Paul and Susan on Spring Break

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To the readers – I apologize for the delay in posting the final installment of this story. I have been under the weather lately.

Paul and Susan had worked all summer and had been able to accumulate quite of bit of savings after repaying their father for the rent that he had paid for the summer. Paul had been a natural at writing computer programs and their boss, John Slavik, had immensely appreciated Susan’s organizational skills. John had opened his software company several years earlier and employed from three to eight people at a time, depending upon the size of the projects that he had to complete. They were quite busy this past summer and Paul had been instrumental in getting several projects completed ahead of time. Susan was a natural at organizing an office. Her skills had made it possible for him to use one less person than normal during this past busy summer. John had been able to convince her to work part-time once school started on the following Monday. He had a couple of large projects that needed new programming and he was depending on Paul’s help completing them. Paul had informed him that school was his number one priority but he would give John as much time as possible.

Paul had finished a major project on Wednesday and had gone home on Thursday to visit their parents and pick up some other things that he needed from home. From the money that he had made during the summer, he had been able to pick up a used car. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was transportation. He intended to bring Karen back with him when he returned on Sunday. Bill had come back to school this morning, but didn’t plan on checking into the dormitory until Sunday. He had planned on spending the night on the couch as he had done about six or seven other times during the summer. Susan spent the day at work but had given Bill the apartment key when he stopped in this morning. He came and picked her up from work at five o’clock and they stopped at a small restaurant to eat on the way home.

They were in the middle of their meal when Susan said, “You know, Bill, you don’t have to spend the night on the couch tonight. The bed would probably be a whole lot more comfortable.”

“I don’t know. I would want to sleep in Paul’s bed without asking him in advance.”

“I don’t mean in his bed; you could sleep in my bed.”

“W-w-w-with you?”

“Yes, silly. With me.”

“You mean just sleep.”

“No. I think that we should have sex together. We have been going together for over a year and a half and we love each other – at least I love you. I think that it is time.”

“Well, I love you too. I don’t know how long it has been that I have fantasized about having sex with you. It’s been just about forever. I just thought that . . . well, I thought that you were saving yourself until you were married.”

“No. Remember the first time that I used my hands on you. Well, I was ready then and I am more than ready now. So let’s finish eating and go back to the apartment.”

The two of them quietly, but quickly, finished eating and paid the check. They returned to Bill’s car and started back to Susan’s apartment. On the way back to the apartment, Bill informed Susan that he had to stop to get some soda because he had finished the last cans in the refrigerator. He went into a grocery store and picked up some soda. He also purchased a package of condoms. They returned to the apartment and went into the living room and turned on the television. They began kissing and hugging while they made a pretense of watching television. Bill had begun playing with her breasts and had her blouse open. When her bra was off and her breasts were bared, Susan suggested that they go to the bedroom.

They went into the bedroom and Susan pulled the covers back from the bed. Bill walked over to her and put his arms around her. As he started to kiss her, Susan said, “Why don’t you get undressed? We can be a whole lot more comfortable in the bed.” She removed her blouse that was already open and her bra that was just hanging around her neck. Seeing that she was starting to disrobe, Bill sat on the edge of the bed and started to remove his shoes and socks. He then removed his shirt and when he saw Susan beginning to remove her pants, he started to slip his down his legs. Bill was down to his briefs and Susan was starting to remove her panties. Seeing the fringe above her pussy, Bill’s cock became rock hard. He slid his underwear off and his fat cock stuck straight out from his body. Naked, Susan walked to one of her dressers and took out a small towel and told Bill to get into bed. Bill lay down on the bed and Susan lay down beside him. They began kissing and hugging. Bill quickly started to play with Susan’s tits.

Susan reached to Bill’s crotch and began to slowly stroke his cock. By this time Bill’s mouth was eagerly chewing on her tits, but, at the feel of her fingers on his dick, he lifted his head and said, “Hey, I thought that you said that fingers weren’t enough for you any more.”

