Office Girl

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I walked into the building wearing a skin-tight black mini dress, very low-cut and so short that it barely covered by round and toned butt. Red high heels completed my attire. I knew my colleagues were eying me in shock, but I couldn’t care less. I had only one desire – to make my fantasy come true. I couldn’t hold back any longer. All I wanted was for my new young and damn attractive boss to make love to me in his office…on his desk.

As soon as I entered his office, I saw his eyes opening wide and they lingered on my breasts which were bulging out of my too tight dress. Nature’s been kind to me. I ambled slowly towards his desk, swaying my hips provocatively. He followed my every movement. As I came nearer, I knew he was staring at my nipples which showed through my lacy bra and the thin silky material of my dress. I wanted his hot mouth all over me and it was all I could do not to rip off my clothes and squat on him right then.

He finally asked me to have a seat. I did so crossing my slender legs so that he could admire their full length. The slightest movement would reveal my underwear…red laced with black for passion. And I did shift positions a few times so that he could have an eyeful. I could see he wanted me. I rejoiced as he gazed at my sexy body, my hot generous curves and delayed on my soft bare skin.

“I halkalı escort see you have the documents,” he said finally.

I handed them to him and as he started to leaf through them, I stood up and bent seductively over his desk.

“I haven’t been able to print this page, Sir, I think the information isn’t correct,” I said pointing to some insignificant line with my pen.

“Hmm” was all he could let out while he smelled my scent and adjusted his thoughts to the fact that my voluptuous and rosy boobs were so close to his mouth.

I tantalizingly brought up my pen to my luscious lips and he duly followed it. My lips were red and moist, unveiling my arousal. I parted them slightly and while he watched, entranced, I brought the pen further down to the curve of my breasts, by now even more ample with all the excitement. I felt that they would pop out of my tight dress, revealing my hardened pink-tipped nipples. He cleared his throat.

“That’s a very low cut dress you’ve got there,” he drawled with a gleam in his eyes.

“Oh! I’m sorry Sir. I thought you’d like it.”

“I quite love it, but it’s not appropriate for the office,” he stated.

“Sorry Sir. Would you like me to take it off?” I replied playfully.

It was taksim escort then that he rose, came round the desk and stood inches next to me. “Maybe I could help you with that,” he murmured in my ear.

“Yes, please,” I begged, too aroused and breathless to think of any witty replies anymore.

He brought his sensual lips to my neck and kissed me softly. I wanted more. I held my breath. He enlaced me, his hands reached my derriere and massaged it as a promise for more. Our lips met and I felt an explosion of sensations. His tongue explored my mouth while his hands worked their way under my dress to grasp my butt. I sighed. His fingers molded my flesh and I moved rhythmically against him. While giving me those long wet kisses, he went on to unzip my dress…in an achingly slow manner. Soon I was standing in front of him with nothing more than my lacy bra, my red pair of string and my high heels. He took my flushed breasts in his hands and squeezed them hard while kissing my bare shoulders. I let out whimpers of pleasure. I could feel his hardness against my naked body and I started to unbutton his shirt. He deftly unhooked my bra and lay me down on his desk. He stared at my bare breasts with a greedy look in his eyes. My nipples were hard, awaiting his sexy lips. “Suck me babe,” I begged. His şişli escort tongue licked my boobs all over and soon he was sucking my nipples while his fingers found their way to my wetness. I nearly screamed.

“I want to fuck you bad, ” he said hoarsely, “you’re so sexy, so hot, damn.. so wet.” He then brought his tongue to my wet pussy and licked my engorged lips. I groaned with ecstasy. As the tip of his tongue played with my clit, I whined and supplicated “I’m so wet for you… I want you to fuck me..pleaase.”

I sat up, tightened my legs around him at the edge of the table and begging him to fill me, I quickly undid the button on his pants to hold his erect penis. It was just like I had dreamed – a long, hard and strong erection. I rubbed it up and down. He moaned. I wanted him to fuck me right there, but I couldn’t resist taking his hardness in my mouth. So I sucked him like a lollipop, my hot and wet tongue licking, sucking and flicking teasingly while my hands kneaded his firm ass. I enjoyed sucking his hard dick, tasting his skin in expectation of what’s to come. He groaned and moaned and soon he couldn’t wait any longer. He quickly got rid of my underwear, leaving on my high heels… and holding my butt, he thrust deep and hard in me. I whined with pleasure. My breasts were pressed against his chest and his hands held my ass tight. He thrust again and again…harder and harder, faster and faster, fucking me wildly as promised. His penis was rock hard inside me, ramming in and out, gliding in and out of my wet pussy almost savagely… I loved that raw, untamed style of his…I whined and whimpered, moaned and screamed as I came.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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