Nothing’s Wrong

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For many Japan is a place of wonder. From the cities that never sleep, lighting the night skies like artificial suns to the gorgeous forest. The people of Japan take great care no matter what their task. But away from mainland Japan things are not as clean and alluring and certain businesses must turn to other means to gain business.

On Okinawa a group of people are segregated, but despite this they are the largest source of income for the small island state. The men and women of the United States Marine Corps are viewed as less than second-class citizens. The largest population of single Marines can be found inside Camp Hansen, which is tucked inside the city of Kin. Outside the gates of Camp Hansen are a tangle of bars and rather shady establishments know to the Marines as “Buy Me Drink Me Bars”. Most don’t even rate to be called holes in the wall.

Watered down drinks and almost no American women makes for a very unpleasant experiences. The atmosphere in Kin most weekends is explosive. The few American women that are there are fought over and are often regarded as whores. But the true whores lurk in the Buy Me Drink Me Bars. Most keep everything strictly to special massages or hand-jobs; occasionally for a little more money some lucky Marine could manage a blowjob. Some of the girls would even sleep with one every now and then for a few thousand yen.

Now is a good time to quash and image that is likely forming, the tenants of these shady little places are not natives to Japan. By far most of the women that work in the shadowy corners pleasuring men for their cut of thirty or forty dollars are Filipina women. For what ever socio economic reason they are the “Mama-san’s” (the would be madams of the Buy Me Drink Me Bars) top chose for Buy Me Drink Me Girls

For the few female Marines stationed on Hansen, the one or two places that could be called bars weren’t much better. Often three or for men would be fighting over them without even having spoken to them. To be a woman living in this place is hell. There are those that manage very well and even find love and for some, they find themselves.

Lois and Tanya were both enlisted with the same unit and had been in Okinawa for about six months. Lois was the older of the two being twenty-three. She had done a turn in the National Guard before the Marines and was a lot more experienced then most. Tanya was twenty; she had dropped out of collage after two semesters of partying had ended her scholarship. The two were, on the outside, complete opposites. One the mature woman with long term goals the other a shortsighted party girl.

In on of the many barracks on board Camp Hansen Lois and Tanya shared a small room on the third deck. The room was small, about the size of a dorm. It was complete with a bathroom, sinks and furniture. The bathroom was immediately to the right after entering the room. A double sink was off to the left of the bathroom door in the room itself. Opposite the bathroom and the sinks were the wardrobes, three in all.

Just like with the wardrobes there was three of everything in the room. Two of the three beds in the room came in the form of a bunk bed that was against the far wall. It almost framed the room’s only window, which looked out over an open grass field behind the building.

On the floor a blue area rug offered to two roommates some relief from the cold tiles that were typically uncovered.

Loneliness in the end brought them together. They enjoyed hearing each other’s opinions and kept themselves away from the infantry units and the young hungry Marines from their units. Most Friday or Saturday nights the two of them would walk the two blocks to the E-Club, the only reputable bar, have a few drinks then take off on a walk. Most of the time they would just walk around town, neither of them had ever wandered down the little area where the “Buy Me Drink Me Bars” were.

One particular weekend this all changed. It was a three-day weekend; Tanya had gone to mail call for Lois, who was also her roommate. The take wasn’t much, the months Internet bill was there along with the phone bill and a few personal letters. Tanya handed her roommate, three envelopes, one of them was from a dear friend from the National Guard who had been on active duty for a year.

Ally and Lois had been good friends and for the most part had kept in touch. She opened it and started to read. She let a squeak escape her mouth as she read over the letter surprised. Wide eyed she set down the letter and seemed in a daze. Tanya walked over and asked to see the letter. It started off very up beat, Ally telling Lois how she had never been happier in her life. For the last few months Lois had known that Ally was seeing someone. She’d talked about how the sex was great and that they wanted to be together forever.

As it turned out Lois knew who this mystery lover was, Jerry, was the name Ally had given over the phone, but on paper it was Jeri. Jeri was someone that Lois only knew bahis firmaları in passing but she was a she.

