Penny’s Double Cross

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This is the last of the Penny series. I added the final 3 parts together. I hope everyone has enjoyed them. Keep looking for my new stories.

Part 1

(Danny’s Double Cross)

Danny was in heaven. Or at least he would be in a couple of hours. He was about to pull off an even greater scheme than the ones he had with Penny. His new “girlfriend” was on the way over. Not that that was how he thought of her, but that’s what she wanted to hear.

After the party, the first thing he did was dump Karen. Why play around with a tease when you can have some sweet little virgin. Or at least she was until he had changed that.

Halley was on her way over and life was so sweet. There was also the appeal of it all being forbidden. If Penny ever found out she would kill him. This all started out as being an easy way for them to both get there kicks, but she was becoming very possessive. Not that he wanted to drop her completely. It never hurt to have a fuck buddy living in the room next door. This was all just so wrong that it had to be right.

It had been almost a month since Penny’s birthday party. That had to be the greatest night in Danny’s life. It had taken all this time to set up this new plan of his. It was now the second week of summer vacation. His parents were both away on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary. And, as if some higher power had smiled down on him, Penny had gone on a week long vacation with Marcia to her parents’ lake house. She wouldn’t be back for 6 more days. Halley was coming over!

Halley was nervous as she headed to Danny’s house. She just knew she was going to get caught. She had told her parents that she was going to spend the night with Penny, since her parents were out of town. She was also afraid of what Penny would do if she found out. But Danny swore there was nothing more than sex between them. He was just trying to show Penny that there were more than just girls out there. And besides, he said he loved her. An older boy was actually in love with her. Halley thought she would die.

As the doorbell rang, Danny thought he would shoot his load right there in his pants. It had been almost a week since he had. Penny had spent the week before she left with her mom. That was even better though. He wanted Halley to feel his fluids coursing through her. He was sure to, that if he didn’t hurry, his balls would explode.

All that would have to wait though. He had a plan for Halley. He knew that if he wanted to keep her around, and in his bed, he would have to play this cool. He had talked to her a lot since the night of the party. She had explained to him that the reason she had done those things with Penny was because she was curious. All she really wanted was a guy who loved her. He could be that guy, if only in her mind.

When Halley arrived, Danny served her some dinner. While it was sweet that he had done all of this for her, she really wanted sex. She told Danny, after he had said he wanted to be with her, that all she wanted was a boy to love her. All boys wanted sweet, little girlfriends, or so she thought. While she did want him to love her, she wanted his body more. Besides, college was coming up soon, and she needed all the experience she could get for that. When Danny left to get the dessert, she came up with a different idea. She climbed up onto the table and stripped down to her pink see through bra and fuzzy pink thong.

When Danny came back to the dining room his mouth went dry. There was Halley spread eagle on the table in nothing but her underwear that left nothing to the imagination. While he wanted to play the good boyfriend, he wasn’t about to turn down an invitation like that.

He put the strawberry shortcake down and started to take off his clothes. Then, he crawled up next to her. He sucked on her nipples through the bra and started to nibble on them until they were rock hard. At the same time he ran his hands down and played with the small strip of fuzzy material that was covering her moistening hole.

Danny undid her bra and slipped it off. Then he laid her down on the table. He started to take off the thong with his escort kartal teeth. He ran his tongue inside and it brushed against her clit just enough to giver her goose bumps. When he had removed the thong, she pushed him away. He was shocked, but watched as she grabbed a handful of whipped cream off of the cake. She ran it all over her tight little pussy and placed a finger in her damp hole. She started to lick the cream off of her hands and playfully said to him, “I thought you might enjoy some dessert.”

Danny made a growling sound and then dove in. He lapped the cream from her sopping cunt. He licked her clit over and over again. He nibbled on it until she went crazy. She started shoving his head into her juicy pussy. He decided that if she wanted it that way she was going to get a tongue fucking like she had never imagined. He started thrusting his tongue into her hole roughly, brushing his teeth against her rock hard clit. This went on until he could feel the walls of her pussy tremble, and feel juices running down his chin and into the crack of her tight little ass. Then he sucked them all up. He did this until she could finally take no more and with a wild scream, came all over his face.

Danny knew he was going to blow his load soon, so he scooped her up in his arms and carried her upstairs into Penny’s bedroom. He was planning the perfect backstabbing of Penny, but hoping she would never find out.

