On My Knees for Her

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Big Cock

Until 6 months ago, I would tell you that I had it made. I had a great job, an active dating life, a varied sex life, and nothing in front of me but blue sky. Now all I got in front of me is my boss’s cunt. Serving my mistress is, somehow, more satisfying than my old life.

I guess I should go back to the beginning. I work at DeClarke enterprises. My job was as a sales rep, pushing medical supplies. I had a car, an expense account, and an easy job. At its core my job was to show the buyers a good time and push the products. Mostly I bought the buyers, dinner, drinks; maybe a show or concert. Often we ended up in strip clubs with lap dances and other personal services. Not only was the job fun, but I was good at sales. I was usually at the top of the sales board. Then one day it all started to unravel.

The phone rang and a voice summoned me into Ms. Leslie DeClarke’s office. Shit, was my first thought. On second thought, what did I have to worry about; I made her tons of money. Maybe I was getting a promotion.

I walk into Ms. DeClarke office suite just as cocky as hell. Her assistant ushered me into the boss’s office. DeClarke was working at her desk and without looking up she motioned me to sit down. As almost a reflex I gave her the once over. Her hair was cut perfectly, maybe a little too severe for my tastes. She has on an expensive business suit with a pencil skirt. Nice tits, full lips, I casually thought I could easily give her a toss.

She slowly looked up at me with no expression on her face.

“Who the fuck to do you think you are?”

I gasp and sputter; no way I wasn’t expecting this.

“I have been looking over your expense reports. Obscene bar tabs, lavish dinners, strip clubs, escorts; are you some kind of thief or a fucking pimp?”

All I could put out there was a weak, “Look at my sales?”

“It’s not about the money,” she barked at me. “Do you know this is my family business? My grandfather started it and my father grew it and ……”

I went fucking numb. I can see she is talking but I can’t focus on the content. She is saying something about honor and respect and shit that like that. Then she dropped the bomb.

“You got an hour to pack your stuff and get out. An officer will be accompanying you to make sure you do not steal more of my money.”

I stupidly stood and walked out in a daze. I could vaguely see an officer off my shoulder and I saw a sad, pathetic look from the secretary. I then took the walk of shame as my co-workers gasp and point at me.

I packed my few things in a little box when the phone rang.

Get in my office, NOW!”

I carried my sad little halkalı escort box and made my way to Ms. DeClarke’s office. I wanted to be bold and tell her to go fuck herself, better yet slap the piss out of her. Somehow, I did not do either; I just stood there a broken man.

“Maybe I was too harsh on you. Come here and sit by me.”

“Officer, you can go. Tell my assistant that I need a couple of coffees, maybe a shot of bourbon for our friend here.”

“You broke my rules and there has to be a cost. You can’t just run wild and expect no one would notice or care. You owe me for all these costs. “

“I can pay you back.” I excitedly offer.

Ms. DeClarke’s assistant comes in with a silver tray with two coffees and a mini-bottle of Wild Turkey.

Ms. DeClarke leans over and pours the bourbon into my cup.

“Here drink this,” she says in absolute sweetness.

“I was thinking you might perform some extra services. A kind of part-time job.”

“Sure, anything you want. I mean, I love this job. I love this company. Nothing is too much for me to do.” I fell into sales mode.

“Come back here at about 6. I want to think about it.”

I grabbed my little box and damn near danced back to my office.

“I knew they couldn’t do without me,” I said aloud.

By 6:00, the office was empty as I strolled down to Ms. DeClarke’s office. There was no assistant and I walked straight into the office.

The lights in her office were dim. She sat at her desk and looked up.

“I have decided to let you work off you debt. If at any point you do not perform the duties exactly as I ask, you are out on your ass. There is no discussion, no debate. I tell you what to do and you do it. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, Mistress,” she corrected.

“Take off your clothes”

“What the fuck,” I thought to myself as I hesitated.

Mistress stood up and I noticed she had a riding crop in her hand. She quickly strode across the room and whipped me, hard, on the hip.

“Do you remember our understanding?”

“Yes.” I said.

She slapped me again. That riding crop hurt.

“Yes, Mistress.” I said.

With that, I began to undress. As I undressed, Mistress walked around me, looking me over as a tiger does a lamb.

I hesitated when I got down to my shorts. That little pause cost me another slapped. Finally, I was naked.

She took the riding crop and lifted my cock for inspection.

“Pathetic,” is all she said as she gazed at my manhood.

“Do you fuck girls with that thing?” she asked.

“Yes,…Mistress” taksim escort I replied.

“Don’t see how something like that could make them happy, bitch.”

“On your knees, bitch” she ordered.

I fell to my knees.