Reading on through the letter Ally went on to tell how they had been making love and somehow someone found out and squealed to her command. End of story, she was out of the Army. But the most shocking part for Lois was that she and Ally had been together since Army boot camp, they had gone chasing boys on the weekends and even fought over one or two, but she never knew Ally was gay.

“Wow, that’s kinda…” Tanya could understand Lois’ reaction; she was a very devout Christian and other than one or two guys after boot camp other than that she hadn’t been with anyone. Through high school there was no time for boyfriends, in college she had goals and in the Army and the Marines most were just looking to use her so she kept her distance.

“I just can’t believe that she never told me.”

“She told you her name right?”

“Jerry, J-E-R-R-Y not J-E-R-I. I mean come on.”

The three years she had spent in the guard all the drill weekends where she would share a shower with Ally and half a dozen other women, the night in the field in the back of the Humvee lying next to each other.

“Okay get changed we’re going to go get drunk.” Tanya’s solution to any and all problems.

“No, I need to call her.”

“It’s almost Midnight on Wednesday on the east coast, call her in the morning, let’s go relax and forget that we even read that.”

An hour later the two of them were walking the streets of Kin. The objective in Tanya’s head, when she had been sober, was to find a hot and horny Marine to screw the hell out of her friend, helping her forget about her best friend who was now playing for the home team.

Tanya had a special relationship with alcohol, she drank it and in return it removed all of her controls. Things had a tendency to get mixed around and in her stupor she and Lois wandered into a place called Shangri-La. It was directly out the front gate of Camp Hansen. The path to get there had been involved, they had woven their way there rather then walking straight there. They walked down the stairs ordered their drinks and then were let in. The three girls that were already down there went back to talking when they saw that it was two women and not the usual guys. As a mater of fact there was no one else in the bar. Lois and Tanya sat themselves down near the working girls.

Lois got talkative when drunk and was now opening up to Tanya. It was a little more than Tanya wanted to hear.

“I can’t see how she could do that… It’s just so wrong.”

“Come on she’s happy right?”

“But how can you… with a girl… come on…. would you?”

There was a pause as Tanya blushed slightly but not enough to show through the darkness of the room. It was her expression and lack of response that shocked Lois before her roommate even spoke.

“It’s not that bad.” To say that Lois was stunned was like saying rain is wet.

“Oh, my god you’re a-“

“No, I messed around in college with a friend; we were both drunk and one thing lead to another. It’s no big deal.”

“It is I mean I find out that my best friend is a lesbian and now my roommate a person I tell everything to and even share cloths with is… what bi.”

“It was one time. What is the big deal? Come on don’t tell me you’ve never kissed another woman.”

Lois raised a hand in disgust and shook her head.

“Look I just want to not even think about it.”

At the table behind them the three girls all got up and moved off to the door to see who was coming. Two guys walked in and Tanya had an idea. She immediately waved at one of them. Both men ignored the three whores and walked over to where Lois and Tanya were sitting.

Their names were Andy and James. The girls knew immediately that the men weren’t in the Marine Corps their hair was far too long. Lois’ best guess was Air Force. The conversation got going and soon Tanya was rubbing Andy’s crotch. She smiled at Lois and motioned her to the restroom.

It was a cramped space that smelled of stale sex. The walls of the bathroom were covered with countless coats of paint as well as notes and poems written for anyone to read. Tanya smiled at Lois once the two of them were inside the restroom.

“How much money do you have?”


“Look just give it to me.”

Lois went through her purse. All she could think of was Tanya was going to get a hotel room and take advantage of the guy she was sitting with.

“Here’s forty.”

“Go back over and sit with and James I’ll be over in a second.” She winked at Lois before she left. Lois sat next to James who was growing braver putting his hand on her knee. She watched as her roommate walked over to an old Japanese lady sitting on a barstool. There was a little talk and then she motioned to two of the girls that were now keeping their distance from the quartet. The two girls came over and Tanya spoke kaçak iddaa for a moment with them before producing the money that Lois had given her.

By now James’ hand was on the inside of Lois’ thigh as Tanya walked over with the two girls in tow.

“Andy, James this is Peach and Honey and they were wondering if you’d like some attention.”

