One To Remember

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Big Tits

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 10 years since that wonderful day. It was likely the most important day of my life, and most definitely the funnest (if that is even a word). It was the start of my senior year, the home stretch. I was 18. And even though prom was several months away, I was already nervous about asking that special girl. Who was that special girl you ask? Well let me tell you about her. Every day she sat beside me in the back row. I never thought she knew it, but she had been my fantasy since 8th grade. I couldn’t count how many nights I had awaken to drenched bed sheets because of her. I was always nervous around her, mostly because whenever I saw her, my pants decided it was a good time to pitch a tent.

That day I was especially nervous. She was wearing the pink skirt, the pink skirt that would usually begin my fantasies. It was short, so short that if she were to pick something up from the ground, you would be able to see every bit of what some would call her “unmentionables”. I had gone through several days of praying both for her to drop something, and for her not too. This day one of those prayers was answered. Sure enough her pencil rolled off the desk. It seemed like slow motion, and for every roll it made, I thanked god for making Mr. Gruthers forget to fix the table leg. As she bent over to pick it up. I started to sneak a peak, but looked away as I realized that the slightest glance would start a chain reaction in my pants that would not fair too well if I were called to the board. But the pencil rolled even further away, making her strain bahis firmaları to reach it, and making it impossible not to take a look. In view of my eyes was the most beautiful sight known to man. Every inch of her pussy was in sight. She wasn’t wearing her usual matching pink thong, god knows that part of the story, but never the less, she wasn’t wearing ANY underwear… I tried to hold it back, I tried to hold IT down but there was no stopping the huge erection that ensued. She sat back up in her seat after successfully retrieving her fallen pencil.

She glanced over at me, her marble green eyes met mine, and I felt her hand on my leg. Somehow she knew, her fingers slowly making their way to my rock hard cock. She then began rubbing slowly on the head. She took her other hand and guided my hand to her warm and wet pussy. Then she smiled at me, her usual innocent smile, pulled in close to me and whispered

“Meet me in the restroom at the start of next hour”. I nodded in acceptance to her offer, there seemed very little else I could do. My next challenge was making it to my next class without the whole school knowing that Apollo 8 was in my pants and ready for take off.

As soon as I got into the room I asked Mrs. Dotes for a restroom pass. As always she complied without question. I ran to the restroom as fast as I could, she was already there, and she was certainly ready. She pulled me into the stall with lightning speed and threw me onto the seat. She knew there was plenty of time, 5th hour was always the slowest for restroom breaks. She sat on my lap and began kaçak iddaa licking my neck. Her hands were gentle, like angel hands, and her lips were like velvet on mine. She could tell I was nervous.

“Relax, you’ve had your eye on me for a long time…” she said as she guided my fingers once more onto her warm satin pussy “and I’ve been waiting for it for just as long.”

When she felt my cock throb through the fabric of my pants… she stood and unbuttoned me. She was right; she could barely stand waiting for it as much as I could. She then sat slowly onto my throbbing penis, making my eyes and head roll back. When I rose back up I realized that her fate was the same. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me, all my fantasies for 4 years all coming true in one day. Her head rolled forward once more. As we met eyes again, she began slowly bouncing upon my lap, creating a feeling that I had only dreamed about. Our eyes were still locked onto each other as she leaned in and slipped her tongue into my mouth… I began rubbing her soft ass with my hand… I could feel myself being dragged into the heat of the moment. I placed my other hand under her blouse to feel her firm boobs bouncing in synchronization with her bouncing hips. I knew she was also getting pulled into the heat of it all, her hands found their places one on the back of my head holding our lips together despite the gyration of our bodies. And the other under my shirt gently rubbing my chest… she was using everything she had in her to suppress her screams into a nearly silent moan as her cum began bellowing kaçak bahis out over my cock and down my legs… she was persistent. She wanted more.

“Oh god, harder!” she whispered breathlessly into my ear… I knew she wanted it, and so did I. I began thrusting my hips along with hers creating a clapping sound with our thighs, a sound I thought only existed in the porno movies my brother had. She once again nearly screamed making a now more audible moan than before. She leaned in close to kiss me once more.

“I’m gonna cum…” the only words I had spoken to her the entire day, and she couldn’t have been more happy with them. She slowly lifted off of my then completely drenched groin and kneeled on the ground in front of me. She placed her fingers around my cock and quickly began stroking. I moaned almost as loud as she did as a first surge of cum shot across the stall hitting the door behind her. She aimed the second spurt in her face making it partly enter her mouth… the third spurt was not as strong landing on her neck and chin. Even though it was clear that I was done for this round, she proceeded to suck out every last bit of cum that was in my cock, even licking what was on her face.

When she was done, I stood up and lifted her to her feet. Her tongue slipped into my mouth once more and we kissed for several seconds longer, allowing me to taste both my cum and hers in her mouth. “Call me tonight…” She said while slipping a piece of paper with her phone number into my hand. “I’m not done with you yet….” She added before kissing me once more and walking out of the restroom…

For a moment I laughed to myself, thinking that asking her to prom might not be as hard as I originally thought.

But more importantly, that day I knew that my senior year would be one to remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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