Nothing Happened

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“This? Oh come on June. This doesn’t mean anything. This happens all the time.”

Kevin groaned mentally. “This” was his throbbing erection. June was his wife. “Doesn’t mean anything” referred to the fact that he got the erection watching June’s best friend Barbara bend over. “This happens all the time’ – well, that was just another in a series of mistakes and misspoken words that had dogged Kevin since their arrival.

Certainly this vacation should not have been a big deal. Kevin and June were vacationing with three other couples. Many of them had been coming to the lake for years. Over the years this had led to a comfort level that enabled casual nude sun bathing by the lake and the inevitable group skinny dip. In fact bathing suits simply weren’t brought any more. Being around naked women had never resulted in “this.”

Unfortunately this particular year was different due to the extreme heat and the air-conditioning system in the cabin breaking down. The result was that by the end of the first day the wearing of clothing had pretty much ceased. You’d have thought that this wouldn’t have been that big a deal what with the skinny-dipping and nude sun bathing of years past. And for all the other men, and under most circumstances Kevin was included, erections just didn’t occur – the female nudity was not a big deal.

What was a big deal was Barbara. Barbara was June’s best friend and Barbara and her husband Mark were at the lake for their first time and they seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. The big deal was that Barbara had a fantastic body and she was not at all shy about showing it.

Over the years Barbara and Kevin had enjoyed a very verbally flirtatious relationship. Barbara seemed to flirt with Kevin every chance she got. Kevin couldn’t help but crack back with the sexual innuendo whenever she was around. From risqué to ribald to downright raunchy Barbara and Kevin had gotten carried away more than once. June was good-natured about the constant flirting, but it had clearly ticked her off more than once. And that was when they were all fully clothed.

The big deal was that with Barbara walking around in the buff during the daytime Kevin had become nearly speechless around her. Adding fuel to the fire was Kevin’s body reaction to the first time he had seen Barbara topless – BOING! The same thing happened the first time he saw her bottomless – BOING! And now the bending over incident – B-O-I-N-G!

June stared at Kevin’s bobbing cock. “I don’t seem to recall “THAT” ever happening when you saw the other wives.” June was jealous and June was pissed. “None of the other husbands are having “this” problem around Barbara.”

Kevin wisely kept his mouth shut. One, the other wives didn’t look anything like Barbara. Two, the other husbands were getting lots of vacation sex (the bostancı escort walls were thin at night and he knew that the other husbands were getting plenty of sex unlike himself due to June’s anger towards him.)

Kevin struggled for an appropriate response and came up empty. He settled on, “June it really is no big deal. I’m going for a swim, would you like to join me?” June looked at him in utter disbelief. “NO. I’m going upstairs to take a nap.” Kevin watched her walk up the stairs. He grabbed a couple of beers and headed down to the water. A quick dip and the two beers soon had Kevin drifting into a pleasant nap on one of the chaise lounges down by the lake.

The sound of splashing and giggling woke Kevin from his nap. Oh-oh. Barbara must have walked past him while he was snoozing to swim in the lake. She was now leaving the lake and Kevin couldn’t have turned his eyes away or closed them to save his life. Kevin was not more than 10 feet away and she acted as if she was the only person in the world here. She moved in exquisitely slow motion. With every step out of the water a new part of Barbara’s naked body came into view.

The clear water cascaded off her as she rose up out of the lake. Drops of water beaded up and ran down her flawless skin, some hung tenuously to her hard pink nipples, well the lake was on the chilly side. As she rose higher out of the water a part of Kevin began to rise too. The flare of her hips was revealed and in a moment – Oh my God! She’d shaved her pussy smooth!

She must have just done it this morning because she had definitely been furry last night. Kevin’s cock was as stiff as it had ever been. You could have taken his pulse by simply watching the twitch of his erection. Barbara was out of the water and walking ever so slowly towards him. He knew that she would pass right beside him. She was eye level with his cock and Kevin watched entranced as her pink tongue moved languidly through the split of her lips. A large drop of pre-cum oozed up out of the slit of his cock and puddled onto his stomach. She smiled.

“Hey Kev. The others went into town for supplies. Mark went upstairs to nap shortly after June did. I decided to get wet.”

She glanced down at his bobbing erection. “I’m definitely wet now.”

“I was just sleeping a little…”

“Well I guess some parts weren’t sleeping, that must have been quite a dream. But really Kevin there’s no need for you to get it up on my account.” She looked directly at his cock and smiled.

Why he said what he was about to say would forever be a mystery to Kevin. He hadn’t had a snappy comeback all weekend long -if only he had kept quiet. If only. What can be said is that once he opened his mouth he couldn’t shut it and it just kept getting worse and worse.

“I was sancaktepe escort taught that a gentleman should always get it up when a beautiful lady is present.”

“Well you look more like a hard man then a gentle one.”

