Over a Barrel

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“Aw seriously?” I sighed. My uncle paused on his way out the door of his deserted pub.

“It’s only for a hour or two at most, Ally,” he replied. “If it gets busy it’s not fair to have Shaun on his own. I won’t be long.”

I was bitterly regretting my kind deed of dropping my dad’s fishing gear down to my uncle. I’d only been roped into helping out behind the bar for the afternoon while he ran off to the cash n carry.

He slammed the door a little too vigorously and I turned back to look at Shaun, the barman my uncle had hired at the beginning of the summer. He said nothing but smirked.

He was hot. About six foot two I guessed, with a strong build and dark hair which seemed effortlessly and handsomely messed. His strong arms were folded over his chest, which seemed taut and tight under his plain black shirt. Sparkling blue eyes were now gazing out at me with amusement.

“You’re not exactly dressed for this,” he said. His voice was deep and dripped masculinity. I found myself thinking about kissing his smiling mouth.

It was true. I was in a small summer dress,which hardly covered my ass, bare legged and flip flopped.

“It’s not like we’ll be busy,” I retorted. How was I going to work with this guy for an entire afternoon?

“Can you pull a pint?” he snapped back.

“Yes.” I snarled.

“Show me then.”

Walking behind the bar, I picked up my handbag, threw it underneath the optics, and grabbed a pint glass. I poured a Guinness, waiting a moment before topping it off, letting it settle. It wasn’t my first time getting roped in to help at the pub.

“Hmmm,” he said, leaning over me to reach the glass, and taking a sip. “That’s perfect. You clearly know what you’re doing.” He smiled roguishly, and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

He kadıköy escort was so close now that his crotch was nudging against the fabric of my dress. We both wanted something more than Guinness.

I could feel something hard nuzzling against the thinness of the cotton. His belt or something else? There was a wetness between my legs at the thought.

“Um,” he said, and the moment passed. “I think we might need some lemonade. I’ll, um, be in the storeroom.”

He left and the absence of him suddenly made me twice as horny. Even if it was just to look at him again, I had to be near him. The smell and sight of this gorgeous man was just too much to bear.

I followed him to the storeroom. I didn’t even think what my excuse would be.

The door was open, and to my surprise I could hear little grunting moans.

“What the-“

He was there with a huge erection, jeans open, pumping his fist furiously.

He halted immediately. He went pale but I noticed he was still standing to attention. His cock was huge, and I was now so wet my knickers were soaked through.

“Jacking off to me, I hope?” I smiled.

I saw myself as he saw me. Five foot six, long red hair, tiny waist, big DD tits straining the fabric of my cotton print blue polka dot dress, which skimmed the tops of my thighs.

“Oh Jesus,” he said. “I’m so fucking sorry. You must think I’m-“

I walked over to him and thrust my mouth onto his, one hand running through his hair and the other pumping his cock.

His hands stroked a path down my spine which made me shiver, then swooped under my dress. He touched my ass and pussy outside my underwear, until he suddenly whipped off my knickers, his fingers finding üsküdar escort my clit and circling under I began to lose control. His breath was coming short and fast as I rubbed my hand vigorously up and down. I slowed down. I didn’t want him to cum yet, there was so much more we could do. I pulled off his shirt. His body was as I predicted, taut and strong, with a six pack you could crack nuts on.

While he went in ever quickening circles he had yanked my dress off. He was popping my bra open, and he was no longer kissing my lips, but my nipples, working them with his tongue until I thought I was going to die from the pleasure.

He thrust two fingers into me, still working my tits with his mouth, moving in and out with his fingers. We were standing up, and he was supporting my whole body with his fingers and tongue.

I shoved him against the door, which shut behind us, locking out the outside world. I pulled my breasts away from him and he withdrew his fingers as I went down along his body with my mouth, planting kisses along his divine physique until I took his cock deep into my mouth, building up a rhythm that made him groan and cry out. Tasting the salt of his pre-cum, I slowed down and rolled my tongue around the head of his penis. He could take no more, but I wanted him to finish deep inside me, so I moved my mouth upwards. I kissed his beautiful mouth, our tongues meeting and caressing each other.

He pushed me gently over the crates of beer, and began to kiss my breasts and stomach, his mouth tantalizingly working further and further down. His soft tongue was a delicious contrast to his stubbly chin. I needed him to go down on me.

“Please,” I cried.

He looked up and grinned wickedly. “Beg me.”

“Please,” I cried tuzla escort again. “Please lick my pussy.”

He didn’t need asking twice. He began slowly, working his tongue around my clit, swirling until I was on the edge, then he tickled my slit with his tongue, kissing me until, after a while- it might have minutes or hours, I was totally insensible- my whole body shuddered with an amazing, electric orgasm. He kissed my mouth as I came and I knew we were still not finished.

“Bend over,” he whispered, and I did as I was told, keeping my back level but arched, placing my hands against the wall, which felt so cold to my burning skin.

His huge cock tickled between my parted legs. For an agonising second I wondered where he would stick it, or if he would just keep teasing me. I ached for him.

Just when I wasn’t expecting it he plunged deep into my pussy. His bigness took me by surprise and I cried out; he was the biggest I’d ever had. My pussy filled, he began beating a rhythm, circling my nipples with his hand.

He was beginning to lose control. He pounded harder and harder, until I thought that I was going to pass out. Harder and harder still until I too began to lose all reason, I was being fucked senseless. One hand was circling my right nipple, the other was stroking my clit. I was going to die from pleasure. His balls slapped against my ass, beating a tattoo that accentuated my agonising bliss. All that mattered in the world was this, his cries of pleasure mingling with mine.

Thrusting harder and deeper, he slowed suddenly, running his fingers down my hair and into my mouth. They tasted of my own body.

I was just about to ask him what he was doing, but he took the answer from my mouth. He fucked me with an even greater intensity, so much so that it was beginning to hurt, but the best and most amazing pain I’d ever known. Fingers circling my clit added to my bliss, a bliss that was just in front of me…

And then he shuddered his way into orgasm, just as I tipped over the edge of pleasure.

Giving one last complimentary thrust, we parted, kissed, and went back to work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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