“Let’s see that thing hard. Bitch, play with you cock. Get it hard.”

Again, I paused only to receive a stinging smack across my back. My hand quickly began to stroke my cock. Not only did it get hard, but bursting hard.

“Don’t you dare cum, you little bitch boy.”

“Still not much of a dick, don’t see me using that. If you are lucky I will let you jack-off when you are very good.”

“Let’s see how that tongue of your works?”

She walked in front of me and lifted her pencil skirt. I saw no underwear and a dark heavy bush. Clearly, she does not shave her hairy pussy.

I leaned in and she parted her legs a bit. I immediately smelled that musky of cunt juice, a bit of pee and deep femininity. I took my first couple of licks and felt that thick bush part. Mistress was wet, I mean really wet. I eagerly, now, started working her cunt.

“That’s right. Bitch. Get your tongue deep in there. “

I felt her hand on the back of my head as she pulled me in deeper.

“The clit, lick the clit, bitch. Work it hard.”

I did as commanded. Soon I felt her tense and start to cum. I eagerly lapped at the juices. Her hair was matted with cunt juice and I licked and sucked all of it I could.

I was really into it now when I felt her hand grab my hair and jerk my head back.

“You can lick a cunt. I guess you’re worth keeping. Ok, you are now my little bitch. When I call you, you come; no matter the time of day or what you are doing. If I call you, you get here. Too slow and I will blister your ass. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

With that, my life changed.

A couple of days later my cell phone went off at 2 a.m.

“Here, now,” was all I heard.

I jumped in my car and drove like a mad man. Still it took 30 minutes. I lived in the suburbs and the office is in the city.

“Where the fuck have you been?”

I tried to explain…

“Naked and on your knees, now!” That was all I heard.

She lay on her office couch and I was soon licking her cunt.

“Do you like that, my little bitch? I added a little something extra for you. Tonight a real man fucked me. No little bitch’s cock like your, but a monster horse cock. Something a woman could really enjoy. Don’t worry he wore a condom; this time.”

I tasted the difference and tried to pull out, only to find her hand in my hair pulling me şişli escort deeper.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it. Now make me come real hard.”

As she talked, my cock grew harder and harder. Soon it felt like bursting. I licked her for all my worth. Soon she came in a giant gush

On my drive home, I thought how low I had sunk. I made up my mind to end this whole stupid thing. I could always find a new job.

That Monday I went to my office. On my desk was a set of keys and a note.

“Your apartment is too far away. Here are the keys to a new condo. This one is much closer.”

The condo was twice as big as my apartment. Luxury was putting it mildly. On the counter was a little note and a bottle of champagne.

“A little reward for my tiny dicked bitch. Be at the office at 7:00.”

At seven, I was at the door of the office. When I entered, Mistress was there with her administrative assistant.

“Put this on,” I heard as I saw a little thong flew at me. I quickly undressed and put on the little brief.

“Margie here needs a little relief and I told her you were just the man to come over here and help her out. On your knees bitch.”

On my knees I went, and crawled over to Margie. Where Mistress was hard and lean, Margie was soft and voluptuous. Where Mistress was hairy, Margie was bald. I started licking her cunt with gusto; no hair in my mouth, just sweet delicious cunt juice. I glanced up to see Mistress and Margie in a deep French kiss. Mistress mauled Margie’s soft and large breasts. Their tongues danced with a practiced excellence. I was working Margie’s lips and clit with bold energy.

“Yes, yes. That’s it.” Margie moaned from under Mistress’s attention.

“Bitch, make her cum hard!” Mistress commanded.

Margie started moaning harder and louder, even with Mistress’s tongue in her mouth. The Margie just flopped back into the chair, exhausted.

Bitch, you did well. I feel generous tonight. You may cum.”

I looked a bit lost. Cum yes; but how; I thought.

“You may jack off on Margie’s tits. You would like that, wouldn’t you Margie.”

“Oh, yes,” Margie said rising from her lethargy.

I stood with my rod in hand and took aim at Margie’s floppy wonders. It did not take long to unleash streams of white gooey cum across Margie’s tits.

“Margie, clean yourself up,” Mistress commanded.

With that Margie began to lick the cum off her tits and used her fingers to scoop up the loads that she could not reach with her tongue.

“I will not need you tonight, anymore. Margie and I will take care of business. Little bitch, you can go.”

I was dismissed.

This is how it all started. I am Mistress’s bitch. I take care of her needs. I lick her cunt at least 3 times a week. Margie and I have started to put on little sex shows that Mistress films to show her friends. There is so much more to tell, like the Ladies Bridge Club or how I earned my little stainless steel cock cage. Stay tune.

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