Susan replied, kartal escort bayan “Relax. You need this so you don’t shoot all over me before you get it in.” She continued to stroke him and guided his free hand to her pussy. He inserted two fingers between the folds of her pussy and began to slide them in and out. He continued to work on her tits and her pussy simultaneously as she increased the tempo of her strokes on his cock. Susan could tell from the erratic movement of his fingers in her pussy that he was about to cum. She reached for the towel that she had laid at the head of the bed. She had brought it with her to catch his cum. She was concentrating on the end of his cock, which was, by now, leaking pre-cum profusely. Just as she felt that he was about to cum, she threw to towel aside and said, “Shit, we don’t need the towel.” She dropped her mouth over the end of his cock and began sucking. It only took a few seconds before Bill started to spurt a large load into the back of her mouth. Savoring the flavor, Susan slowly swallowed it all.

Susan did not remove her mouth from his cock until it had gone completely limp. She lifted the lifeless phallus with her fingers and said, “We need to do something about this. I want it nice and hard for my pussy.” She began to slowly stroke it until she felt some life coming back to his cock. When it began to grow she placed her mouth over the end of it and began to suck. With each passing second she could feel it hardening in her mouth. When it was fully erect, Susan took her mouth off of his cock and said, “Now, let’s put this where we’ve both wanted it for so long.”

Bill was lying flat on his back and Susan straddled his legs and began to move her pussy toward the end of his seven and one-half inch cock. Bill quickly reached under the pillow for the condom that he had put there when he got in bed. He said, “Wait. I need to put this on.” He fumbled with the condom wrapper trying to open it.

Susan pulled the condom from his hand and said, “Here. I’ll take care of that.” She quickly opened it and began to roll it over the end of Bill’s cock. When it was on, she lifted her ass in the air and positioned the opening of her wet, anxious pussy over the head of Bill’s throbbing cock. She slowly slid her moist sheath down the length of his pulsing shaft. When she reached bottom, she began to move her ass up and down on his length. She positioned herself so that the up and down motions would cause his cock to rub against her clit. The feel of his hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy coupled with the stimulation against her clit had brought Susan to the verge of orgasm. She was moaning and started to scream. Suddenly, the orgasm completely engulfed her and she could feel Bill’s rubber being filled with his cum. She leaned forward and mashed her tits against his chest. Susan could feel Bill’s cock deflating in her pussy. She kissed him and then began to kiss her way down his chest until she reached his belly.

Susan gingerly removed the cum-filled rubber from Bill’s soft cock and deposited it in the wastebasket. Holding his sticky cock in her hand, she said, “Let’s clean this off.” She dropped her head and began to swiftly lick all of the remaining cum from his soft cock. When she was satisfied that she had cleaned his cock, she began to kiss her way back up his belly and chest and then kissed him on the lips again. As they kissed, Bill rolled her to her back and began to knead her tits again. He then worked his mouth to those globes and began to suck and chew. After paying homage to her breasts, Bill began to kiss his way down her belly, stopping at her navel and running his tongue through it. He then started to kiss all around her pussy and then inserted his tongue between the lips of her pussy. He continued to eat her pussy until she had a mild orgasm. The two of them continued to explore and play with each other’s bodies for the rest of the evening, managing to fuck twice more.

As they were kissing and fondling each other at about midnight, Susan asked, “Do you think that you can manage one more tonight before we go to sleep?”

“Yeah. But I don’t have any more condoms. There were only three in the package that I bought.”

“Don’t worry. I have some. I’ve been prepared for tonight for several months. I’ll get one out of the nightstand.”

Susan reached into the nightstand and retrieved another condom and helped him put it on. As she was rolling it over his cock, Bill said, “You always think ahead; don’t you? I think that is why I love you so much.” They fucked one more time and then went to sleep for the evening.

Time had moved swiftly over the next few years. In May of 1980, John’s wife, Kathy, had given birth to a son. Paul and Susan had visited their brother in Indianapolis that summer and had seen them the following Christmas when the whole family got together in Madrid. John and his family had not visited their parents this past Christmas. Their sister, Becky, had gotten married to a man escort maltepe that she had met at work. They had been married in July of 1981. They lived in Wisconsin where they both worked and they had no children.

