Opportunity for Interlude Ch. 02

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I lay there in the lounge chair watching Kari swim a few leisurely laps. The sun was still quite warm at 3 o’clock on a early summer afternoon. I walked naked over to the hot tub to see if the temperature was right yet. It was almost ready. When I turned back to the pool and the lounge chairs, my wife was climbing the stairs out of the pool. I watched spellbound as my hot, sexy girl stepped to her lounge chair. The water droplets from the pool rolled down her body. Her nipples were standing at full attention from the cool water. When she got to her chair, she leaned over to lower herself to lay on her stomach. As she did, I got a great side-view of her tits hanging beneath her like ripe pears, swaying slightly ’til she mashed them beneath her on the chair. Though it had only been minutes since I’d last cum, I felt a delightful twinge in my cock.

I decided to get in the pool and cool off a bit. Skinny-dipping is such a sensual thing. It’s not like a bath or a shower. It’s not like just walking around naked. Moving through the water causes currents to wrap around you like a million cool fingers. My semi-erect cock flailed back and forth and the water caressed it as it flowed by it. I grabbed a float and crossed my arms over it kicking my legs lazily and enjoying the sensation of the flowing water.

I looked up from the pool to where Kari lay on her lounger, reading about the crazy life of a certain female bounty hunter. Every so often she’d giggle and shake. I noticed from where I sat that I could just see up between her legs to her shaved pussy lips. Kari chose that moment to look around at me. She noticed where I was looking and moved her legs farther apart so I could see even better. My wife is not usually sexually adventurous, but the combination of the hot summer day and the secluded location seemed to have turned her into my very own exhibitionist. She looked at me brazenly as she reached back with her right hand and pulled her ass cheek to the side causing her pussy lips to open and reveal the moist, pink tunnel of her sex. She held her lewd position for me as I drank in the vision of her hot pussy spread open for me. I smiled and she returned to her book as I began to take a few laps of the pool doing a slow breaststroke.

When I turned at the deep end after a couple of laps, I noticed that Kari had turned over and was sitting up facing me in the lounge chair. Her feet were on the chair and her knees were up and while not obscene, they were spread sufficiently for a voyeur like me to see what I wanted. She had at some point set her book aside and was looking at me. When she saw she had my attention, she spread her knees a bit farther apart and slid her hand down to her pussy and began stroking it lightly with her fingers. There are not many things hotter than watching a hot girl pleasure herself with her fingers. She kept looking straight at me as he middle finger slipped between her folds and lubricated her crease with her pussy juice. I was salivating. I watched enthralled as she dipped her middle finger into her cunt up to her palm and brought it back out.

I suggested, “Why don’t you bring that over here to the side of the pool?”

As an answer, she dropped both feet to the decking, stood up and walked over to the side of the pool where I was standing, never taking her hand from her steamy cunt. She sat down on the side of the pool with her thighs spread and her feet in the water. She switched hands and began diddling her pussy with her right hand as her left hand cupped her breast and she pinched the nipple between her fingers. I maneuvered my float around until I was only three feet or so from her sopping cunt and watched for a few minutes as she pleased herself.

I couldn’t hold out for very long and soon I pushed the float away and walked on my knees over to her. I picked up some pool water in my mouth and when I got to her, I slowly streamed it out of my mouth on her engorged labia. Kari moved her hand away and propped herself up with both hands on the deck behind her. I extended my tongue and greeted her Little Red Riding Hood. Touching her only with the tip of my tongue, I traced halkalı escort her crease down to her perineum, then flattened my tongue and worked my way back up to her clit. When I reached her clit, I began in earnest, flicking it back and forth with my tongue as I sucked on it with my lips. She threw her head back and moaned her contentment. I continued to work on her pussy with my mouth and started stroking my cock under water. I looked up to see she was watching me intently cupping her tits and pinching her nipples with one hand as she leaned back on the other. Her breathing was becoming ragged as my attention to her clit was helping her climb up into ecstasy. Sensing that she was close to cumming, I slid my middle finger, palm up into her cunt and found the little bumps on her G-spot and began to alternately press and rub circles on that puffy place just inside her pussy walls. She really seemed to like the combination and she cooed and moaned as the tension mounted.

“Ooh, that’s it…don’t stop…suck it hard…ahhh…pleeeease.”

She threw her head back again and came hard, her legs spasming and her stomach fluttering. Just then a freight train was began lumbering by on the back boundary of the property. Kari was laid flat on the deck with her nipples pointing toward the sky and her legs were spread and still shaking. The engineer waved and gave me a “thumbs up” as he passed.

“The engineer thinks you’re sexy, baby,” I said to my post-orgasmic sweetheart.

“What? Oh, CRAP!” as she slid into the water to hide her nakedness.

