Paradise Island

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It was a hot, slightly humid day on my desert island in the Maldives. Well, I say my island, but actually I had to share it with about fifty other travellers on this, the holiday of a lifetime. I’d come on my own, now that I had split up with my rat of a boyfriend who decided to start screwing his secretary a couple of weeks before we were due to leave. What made it worse was that I’d turned down a few offers myself, even though Mark was the most boring fuck I’d ever had. I believed in monogamy so when I found out he was cheating on me, he had to go. In fact, it was a relief not to be spending this idyllic trip with Mark – he was bound to want sex and I’d got fed up with faking it. So I had a romantic thatched hut on stilts above a crystal clear blue lagoon all to myself – and no one to share it with.

Almost everyone else was there as couples, apart from a couple of gorgeous Australian guys who were together. Imagine Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves and you get the picture. But among the girls I’d got talking to, it was accepted that ‘Brad and Keanu’ were gay – so, just another couple! What a waste!

The island was pretty small, with a green interior surrounded by white sandy beaches. But because there were so few of us, you could go all day without seeing anyone if you wanted to. On the day in question, that was just what I wanted – not because I was desperate to be alone, but because I’d hired a windsurfer and I didn’t want too much of an audience when I kept falling in the water! I’d had a brief tutorial the previous day, but wanted to practice on my own before I was prepared to brave the watchers near the water-bar!

So I was spending a lot of time in the water in my skimpy turquoise string bikini, laughing at myself and my pathetic attempts at balancing on the board and keeping the sail upright. After a while, I dragged the windsurfer up the deserted beach a little and padded towards the edge of the sand, where I’d left my bag and little cool box in the shade of a couple of palm trees. I spread my towel out on the sand, picked up a cold fruit juice from the bag, and decided to catch a few rays before trying my luck on the floating ironing board again.

I started rubbing suntan lotion into my skin, first on my arms and legs and then onto my stomach. Topless sunbathing wasn’t allowed on the island, but I decided that I would risk a fine if it meant having no strap marks! The sun was hot on my tanned skin as I untied my bikini top and massaged suntan lotion into my breasts. I’m quite proud of my boobs, they’re 36C and nice and pert and rounded, with dusky gold nipples and skin the colour of honey. My body is my finest asset and I was used to getting remarks about my breasts from builders. Shame Mark didn’t appreciate it – or perhaps he did, too much, and that explained why he used to cum before I was even getting started!

I lay back in the sun, covering my face with my sunhat to prevent too many wrinkles and a headache later on. I could feel the rays of the sun beating down on my almost naked body, feel the tiny hairs prickling slightly as the sun warmed my skin. Then, suddenly, there was a slight rustling from the bushes behind me and a male voice said “That’s illegal on this island but I’m not telling if you’re not!”

I sat bolt upright, grabbing a boob in each hand to cover myself, and looked straight into the divine baby blues of ‘Brad’!

“Tom,” he said, holding out a hand. “Pleased to meet you at last!” Unthinkingly, I reached out to shake his hand, leaving my right boob exposed. ‘Oh never mind,” I thought to myself, “he’s gay anyway, what does he care?”

“Lucy” I replied. “Likewise.”

“I’ve been watching you surfing,” he sat down beside me. “You’re pretty good for a beginner.”

The thought of him watching me made me blush. “I’ll give you a few pointers if you like – I’ve been windsurfing since I was a kid,” he continued. “But first I reckon you should work on that tan a bit more, this time your back, otherwise you’ll burn to a crisp and the rest of the holiday will be no fun at all! Lie down and turn over.”

And with that, he picked up my suntan lotion and motioned me to lie on my front. As putting sunscreen on your own back ranks up there with giving yourself a blowjob in terms of impossibility, I was happy to oblige.

