups of guys hanging out being loud. They were only two stools from me and although two of the guys had noticed me turn to look, none of them had any real interest in prolonging the exchange.

I wished this bar was like the ones in the old westerns. The kind that had mirrors behind all the liquor bottles so the good guy could see the bad guys minutes before it was all shot to hell. Unfortunately this was no western and there were no mirrors. So if I really wanted to see who was staring I was going to have to look around again. Like I made mention before, I am shy, so searching out a bar full of men for someone that may or may not be staring at me was something I couldn’t do very comfortably. But I tried again anyway. I couldn’t get rid of the feeling and I was never one to let a puzzle go unanalyzed.

I took a deep breath and looked down the other end of the bar, there too, was a group of guys mulling about, drinking and having a good, loud time watching the game. Well, all except one. He made eye contact with me but didn’t attempt to look away.

I once watched a documentary about how to flirt with men. The show had a whole hoard of stupid ideas and theories behind why they worked. The only one I could wrap my mind around was ‘the stare’. Most people can’t look at a stranger for more than 5 seconds. And if you managed to make eye contact last ten, chances are the other person was interested, but if you could make it 15…well, you were basically asking the person to fuck you. And this guy, at the end of the bar, was about to surpass 10 sec.

I smiled slightly in recognition and turned my head back to the screen in front of me and took a long swig of my beer. I was blushing all over and prayed he didn’t notice, that he didn’t take our interaction as an invitation. He was out of my league. But oh man did I want to look again, he was gorgeous; and I was single; and alone; and in my prime and thinking it had been way too long. I took another drink.

Dammit Sam, use your head, this is a bar and you don’t pick up.

I glanced eryaman escort bayan over a couple of times and yup; each time he was still looking.

Didn’t he have anything else to do? I mean, I am not the only woman in the bar and the waitresses are hot.

I have to admit though, I did like the attention. I could sense him staring at me, intently, and it made my whole body blush.

He was so unbelievably handsome. He was muscular and had well defined arms and broad shoulders, and the most amazingly tender, blue eyes that at that moment were penetrating right through me. His hair was blonde and spiky and slightly receding, but I found it very striking and attractive. I desperately wanted to feel how smooth the top of his head was on my lips or how the coarseness of his goatee, might feel against the inside of my thighs. Whoa girl, calm, yourself.

From the corner of my eye I could see the group move closer to me and I sat straighter in my seat; nervous that he would approach me; insane thinking, I know, in general, guys like him don’t look at women like me. I could feel my body reacting despite my attempt at control. I took another drink.

The bar had filled up, and now there were bodies pushing into the back of me. I was glad I got a stool before the crowd filled in. I glanced one more time down the bar and the group was gone. Part of me was relieved, another disappointed.

Defeated, I motioned to the bartender for another beer, but as I went to pay for it a long, strong arm reached over my shoulder to pay the bartender. Before I could protest, the bartender had turned and was serving another guy further down the bar.

I turned to see who was so presumptuous as to assume I wanted my drink paid for and it was him. He was the body pressed against my back, warm and firm. An immediate awareness took over my body, heat radiated up from my core. I didn’t look at him but thanked him.

“Thank you,” I said looking down at the drink, too quiet to be heard over the music.

Placing his palm flat on the bar, he leaned in beside me, his cheek brushed against mine. “Sorry?” he said, his voice calm and deliberate.

My skin tingled as the heat from his chest seared through the back of my shirt. He smelled so fresh and clean with a hint of mint. His rum and coke breath infused the air between us as he spoke. I looked straight ahead, confused by my anxiousness and immense attraction for a man I didn’t know.

I cleared my throat and spoke a little louder, “Thank you.”

“My pleasure,” he said, a smile curving the edges of his mouth. “I think you’re blushing. Damn that’s sexy. I want to play a game.”

I felt his arm holding the back of my stool and I attempted to turn my head but he was too close as he bent to speak, his breath heating my face. I turned, eyes front.

He spoke surprisingly soft, but I heard him very distinctly. “My mission will be to try to make you whimper while you attempt to act normal, like nothing is going on. You will stay still no matter what I do. Even when you start to feel my hands touching you.”

I was having trouble breathing with the brick caught in my throat. I tried to answer but only a whisper escaped “I—don’t kn–,”

“Did I say you could speak?” His voice was commanding and louder than before. It startled me and I instinctively shook my head, purring into submission. My heart was pounding, threatening to break out of its protective home behind my ribs. The stimulation this man was creating deep within me was astonishing and intriguing. Part of me wanted to run and part of me needed to stay. The decision however was not mine to make because he had effectively boxed me in. His right hand was on the bar and his body, and the bodies of two other unseen people behind me, left me no easy escape. Although, I had to admit that it wasn’t altogether a terrible place to be. I knew his serene dominance was innocuous.

