Number 15: Sean

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Jessica breathed in the steam as it rolled out of the shower in uneven sheets. The mirror she stood in front of became increasingly foggy the longer she contemplated in front of it. Naked, Jessica stared calmly at her thirty-something year old figure with slight satisfaction.

Time hadn’t aged her like she thought it would. Still lean, Jessica maintained a shapely figure with supple, B-cup breasts, a rounded ass, and firm thighs stemming off a mile of leg. Sure, her stomach wasn’t as tight as it used to be and her stray grays sent her to the hair salon a couple extra times per year, but that was the price of getting older.

Jessica released the tension she was holding, inching closer to the foggy mirror and examined her face closely. A small freckle sat just above her right eye. Usually she layered it in creamy eye shadows; hardly anyone knew it was there. A smile crawled slowly across her face as Sean entered her mind.

It started out so innocently, she recalled. A co-worker of hers, Sean was way out of Jessica’s league. A senior partner at her Chicago accounting firm, Sean was a business prodigy. At twenty-eight he made senior partner, many promotions ahead of the game for his age.

In retrospect, it might have been his success that she found so appealing, but, even eight years later, Jessica still put his handsome charm ahead of all else. She couldn’t escape his gaze; those green eyes seemed to pierce right through her every time he looked her way. That’s how this all started: her knock-kneed responses to his simple, mindless question.


“Make coffee, Jessica! Make copies, Jessica!” she complained. “I feel like damned Cinderella in a business suit! I busted my ass in grad school, and for what?”

“To make my coffee.” A husky voice replied. anadolu yakası escort “And, once you bust your ass here, I’ll find someone else to make you coffee.”

Jessica blushed at her lack of awareness. How long had he been standing there?

“I apologize, Mr. Thomas. I’m…I’m just feeling a little…underappreciated lately.” Jessica attempted to conjure up some small excuse for her misjudgment.

“Underappreciated, huh? Well, Miss Dennin, I suppose an evaluation may be in store. Finish my copies and meet me in my office. We’ll see what we can do.”

Embarrassed and shocked, Jessica abandoned her copies and ran to the restroom. A lip gloss sweep, hair brushing, and Mentos later, Jessica returned to Sean’s office, copies in hand.

Sean was nose deep into that cup of coffee, his green eyes peering out of his “World’s Best Boss” mug. He was so composed, so confident; it scared the shit out of her. Slowly, Jessica inched her way near his desk, sliding the copies down in front of him.

A slight silence filled the room, causing a degree of discomfort between them. Tugging at her skirt, Jessica suddenly wished she’d worn panties today. Another reason to do laundry earlier in the week.

Peeved by the silence, Sean was the first to break it. “So, you aren’t feeling the corporate love, are you Jess? Is it alright for me to call you Jess?”

Jessica nodded slightly at his warm smile.

“Well, based on your accounts, you are doing an excellent job.” he announced. “Your reports are fantastic, very few mistakes, very detailed and accurate. Everyone here loves you, Jess. But, I’m still not convinced.”

Confused, she began to open her mouth, as if to speak…

“But,” he interrupted, “I am willing to ataşehir escort be swayed. Sally on the fourth floor is up for the same considerations you are. I suspect you can be a tad more creative than an old lady like Sally.”

Jessica could hear the implications in his voice. Alarmed, but not disguised, she thought carefully about her upcoming discourse. After a brief moment of silence, she rose slowly to the office door, as if to leave. Rather, she locked the door bluntly, and shut the blinds the encompassed the room.

Making slow strides towards his desk, Jessica began to unbutton her white blouse, revealing inches upon inches of bared skin. The air was cold upon her naked flesh, but she pushed on, removing the blouse, leaving her lacey bra exposed for his viewing pleasure.

She approached his desk with ease, turning his chair around to face her, straddling his lap with her bare pussy lips underneath her skirt.

She kissed his soft, pouty lips slowly, enjoying the taste of her coffee on his tongue. She smiled slightly, deepening her lip-lock.

His hand cradled her ass cheeks, clasping around each one firmly, enjoying them in all of their beauty. Jessica could feel his pants tighten, straining to release the enormity of his cock. Heeding this warning, she unzipped his pants to reveal his engorged prick poking at her.

Smiling, Jessica flicked her tongue over the tip, causing Sean to moan in aching pleasure. She continued this briefly, allowing the tip to engorge fully before consuming the entirety of his quivering member.

With long and smooth strokes, she sucked his cock hard, caressing his balls as she pushed him closer to orgasm. When she felt his thighs tighten, she stopped.

In disbelief, Sean pressed ümraniye escort her down for more; Jessica knew he couldn’t take it much longer.

She straddled him again, this time sliding his dick deep inside her soaked cunt, allowing him to feel the tightness and depth of her. He moaned with lustful desire, hinting for more. She slowed down, pulling her cunt up and down on his cock slowly.

Her clit rubbed against his pelvis as she bounced up and down, driving her to the edge within moments. Her sweet pussy ached for release as she grinded hard against him. His hands dug into her hips as he pushed his cock deeper and deeper in her with each thrust.

He could feel her about to submit, and with that, he took a nipple deep in his mouth and bit down slightly. Jessica cried out in gratification as her cunt shook and pulsated through a momentous, splintering orgasm. She continued to buck, for his sake, pressing on for yet another.

That was all he needed. With the mere sight of the ecstasy on her face, Sean exploded violently, releasing load upon load of hot, steaming seed deep within her little cunt. “How was my performance, Mr. Thomas?” Jessica whispered in his ear as she lay her head on his shoulder.

“Mmm, I think a promotion is in store, but we may need to amend your contract. I could use a stress-reliever like that a couple times a week.” He said.

Giggling, Jessica kissed his temple tenderly, slowly lifting herself off of his wilting member. Was he serious?

After pinning her long, brown hair back up, and buttoning all of her blouse buttons, Jessica gave Mr. Thomas a final kiss as his assistant. He hugged her closely, kissing a small freckle above her eye.

“I’ve never noticed that freckle before. It’s adorable and very suiting.” He noted. Jessica smiled slightly and exited his office as a new junior partner.


The next day, in the foggy residue of her morning shower, Jessica applied her makeup articulately. Today, and for many more days to come, she would omit the eye shadow that previously blanketed her freckle. It was “adorable,” after all.

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