First, he gently moved my damp, dark mane of hair to one side so that my back and shoulders were bare to the sun, and then he slowly squeezed the sunscreen in a wide zigzag over my skin. When he touched me, I felt the first pang of lust and regret that he was gay. He had such sensitive fingers, rubbing the sunscreen onto my skin and giving me a massage as well, kadıköy escort or so it seemed. First he started with small, circular movements, but as my back became more slippery with lotion the movements became more sweeping and regular. Without thinking, I murmured “Mmmm, that’s gooooood.”

“Glad to oblige,” Tom answered, sounding almost sleepy. “D’you like having a massage?”


“Well, how about I try this?” and with that, he was straddling my back, kneeling up over my upper thighs. His hands were moving in slow, sensuous movements up the centre of my spine, along my shoulders and down the outer edges of my back. By this time I was feeling pretty sexy and I didn’t really care whether he was gay or not because I was pretty certain that, without any direct stimulation, the sun and the massage would do the trick and I would soon orgasm right where I lay! I moved my arms up so that my head was resting on my forearms and instantly the movement of Tom’s hands changed slightly. After sweeping across my shoulder-blades his fingers began dipping down along my sides, taking the sunscreen over my ribcage and waist and gently brushing the outsides of my breasts. After a couple of sweeps I no longer knew what to think. If he was gay, why was he deliberately touching my breasts in such as sexy way? I couldn’t exactly ask him, so I decided to find out once and for all. Raising my upper body up onto my elbows and forearms, I moaned again in pleasure.

‘Mmmmmmm, don’t stop, please!”

Another squirt of sunscreen went onto his hands and he slowly, deliberately rose to my bait. Rubbing the lightly scented cream into my shoulders he then slid his hands down over my shoulder blades before slipping them round my ribs until his fingertips brushed the outer sides of my breasts. I felt my nipples tighten and he must have heard my involuntary intake of breath as his fingers slowly continued until he was cupping my breasts in his hands, rolling my rock-hard, engorged nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. He continued to massage the lotion into my heavy, sensitive boobs, every now and then allowing his fingers to brush across my nipples, sending me into an ecstasy of lust. The orgasm that had been brewing ever since I set eyes on him suddenly erupted and I pushed myself up on my hands, arching my back and moaning.

“Oh yes, yes, yes….”

“If you’re going to get a tan, you don’t want strap marks,” he said conversationally as my climax subsided. I felt horribly embarrassed at cumming so violently after only having my breasts fondled!

“I don’t usually…” I began, but he put his finger on my lips.

“Neither do I, but then, I’m not often alone in paradise with a beautiful woman,” he murmured. He moved himself back to straddle my knees before bending forward and tracing the lower part of my spine with his tongue. It felt like fire! Slowly he licked down towards the top of my arse and then stopped. Using his hands once again he began to massage my arse through my bikini bottoms. Involuntarily, I arched my back to thrust my arse cheeks into his welcoming palms, and he responded by squeezing and kneading them, before running his hands round to find the side ties that were keeping them in place. Pulling each one slowly, he undid my panties and then, even more deliberately, pulled the material down to expose the plump, soft flesh beneath. Then, instead of using his hands, he went back to using his tongue, running it down the crack in my arse and then, much more roughly, sucking and biting on my quivering cheeks. With him straddling my knees, my legs were clamped tightly together otherwise by this time I would have throw caution to the winds and opened my legs to receive his tongue, fingers and cock! But he had other ideas. Where my panties were still caught under my hips and pussy, he started pulling them from behind, bunching up the material so that it slipped slightly between the lips of my cunt to rub on the hot, tender flesh there. The material came slowly, pulling between my legs, until only the strings were left. The sensation of those strings slipping into my crack was indescribable and I nearly came again!

Finally, I was completely naked and once again he started kneading my arse cheeks, this time using his thumbs to pull them apart and then his tongue to tantalise the delicate flesh around my arse. It was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I’d had a few lovers and more than a few one night stands, but nothing like this! Still keeping my knees together between his, he reached under my hips and raised my üsküdar escort arse still higher, until I was almost kneeling, and then, with that wonderfully expressive tongue, he licked further and further down the crack until he came to the entrance to my pussy. With that, he darted his tongue inside my cunt, which started what felt like a huge, boiling cauldron of lust within me. Try as I might, I couldn’t get my legs open to grant his tongue further access, but he didn’t seem to mind. It was me who was going mad with hunger for him to suck my clit!

