Oral Purrversions

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It was the picture that caught me. No not one of those mags, Penthouse or whatever, rather the cover of the “Now”, our city’s free, racy guide to the arts this week. I don’t always pick it up, pretty well out of that loop, but my sister-in-law brought home last week’s issue, and somehow the coverpage stayed in my car for a few days of commuting.

The picture in question shows three young women, clothed, sitting on rusty chairs against a light concrete background. The woman in the center, a brunette with sunglasses, a straw hat and dark blue T-shit and shorts, has lifted her arms in a “V.” Her mouth is open and one leg is thrown over the chair leg. To her right another brunette, wearing a leopard halter-top and blue jeans has thrown her head back her arms pushing against the chair, abandoning herself to the pleasure of the day. On the pavement under their legs lies a copy of National Geographic, which brings to mind yet another preadolescent fantasy, but I ramble. Finally on the left, a woman with reddish blonde hair, falling out of a loose bun, her sunglasses wedged in her hair. She is wearing a short cotton dress molded to her luscious body and suspended by thin strings across her shoulders. She is smiling and there is a golden name locket round her neck but I cannot make out the letters. Her right leg is extended and crosses the left leg of the center woman, with her shoe, black, resting against the sandal of the woman on the far right. Her left hand is behind her head while her right, which bears a large watch with a leather band, rests between her thighs. Perhaps she suddenly realized how short her dress was or…

Later that week, I was cutting between streets at the back of an apartment anadolu yakası escort courtyard or something, not really looking forward to a long hot subway ride in my jacket shirt and tie, something I wear only for downtown meetings. It had been worth it, however, my presentation was the highlight of the meeting, lunch had been more than cordial and it looked like we had more work over the summer. Passing by the courtyard, I stopped short, caught by the sight of the three young women from that picture. They were sitting on rusty chairs, enjoying what must have been one of the few sunny days we’ve had this year. But what really stopped me was the sign in front of the middle woman “Oral Purrversions – $ 100.00.” With the new laws about topless and all, the papers were full of warnings about Sex on the Streets, but this was the first I’d come across. What most surprised me was that there were no customers.

Well I was feeling flush, and they looked attractive, so I walked over and handed $ 100.00 to the woman in the middle. She looked me over and said “Giving or receiving?” to which I replied “Both”.

She said “Start with Linda, the blonde, on my left, and if you are real good you might get the second half with Michelle.” I took off my jacket and was going to loosen my tie, but Linda smiled “No keep it on, I like tight men.”

I shrugged and knelt between Linda’s thighs. She wriggled her bottom in the chair and pulled her dress up to her midriff. As I had suspected she was not wearing anything underneath. She looked at her watch saying “You have five minutes to make me come and I’ll even give you a Head Start!” She ran her fingers up ataşehir escort her wet sex and along her erect clit. I took her hand in mine and sucked each finger “MMM, good Head is as much a matter of the hand as the Mouth!” She leaned back as I ran my hands along her thighs, up circling her shaven sex, then fingered the wispy patch of blonde hair she had left above. Her left labia was pierced with a golden ring, I wondered how it would taste against her sex. My tongue circled the outside of her labia then up her moist slit. I mouthed her labia, the bright cold taste of the ring contrasting with the soft, warm, salty taste of her flesh.

I pressed my tongue across her clit, then took her whole sex in my mouth and sucked. She moaned and arched her back, whimpering a bit as I withdrew and blew softly across her sex, before returning to her clit. I inserted one, then two fingers into her vagina pressing her clit hard against my mouth, while my thumb played with her perineum. She reached down and took my tie, pulled it behind her and then drew my tie up the slit of her ass, bringing my face hard into her sex, my nose pressed against her pubis, her clit deep in my mouth. “Bite it hard” she commanded. As I complied, she was swept over the edge, lost in a paroxysm of orgasm, almost strangling me in the process. When her peak subsided, she loosened her hold, and I was able to catch my breath. I ran my tongue slowly up her slit, reveling in the aftershocks this precipitated. “MMMM you are good” she looked at her watch “four minutes – now go to Michelle for your reception.”

I rose to my feet, my knees cracking, and was about to take off my sodden tie but Michelle cooed ümraniye escort “No Honey leave it on and get over her now.” As I moved to stand in front of Michelle, she removed her leopard halter-top revealing her pert breasts, each with its own nipple ring, one gold, one silver. She unfastened my belt and then my pants and fly, then pulled my briefs down until all were at my ankles. She pared my shirttails and took my erect cock into her hands. Next she pressed my cock between her tits, then rubbed my leaking tip with the tie “Yes I like my cock formal”. She mouthed my balls, while her fingers ran up and down my hard shaft. I groaned softly, as my cock grew even harder, and my balls popped out of her mouth. She locked her thumbs in my navel, her fingers tracing circles in my pubic hair and caressing my testis through my tight scrotum.

Her tongue pushed round my rim and cumhole, delighting in the flesh, the salty liquid beginning to seep from my cumhole. Her hands moved down, one slowly pistoning my erect shaft. The thumb of her other hand pressed my cock through my scrotum between my testis while her fingers rubbed my perineum. Her tongue danced across the rim of my cock, probing my cumhole, then she swallowed my whole shaft, her hands moving to my firm ass, a finger entered my asshole and pressed my prostate. My taut scrotum pulsed, my cock quivered as she milked the beginnings of my emissions, swallowing the first spurts, then storing the remainder, her cheeks distending, my diminishing cock pulsing in warmth bathed in the mix of cum and saliva, stirred by her frenetic tongue. She rose up and kissed me deeply, sharing my cum, then said, “Times up Honey – another customer is waiting.”

I looked behind me and sure enough there was another man waiting behind me. I pulled up and fastened my pants and stumbled off to the subway. My tie dried without visible stain. These days I wear it, my lucky tie, to hot meetings, when every now and then I’ll catch a sniff of its saturated sex and smile quietly to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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