The wide neck line of my low cut t-shirt, not only showed my arousal by the flush on my chest, but it allowed him access to my neck. He tenderly brushed the hair from my shoulder and laid out his tactical objective in my ear.

“I am going to kiss the back of your neck and shoulders first. You’ll feel my tongue on your body.” I shivered as his hands ran up and down my arms. His voice was velvety and sexy; I melted into its persuasive pull, letting it speak to my body. I dipped my head forward slightly as his mouth gently kissed the back of my neck.

“You’ll enjoy my lips sliding up your neck to your ears, and tilt your head slightly so I can nibble on them.”

As he did what he was describing, I submitted and tilted my head, my body moving under some kind of spell. Goose bumps assaulted every inch of my body. I squirmed in my seat as the wetness between my legs threatened to embarrass me. His soft, warm lips brushed lightly against the shell of my ear, and I shuddered with awareness as his damp breath feathered against the sensitive skin just below etimesgut escort my lobe. My heartbeat quickened and the sounds of the bar faded to a dull murmur, with only the slow sultry bass beat of an R his mouth kissed my temple and then my cheek. This stranger wasn’t just seducing me. I felt safe and protected in his arms. Every ounce of my marrow told me he was different.

“Sit very still now as I open your legs a little and rest my hands just on your inner thighs.” His throaty voice infused with a taunting amount of amusement, coaxed my legs opened, as well as something a little deeper.

“Turn your face to me so I can kiss you while my hands explore you.”

I turned my head slightly and blinked at him languidly, as I met his gaze. His eyes were dark with desire, deep oceans of blue, primal and intense. But his commanding demeanour was belayed by the honesty there too. He hesitated for a second, and then kissed me as he said he would, but with such tenderness I had to catch my breath. His mouth was enchanting; I felt like Alice falling down a deep rabbit hole. Then he spoke into my mouth bringing me back to the present. Face to face.

“Breathe baby. Focus on my hand moving up your thighs.”

Focus on his hands? Man I can barely focus on breathing.

“Just barely touching you, over your mound, across your tummy and up underneath your top…mmm baby your skin is so smooth. Up over your ribs until I’m cupping your breasts. Bet you’re really nervous now.”

I gasped again as his thumbs brushed over my nipples. The blood pounding in my head made me feel dizzy and I arched into him needing his support. He stood fast, as he kissed me with stronger intent. I felt exposed, watched by everyone in the bar, as his hands warmed my breasts. I moved my arms to cover, trembling with anticipation not fear. I lost myself in the kiss, oblivious to my surroundings, my body relaxing further, surrendering deeper.

He growled his approval into my mouth, “I love the feel of your nipples getting hard in my hands, pinching them and rolling them between my fingers, running my thumbs back and forth across your peaks. I want to feel you in my mouth.” He kissed me, his tongue tangling with mine. “Moan for me baby; let me know how much you like me touching you. Moan for me.”

I complied, but with honesty, trusting myself in his hands. He trembled slightly and pulled back from me. I suddenly became aware that maybe he was losing a little of his control too. I followed his mouth, not wanting the kiss to stop, but eventually I turned back to face the bar, struggling to keep my eyes open.

Speaking into my ear again, his voice betraying nothing, he continued his assault on my senses, “I’m going to slowly inch my fingers beneath your waistband now, but I want you to smile innocently.” I smiled, as he touched me precisely as he said. His actions merged with the sound of his voice and his descriptions were intoxicating me. My desire was rocketing to the edge. I was loosing my control and felt like I was spiralling into a very dangerous fantasy.

“My fingers tips are tracing the edge of your panties; rubbing up against your pussy while I stand closer to you. Can you feel me pressing against you; do you find it sexy when I’m rubbing your pussy with people around?” He kissed my temple.


“Shhh, don’t talk just enjoy me touching you and drink your beer.” He was so persuasive. My thoughts were too foggy to locate my beer and when I did my hand shook as I lifted the bottle to my mouth.

“My fingers are going to press along your slit, firmly on your lips with my fingertips while I let them drift up and down your gorgeous mound, exploring you while you sit there like nothing is going on. Can you feel my fingers? Do you like it?” His breath was becoming choppy and I could feel his heart pound against my back. He was becoming more aroused with every new tactic, making it just as hard for him as it was for me.

I nodded this time, having learned my lesson. I quickly scanned the bar praying nobody was aware of our little exchange and the level of arousal I was climbing to. To my relief, nobody was even looking in our direction. The bar had become so busy in the last hour, that bodies were pressed into every corner; the music was much louder now and I was pretty sure no one was watching the game anymore.