Suddenly, he let go and pushed my hips back down into the warm sand. I felt him lower his body until he was lying along the length of me, and with a moan of recognition felt the pressure of his hard cock, still encased in his blue swimming shorts, pressing against the very area his tongue had been teasing only moments earlier.

“See what you do to me,” he murmured, rubbing his cock up and down the crack in my arse. I groaned in reply and reached behind me to discover how big he was – at over six feet, a cock to match his build would be most welcome. My hand reached the end of his dick and I grabbed his swollen knob through his shorts. Reaching along the shaft I was pleased to find I could get my whole hand round it with no sign of the base – an encouraging sign. But I wanted to know exactly what treat was in store for me so I turned round to face him. When we kissed for the first time, it was like a million volts of sexual charge going through me. His tongue darted into my mouth and mine into his and we snogged for a few moments, running our hands over each other’s bodies, but it was his cock I wanted to see, so I pushed him over onto his back and went in search of treasure.

Even through the baggy shorts I could see that he was big. His cock was pushing the material out until it formed a tight pyramid and the shape of his glans was clearly visible through the taut material. This time I straddled him, my head pointing towards his feet and my arse in his face. Immediately he pulled me towards him and raised his head to start drinking from my cunt, his tongue lapping around my clit and slipping tantalisingly between my cunt-lips as if he were french kissing it. It was all I could do not to sit up and rub my pussy all over his mouth, but I was determined to reach my goal. Pushing back the material of his shorts, I reached inside and grasped the shaft of his cock, pushing it towards his belly as I eased his shorts down.

His dick twitched in my hand and then began to get harder and larger still, until I could see that he was massively endowed – nine inches of throbbing cock, as thick as a salami and ready to be gobbled. His balls were tightly encased in their sac, bigger than any I’d seen and waiting to be sucked like plums. A few drops of pre-cum glistened on the end of his knob and I massaged them into the helmet and shaft, licking along its length before pulling it towards me and sucking on it like a lollipop. His deep groans vibrated on my clit as he sucked it, and before I knew it I was cumming again, bucking my hips like a bronco and rubbing cunt-juice all over his mouth and nose and tongue, grabbing his cock with both hands and sucking on his balls. I felt his climax building and, using a trick I’d been taught by the best lover (until now) I’d ever had, I pulled on his balls and pressed the skin between them and his arse. Instead of cumming, and shooting his sticky load all over my face, he arched his back and experienced the kind of orgasm women have, an all over feeling of ecstasy. He was still juddering when I switched position to straddle his still hard cock.

“What the fuck happened there?” he gasped. “I came, but I didn’t!”

I just smiled and gripped his cock, guiding the head so that it teased my clit as I slid backward and forwards over his huge erection. Suddenly, I wanted him inside me. Steering his cock to the opening of my hot, wet pussy I slowly lowered myself onto his massive organ. At first, I could feel the walls of my pussy stretching to accommodate him, but as I slowly raised and lowered myself onto his dick, I sensed myself opening up to the biggest, best cock I’d ever seen, or felt. Eventually, I was taking all of him and he was loving it, guiding my hips as I began to speed up the action and rotate my pelvis.

“Let me know when you’re about to cum,” I muttered. “I haven’t finished with you yet and I don’t want to have to wait…”

He was almost beyond speech. He moved his hands up to fondle my breasts, flicking at my nipples with his thumbs as I continued to pleasure myself on his cock. tuzla escort I felt another orgasm building, this time not centred around my clit but deep in my cunt – the kind every woman loves but doesn’t get to experience very often. When it exploded I stopped moving and tensed my muscles around his cock, conscious only of the pulsating of my pussy as I threw my head back and literally howled my ecstasy into the sound of the crashing waves. It was thirty seconds or more before I was conscious of anything but pleasure, and I felt his hands tighten involuntarily on my tits. He was going to cum and I didn’t want him to! Quickly I reached behind me and performed the same manoeuvre as before, and as before, his orgasm was upon him. I felt his cock twitch and pulsate deep within me but once again there was no cum – orgasm without ejaculation. I bent forward to kiss him as he surfaced from his climax and he smiled. “Neat trick!”

