Office Rendezvous

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Hi, Daddy. I haven’t seen you all week. It’s been a tough one, too. Can I come in?

I walk in your office. You haven’t said a word. You’re just looking at me. I already know why. It’s my dress. It’s a new one. You haven’t seen it before. I picked it especially for today. It’s a sleeveless dress, black, and the skirt reaches down to my mid-thigh, shorter than I ever wear.

Do you like my new dress, Daddy?

I smile and twirl, showing off the new dress for my Daddy. You smile and nod. I sit down in the chair opposite you. I know how to tease you. I know how to make your itches come to the surface. I want my Daddy to feel good today. But I’ve got my own itches to scratch, too.

Daddy, you’re so quiet.

I cock my head to the side and put on my best innocent smile. I can tell that you’re thinking about all the things you want to do to me. I can’t see your bottom half from this side of the desk, but when you start to squirm, I know that your cock is getting hard, watching me, listening to me. You’re curious to see what I can do without words to tell me… I know just what to do.

I stand and walk over to the cabinet where you keep your best drinks for the most important clients. You’re too tense and you need to relax if either of us is going to enjoy this. I pour each of us a drink, your favorite scotch and my favorite rum. I carefully bring the drinks over to the desk and set mine down. I reach yours out to you, waiting for you to take it.

Here, Daddy. This will help.

You’re staring at my eyes. There’s a new hunger there. Something I haven’t seen before. It ignites a new fire in my belly and my pussy twitches and begins to ache. I didn’t wear panties today and now I can feel the juices start to slip down my leg. My body starts to buzz like it always does when I’m with you.

You’ve noticed the change in me. Your eyes look me over and see the trail of juices on my thighs. Your gaze narrows and I see my Daddy finally wake up. I shiver, you notice. You smile; my Daddy’s dangerous smile…

You take the drink from me and sip it. I smile and turn to walk around the desk back to my own chair, but as I turn, you grab my wrist and pull me down hard onto your lap where I can feel your cock almost fully hard. You place your drink on the desk and grab my hips. I don’t know what you’re going to do so I relax my body so I can easily move where you want me to. You turn my hips and waist so that I’m sitting on your lap facing the door to the office.

Daddy, I don’t know if I locked the door.

You let go of my hips, but before I can gather momentum to stand, your hands are on my shoulders, pressing down firmly. I tense a little at the sudden firmness. Your left hand slides bakırköy escort over my shoulder and glides around the exposed skin of my upper chest until it finds my neck. I lift my head higher, anticipating the choking, but instead you just rest your hand around my neck, lightly squeezing so that I know that it’s there and that if I disobey at any moment, I will be punished.

Your right hand moves down my arm and reaches across my waist until you feel the top of my mound. You lean me back into you and start to move your hand, teasing me gently. The aching is deepening. My pussy is on fire. You move your hips so I can feel your hard cock rubbing against my pussy. I can feel the wetness from my dripping sex on your satin trousers. I think to myself that I hope you don’t get upset about that…

I can already feel an orgasm building. My body is overcharged and I could explode at any second now. You feel my need building, my breathing heavy and fast. You move my skirt up so your hand can reach my naked pussy. I’m lost in my own sensation and the moment I feel your fingers touch me, I fall deeper. My body arches lightly, the orgasm reaching higher and higher…

Your left hand squeezes my neck a little harder; it doesn’t hurt, I know you’re not trying to choke me. The tightening grip unleashes a new burst of flames inside me. You flick your fingers against my clit and I’m screaming inside. The orgasm builds, stronger and faster, I’m almost there. You move your hips faster and harder and I have to steady myself on the arms of your chair as the orgasm takes hold.

The phone on the desk buzzes.

Your 4:00 is here, sir.

I can’t stop grinding myself against you, even while you remove your hand from my neck and respond to the secretary’s page.

Give me just 5 minutes, Roxy.

The sudden release of my neck lets my lungs breathe deep and I feel a new strength given to my orgasm. Then you stand and push me forward onto the desk, bending me over and running your hands roughly over my entire back. Your hands lift my skirt and see that I’m definitely not wearing any panties. You say nothing, but your hands start to massage my ass and hips. The left hand slips over my pussy, covering it, and you press hard, making me squeal. I instantly know that I should have stayed silent.

You grab my hair in your right hand and pull back hard. Your left hand slips a finger into my pussy. It’s so wet, there is no resistance.

Quiet, slut. The only words you’ve spoken to me directly so far.