March of 1982 had now arrived and Paul, Susan, Bill and Karen were now only half of a semester from graduating from college. Susan’s sex life was quite fulfilling. Since that first night at the beginning of their sophomore year, she and Bill managed to have sex two or three times a week. Paul still was not having sex with Karen, so he and Susan had sex whenever they had an opportunity. As they had agreed when they were still in high school, Paul was now using a condom whenever they had sex. After a couple of months of sex with Bill, Susan informed him that she was on the pill and he was no longer using a condom when they were together. Both couples had planned to marry right after they graduated from college. Paul was going to marry Karen on the first Saturday in June and Susan and Bill had scheduled their nuptials for the third Saturday of the month.

Paul and Susan were still working for John Slavik. Paul would continue to work for him after graduation, but Susan would stop working for him upon graduation. Most of Paul’s work was now being performed at the clients’ location. In addition to his natural talent at computer programming, he had now become well versed in hardware applications and was consulting customers on all aspects of their computer systems. Since most of his clients were located in the western suburbs of Chicago, he had leased an apartment in Madrid, their hometown about fifty miles west of Chicago. Bill had been offered a job in that area and he was buying a small house for Susan and himself. Karen and Susan had not secured jobs yet because they wanted to wait until their other plans had been solidified before committing to an employer. They each were in the process of sending resumes to employers in the area and had scheduled some job interviews for the following month.

The four of them were together at Susan and Paul’s apartment tonight. Today had been the last day of class before spring break. The four of them were going to leave the following morning for Florida to enjoy spring break. Their flight to Florida from Midway Airport was scheduled to depart at seven in the morning. They had just finished eating supper and were planning to go to bed early because their limo was picking them up at five o’clock. Bill was going to spend the night on the couch that he had become accustomed to using when he stayed over. Karen would spend the night sharing Susan’s bed. Susan gave Bill some blankets and helped make up the sofa so that he could be comfortable for the evening. As they finished making up the sofa, Bill said, “I still think that it would be better for Karen to sleep here and I could sleep in your bed with you.”

Susan laughed and said, “Yeah. It would be more enjoyable that way. We’ll have plenty of time for sex next week in Florida. I’ve told you before that until Karen starts sleeping with Paul, we can’t sleep together when they are here. Us sleeping together will put too much pressure on Karen. I don’t want to force her into something that she is not ready for.” She wrapped her arms around Bill and kissed him passionately. As they kissed, she could feel his cock hardening against her leg. She reached between them and squeezed his hard cock, saying, “This will still be there tomorrow.”

Bill quickly responded, “Yeah. It will be here tomorrow and it’ll probably stay hard until then.” Susan broke off their embrace and went to her bedroom. Bill reluctantly undressed and got under the covers alone.

As she entered the bedroom, Susan saw Karen just pulling a short nightgown over her naked body. As she looked at that bare pussy, Susan thought, “She’s got a nice looking pussy. When is she going to let my brother put his dick in there?” Karen got into bed and watched as Susan undressed for bed. When she was naked, Susan pulled a T-shirt over her head and got under the covers. Susan was lying there trying to go to sleep. The excitement of tomorrow’s trip was apparently keeping her from going to sleep. She was lying there motionless facing away from Karen. After about fifteen minutes, Susan felt a slight bouncing of the bed and heard low moans coming from behind her. Curiosity got the best of her and she slowly rolled over to view what was going on in the bed next to her. Just as she thought, she saw the unmistakable movements of Karen fingering her pussy. Karen’s eyes were closed and she frantically tried to achieve orgasm. Susan watched for a short time and then said, “Want some help with that.”

Karen abruptly opened her eyes and pulled her hand from her pussy. She asked, “What do you mean? Help with what?”

“Karen, it’s obvious that you were playing with yourself. I can help you, if you want. In fact, maybe that is what I need to get to sleep.”

“You mean, another woman doing it to you. Have you ever done that before?”

