Patience Rewarded

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I’m sitting on the sofa reading and you’ve just walked in from the bathroom. You’re freshly showered and are wearing just a robe; standing as close to me as you can without touching, you obviously want my attention.

I see you but don’t look up; I’m in the middle of something and I intend to wait until I get to a suitable place to stop — then I’ll give you all the attention you could possibly want. You however, have different ideas; out of the corner of my eye I see you slowly start to undo the tie on your robe. I know what you’re doing but still I resist taking my eyes off my book.

Slower than necessary, you undo the tie and let it drop. As you move your legs slightly, your robe starts to fall open and I see the smoothness of the silk-like skin of your thighs. I know by now that the robe will be open more at the top and I sneak a sly look up at where your not so big but firm breasts form the most heavenly of cleavages. The robe is thin and wispy and I can see your nipples attempting to break through the material with their hardness.

I try to ignore you for a minute longer but you know me too well; you slowly peel the flimsy material over your shoulders turning your back to me. You know I adore the sexiness of your shapely yet soft back and you let the robe slide down, catching bakırköy escort it before it reveals the round fullness of your buttocks.

You turn back to face me, my book now long discarded and I take in the beauty of my favorite part of your body. I have always found your breasts to be the most incredible sight and never tire of looking at them. I catch your eye and smiling seductively, you stare back at me. You drop the robe to the floor and keeping your eyes locked on mine you lower your gaze. I follow your eyes and again take in the lines formed by the curve of your chest, we pause, briefly. Your head bows as if in submission but in reality it is to look further down, past the smooth slight swell of your belly, again I follow.

This time I stop, my eyes widen and we both hear my sharp intake of breath! You normally keep your soft pubic hair well trimmed around the lips but, despite my pleas, you always leave a neat V shape of dark hair; hidden behind panties but on show when naked. Not this time; today you have succumbed to my desire and your whole pubic area is devoid of hair and as smooth as the rest of your silky skin.

The murmur I was already feeling between my legs turns to a sharp, almost painful twitch, making my body jerk slightly. You smile beşiktaş escort inwardly knowing you have the reaction you wanted and the effect you desire. I sit and stare for a moment, not moving a muscle as I enjoy the look I have wanted to see for so long. I take in the soft smooth skin, the edging of a shadow along the V where your thighs stop and meet at the very centre of your sexual being.

I reach out and cupping your soft, smooth buttocks, pull you closer. As you move, your legs open slightly and I notice a single dewy droplet on your inner lips as they protrude slightly through your outer labia. I pull you closer and strain to lean my head forwards far enough to catch it on my tongue; as ever it tastes divine. You moan gently; knowing that I would be turned on has already turned you on, but now my hot breath on your newly smooth skin and my warm but rough tongue on your moist opening only serves to heighten your desire.

You put first one foot and then the other on the sofa and stand astride me as I lean back pulling you with me. You lean against the wall and its coolness feels somehow erotic against the firm flesh of your breasts.

Your legs, now wide enough apart for me to nuzzle between, quiver as if with a fever as my tongue gently laps at beylikdüzü escort your warm, moist lips, sliding back and forth as you involuntarily open and the juices within the warm velvety folds begin to flow more freely. You cling to my head, thrusting me further against you as I drink in the heady aroma that accompanies the sweet fluids now constantly seeping into my mouth.

I use your own wetness to coat one of my fingers with enough lubrication to gently caress the tighter but equally sensitive entrance to your anus. You relax your muscles to help me gain access and your body slumps against the wall as I ease my finger into the by now welcoming rose bud like entrance. I slide my thumb into your wet and invitingly open pussy and as my finger and thumb meet with only the thin wall of skin between them, my tongue moves to your clitoris, now standing proud of its hood.

With my mouth sucking, and tongue licking your prominent clit, coupled with my finger and thumb working in and out of your warm wet openings, your moans start to increase in tempo and volume until with an ever increasing violent shudder, your whole body convulses in ecstasy as you cum into my eager, waiting mouth seemingly drowning me with your warm, sweet fluid.

You rest exhausted for a moment against the wall, then slide down until you are sat on my lap, your soaking inner thighs further dampening the already damp bulge in my shorts. Our eyes meet, your mouth searches out mine and we kiss deeply, sharing the exquisite taste of your orgasm as you grind your still wanting pussy into my groin…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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