I force my lips together as hard as I can. My eyes are closed. I see nothing but the fire inside me growing and burning. Another finger slips into my pussy and as you fuck beşiktaş escort me with your hand, I finally reach the precipice of my climax and let go. My pussy clamps down on your fingers and my hips start to buck wildly, but I remain quiet. I fuck myself on your hand as the orgasm swirls inside me, until it finally subsides. You’re stroking my pussy gently now, knowing that it’s super sensitive to any touch. You always were my caring Daddy.

You let go of me and I try to remain standing. The phone buzzes again.

Send him in, Roxy.

I snap back to reality. There really is someone walking in here at any second. I turn to look at you. There’s a devilish smile on your face. You point to the private washroom. I look up and down your body, noticing that there is a large and visible wet spot right where your still hard cock is. I lick my lips and slowly turn my body around to face you.

Yes, Daddy.

I make it into the washroom as I hear the office door open and a round of jovial greetings ensues. There are at least three other men in the office now. I sneak a peek. I know these men. They are always at Daddy’s social functions. More than a few of them have made passes at me before. Daddy doesn’t like it when they do that. I smile, remembering the last time some other man tried to fuck me at Daddy’s New Year’s Party. Daddy punished him well. He punished me, too, but in a much better way. My pussy tingles again at the memory.

There’s a lot of chattering going on. It’s all boring work stuff. Things I know Daddy doesn’t really care about on Friday afternoons. I peek again through the cracked door and notice that Daddy is sitting on the front edge of the desk while the other men are talking. He’s untucked his shirt to hide the wet spot on his pants. I grin and giggle just a little.

I notice something else… From where Daddy is sitting, he can see the washroom door, and the other men can’t. Daddy can see me. A very naughty idea takes hold in my brain and I immediately put a new plan into action.

I open the door just slightly enough so Daddy can see half of my body. The light would be too bright and would attract the attention of the other men, so I shut it off, hoping that Daddy notices the change in his peripheral vision. He does.

He looks up at the washroom door and sees me. His eyes widen and then narrow and then return to normal. My Daddy: always able to keep a level head when necessary. But I know my Daddy too well. He won’t be able to ignore me the whole time.

I smile as I open the door wide enough for me to lean against the doorframe. I hike up my skirt and take my right hand and slowly tease you, letting my hand move freely around beylikdüzü escort my body as it makes it way down to my wet and wanting pussy. The thought that these men could stand and turn to see me at any moment adds a new sensation and I am so aroused that I don’t even try to stop myself from reaching between my legs and touching myself.

You’re focus is torn. You’re trying to pay attention to what the men are saying. But you keep glancing up at the washroom door. I’m looking straight at you, my mouth slightly open as I moan quietly with the sensation of my fingers rubbing my clit. I slip one finger inside my waiting pussy and buck my hips gently against my own hand. I’m still watching you. You’re breathing deepens. I can sense your trying to maintain control.

One of the men stands and walks over to the cabinet with the liquor. He grabs a drink and returns to his seat. You offer some to the rest of the men. They all refuse. You shrug and get up the refresh your own drink. I can see the bulge in your pants. But you’re too slick for the others to notice.

I’m fingering myself slowly, savoring every second. My eyes haven’t left you. You sit down at your desk and finish your drink in one big gulp.

You look over at me from the corner of your eye, and I can see a smile spreading on your lips; a dangerous smile. I have seen that smile only once before. And it scared me then.

I’m nearing orgasm. The heat is intensifying and the aching is growing stronger. My pussy is swollen and wanting, craving more than just a finger. I long to feel your cock inside me again, stretching me like never before. No one can fuck me like you can, Daddy.

The phone buzzes again.

Urgent message, sir.

You lift the phone receiver and talk with Roxy for a moment. I only hear one side of the conversation but it sounds important. I know that I will not be able to get my Daddy’s cock tonight. I sigh a little but continue to finger my pussy, watching you. You set the phone down and close your eyes. I know that look. You have important matters to attend to today.

I stop touching myself. If Daddy doesn’t get to cum, then neither do I. You look up and see me in the washroom door. I smile at you and blow a kiss while I close the door. I flick the light back on and listen as the men all leave the room. After a moment, when I’m sure the room is empty, I open the door to leave.

Daddy doesn’t like it when the office is messy. I take a moment to clean up the glasses and straighten the desk. I leave a note on his notepad, just a lipstick kiss. I gather my purse and coat. My pussy is still aching, desperate for my Daddy’s cock. I return to the notepad and write “Soon.” Then I leave.

Roxy is my favorite secretary. She doesn’t ask questions and she minds her own business. I give her a wink and a smile as I leave and slip a candy bar on her desk. She smiles, too. Roxy is my favorite.

I am pleased with today. I didn’t quite get what I wanted, but like my Daddy always says:


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