Office Antics

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Janie turned up for her first day of work wearing a knee-length skirt, a plain white blouse, a thick black cardigan and her long, tasselled hair tamed into a tight bun. Considering she was only 21, Janie looked like a 50 year old woman.

Janie set to work, organizing her in and out trays and getting to grips with her new computer. She went to the canteen at her lunch hour and bought a pre-packed sandwich. She took it back to her desk and continued working.

At 5pm, Janie got her keys and went to the car park. A gleaming, silver Mercedes was parked next to her old, red Nissan. A young, professional-looking man was putting his briefcase in the trunk. He glanced over at Janie and smiled. He closed the trunk and walked over to her.

“You know you don’t have to dress like that here. Smart-casual will do. And we’re not a grocer’s; you can let your hair down.” He explained.

“Oh… Ok, thanks. I just thought I’d play it safe. It’s my first day.” Janie told him.

“That’s ok. But I expect to see a lot more flesh by tomorrow. I’m Martin, by the way.” He said.

“Janie. Thanks for the advice. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.” Janie gestured.

“See you then.” Martin said. He then went and got in his car and drove out of the car park. Janie watched him go, and then got into her car. She looked in the rear-view mirror and saw how old and boring she looked. She smirked at herself, and then drove off.

The next day, Janie wore high-heels, a short but smart black skirt, a white blouse with the top two buttons undone and she had left her hair down, her brown tassels trying to find their way to her cleavage.

Janie got to her desk and began sorting through her morning files, placing the most urgent on top, and proceeding to type, print and fax them. Suddenly, her intercom buzzed and Janie heard her boss’s voice.

“Miss Taylor, could you step into my office for a moment? I have a question about these references you gave me.” He said. Janie gulped and stood up. She brushed her skirt down and went over to her boss’s office door. She knocked and waited to be asked to come in. She opened the door at stood in front of her boss’s desk. He was facing away from her in his swivel chair. Janie coughed, and he spun around. Janie gasped when she saw him.

“Ah, Janie. Hope you’ve settled in ok. Now then, this reference says you’ve been trained in business consultation skills, correct?” Martin, her boss, asked.

“Errmm… Yes… I did a course in it.” Janie replied, wondering whether Martin even recognized her after their meeting last night.

“Well I’d like you to stay a little later tonight if you don’t mind. We’ve got a conference coming up and you’re the only one here qualified to give a talk on sales. I’ll brief you on the basics tonight. Can you work till, say… 6pm?” Martin asked.

“Well, yes, but I’ve only been here two days… I don’t really think I should be going to any conferences until I’ve been here a bit longer, Sir.” Janie replied.

“And that is why you’re going to do some overtime. You’ve got two weeks to get to grips with the bakırköy escort company, and prepare yourself for the meeting. An hour every day after work and you should be well prepared.” Martin stated.

“Yes Sir. Thanks for this opportunity Sir.” Janie said.

“That’s ok. Well you’d better get back to work. I’ll see you later.” Martin told her, and then began to sift through the papers on his desk. Janie turned and left Martin’s office. She had wanted to ask if he had remembered her, but how could he not have? Surely they hadn’t employed any other Janie’s this week. Janie went back to her desk and carried on with her work.

At 5pm, Janie grabbed her bag and keys, and went to her boss’s door. She knocked, and he asked her to come in. Janie went into his office and sat on the chair opposite him. He handed her a couple of papers. Janie scanned the information as Martin got up, moved around the desk, and stood behind her, looking over her shoulder. Janie tensed as she felt his breath on her neck. She could smell his cologne, and feel his chest against her back. Janie felt uncomfortable and desperately wanted to get him talking about something.

“Well, this all looks fine, but I’ll need the details for new products and marketing ideas.” Janie said, hoping this would make him move.

“Don’t worry Janie, I know what you need.” Martin replied, placing his hand on her shoulder, and stroking it gently.

“Look… I don’t think this is a good idea.” Janie told him, and shrugged his hand off her shoulder. Martin simply sniggered, and put his hand back on her shoulder, moving it slightly lower this time, moving it closer to the buttons of her blouse. Janie gasped, and hoped he hadn’t heard her. She gulped and she felt her heart race, as he moved his hand lower, and started fiddling with her buttons.

“I really can’t do this… You’re my boss… We could get into a lot of trouble…” Janie protested.

“You’ve never done any overtime before? Well your last boss obviously didn’t know how to use his position for the purpose it was intended.” Martin replied, as he unfastened the third button on Janie’s blouse and slipped his hand inside. He tweaked Janie’s erect nipple, making Janie gasp. He then slid his other hand between her legs, slowly letting his fingers run along her skin until he found her sex, warm and pulsing.

“Please…” Janie attempted, but couldn’t bring herself to ask him to stop. Anything that felt this good couldn’t be wrong, and there was no one else in the building to catch them.

“No underwear Janie?” Martin asked his voice now husky. “Stand up for me.” Janie did as she was told, and stood up from the chair to face him. She looked deeply into his eyes, wondering just how far he was going to take this. Suddenly, he pressed his head against her breast, nibbling on her nipple. Janie gasped in the pleasure-pain. Martin was pressed right against her now, and she could feel his large erection desperately bulging at his trousers.

“Would you like to see it, Janie?” Martin asked, moving his head up to look at beşiktaş escort her.

“I… Yes…” Janie replied, throbbing and desperate for him to relieve the aching in her pussy.

