Peggy and Larry Get Clean

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Road-game weekends are great, Larry thought as he rolled over. When room mates left with the band he could sleep all morning. Everybody else on the third floor of the men’s dorm had either gone to the game or gone home. Peggy wouldn’t be ready until five so Larry went back to sleep until…


“Who ever you are, go away!” Larry yelled without opening his eyes.

“O.K.!” Peggy yelled back. “Hey, third floor! Anyone wanna take a shower with me?”

Half a second later Larry opened the door. Peggy pretended not to see that he was only wearing his rattiest pair of jockey shorts. She walked right past him into the room.

Larry had no choice but to notice how she was dressed: Tube top that barely covered her 32B tits, gym shorts that were too tight for her size four ass, and flip flops on her little white feet. A canvas bag hung over her shoulder and she carried an arrangement of artificial flowers almost as big as herself. The smell of perfume filled the room as she put the flowers on his desk.

“What’s with the flowers?” he grinned.

“Marking my territory,” she taunted as she turned and put her hands on his shoulders and her breasts to his belly, looking up at him with big green eyes. She continued to tease before she let him kiss her: “I thought about getting my name branded across your ass…” he covered her mouth with his and licked her lips from inside before she could get the rest of her sentence out. She closed her eyes.

“That would HURT!” he said when he pulled back enough to breath. His breath tickled her face.

“I also thought about peeing all over you like a doggie,” she taunted as she moved a hand from his shoulder to his testicles, rubbing him through the cloth of his shorts. It occurred to him that he needed to pee, but she kept her hand on his shoulder, not letting him go. “But then I thought about the flowers,” she continued, “and I thought if I sprayed them with my perfume I could still leave my scent ALL OVER YOUR ROOM.”

“I thought I was gonna pick you up at the Sigma house…” he began. “Why’d ya come over so early… and I don’t think you’re dressed for the restaurant?”

“Well, the only halkalı escort ones at the house were Samantha and Angel. Since I’ve already taken a shower with them I thought I’d come over here and take one with you before you wine and dine me.”

“Mmmm,” he said, nuzzling her neck. “Did you wash their pussies real good?”

“Of course not, silly! They’re pledges… I just stood there and let them wash me… but they’re not real bright: I had to teach them what a clit is for.” She could feel his dick growing under her palm.

He pushed back to say “Babe, I really gotta pee before you get me hard!” and turned toward the bathroom that joined his room to the one next door. She grabbed his wrist to stop him and stepped out of her flip flops. “I’ll go with you if you undress me.” She raised her hands over her head, offering him access to the tube top.

He stepped back to her and in one swift move pulled it over her head and arms and let it fall to the floor. Before she could lower her arms he had his hands on her shorts and skinned them down to her ankles, very pleased that there where no panties under them. The scent of her crotch mingled with the perfume with which she had doused her self and her flowers before she arrived. With his bladder demanding relief the decision was maddening: take her now or pee?

As he stood back up she grabbed the waist band of his shorts and skinned them down his legs as he had done her shorts. Simultaneously they kicked the garments off their ankles then she took his hand and led him to the bathroom.

He hesitated in front of the toilet, but she didn’t let go and led him into the shower stall where she turned toward him and dropped to a squat. Her chest was directly in front of his semi-erect dick which she grabbed with one hand and aimed as he lost control of his bladder.

Her other hand rubbed the golden stream over her breasts, her “half lemons” as she called them. “Mmmm,” she said, “nice and warm!”

The last drop drops trickled out of his pee slot and onto her knees while she palmed his testicles then stood up. “My turn!” she chirped, as she directed olgun escort him down before her. He didn’t resist, and dropped to his knees, bending his back so he could put his face inches from her cunt.

She draped her left leg over his shoulder and with her fingers pulled her clit hood back so the little head seemed to wink at him as she released her stream onto his chin. The view fascinated him and his eyes showed it, which pleased Peggy beyond words.

As she dripped the last few drops down her right leg he could no longer resist and attacked her clitoris with his tongue. Her hands gripped his hair behind the ears and his fingers dug into her butt cheeks as he brought her to the first orgasm.

As he stood up she wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed close, trying to put every possible square inch of skin in contact, her cheek on his chest, The smell of the urine on their bodies just made the moment more exciting. She felt his erection poking her firm belly.

“Ohhh,” she cooed, “that was way better than Samantha and Angel.”

He rubbed his wet hands over the soft white skin of her back and kissed the top of her head. “Next time you get them in the shower let me watch.”

“I’ll tie you in a chair and let you watch,” she taunted as she grabbed his testicles again. “Then I’ll let them watch me while I impale myself on this.” She pushed his rock­-hard penis to the left then let it spring back, pointing at her like a divining rod that had located a target.

Larry, trying to be a gentleman, positioned himself so the water would hit him first and turned the shower on. The first blast was always cold, but he didn’t even flinch. As the water became warm he danced Peggy into a position where they were both under the stream. She grabbed the soap and started to lather his body.

They traded the soap back and forth, lathering and rinsing each other with only the occasional laugh or chuckle until the hot water grew cold. Peggy sort of lead a dance that turned them around under the stream to remove all the lather, then she turned off şişli escort the water and reached for the one towel that hung outside the stall. She began drying him from the head and working down before he gently took the towel from her and did the same for her.

As he carelessly put the towel on its rack she grabbed him around the shoulders again but this time she hopped up and threw her legs around his waist, crossing her legs behind him. Their mouths met in a tongue-grinding kiss as he reached under her butt cheeks to support her weight with his hands.

The cleft of her ass put one buttock on each side of his raging hard-on, creating a feeling neither had experienced before as he carried her to his bed without breaking the kiss. He gently laid her down and moved his hands up her body before positioning himself for her vagina.

Peggy positively glowed as the afternoon sunlight streamed through the window. Their previous loving had been in the backseat of his car and only under cover of darkness. Getting to see him added to her passion and Larry took a few seconds to admire her smile before pushing into her, filling her so that she moaned in pleasure.

He thrust, she pushed her hips forward and their mouths continued to wrestle as they pleasured each other. He had dropped to his elbows but she could feel enough of his weight on top of her to make it oh, so, so pleasant. She never uncrossed her ankles behind him but her hands were all over his back and sides, searching for some magic switch to turn up the passion.

He felt the vaginal muscles clinching around his joint on each thrust, then the familiar pressure and the urge to speed up his rhythm. Her clitoris was being wonderfully punished by each entrance and withdrawal; he never pulled all the way out but came tantalizingly close to it.

When the pressure was at its greatest he gave a powerful thrust and filled her during her orgasm. She felt him twitch, trying to pump the last sperm into her cunt and her muscles virtually snapped at the member in her love tunnel.

As their spasms subsided he rolled off of her onto his left side, still lying over her right arm so she played with his hair on the back of his head as they looked into each other’s eyes. With the forefinger of her left hand she traced imaginary designs on his chest, noticing the droplets of sweat that had formed on his body. She looked at her own then back to him and started to giggle.

“What?” he asked.

Peggy pretended to pout: “You got me all hot and sweaty! Before you take me out I’m gonna need another shower!”

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