Our Family Vacation Ch. 13

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(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

I want to thank my editor Joefelton.


Homeward Bound

Day 22

I’m running. From what I’m not sure. All I know is that I need to keep running. It seems like I’ve been running for hours and my body just can’t continue; so as I look back over my shoulder to see if it or they are still behind me my knees buckle and I go down. My momentum carries me a few more feet as I tumble and roll over myself until stopping on my back.

I strain my eyes to see if my pursuer(s) are still after me, but all I see is endless darkness. I attempt to get up and move but my body won’t respond and I just lie there. At first since I see and hear nothing I assume I escaped, but ever so slowly I can hear movement coming towards me.

Again I struggle to rise, or even roll over to crawl, but again I’m unable to so much as raise my head. Now, even though I still see nothing, I know the thing(s) have found me. I start feeling something touching me, first just quick gentle brushes of something against my skin. Those gentle touches quickly become more as it feels like my entire body is being groped at once. I open my mouth to scream but no sound has the chance to escape because as soon as my lips part something is pushed into my mouth.

I try to struggle, still unable to move, for what seems like hours, though it may only be a few seconds. Seeing no end to this anytime soon I simply relax and allow the thing(s) to do what they will; plus my body is actually enjoying what it’s feeling. As I relax and start to lose myself in these feelings the world seems to drift away.

For just a moment, or maybe all of eternity, there is nothing, then the world starts to return; though different than before. I still feel something touching me, though not everywhere at once; there is still something in my mouth but now I feel it slowly moving in and out; and I now hear voices, a man and a woman.

“Susan, are you sure about this?”

“Dan, trust me. Abby will love this when she wakes up.”

I open my eyes and after a second to adjust to the light I see something roundish rising and falling towards me. It takes me another second to realize what I’m seeing is Daddy’s balls and the thing in my mouth is his hard cock as he slowly and gently face fucks me. After that realization it doesn’t take me long to figure out the touching I feel over my body are Mom’s and Daddy’s hands and mouths.

I know deep down that waking up to find your father’s cock in your mouth should be revolting and just plain fucked up, but I don’t feel revolted or fucked up. No, I just feel beyond horny as I let out moan deep in my body as I thrust up pelvis up toward who ever’s tongue is currently licking my clit.

“Oooooh, sounds like someone’s awake,” Mom coos.

Daddy stops his movements with just the head of his cock past my lips, “Abby, are you okay with this?”

As an answer I groan as I grab Daddy’s ass and pull him balls deep in my throat.

“Oh fuck, I’ll take that as a yes,” Daddy groans before continuing to face fuck me, but now much faster than before.

For maybe fifteen minutes Daddy pounds away at my little throat until with a deep groan feeds me a very delicious pre-breakfast snack. After Daddy pulls his now only half hard cock from my lips I am going to roll over and crawl between Mom’s legs, but before I have a chance to even turn my head Mom is kneeling over me.

“My turn baby girl,” Mom smiles before sitting on my face.

And when I say sit on my face, I mean sit on my face; Mom fully puts all her weight down on me as she starts gently rocking her hips. For the next few minutes my world consists of nothing more than Mom’s pussy over my mouth and her big round bubble butt taking up most of my view. I think Mom is so into riding my face she forgets I need air; after maybe four minutes what little I can see besides ass cheeks starts to turn to black. I start struggling to get her off me just enough to breath but she simply continues to gyrate her hips over me.

I’m not sure if Daddy has gone to the bathroom or was also just caught up in what Mom is doing but when I start wildly kicking my legs I hear his voice as if through a thick wall, “Susan, get off her a second. She needs to breath!”

“What? Oh shit,” Mom I think yells before I feel her weight lifting away and soon my lungs filling with oxygen, “Oh god Abby, are you alright.”

Between gasps of air, “Yes Mom, just remember I’m not a dildo,” I weakly smile.

“Oh baby I’m sorry,” Mom says nearly in tears as she hugs me.

“Mom, really I’m fine now. But how about we come up with a signal? Like if I punch you in the side I need air,” I grin.

Mom kisses me before giggling, “Fair enough.”

I pull Mom into another kiss before grinning, “So you want to continue your ride?”

“You sure?”

“Yes, just remember to let me breath every so often, unless you want to get punched.”

Mom gives me a quick peck on the tip of my nose before bostancı escort climbing back ontop of me.