She winked at all three of them. Lois had no clue what her friend was up to but stood up along with the two guys. All six of them moved to the far corner of the bar. In the shadows the whores used the only English they knew to excite the guy. Neither of the men needed any encouragement. They were about to receive hand-jobs. Hand-jobs paid for by two women that were going to watch them sit down and have there dicks stroked.

Peach, Andy and Tanya went to one end of the shadowy area while Honey, James and Lois went to the other. Even in the dark Lois could see Tanya, she wasn’t shocked when she saw her friend undo the front of her pants. She just turned to the pair in front of her. Honey a very skinny Japanese girl with long black hair, had James’ shirt up above his head licking at his chest while her other hand was rubbing the bulge in his pants. She was busy telling him how sexy he was and how gorgeous his cock must be. Lois sat feeling her panties getting wet and she became more excited. Finally Honey undid his belt and opened his pants. Honey moved enough so that Lois could see her rubbing her hand up and down his dick.

James was moaning, after all the girl was a professional. She wiped the drops of precum leaking from his dick all around it to lube him. Honey smiled while she stroked James. Lois glanced over at the other three. Tanya had her shirt up over her beast and was openly fingering herself. Lois couldn’t help but watch. There was something about her friend leaning back in the shadows. Tanya was different then Lois had ever seen her. She was alive. The younger of the two American women continued working her hand in the front of her pants as she watched Andy getting his hand-job. Tanya caught Lois looking at her and winked.

Lois turned back to James and Honey. Honey was now on her knees, she had worked James pants down slightly but only enough so she could roll his balls in her other hand. Something inside Lois snapped and her hand started to rub the crouch of her pants. She could feel the heat and the moisture from her pussy. It felt good. Her other hand found its way under her shirt and up to her breast. She bit her lip as she pinched down on her nipple. Slowly she worked her other hand into her panties as James moaned. Her finger slid through the curly brown tuff of hair over her pussy. Her clit welcomed the attention sending waves through her body. She put it between two of her fingertips and worked it slowly. She could feel the juices of her pussy starting to run down her butt. Closing her eyes she slid her hand down and inserted a finger into her pussy. She moaned out loud, it was the first time in a long time she had pleasured herself and she liked it.

She opened her eyes and looked over at Tanya but she was no longer seated across from Peach and Andy. Peach was in fact standing looking down at Tanya who was on her knees one hand still in her pants the other around Andy’s dick. Lois watched as her roommate ran her hand up and down this man cock then it disappeared into her mouth. Lois turned to Honey who was now looking back at her. After seeing her roommate openly masturbate and suck and mans dick, she didn’t care, Lois didn’t care anymore .

Once on her knees Lois traded places with Honey. The skinny Filipina girl let go of James’ dick only when Lois took hold of it. She thought it was beautiful, it was slightly longer then the ones she had had before but it was wider, much wider. She started sliding her hand up and down him. He looked down at her for a moment until she sped up the rhythm.

Lois had never had a steady boyfriend and so she was nervous. A final time she glanced at Tanya who was now looking at her. Her friend smiled and licked the under side of her lover’s dick, making a show of it. She leaned forward and wrapped her tits around Andy’s dick and slowly tit fucked herself, the entire time smiling at her friend.

So Lois did like her friend; she started licking then moved to sucking, her hand moving from his dick to his balls. Her heart was racing and her pussy was swollen as she worked herself along with him. The feel of it in her mouth was exiting and welcome, as welcome as his moans. It didn’t take long and she was close to cumming herself and could tell by the moans that James was close. She came first and James a moment later. She had just gotten her mouth off in time for Honey to come up with a napkin and catch his cum.

Tanya was done and standing saying good-bye to Andy and Peach. Lois straightened her clothes while James did up his pants. He stood up took both of her hands and said thank you before he leaned in and kissed her. Tanya came over and kaçak bahis took Lois by the hand and the two left.

Neither of the girls said much as they walked back to their barracks. It was as Tanya was changing into her sleeping clothes that Lois finally spoke up.

“Thank you for that.” she smiled.

“My pleasure sweetie.” Tanya continued to pull off her pants looking up and smiling at Lois.