“Yeah, pendik escort a few times. It’s not as good as a hard cock; but it’s satisfying.” Susan pulled her T-shirt over her head and added, “Take your nightgown off and I’ll help you.” Karen reluctantly pulled her nightgown over her head and looked at Susan apprehensively. Susan mashed their tits together and kissed the other woman. She reached between them and began to fondle Karen’s pussy. At first, Karen was hesitant about returning Susan’s kisses, but when Susan’s fingers went into her pussy, she began to react with more ardor. Susan’s fingers were working frantically in Karen’s pussy and she used her other hand to begin squeezing Karen’s tits. When she could feel that Karen was beginning to relax, Susan broke off the kiss and began to suck and chew on Karen’s tits. Karen’s hand slowly moved to Susan’s pussy and she began to work her fingers in and out. Susan moved her mouth down Karen’s belly and brought her tongue to the lips of her pussy. When she inserted her tongue between the lips of Karen’s pussy, Karen’s body went stiff and she arched her back in an attempt to drive her pussy harder against Susan’s face.

This spasmodic reaction validated Susan’s belief that Karen had never had her pussy eaten before. Susan continued eating the other woman’s pussy while maneuvering herself so that her own pussy was positioned in front of Karen’s face. Karen was enjoying the excitement of having her pussy eaten for the first time that she couldn’t resist running her tongue between the lips of Susan’s pussy. After running her tongue in and out of that nearly bald pussy a few times, she found that the taste was pleasant. She more eagerly gobbled at that tasty morsel in front of her face. Susan could feel that Karen was nearing an orgasm and Susan knew that her own would not be far behind. The two of them continued lapping at each other’s pussy until they finally climaxed violently. Fortunately, they had their mouths in the other’s pussy when they came to muffle the loud reactions that they each had. Susan rearranged herself on the bed so that they could kiss each other.

They kissed with their pussies and tits mashed against each other’s. Susan stopped kissing long enough to say, “Now isn’t that a whole lot better than using your own fingers.”

Karen replied, “Wow. Yeah. I’ve had orgasms before, but never that intense. Have you done this very often?”

Susan smiled and said, “Not often. I did it sometimes with my roommate my freshman year and then there was one other girl that I have gotten together with occasionally.” She didn’t think that it would be wise to tell her that the other girl was her sister.

Karen then said, “I really enjoyed this, but I don’t know how often that I want to do this.”

“Well, you wouldn’t have to if you would start fucking my brother.”

“What makes you think that I’m not fucking him?”

“He says that you aren’t.”

“Do you two tell each other everything?”

“Generally. He knows that I’m fucking Bill and I know that he’s not fucking you.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to; I’m just scared.”

“Scared of what? The pain or what?”

“I’m a little bit afraid of the pain; but I understand that it only lasts a few seconds. I am worried about what he might think about me if we have sex before we get married.

“Jesus Christ, Karen. You two have been going out for more than four years and you’re going to be married in less than three months. I know that he loves you and I think that you love him. You send him home at night with ‘blue balls’ and he has to whack off in his room while you’re back in you own room using your fingers.”

“What makes you think that he has to ‘whack off’ as you call it?”

“I can hear him a lot of nights. I know that you use your hands on him some times; but you both need the real thing.”

“You’re probably right. Maybe this week is the right time.”

“Let me know when you are ready and I’ll make sure that Bill and I stay away for a few hours. Right now, I think that we both need to go to sleep. We have an early flight tomorrow.”

The two women embraced each other and went to sleep in each other’s arms. Susan was sure that she had accomplished two things tonight. She had soothed her nerves by having a good cum and she was sure that her brother was finally going to have sex with Karen. If Karen could be half as good with Paul as she was that night, Paul would be one happy guy.

The limousine had picked them up early in the morning and they arrived at the airport shortly before six o’clock. The flight had gone smoothly and they checked into the motel shortly before noon. As the two couples were unpacking their bags, they found that there were two beds and a sofa in the room. They began a discussion about who was going to sleep where. After going back and forth for several minutes about the sleeping arrangements, Susan finally said, “Look, we’re not going to resolve anything arguing. You two guys don’t want to sleep in a bed with another guy. Well, I’m willing to have someone in bed with me, so I get a bed. We’ll worry about the rest of it each night when it is time for bed.” The subject was then dropped for the time being and the four of them finished unpacking.

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