For the next twenty minutes Mom rides my face to two powerful orgasms, remembering to give me a chance to breath every few minutes. As Mom collapses onto the bed besides me after her second orgasm, I start to ask if she enjoyed herself but all that comes out of my mouth is a loud moan.

Apparently watching his wife ride his daughter’s face got Daddy all worked up again, because as Mom’s body hits the bed next to me Daddy grabs my legs and with one strong thrust buries himself balls deep in my pussy.

“Oh fuck Daddy,” I finally manage to moan a few moments later.

“I hope you don’t mind baby girl,” Daddy grins down at me before leaning down to suck my left nipple into his mouth.

“Daddy, you can fuck me whenever you want,” I scream as I cum on his cock.

After my body stops shaking from my orgasm, Daddy grabs me and without pulling out flips me onto my belly. As he grabs my hips and starts pounding into me as hard as he can Mom slides over so we are in a 69 position. I’m not sure how long we take to fuck each other, all I do know is that eventually we all have yet another strong, mind blowing orgasm.

Mom cums first from me sucking at her clit while thrusting, or at least trying to thrust with Daddy fucking me so hard, my ring and middle fingers deep into her pussy as hard as I can. The combination of Daddy’s hard cock pounding deep into me and the vibrations of Mom’s moans as she sucks my clit pushes me over the edge, maybe ten seconds after Mom. Daddy is soon to follow as he pulls me hard against him one last time as he lets out an almost animal like bellow before pumping my hungry little pussy full of his cum.

Daddy’s powerful climax must have sapped all his strength because after he shoots off one last rope of cum deep into my womb, he collapses forward leaving me sandwiched between him and Mom, and Mom stuck under both of us. We just lay there a few moments, a tangle of sweaty body parts, until we are all strong enough to move again. We settle back on the bed with Daddy between Mom and me.

“So Abby, how did you like your wake up call,” Mom asks with a laugh.

“You and Daddy can wake me up like that anytime you want,” I giggle before giving them each a kiss on the cheek.

“Sorry ladies, as amazing as that was I’m not sure this old man has it in me to do that every morning,” Dad laughs pulling us each tighter into his sides.

“Well, there are two young men not far from here whom I’m sure would be happy to stand in for you,” Mom teases.

Daddy laughs, “Oh really?”

“Yep,” Mom grins.

Daddy slaps Mom on the ass, “I bet you’d like that you naughty slut.”

“I might,” Mom teases before kissing Daddy.

“Would you really want to… with your own sons?”

“You sure seem to enjoy it with your daughter, so if you’d be alright with your wife getting fucked by your own sons I think I would be willing,” Mom grins.

“I know this will sound hypocritical but I’m not sure how I’d feel about knowing my wife is taking my son’s cock,” Daddy says with a serious tone.

“Party pooper,” Mom laughs.

Daddy gives her a funny look then laughs, “You know I never thought I’d be naked in bed with our daughter, so I guess I’ll try to keep an open mind.”

Mom gets a surprised look on her face, “Really?”

Daddy just grins and shrugs.


After just enjoying being in each other’s arms for a few more minutes we climb out of bed. Much like the other morning we shower together, taking turns getting washed by the other two. After out shower we meet up with Danny and Jack for breakfast. Mom sits between Daddy and Jack and at one point when neither of them are looking Mom smiles at me and Daddy, then mimes giving a double blowjob, making Daddy spit out the mouth full of food he’s chewing, which in turn makes Mom and me lose it laughing. When Daddy composes himself, he apologizes telling the boys he took too big a bite.

After breakfast we load into the van and start the drive towards Mount Rushmore. After another long day driving we enjoy some time at Mount Rushmore and afterwards decide, since we still have some time, to drive to the Crazy Horse Memorial. Even though it isn’t finished the Crazy Horse Memorial is definitely worth the time to see if you are in the area.


We stop about an hour after sunset at a simple roadside motel, that seems to be mostly empty. Mom gets us three rooms; a double for Danny and Jack that is joined with my single bed, and a king bed for Mom and Daddy. After bringing our bags into our rooms we drive about a mile up the road to a diner that the clerk suggested.

After dinner we have to park next to the pool area. Mom notices that the pool and hot tub are open until midnight and are currently empty, “Hey, I think I’m going to go for a swim. Maybe that and a little time in the hot tub will help my muscles relax after all this driving. Any one wanna join me?”

Daddy and the ümraniye escort bayan boys all turn her down saying they’re too tired; and though I would rather try to sneak in a little fun with the guys I notice the look on Mom’s face and agree to swim with her, “Sure Mom. I’ll join you. It’ll give me a chance to wear the swim suit I brought.”