“Oh I’m sure that a gentle woman like yourself could soften any man’s hardness?” Kevin winched as he realized that he was steering the conversation down a slippery slope. “Look, that didn’t exactly come… come out… I meant to say come out, not just come. God I am so fucked here.”

“Well it certainly looks like something’s coming out.” Barbara reached out and squeezed Kevin’s shaft resulting in a large drop of fluid dripping onto his stomach. “And as far as the fucking here goes, I’m not sure June would approve.”

“Oh God. Barbara please don’t…I’m way too close.”

“I’m can’t tell you how flattered I am to be having such a dramatic effect on you Kevin. And I always thought that it was just my sense of humor that you responded too all these years. Mark will be jealous when he hears you popped another woody for me.” Barbara bent over Kevin to whisper in his ear. “And what would little Juney do if she saw us together like this?” Kevin was all too aware that Barbara was still holding his cock in her hand.

Kevin was so unnerved by the thought of June seeing him in this condition that he sat up and turned to see if she was around. His motion pulled Barbara off balance and she fell across him. As they scrambled to disentangle themselves – it just happened.

Somehow Kevin was trying to stand up as Barbara was straddling him when her foot slipped.

It just happened.

You could try to recreate what happened and never succeed. You’d have a better shot at winning the Lottery.

Somehow they were aligned just so that as she staggered back she make contact with Kevin’s hard cock right at the tip of the precum soak head of Kevin’s hard cock. Said cock proceeded to slide easily into the opening of Barbara’s cunt. Their mutual shock at the intimate contact led to Barbara’s knees buckling with the obvious result. Her hips slammed down on Kevin’s and he was fully inside her.

Poor, poor Kevin. June’s anger enforced abstinence had him primed and loaded. He wasn’t just half-cocked and ready to fire; he was fully cocked and as their eyes met Barbara knew what was about to happen. Kevin’s eyes widened as he felt himself slide uncontrollably toward orgasm. Barbara couldn’t stop her own reaction as she proceeded to grind their hips together. Kevin instinctively followed thrusting his hips upward.

Kevin felt his cum-filled balls draw up tight. He felt his cock swell dramatically and even as he continued to thrust into her – he came. Great spasms shook him as he emptied his balls into her. She bucked against the spasming cock and was zeytinburnu escort soon swept up in her own orgasm. It was over in seconds…well it should have been over.

They held each other, part of each other. They were aware of the panting of their breath of the dripping of their cum. They knew they should let go but couldn’t. To separate would mean to look in the others eyes and they were both afraid what they might see. Somehow their years of teasing and flirting had led to this, had resulted in this. They just held each other.

Finally Kevin spoke. “We’d better clean up.” He felt Barbara nod her head and as she slowly stood up he looked down at where they were joined. His softening cock slid gently from her with an audible ‘pop.’ A large pool of cum followed and they watched amazed as it dripped out of Barbara and onto Kevin.

They couldn’t help it and started to laugh. The laughter continued down to the lake where they cleaned themselves thoroughly. “Barbara. I’ve never done anything…I mean I’ve…”

“Kevin, nothing happened. That’s all. Nothing happened.” She couldn’t help but look down at his thick cock. Her cunt still tingled with the fullness she had experienced. “There is nothing to say, there is nothing to apologize for because nothing happened.”

“Alright. Nothing happened. Why don’t you go up first and I’ll follow in a few minutes.” Kevin watched Barbara walk from the lake, her perfect ass moving side to side. “ Hey Barb, do you think nothing could ever happen again?”

“Kevin.” The scolding tone in her voice said it all. Barbara continued to walk up the path. Just as she was about to round the corner she stopped and looked directly at Kevin. “Although when it comes to nothing, you never know.”

Kevin waited an extra ten minutes before getting out of the lake. It was hard (although he wasn’t right now) not to think about what had just happened. The thought of June knowing what had occurred resulted in a new wave of anxiety. Nothing happened…nothing happened…nothing happened.

As he walked up the path he could just make out the back of a woman in one of upstairs bedroom leaning against the window. That was Mark and Barbara’s room. He watched as arms encircled her waist and two hands kneaded her ass. Everybody seemed to be getting plenty of sex but Kevin. He flashed on the events of 30 minutes ago. Damn!

Barbara had the right idea. Just walk up the stairs as if nothing had happened and have sex.

If June hadn’t cut him off from sex nothing would have happened. And it just wasn’t this week as far as Kevin was concerned their sex life had been on the decline for months. His cock filled with blood again – enough is enough. June was his wife and he was her husband – he had rights and she had duties. I am going to fuck her bow-legged.

As he entered the cabin he saw Barbara standing in the kitchen. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Confusion gave way to a dawning realization and was soon replaced by anger.

Nothing happened!? Something sure as hell was happening and he was going to find out what was happening and who’d it was happening with!

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