“I’m going to take a shower and go to bed.” With that Lois slipped into the bathroom. She stripped down to her bra and panties. She undid her bra and then slipped of her panties. She looked at them, they were soaked and she had even managed to soak through her jeans. She left the pile of clothes and moved into the shower and started it letting the water run. Once it was the right temperature she stepped under the stream. The water felt good running over her skin, it felt amazing running between her legs.

Again her hand slid between her legs. Before long she was on one knee her fingers working her pussy feverishly until she came. Out of breath she rinsed off and wrapped herself in a towel. She collected her clothes and went back into the main room. Tanya was lying in bed with her journal. Lois went to the dresser that was between her mattress and bed frame pulled out pair of panties and slipped them on under the towel then pulled on a large teddy bear shirt over the towel before dropping it into a puddle on the floor.

She said good night and Tanya said the same. But she didn’t sleep all she could think of was her roommate, a woman less than eight feet from her. She had seen her do things she would never have imagined. And even when Tanya turned off her lamp she lay there looking up at the ceiling.

“Lo…” Tanya asked softly. “You awake?”

“Yeah.” Lois replied sounding tired.

There was a moment of stark silence in the room then the sound of bedsprings whining. She could here light footsteps on the rug. Lois could feel something pressing on her pillow.

“You want to talk?”

Lois looked over and her roommate who had crossed the dark room and rested her face next to hers.

“I don’t know. I really enjoyed it.”

“It looked like it. Did you cum?” Lois just nodded in the dark. “Did you like watching me?” Tanya very gently slid on to the bed next to Lois.

Lois was off guard and she opened her mouth to protest but couldn’t Tanya had leaned forward and kissed her. She didn’t pull back she let her friend kiss her, her soft lips and warm breath, between her legs her pussy was again taking control.

When Tanya finally broke the kiss she smiled.

“I saw you looking at me while I was playing with myself, I saw you watching me while I went down on Andy.”


“So; you didn’t pull away just now did you?” She leaned in again and kissed Lois. It lasted longer and towards the end she could feel Lois kissing back.

“So tell me what’s wrong with this?” Tanya asked and again she kissed her, her hand sliding up to her friend’s bare leg. Her fingers traced up to the warmth from Lois’ pussy. With her fingernails she lifted and moved the fabric of her friends panties. Gently she slipped her fingertips into Lois who moaned into her friend’s mouth.

Tanya pulled back. She opened her eyes and looked at her friend who was breathless. She smiled to herself and searched with her thumb for Lois’ clit; leaning in and kissing Lois again.

Two weeks later

Lois went out in the hall and collected the mail for her and Tanya. It was the same a few bills a post card from a friend, letters from home and one box from her dear friend Ally. Lois walked into the room locked the door and opened the box. On top of the contents was a letter that she happily read then set aside.

Tanya had gotten in the shower while mail was being handed out so she and Lois could get ready to go out on the town. She was rinsing out her hair when she hear something. She turned her face out of the stream and saw a figure standing outside the curtain. Lois stepped through the curtain behind her. They kissed. Tanya put a hand on one of Lois’ breasts and gently massaged it while they kissed. Lois did the same then let her hands move behind Tanya’s head.

Lois broke and smiled at her lover.

“It came.” she said grinning.

“Is it nice?”

Tanya asked. Lois reached up and took one of Tanya’s hands from her shoulders and slid it down to her crotch.

Tanya’s hand wrapped around something solid. When she looked down she saw what looked like a ten-inch, long, clear penis growing out of Lois’ clean-shaven pussy. She rubbed all the way up to Lois’ clit. It had been a week since Tanya had started to shave her lover bald. Both of them loved it.

“Turn around and let me try it out.” Lois purred.

Tanya didn’t hesitate; she turned around and stuck out her ass. Lois lifted the end of her new double-ended dildo and slipped it into her lover, roommate and best friend. Both women moaned gently as Lois started to pump. Her friend leaned against the wall in front of her as Lois built the rhythm. Her hands reaching around her lover taking hold of her breasts and pussy. Tanya turned her head and Lois leaned forward and kissed her.

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