Mom gives me a big smile, “Great, I’ll meet you out here after we get changed.”

In my room I have to dig through my bags until I find where I packed my stupid suit. I smile when I find two suits; one just a basic black bikini, and the other a tiny white one that’s not much more than three triangles and some string. It takes me a minute to remember where the little white one even came from, then I remember my friend Angie had given it to me a few months ago, teasing that if I wore it maybe I’d finally get some dick. I grin to myself at the thought of what Angie and Beth would think if they knew what I’ve been up to.

I quickly strip and after a minute or two of trying to figure out how to arrange things, I’m standing looking at my nearly nude body in the mirror, “Wow, girls actually go out in public like this. Talk about being a slut,” then after giving myself a naughty grin, I guess it’s a good thing I’m a slut now.”

I decide to ask the boys if they are sure they don’t want to join me and Mom. I knock at the dividing door between our rooms. It takes a few seconds but eventually Danny opens it.

“Hey Abby, what do you…,” he stops for a second as he notices what I’m wearing, “…Fuck Abby, you look hot as hell in that!”

I give my body a little sway as I act embarrassed, “Oh stop it.”

“Well you do,” he grins, “so what did you need?”

“Mom seemed like she really was hoping we would all join her in the pool, so I’m just asking one more time if you and Jack wanna come?”

He opens the door fully to show Jack already passed out and snoring in his bed, “Well, Jack is clearly out but…,” he looks me up and down again and grins, “…I think I can be persuaded.”

“Oh I’m sure if you join us you’ll enjoy yourself,” I tease as I turn around and wiggle my ass at him, “so should I tell Mom you’ll be joining us?”

He just shakes his head for a few seconds before he finally groans, “Yes.”

I giggle, “See you out there,” before closing the door in his face.

I go out to the pool and find it empty. I decide to wait on Mom and Danny before getting in the pool, but I do turn the heat up on the hot tub so it’s good and hot later when we want to use it. Maybe five minutes later Danny shows up in just his trunks, “Where’s Mom?”

“Not out here yet. Maybe she got distracted by Daddy,” I grin.

“If her suit is anything like yours I wouldn’t blame Dad for not wanting her to go anywhere,” Danny jokes as he pulls me into a kiss.

I let him kiss me for a few seconds before pushing him away, “What if Mom comes out and finds us?”

“You’re right,” he says stepping away, then grins, “but I would rather take the chance, and if she catches us she can just join us.”


“Well… uh… I was joking, but I wouldn’t run the other way if that were to happen.”

“Really, a threesome with your little sister and your Mom? You are such a perv!”

Danny stammers for a few seconds, but I put him out of his misery and grin, “I like it.”

Danny grins, “Slut.”

“And you wouldn’t have it any other way,” I tease.

“You better believe it,” he chuckles.

I’m within an inch of throwing all caution to the wind and just jumping him right here and now; but thankfully, maybe, we hear someone walking towards the pool. We both look over to see Mom open and close the metal gate to the pool area. She is wearing a wrap around, and in one hand she is caring a towel and in the other a bottle of something.

“Oh good Danny, you decided to join us,” then looks me over then grins, “was that before or after seeing Abby’s suit?”

Danny turns bright red and takes a step away from me as I gasp, “Mom!”

“What?” she grins, “you are showing more than a little skin and he is a guy.”

“Still,” then in an attempt to change the subject, “so what took you so long, and what’s in the bottle?”

“I was in the mood for something a little stronger than soda, so I walked over to that store we passed on the way in and got us this,” she says as she hands Danny the bottle.

Danny looks at the bottle in surprise, “Really Mom, Vodka?”

“They didn’t exactly have a huge selection. So it was that, beer, or something called Uncle Freddy’s Happy Punch. I don’t like beer, I’m not even going to start on Uncle Freddy’s Happy Punch, sooo I got vodka. If you Don’t like it don’t drink it,” she grins before taking the bottle back and after opening it takes a swing straight from the bottle.

Danny takes the bottle and takes a large gulp before handing the bottle back to Mom. Mom takes another drink then hands me the bottle.

I take the bottle and grin, “Mom, you know I’m not 21, right?”

“I won’t kartal escort tell if you don’t,” she chuckles.

I shrug and take a drink, and then proceed to have a coughing fit; damn vodka is a lot stronger than champaign.

