Passionate Pussycat

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This is my first story ever, please be kind and give some constructive feedback. If you like this story I might even write more!

This is a purely fictional story.


Weeks had gone by and our conversations had grown only more intense. We both tried to seduce each other, but I clearly remember you started showing more and more skin when I was watching you on the webcam. After teasing each other for weeks, giving each other naughty assignments, showing off our bodies and seducing each other with words, we decided to put an end to the teasing. You wanted me and I wanted you, we decided that even while we were both in an relationship we just had to taste and feel each other.

I finally got the nerve to take the risk, got myself a train ticket and there I was. Seeing the train move I nearly felt I could have been quicker just taking a bike, my heart was racing and my nerves were rattling throughout my body. Excitement, not only was this so very forbidden because both of us had a relationship but I had never even seen you in person. Yet here I was, showered, shaved, wearing half a bottle of CK-One and feeling naked like the day I was born.

It took but a short hour before the train halted at the station but it seemed like forever. There was a clear lump in my throat and all I could think of was what I should say once I got there. You told me exactly where you live, we picked a date and time and even while I was still very early I didn’t want to make you wait for even a minute. The streets became a blur and I hardly noticed the many people passing by.

I could feel my face utterly flushed and so very warm, hands clammy and the lump in my throat only becoming dryer by the minute. I didn’t want to be early, nor did I want to make a bad impression. Finally I found a normal diner with both toilets and cold drinks, something I could really use. Getting rid of my nervousness by taking an nearly heavenly piss, freshening up and checking myself in the mirror, splashing some cold water over my face, I finally felt somewhat like myself again. I ordered some bottled water and relaxed a bit, at least I tried as much as possible but not a minute went by without checking my watch.

As if driven by instinct I found your home, it took me a couple of minutes and a very long intake of air before I could muster the guts to knock on your door. When you opened the door my nervousness was replaced by utter amazement. Naturally I knew you were a tease and I knew you didn’t mind showing off your body but seeing you made my blood boil and suddenly I didn’t feel the least bit shy. Wearing nothing more than a long shirt, barely covering your pussy, your nipples protruding through the tin fabric and this seductive smile that could melt away an iceberg.

Without losing as much as a heartbeat, without losing words we embraced each other and kisses each other with such passion that our bodies nearly blended into one. With my courage restored I kicked the door shut behind me, grabbed your ass with both hands and pulled you up. pendik escort Not even breaking the kiss I walked over, holding you tight in my arms, to the bed which we both desired to be on. I gently put you down on the bed and without wasting as much as a minute I lost my clothes, tossing it throughout the room, my mind filled with lust and passion. You smiled at the spectacle and with those innocent and yet seducing eyes you told me I had forgotten something.

You sat up, allowing me to pull off your shirt, over your head, your arms stretched up high. I couldn’t resist such a temptation and instead of pulling off your shirt I kept it at your wrists, pushing you down gently, arms stretched above your head and your body exposed to my gaze and my touch. I kissed you again, this time more tender, slowly and more seducing. I moved my lips over to your neck and collarbone, kissing and licking up and down. You kept your eyes closed and relished the feeling, trying to stay still but your hips moved at their own fruition.

I had seen those breasts a hundred times but never from such a distance where I could touch them. I moved my kissing, licking and now sucking over to your breasts. Your nipples hard as little pebbles upon heavenly orbs of silken flesh, just waiting and begging to be sucked. Devoting myself to your breasts I cannot help but move one hand over, feeling and cupping your left breast, feeling you shudder, feeling the warmth and silken softness of that one breast. I start playing with your nipple, you softly moan and I know how much you desire me.

After weeks of teasing we are of like mind and desire the release of all our tension, yet I decide to show you exactly how much you teased me. Feeling the warmth and moist surface of your bare, noticeably freshly shaven pussy I know you could take me inside with one eager push. I move lower, my lips moving over your belly, my hands grasping your breasts, rubbing them, groping them, feeling them so very clearly. You keep your hands high and I noticed you tugging and clawing at the sheets, this time I’m the one wearing that seducing smile.

As if traveling south I can feel the warmth reaching my face, and the purest smell of passion and lust a woman can create. I see your swollen lips and wish nothing more than relish their softness with my mouth, tongue and fingers. With all my restraint I take your legs and kiss the inside from your knees down towards your pussy. Stopping but inches away from the warmth I desire so greatly I switch over to your right leg and start the same process. Greatly feeling the tension building I can notice the small trickle of fluid moving down from your warm folds.

Unable to wait any longer I lick away at your pussy, hungrily lapping up the small trickle of your juices that had started to escape from your juicy folds. You start to moan loudly as I slowly lick my way, making circles with my tongue, up higher and higher. Flicking my tongue deeper inside I tease your pussy holding your legs with my hands keeping you from bucking çekmeköy escort up with your hips. Your smell penetrates my nose, intoxicating me and bringing me into a sexual high.