I turned her around so she faced the train with her boobs resting on the edge of the pool, her arms crossed in front of them on the deck. The freight train was lumbering slowly across the back of the property, the engineer watching the free show we were giving him. I grabbed her hips and tilted them forward, then pushed my cock up into her molten cunt. The difference in temperatures between the cool pool water and Kari’s hot pussy was exquisite. I held her shoulder with one hand and waved to the engineer with the other as I slowly fucked my hot wife’s pussy.

Eventually, the train passed out of view. I wasn’t going to cum again so soon after her blowjob on the deck, so I just pleasured myself by sliding my dick in and out of her pussy. I love the feeling of my cock being hard and being stimulated even without the promise of impending release. The friction of my cock in her love tunnel is something I could enjoy forever it seems. But I didn’t want to “wear her out” with a whole evening ahead of us, so I backed out of her and turned her around to press against her for a long, soft kiss. My cock was against her belly and her tits were pressed to my chest as we held each other closely and our hands roamed up and down the back of the other.

I dipped down into the water and pushed away from her treading water on my back and she reached for the float. As she adjusted herself lying back on the float, I asked,

“Are you having a good time so far?”

“This is really nice,” she replied, “I’m having a great time. How long are we going to stay?”

“I thought we’d stay at least until sunset. We could order a pizza delivered and enjoy the sauna and hot tub when the sun goes down and it gets a little cooler.”

By now we’d drifted closer together and I was able to stand up next to the float and look down on my wife’s hot little body. Her nipples seemed to be in a permanent state of arousal and her shaved pussy had a look of wantonness with the inner lips protruding from between the smooth outer lips. The thought of jumping on her and fucking her senseless passed through my brain quickly, but I really wanted to prolong the sheer sensuality of our experience together. So I just reached my hand to her breast and massaged her gently as we talked. She had been trailing her hands in the water and as I stroked her chest and fondled her tits and nipples, she reached for my cock and balls. She raked her fingers up from the lower side of my balls to the front, then put her fingers together as she taksim escort rubbed up the bottom of my shaft then reversed back down my shaft ’til she was again cupping my balls. She repeated this process over and over keeping me in a state of arousal. As I’ve said before, I love just being hard—having her touch me intimately made it even better. There’s something about relaxed, naked sensuality that is hard to beat.

Eventually, we both got out of the pool and went to the chairs for more sun. Kari lay on her stomach and read her book. I lay on my back and shut my eyes, just dozing a bit. I must have dozed off for a few minutes but I awoke suddenly to the pleasant sensation between my legs. Opening my eyes, I saw my cock erect and throbbing to the stimulation of my wife’s hand slick with sunscreen going up and down my shaft. I moaned and she giggled,

“I wanted to make sure you didn’t get sunburned while you were sleeping,” she said.

“Thank you.”

“While I’m up, you wanna try something?” I asked.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I’ve heard and read about female orgasms in which the girl will ejaculate, sometimes massively. The things I read suggested that the orgasm that accompanies ejaculation is very powerful and leaves the girl completely sated” I said. “Wanna try?”

“Ejaculation? Like a man?”

I chuckled, “Yes, but it seems women are better than men when they learn how and can ‘squirt’ their cum as much as 6 feet away or more!”

“Eww, I don’t know about that….”

“The videos I’ve seen of it are SO HOT!! To know that I’d helped you get to that level of pleasure would be such a turn-on!”


“Absolutely,” I assured her, “Let me make you cum the way you’ve done for me for so long.”

With a smile, she said “Ok, what do I have to do?”

“Just sit back on your lounger and relax. You’ll feel like you’ve got to pee. It’s NOT pee, but your G-spot wanting release. Just let it go and when you start to cum, bear down on it.”

We discussed it a bit more until she thought she could do what I’d read about and could relay to her.

I got off my chair and straddled the end of her chair facing her. She pulled her feet up within a foot of her ass and set them on the edge of the chair, splaying her knees out to the side. Her pussy opened and I leaned in to kiss her. Our tongues dueled softly as our lips barely touched. I moved my hand to her mound and using my index and middle finger together, inserted them halfway into her hot pink hole. Curling my fingers up slightly, I began to massage her puffy G-spot, rubbing in circles for a bit then sliding back and forth, keeping a constant light pressure. I broke our kiss just long enough to suggest that she pull on her nipples for me. This served two purposes: it would help her climb to climax AND, to be honest, I just enjoyed watching her pleasure herself. I scooted closer to her and she raised her feet off the lounger. As I continued to rub her G-spot and kiss her lightly, I used the thumb of my other hand to circle her clit. She was losing concentration in our kiss so I backed away to look at her as she rode her way toward the orgasm we were trying to achieve for her. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted as she breathed raggedly through them moaning and whimpering every now and then. She was savagely pinching her nipples and mashing her tits against her chest. I started talking dirty to her then,

“Do my fingers feel good in your pussy?”