He was more deliberate, more eager, and his and moves were less controlled. His lips touched the inside of my ear, sending a new wave of shivers down my spine. I closed my eyes and tilted my head towards his lips.

“I want to tug at your panties, pulling them aside so I can slip my fingers in between your lips”, and then he did. There was a low grumble that I felt against my back when he discovered that I was bare. “Oh shit baby you’re so wet…so slippery and smooth. You like when I touch you like this, rubbing your bare slit as I dip my fingers in your juices?”

I nodded slower. escort elvankent Time seemed to be sluggish and it was getting harder and harder to keep my vision clear, every thing was becoming grey and dull. I thought I was going to faint.

“How badly do you want me to take you home now? I think we need to find a place where I can really explore you. It’s getting harder and harder to tease you now, I want you so badly.” He said as his fingers trembled inside of me.

I turned to look him straight in the eyes, feeling particularly audacious at the discovery of a break in his armour. His overconfident mission was F.U.B.A.R.

“How hard?” I asked obviously taking the field.

“Mahogany sweetheart.” But that was going to be his last attempt at controlling this little tryst.

I couldn’t stand it any more, this man was driving me wild and it was my turn to play. I had won the battle; no whimper. Astonishingly, I had a sudden surge of courageousness. I pulled his hand out of my skirt and in one fluid movement I turned, got off my stool and inserted his fingers into my mouth. Slowly and provocatively I sucked them clean, one by one, my eyes locked on his. Deeply his fingers plunged into my throat and slowly I sucked them as I pulled them out, sending a message of what was to come.

His breath caught in his throat and his mouth hung open. I could feel similar reactions from the men surrounding us. And this incited me further.

“Anyone ever tell you payback is a bitch?” I spoke loud enough, but his eyes, and the eyes of the others, were still on my mouth.

“Come dance with me,” I said in a deep throaty tone, while I stepped around my bar stool. Although it took all the will I had and I knew the colour of my face betrayed me, I pressed my body against his and urged him to move, backing against the crowd.

“No, I– I don’t dance.” His voice was shaky as he executed an evasive manoeuvre that had him quickly turning me so he was facing the crowd. Cautious and careful he held his arms at the ready, by his sides.

My hand dropped to the waistband of his jeans and I hooked two fingers into his belt loop. Turning toward the mob of people on the dance floor, I tugged at him to follow, leaving him with only two options…to accompany me or take the risk of me ripping his pants off.

I led him into the middle of writhing bodies gyrating to the slow groove of the music. We stood there in the crush of people with not much room to move without bumping in to someone and I took advantage of our close proximity. Encircling my arms around his neck, I drew him as close as two bodies could get with their clothes on, from my breasts all the way down to my knees. I moved against him slowly and rhythmically in a way that was completely inherently sexual.

I brought his head to me and pressed my mouth against his ear to be heard. “Dance with me,” I said in a hot whisper. “I want to feel your body moving against mine.”

My suggestive invitation devastated his previous dominance. He had no idea how I managed to turn the tables and provoke him into doing something he normally wouldn’t do. Splaying a hand on my lower back and cupping my hip in his other palm, he melded our lower bodies and wedged a leg between mine. Angling my pelvis intimately closer, he slid his knee higher, pressed deeper, pushing until I rode his hard thigh. The damp heat of me seeped through his jeans and he groaned at the incredible surge of hot carnal lust that kicked up his adrenaline. “Yes,” the word left my lips drowned out by the loud music, but he knew what that acquiescence meant, knew what I ached for and knew he was about to take me exactly where I wanted to go; then and there.

He rocked me tighter against his thigh building slow illicit friction that made my eyes darken with need. Strobe lights pulsed in time to the music and nobody paid attention to us, nobody cared that I was wrapped securely in his arms straddling his thigh performing my own private dance just for him.

Our scandalous behaviour was reckless and wildly exciting. My breathing got deeper and skipped around in my lungs like lashes fluttered closed and I arched into him, gripping his shoulders for better leverage, a tighter fit. Recognizing the signs of my approaching climax, his own breathing deepened and he started to sweat. Ecstasy flitted across my face as my head fell back and my lips parted in the throes of supreme pleasure. My legs clenched around his, my hips undulated and he absorbed the shudders that rippled through me.

The moment was so erotic so insanely arousing. Although I could keep my orgasm discreet in a public place, men just didn’t have that luxury and his own release would have to wait until we could be alone and he could take matters into his own hands.

I opened my eyes and looked up with a soft content smile as one song segued into another, my satiated body gradually came alive again swaying provocatively, enticingly along the length of his. Tempting him, teasing him. I turned around in his arms aligning our bodies front to back. Raising my hands above my head, I shimmied my hips against his groin inflaming him with the uninhibited tactic. The effect ravaged his senses and destroyed the last thin thread of his control.

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