Danny takes the bottle and laughs, “Easy there Sis, it may be clear but it’s not water.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I mock, between coughs.

“Well. While you two fight I’m getting in the pool,” Mom laughs before dropping her wrap.

I have to physically stop myself from laughing as Danny’s eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees Mom’s tiny red bikini. Though it has a lot more fabric than what I am currently wearing, Mom does have a lot more body to fill it out. So standing not two feet from us is our mother, a woman neither of us have seen swim in anything other than a one piece suit that showed as little skin as possible, wearing a tiny red, thong bikini that left very little to the imagination.

I grin at Danny as his eyes follow Mom’s every move as she walks to the pool steps and wades into the pool.

“You better scrape your tongue off the floor before you trip over it,” I tease.

“Or you sit on it,” he grins back.

I slap his arm and then grin, “Maybe later,” before joining Mom in the pool.


Around a half hour later Mom swims up to me, after taking another drink from the bottle, with a huge grin on her face, “I think we may have to take Danny to the hospital to have his eyes put back in his head the way he keeps staring at us.”

I had taken a few more sips of vodka too and was definitely feeling it, “Do you really want to make his eyes pop out?”

Mom giggles, “What’d you have in mind?”

I lean over and whisper my plan in her ear, “What do you think?”

Mom gives me a huge smile, “I like it.”

We both swim a little more before Mom climbs out of the pool and goes over to the diving board. Danny doesn’t pay much attention, at least until she pops out of the water after jumping in, “Abby! Danny! Help!”

I force myself not to grin as we swim to her, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“My top came off when I jumped in just now. Find it, Please!”

Danny quickly dives under to find Mom’s top, while Mom gives me a huge smile as she tosses her bikini top over to the side of the pool. I ‘help’ Danny look for Mom’s top for the next ten minutes or so before Mom finally says, “You know what, just stop looking you two. They’re just tits. Abby has her own and I’m sure Danny has seen plenty of others before. And you two have both already seen me topless before so what’s the point?”

Danny looks at me then to Mom, “Are you sure, Mom?”

“Sure, what’s the harm? Unless you two have a problem with me going topless.”

“NO!!” Danny yells, then blushes, “I mean I don’t have a problem if you two don’t.”

After Danny’s outburst I can’t help but burst out in giggles, “Well Mom, Danny made his opinion clear.”

Mom joins me in my giggles and we both look at Danny, “He sure did.”

Danny gets even redder and quickly dives under water and starts swimming away. Once he makes it to the other end of the pool, where he stays for awhile, Mom whispers to me, “That was so fucking funny.”

“I know,” I grin before breaking into laughter again.


We swim for another five to ten minutes before Mom says, “Alright, I’m getting in the hot tub, you two wanna join me?”

“Sure,” Danny and I both answer.

I smile to myself as Mom shows no shame as she climbs out of the pool letting the whole world, or in this case me and Danny, see her bare breasts. I give Mom a nudge and nod my head toward Danny and the clear bulge in his trunks.

Mom leans over and whispers, “Based on that bulge it could have been Danny you sucked at the glory hole. You little slut,” she laughs and fast walks the remainder of the way to the pool, putting more than a little extra sway to her hips and bounce to her tits.

I laugh as I watch Mom. Danny steps to my side and groans, “Fuck, if Mom keeps it up she’ll make me cum in my shorts!”

“Well, at least you won’t be up anymore,” I tease, before rushing ahead to the hot tub.


After getting ourselves settled we just quietly sit there and relax in the hot water. I lay back and close my eyes, just enjoying the feeling of the hot water bubbling around me. I get so relaxed in fact I nearly fall asleep and have to force myself to sit up straight so I don’t accidentally drown.

When I shift Mom opens her eyes and looks over at me, “You know Abby, I just realized something.”


“You’re the only one in this hot tub wearing a top. That doesn’t seem quite fair, does it Danny?”

Not sure what to say Danny looks between Mom and me a few times before smiling, ” You know Mom, you’re right.”

“Are you two seriously telling me to take off my top?”

“Abby, it’s not like it’s really hiding anything anyway,” Mom giggles and points to my chest.

I look down and sure enough the white fabric is all but invisible now that it’s wet, so my clearly hard nipples are on display. I bet Angie knew it would do this and hoped I’d wear it in public.

“Well, if it will make you two feel better, fine,” I say as I pull it off, “I mean I wouldn’t want you two to make me get out of the hot tub, it feels too good in here.”

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