She nodded, flushed.

“Your pussy is so wet and feels so good,” I said, “You look absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

She squirmed and moaned. The dirty talk was something that she very rarely did. It made her skin tingle just to hear me talk about ‘fucking her pussy.’

“I want you to cum for me first—I want you to cum HARD—cum on my chest like I did to you earlier.”

Her legs were shaking a little now. I knew she was ready to cum, but would she squirt?

“Does it feel good? Do you feel like you’ve gotta pee?”


“Good. Ok, when you cum, just let go and enjoy it. şişli escort Cum as hard as you can, don’t hold back.”

It looked like we might get it. I was so excited. I couldn’t wait to see her explode.

“Are you close?”

“Mm-hmm, ahhh.”

“Get ready—”

I switched tactics with my thumb directly flicking her engorged clit back and forth. Her body started bucking and her hands grabbed the side of the lounge. My fingers were pistoning in and out of her wet cunt, fingertips pressed on her G-spot. All of a sudden, her legs shot straight out to the sides of the lounge chair as stiff as boards and her head fell backward, mouth open, and her back arched, her tits pointed at the sky as she screamed,

“Ahhh, that’s SO fucking GOOD…”

I pulled my fingers out of her and she shot a stream of cum that hit me on my chest right above my sternum.

“Push it, baby—you’re so fucking HOT!! Cum HARD baby!”

I kept rubbing her clit and another stream shot out of her and hit me lower, bathing my belly and cock in her juice.

“Fuck me! I want you in me, now!” she cried.

I slid forward and my cock slipped into her spasming cunt. She threw her arms around my neck and leveraged herself up onto my lap, impaled on my cock. I kissed and sucked on her neck allowing her to enjoy the euphoria of post-orgasmic bliss as she came down from her climax.

She turned her head to me and still slightly out of breath, said, “That was un-fucking-believable!!”

She ground her pussy on my cock, her clit rubbing against me.

“You liked it?”

“Like it? Holy crap!! THAT was the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever had! My pussy is on FIRE!”

I could feel her pussy fluttering against my cock. I leaned back a bit but kept her upright with a hand on her shoulder. She let me go but continued to rock her juicy wet cunt back and forth on my cock. I looked to the place of our joining to see my cock sliding in and out of her about an inch each way. As she pulled back, her inner lips would grip my shaft and be pulled out into view. I watched them in and out as my wife continued to try to milk cum out of my cock. I was hard but wasn’t going to cum like that. I told her to turn around. She grinned, because we both like it doggystyle and she knows how easily I cum when fucking her from behind. I sat there as she repositioned herself with her pussy poking out between her ass cheeks right in my face. Not one to miss an opportunity, I leaned in and licked her pussy, tasting her girl-cum. She groaned and said,

“Fuck me, I want to feel your cum splashing up inside me. Don’t mess around, fuck me now, fuck me hard”

I complied. Don’t want to disappoint my lady. I stood up and lined up my cock with her crack. I dragged it up and down her crease, collecting some of her natural lubricant and shoved my cock into her pussy balls-deep.

“Ungh, that feels so GOOD!” she growled huskily.

I slowly pulled almost all the was out and slammed back into her making her ass cheeks jiggle with the collision. I repeated the hammering about 3 more times and then began fucking her in earnest. Kari moaned and encouraged me with some nasty talk of her own,

“Fuck me good, honey, stick that cock in my pussy. Shoot your hot cum in my wet cunt. Fill me up, baby.”

It seemed she had learned the value of shock verbiage. With my wife’s slutty talk in my ears, I could feel my climax building, my balls began to tense up. I slapped her ass and she clenched her pussy. It was just enough to push me over and I rammed my cock deep and held it there as I shot my load into my wife’s hot cunt.

“Oh, baby, did that feel good? I felt it in my pussy. I felt you cumming.”

She reached back and fondled my balls causing me to shoot one more small load into her. I stood there reveling in the feel of my cock in her. I was softening but I wanted to hold onto the feeling as long as possible. She looked back at me as she squeezed down on me with her pussy, milking every last drop of jism out of my cock. I caressed her ass cheeks. I could smell our sex. It felt decadent. It was delicious.

I sat straight down at the end of her lounge chair and watched as my cum and her juices leaked out of her pink hole and eased down the crease of her pussy and dripped off her clit to the towel below.

“Let’s get back in the water and cool off, then order pizza,” she said with a smile.

She grabbed my hand and we walked down the steps of the pool into the water.

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