He placed Halley on the bed and threw her legs over his shoulders. He slowly entered the juicy hole, moaning like he was out of control. Before he could even get the base of his hard rod into her he was cumming. He couldn’t help it. She was just so damn tight. It was like her pussy was sucking the cum out of him and massaging his dick. He thought he was through by the time her was finished entering her. That was until his balls touched her moist asshole. It was covered with her juice and he shot another hot load into her wanting cunt.

Danny laid back and would have sworn he was through for a while. That was until Halley straddled him and started sucking his limp cock. She wanted to taste herself on him. While she was doing this, she was rubbing her still wet pussy all over his chest. Danny’s meat sprang back into action. He threw Halley back with every intention of fucking her tight little cunt again until she surprised him and said, “Fuck my ass. Give it to me hard. Fuck me like you do Penny.”

With that he went wild. He flipped her over. He knew how tight her cunt was, but no one had ever been in her ass. He was going to fuck her like there was no tomorrow. Pain or no pain.

He didn’t even try to go slow. He rammed all of his hard cock into her tiny asshole. She screamed out in pain, but he wasn’t about to stop, especially not after he got a rhythm going and he could feel his balls slapping against her wet pussy. She finally got into it too, and after a few more thrust, she came all over the place. It ran down her thighs and made a wet spot on the bed. With that he shot a hot load into her ass and collapsed on top of her.

Just as Danny was pulling out off Halley’s sweet little ass, he heard Penny screaming from downstairs.

“Danny it’s me, I’m home early!”

Part 2

(Penny’s Double Cross)

Penny sat in the back of the cab with and evil grin on her face. In the next 24 hours her entire plan would come to life. She knew it was cold hearted, but at least she wouldn’t be the one getting into any trouble. Her or her precious Sam. Besides, Danny deserved this. He had been an ass since she moved in. The thing that really got her was the fact that he thought he could blackmail her into having sex with him after he found her with Marcia. If only he knew that was only the very beginning of her plans for him.

Penny spent an uneventful week with her mother that usually consisted of being alone. Her mother was a workaholic, which had been a major factor in her parent’s divorce. Then came the day she was to leave with Marcia. She had told her mother she was meeting them at a café that would be easier to find than her apartment in the city. The cab took her maltepe escort to the college a mile away instead.

Sam waited, a bit impatiently, for Penny. He loved her, but they were in trouble. He had met her at a party one of his friends was having. He believed that they were the same age, 21. By the time he found out she was still only in high school it was too late, he was hooked. She was such a sexpot. He knew about her girls, but she was a horny girl, and he couldn’t always be around, so he didn’t let it bother him.

She had come to him a little over a month ago and told him of their problem. Then she told him of the plan to get her stepbrother blamed for it. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take her of her; he just couldn’t deal with all of that. Not now. Hopefully she would be moved out of the house and back with her mom so he could see her more often.

When Penny walked into Sam’s apartment he wanted to talk, but she had different ideas. She started with a slow passionate kiss that slowly built into more. Soon, she was tongue fighting with him and rubbing her moistening pussy, which was bare under her short skirt, against his leg. There would be no talk for a while. She pushed him down on his bed and straddled his chest. She unbuttoned her white shirt and let her hard little nipples play in his face. As she turned around to pull down his shorts, she scooted her firm ass closer to his face. He slowly started licking on her juicy cunt and slowly started sticking his tongue in and out of her slit. Penny squealed and started rocking back and forth on his face. He sucked on her throbbing clit until she was moaning and her wetness was dripping down his chin.

Penny dove onto his hardened cock and sucked it down her throat. She sucked as if her life depended on it. She swirled her tongue around the head of his dick and lapped up his precum. She fondled his balls and sucked his dick while he tongue fucked her and she humped his face. Sam shot a load of warm, thick, sticky cum into her mouth and she swallowed it all. She just loved the salty taste.

Penny turned around and impaled herself on his firm shaft. She bounced up and down and rocked on his dick. This continued until she came all over him and her legs. Sam’s eyes rolled back into his head and he moaned at the intensity of his orgasm. No one could do that like she could. Every time he fucked her it felt like the first time she had been touched. She had the tightest pussy.

After they had both calmed down they started to cuddle and decided to finally talk.

“So you have this taken care of right sweetheart?”

“Sure love, in less than 24 hours this will all be over. Danny will be in more trouble than he ever imagined and no one will ever know about you.”

“There is no possible way this could get fucked up right?”

“They will never know, don’t worry.”

“Are you going to take care of it soon?”

“Yes let me call my parents and a cab. I’ll call you tomorrow with the news.”