“I said I hadn’t finished with you!” I answered. Climbing off him and groaning as I felt the length of his dick sliding out of me, his bulbous glans tantalising the already tingling flesh of my cunt-lips as it came out. “I want you to fuck me from behind, and this time you can cum!”

He didn’t need to be asked a second time. Within moments I was on all fours on the towel and he was kneeling between my legs behind me, gripping my hips with one hand as he guided his huge hard cock, still wet with my cunt-juices and his own pre-cum, into my hot, dripping pussy. As he slid into me I relaxed my muscles to allow him entry to the very heart of my body, but as he started to withdraw I tightened them to grip his cock and heard him gasp and groan with pleasure. Gradually he built up a rhythm, speeding up slightly until I could feel the gentle thwack of his heavy balls against my cunt lips. Suddenly, he thrust hard into me and let go of my hips, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me up so that I was almost upright, still impaled on his glorious dick as it pressed on my g-spot. Leaning back slightly, he slid his hands up from my waist to cup my breasts again and with tiny, rapid thrusting movements increased the pressure on the most sensitive place in my pussy until I was practically weeping with ecstasy. Once again I came, and this time it felt like a firework display in my body as I bucked and trembled on his cock. I could bear it no longer. I wanted him to cum inside me, to fuck me like I’d never been fucked before. Dropping forwards onto all fours I gasped “Fuck me….fuck me hard.”

Tom groaned as my sudden movement meant that his cock had almost withdrawn to its full length. Then he grabbed my hips and thrust it back inside me, pounding his knob right to the very top of my cunt.

“Is that how you want it? Is it? Is it?” he growled, all the time ramming his huge cock into my hot pussy. His balls were smacking onto my cunt so loudly and with every thrust he was grunting with the effort and the sensations it was producing in his dick. “Is that hard enough? Is it? Is it?”

I couldn’t speak. My arms collapsed and I rested on my elbows and forearms as he drove his cock into me, pumping faster and faster, harder and harder. There were sucking noises as my cunt gripped his thick veined shaft as it pounded in and out. I could feel my orgasm building once again, and this one, I knew, was going to be a mind-blower. I wanted to share it with Tom.

“Fuck me harder,” I cried. “Harder, faster, harder… Cum for me baby, cum for me….”

I could hear from the sound of Tom’s voice, his grunts and moans, that he was very close to climax. I felt my cunt muscles tighten involuntarily as my own orgasm began, and felt also the answering increase in speed and power as the cum began to gather in his balls. The last three thrusts nearly knocked me over with their ferocity, and then he was shouting “Uh….uuuuhhhhh……….aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh!” as he shot his first load of creamy white cum into my hot, wet cunt. The feeling of hot jism spurting into my pussy set my orgasm in motion and the two of us were locked together in a mutual climax of earthquake proportions. I felt him withdraw his cock even as I was immersed in pulsating waves of pleasure, and he shot the rest of his load over my arse and pussy, the cum spurting again and again as if to make up for having missed out on the previous two orgasms.

When at last my cunt was full of cum and my arse was covered in sticky, salty jism, we collapsed, entangled with each other, feeling the sweat from our bodies mingle with cum and cunt-juice. Tom kissed me as he massaged his spunk into my arse and thighs. “Wow…”

“Wow yourself,” I murmured. “That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had.”

“Me too. We must do this again sometime!…. Like, tonight in your romantic hut on stilts. At least I can get away from my mate – I only came because his girlfriend dumped him.”

So much for them being gay! Still, I had, shall we say, hard evidence that they weren’t! “I’m glad you came!”


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