Moving my hands back to your breasts I start licking and sucking away at your very swollen clit. I can feel your body starting to tremble more and more as you near an exploding orgasm. Removing one hand from your breast I gently put a finger inside you, flipping my finger up inside you. Nearly there I furiously suck your clit, pinch your nipple and flip not one but two fingers up inside you. Feeling a wave of fluids, your hips trembling and a muffled scream and gasp leaving your lips I feel your pussy contracting around my fingers. Trembling and gasping for air I wait for you to regain some strength.

I let you lick the two fingers only minutes before working their magic inside you, greedily you lick them clean and we kiss again. We turn on the bed and this time you are the one on top of me, you kiss me and move to my neck and bite tenderly in my earlobe. You softly whisper to me, “my turn…”, and my cock twitches as you wrap your hand around it. You kiss your way down my body, your eyes fixed with mine and I just stare at you, enjoying how you move down my body. You are incredible and I can barely keep myself from spearing you with my hard-on. You move down slowly, seducing, kissing my body and it feels nothing short of heavenly.

The blissful feeling of your soft lips hungrily kissing my skin makes me float away into the realm of ecstasy. Still holding my cock in your hand, the head sticking out of the top you stroke me, gently and slowly. You watch playful like a cat as droplets of pre-cum form from the tip and you lick it away in one long and slow flick of your tongue watching me ever so deeply with those gorgeous eyes of yours. You repeat this a few times, cupping my balls in your other hand. You feel the swollen balls warm in your hands and you need that which is inside.

Moving your hand lower on my cock you lick up and down the shaft, leaving traces of saliva all along. You moisten your mouth and with a long and amazing motion you take my cock inside your mouth, your very wet and warm mouth. Moving up and down on my cock small amounts of saliva drip away from the corners of your lips making my cock even more slippery. You move your mouth away from my cock and I can feel the cold air tickling the very wet shaft. You lap away at my balls and I shudder and moan from the intense pleasure.

Moving back and sucking my cock deep into your skilled mouth makes me tremble, you keep moving up and down and without realizing it my hips move up softly fucking your mouth. Lust taking over I move my hand to the back of your head and start moving my hips, thrusting my cock in and out of your mouth. A few minutes later a primal groan escapes from my lips and I shoot a load into your mouth, my tension releasing itself in a blinding orgasm. Emptying as much as I can inside your wet mouth I slowly retract my cock from your lips.

Your maltepe escort mouth still filled with my cum you swallow, taking only half of it down into your body. You move your hand to your mouth and without moving your gaze away from mine you let the remaining saliva and cum flow into your hand. You tell me to watch closely and with your knees on the bed, legs spread lightly you move your hand over to your hungry little cunt and rub the juices over and inside the folds of your lips. “I want you, I want you inside me, I want you right here”, You finger yourself and lubricate yourself with the remaining cum and saliva.

My cock growing hard once more you straddle me and put my cock inside you, you gasp at the electrifying sensation of finally feeling me inside you. Closing your eyes, your hands playing with your breasts you start riding me slowly, building up a sensual rhythm. My hands on your hips I just watch in utter amazement as you lose yourself in the feeling, the passion. You take me with you, past this world into a real of pure bliss and lust. As if melting together I lose the singular feeling of my body and feel merged together, our hips grinding and moving as one, one blissful experience.

Moaning softly you move faster, you move your hands behind your back for support as you gyrate your hips demanding me to fill you up. I move up and kiss your neck and your breasts, moving closer together and moving closer to an orgasm. Moving one hand over you start fondling my balls, playing with them making the sensation exquisite. Moving faster, gasping, moaning, groaning we move closer. My cock deep inside your wet pussy as you push yourself on me, faster, wilder. Like two animals we throw away that remaining bit of rational thought and we wildly passionately take each other.

Ravishing each other, nearing that moment of release I wrap my hands around you. You open your eyes dreamily, barely able to conceive a conscious thought we kiss full of passion. You play with my balls and feel my cock grow. Then and there we break the kiss, our eyes fixed on each other mere seconds before we both climax. You close your eyes and move your head back letting the orgasm wash over you, I push in deep letting my cum shoot deep inside that deliciously tight pussy. Melted together, my cum filling you up, your pussy contracted around me it is as if we are both frozen in that one perfect moment of utter desire and passion.

Falling back on the bed you rest your head on my chest, my cock still twitching inside you. Our bodies warm and covered with sweat, trembling and shaking as minor orgasms still make our bodies twitch. You curl on top of me and I watch you as my hand gently caresses the your head. As if all our energy had been put into that one ultimate orgasm you close your eyes and rest on my chest. Satisfied beyond measure I cannot stop looking down at you, your incredible sensual body. I close my eyes for a moment and nearly an hour has passed.

Looking down again, you look so very peaceful and yet that body… I so desire that body. Still inside you I grow hard again, watching that amazing body and wanting to ravish you forever and ever as long as my body will hold and my lungs draw breath. Dreamily your voice carries its way to my ears, “I guess it’s time for round two”. That same seducing smile showing on your face I can’t help but comply…

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