And that’s how Penny ended up where she was. In the back of a cab with an evil grin on her face. She was about to fuck Danny’s life up. As the cab pulled up she took a deep breath and stepped out. She wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to start the fight with Danny that would allow her to drop her bomb. When she saw the mess in the kitchen and the scattered clothes, she knew how

She walked upstairs and screamed out, “Danny it’s me, I’m home early!”

Part 3

(The showdown)

Danny went into a mad scramble when he heard Penny calling. He grabbed Halley and dragged her into his bedroom. “Go into my closet and don’t make a sound,” he told her nervously. “If she catches us together we will both be in deep shit.”

Halley, totally naked and more than a little sore after this afternoons escapades, climbed into Danny’s closet. She sat amidst his dirty sneakers and, from what she could tell, a nice collection of porno magazines. She was scared at the thought of what Penny would do when she caught her. She had just betrayed her best friend and lover for a bit of educational sex.

Penny was seeing pendik escort bayan red. She knew exactly how her little plan would go down now. She almost laughed as she heard doors closing and them scurrying about upstairs. So, he wasn’t even going to take it like a man. He was going to hide that little bitch away and sneak her out later. Any remorse Penny had had about what she was about to do to him quickly faded away. When she was through with him he would be forced to take everything like a man.

Danny had just crawled under his sheets when Penny walked through the door. “What are you doing home so early?” he asked her, trying to hide the quiver in his voice. “I thought I would come home instead. I don’t want to play around with girls anymore.” she lied. She slowly started creeping onto the bed and straddled his hardening shaft. “I figured with our parents gone we could have fun all week long.”

She pulled back the covers and stared at his naked male form. She grabbed a piece of ice from the glass of water she had brought upstairs with her. She rubbed the ice around his nipples until they were rock hard and had a purplish tint. Then she soothed the freezing little nubs with her hot damp tongue. Danny ripped her shirt off, sending little white buttons flying across the room. He pulled her up and broke the snap on her bra. He started to devour her perky little breast. He nibbled on her nipples until she was screaming in ecstasy. She started to rock back and forth on his large shaft. She was trying to impale herself on his dick. She wanted to feel his balls jiggle around her warm, moist slit while the rest of him slammed into her tight little cunt.

When Danny realized what she was trying to do her pulled away. “Not yet, I have other games for you.”

Before she could react he cuffed her to the bed with handcuffs and tied her legs to each bedpost with rope they had kept around for past escapades. He grabbed a piece of ice and rubbed it around her young, pointed nipples. He then started to suck on them and nibble on them. As he did this he teased Penny’s slit with the head of his dick. He would push on the wet opening like he was about to enter her and then pull away when she thrust towards him.

He sucked on her breasts for a while and then all of a sudden he placed the ice on her throbbing clit. Penny screamed out, “Oh, Danny! Please stop it! It’s so cold!”

“Shut up you little slut,” he screamed back, getting into the character he usually played when they were together. “I am going to fuck you with this ice cube. I am going to keep this up until you tell me how much you love it and beg me for it. Then, if you are lucky, I’ll take it out and stick my dick into your pussy and fuck you for a while.”

He grabbed the cube between 2 fingers and placed it inside Penny. At first she screamed at how cold it was. Then, as it started to melt, the different sensations started to drive her wild. Soon she was screaming at him to fuck her harder and get another piece of ice.

Danny started to really get off on this. He felt himself about to cum and pulled the cube from hercunt and shoved it into her asshole. He then rammed his hot shaft into her waiting hole. He almost came just at the feeling of being inside her. The base of his dick was cold and the tip was hot. He started to pound inside of her, loving the hot to cold feel as he stroked in and out. Both of them came quickly and there cum ran down and melted the piece of ice sticking out of her ass.

When Danny untied Penny she quickly jumped up and slapped him across the face.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again you asshole. I’m not your fucking whore!”

“Oh, really? You could have fooled me.”

“I’ll show you a whore,” she screamed.

With that she went to Danny’s closet where she was sure Halley was hiding. She grabbed the little bitch by the hair and threw her to the ground.

“Here’s your whore.”

With that she kicked her in the stomach. Halley started screaming and crying.

“I’ll kill you bitch,” he screamed. He pushed Penny backwards and bent to comfort Halley. “I am going to tell mom and dad how you seduced me. How you tricked me into having sex with you and how you fucked all of your friends. You are going down bitch.”

“Oh really? Well smart-ass there is something else you might want to tell them. I’m pregnant!”

Danny’s mouth dropped open.

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