“Yes what?” Martin asked, smirking.

“Yes Sir?” Janie replied, hoping that this was the answer he wanted to hear. Martin smirked, and undid the top button of his trousers.

“Good girl. Now on your knees.” Martin commanded. Janie did as she was told and dropped to her knees, staring at the huge bulge he was about to release. Martin unzipped his trousers, and pushed them down, letting them fall to his ankles. He stepped out of them, and pushed them away. He then pulled his boxers down, revealing the biggest cock Janie had ever seen. He smirked as he watched Janie’s expression, and then stepped out of his boxers, and pushed them to the side.

“I can’t… It’s too big!” Janie exclaimed.

“Nonsense. It just takes a little getting used to, that’s all. Now suck it Janie.” Martin told her. Again, Janie did as she was told. She took the head of his cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. She tried taking him further into her mouth, but it was much too long and thick. Janie sucked the head of his cock, flicking her tongue over it. She grasped his cock, barely able to get her small hand all the way around it. She started to masturbate him as she sucked, and felt herself getting more and more aroused. Martin pulled his cock out of her mouth, and pulled her up. He span Janie round, bending her over his desk. He pressed the head of his cock against Janie’s pussy, feeling her wetness.

“No… It’s too big… Please Martin…” Janie pleaded.

“Please what??” Martin inquired.

“Please Sir.” Janie replied.

“Oh, good girl… You said please. Now just relax. You’re not going anywhere until I’ve got it all inside you. I’ll wait all night if I have to.” Martin told her. Janie was about to protest, when she felt his push his cock inside her, stretching her pussy as wide as it would go. He got the head of his cock in Janie, who shuddered and gasped. He felt her pussy grip him like a vice, making him even more desperate to try and get the whole length of his cock inside her. He began thrusting in and out of Janie, pushing a little more of his cock inside her each time. Janie cried out, wanting him to fuck her, but also wanting him to stop. She seriously doubted his cock would get all the way inside her without seriously hurting her.

“Sir… Please stop… It won’t go any further… Please…” Janie begged.

“Mmm… You have no idea how good this feels, Janie. I’ve never met a woman yet who can take all of me, but you will.” Martin told her, pushing another inch of his huge cock inside her. Janie felt as if she was being torn in two. The sensations were fantastic, and the feeling of him simply pushing his cock into her was making her want to cum, but he was still about four inches away from getting his entire length inside her, and Janie felt as if she was fit to burst. She let him push in another inch, then slide back so only his head beylikdüzü escort was inside her. Then Janie felt him push in deeper than he had before. Janie cried out, but realised that she could feel his pubic hair against her ass cheeks.

“Did you…?” Janie stammered, but she was so close to cumming she could barely talk.

“Oh baby… You dirty little whore… You got it all in baby… Wait a sec while you get comfortable, then I’m going to make you cum like you never have.” Martin told her. Janie relaxed her pussy as much as she could, but she was stretched to her limit, and was desperate to cum on this massive cock inside her.

“Fuck me… Please… I need to cum…” Janie told him. She felt Martin slowly begin to thrust is cock in and out of her, gently and slowly. He waited until it was easy to slide his cock in and out of Janie’s soaking pussy, and then started to thrust harder inside her, making her body move on the desk.

“You like that don’t you, you dirty little bitch? Want it harder baby?” Martin asked. He pushed into her harder now, making Janie moan louder.

“Please… Make me cum… Please…” Janie begged. Martin thrust harder in her now, watching his enormous length slide easily in and out of Janie’s swollen and glistening pussy. He pulled his cock out of Janie, and looked at her gaping pussy. He couldn’t believe how tight she was, and yet she still managed to get all of him inside her. Martin then pushed his cock back inside Janie, as hard as he could. Janie squealed and moaned, as Martin begin thrusting inside her like an animal.

“Cum for me you little slut! Cum for me now, or I’ll fuck you so hard I’ll split you in two!” Martin warned her, panting heavily. He heard Janie squeal again, and fucked her harder, slapping his balls against her ass, and grapping her perfect breasts. Janie stopped squealing now, and was cursing at the top of her lungs. Martin felt her tight pussy clamp around his cock even harder, and Martin felt her release her feminine juices all down his cock.

Martin watched Janie shudder, and suddenly become silent. He slowed down his thrusts, wanting her to feel her orgasm for as long as possible. As the last erotic waves passed through Janie’s pussy, she suddenly sank down on the desk, panting erratically. Martin pulled his enormous cock out of Janie’s leaking pussy, and started masturbating furiously behind her. Janie heard him groan, and then felt his warm spunk splatter over her pussy, ass and back. Martin leaned over Janie, exhausted. He kissed her neck tenderly. Janie turned to look at him, with half closed eyes.

“That… was the best…” Janie panted. She smiled and kissed him lightly. Martin smirked, and looked at his watch.

“Well, Miss Taylor, it’s 6pm. Thanks for staying late. Take these papers home and study them, ok?” Martin told her, as he handed her the papers Janie had almost looked at earlier. He then began to dress himself, and finally got his briefcase from under his desk. “Same time tomorrow night, remember. You’ve got a lot more work to do. And you’d better hurry up. The cleaners will be here soon to lock up.” Martin told her.

Janie looked blankly at him, confused. She didn’t understand how he could take her like this, over his desk, and then suddenly turn back into her boss. Janie slowly caught her breath and got dressed, wondering what tomorrow’s ‘overtime’ would consist of…

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