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Rob and his office assistant, Jan, left early for the out of town meeting. They enjoyed a breakfast of eggs Benedict, orange juice and coffee at the airport restaurant before boarding the plane for Richmond. The flight was uneventful and the champagne served in first class was a wonderful surprise.

After a short taxi ride from the airport, they checked into the motel and were assigned adjoining rooms. They unpacked and since it was such a nice warm day and the meeting wasn’t until 3:00 P.M., Rob called Jan to suggest they spend some time at the pool.

Jan agreed and told him she thought that was a great idea.

Although the most physical thing they had ever shared was a sweet kiss each Christmas Eve under the mistletoe, she had often fantasized about having sex with Rob and thought this to be the perfect opportunity to fulfill her fantasy. She quickly showered and applied a light hint of perfume to all the right places, including her lush crop of curly, dark chestnut colored pubic hair.

Rob, having had the same desire for Jan, showered in anticipation that the time may have finally arrived when he would enjoy this breathtakingly beautiful, sexy woman. He put on his navy, cargo, swim-trunks, collected his towel and sunscreen and waited for her to knock on the connecting door.

After what seemed like hours he finally heard a light feminine tapping. He opened the door and there stood Jan holding up her tight, pink, one-piece swimsuit which emphasized her dark, all over tan. She was strikingly beautiful with high cheekbones, full lips and dark brown eyes. She stood five feet eight inches tall and weighed maybe120 pounds. Rob had thick, jet black hair and hazel eyes. He stood six feet tall, was reasonably good looking, muscular and weighed 180 pounds. The two of them made, what most would consider, a perfect couple.

After intentionally giving him a moment to drink in her beauty, she entered his room, turned around, exposing her bare back to him and asked him to help her zip the back zipper.

Without hesitation, Rob brushed Jan’s long chestnut hair to one side allowing him to view her naked back from neck to hip. He obediently reached for the tab of the zipper but couldn’t take his eyes from the smooth flawless skin of her back or the cleavage of her tight round ass. He knew how to raise the zipper but couldn’t find the strength in his hand to do it. Instead, he leaned over and placed a warm, moist kiss on her shoulder and another on her neck.

She smiled at the touch of his lips and tongue, realizing she was having the effect on him she had intended. Her eyes closed and she tilted her head back in anticipation of his next move. As she had expected, his hands gently, slowly inched their way into her suit, up and around her sides to cup her firm, full 36-B breasts.

Rob hefted a breast in each hand, enjoying the weight and firmness of them in his palms.

Jan released her grip on the front of her suit, allowing it to fall to her tiny twenty-four inch waist. She covered his hands with hers, pressing them tightly against her breasts to indicate to him that she approved of what he was doing. His warm hands covered the bottom of her breasts and he gently tweaked her nipples between his thumbs and fore fingers causing them to respond to his touch and the cool air in the room.

Jan reached behind her to search for the rock hard cock that was pressing against the cleavage of her ass. When esenyurt escort she found it, she was thrilled. There was plenty to fill both of her hands with some to spare.

Rob slid his hands down her body, pushing her suit over her ass and down her thighs letting it fall in a heap at her ankles.

She pulled one foot out of it and with the other, kicked the suit away leaving her completely necked. Jan released her grip on his cock and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of his suit. She forced it down over his hips, thoughtfully being careful to lift the waist band over the tip of his wonderfully swollen cock so it wouldn’t be bent painfully forward. The suit slid down his legs and onto the floor.

He kicked it away as Jan stroked his throbbing meat and he continued to plant warm wet kisses on her neck. He slid one hand down her torso then between her thighs while continuing to massage a breast and found her soft, furry pussy.

She quivered as his middle finger slipped along her wet gash and into her burning, wet love tunnel while his index finger titillated the tip of her swollen clit.

He guided her to the bed and turned her around. For a moment, they stared deeply into each others eyes. Their lips met and immediately their tongues began to play. This was a far more passionate kiss than the ones they had shared before. Jan’s knees became weak and she began to slide from his grip. He gently eased her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed.

With each pounding of his heart, his burning cock bobbed before her face. She looked up into his pleading eyes and gave him a knowing smile before gripping his swollen member in her soft hands and guiding its crown to her lips. With the tip of her tongue she licked the copious drop of sweet, salty pre cum from its eye then kissed the swollen purple head and licked his shaft from the tip to his balls. Her tongue and lips traced hot, wet kisses up and down the sides of his shaft, before engulfing half of him deep into her mouth.

Rob ran his fingers through her soft, silky hair as Jan ran her tongue around the head of his cock, hefted his heavy, hairy, balls in one hand and stroked the length of his shaft with the other. Her tongue teased the raised veins along the side of his straining cock and the tiny bumps at the base of it’s head. She loved the feel of the silky smooth head against the roof of her mouth.

She continued to stroke the thick shaft and feel the soft wrinkly texture of his ball sack in the palm of her hand. Gently, she rolled the plum size testicles around and lightly pinched the loose skin between her thumb and index finger, keeping him on a plateau between pain and ecstasy. Now and then she would tease that most sensitive area just beneath the crown with the tip of her tongue. She knew she had him on the edge of orgasm when she felt his cock suddenly swell against the roof of her mouth and her tongue.

She paused just long enough to let the urge subside then repeated this tortuous pleasure game over and over until he could stand it no longer. He uncontrollably wrapped his hands around the back of her head and forced his cock to the very back of her throat, pulled almost out the plunged in again, over and over, faster and faster as his need became more intense.

Her hands continued to stroke his shaft and balls, while her lips and tongue performed their magic. She opened her throat, swallowed avrupa yakası escort his length and he lost control, his ass tightened, his cock swelled, jerked and he exploded down her throat with wave after wave of hot threads of man juice.

He moaned a sound like a growl from deep inside his being, enjoying the overpowering, tingling sensation rippling through the eye of his super sensitive cock head. She gobbled down all of his cum, not spilling a drop.

With his balls empty, he gradually softened and she allowed his flaccid cock to slip from between her lips as she gave its head one last kiss. Holding her head in his hands, he leaned over and kissed her passionately, tasting himself on her lips and tongue.

Gently he forced her to lay back on the bed. He knelt between her knees and lightly stroked her breasts, sides, abdomen and thighs with the tips of his fingers while spreading warm wet kisses over her. She trembled as his lips covered each breast in turn and his tongue encircled the nipples and lapped across their swollen, pink tips. A warm electrifying sensation spread through her breasts and down her body making her clit tingle and swell in anticipation.

Rob continued his journey down her soft smooth body, becoming enflamed by the sweet aroma of her perfume and the muskiness of her sex penetrating to the primitive core of his brain. She lay there trembling as he pressed her thighs apart and focused his gaze upon the dark triangle of wonderfully thick pubic hair whose apex pointed to the center of his desire.

His need to taste her drove him forward. He pressed against her thighs and she opened them wide, allowing him better access to her pussy. She first felt his warm breath tickling her pubic hair followed by his tongue probing between her fleshy outer lips. She knew he had found the delicious juices waiting between the thin inner lips when she heard him moan as though tasting the sweet nectar of a woman for the first time and make soft slurping sounds.

He lapped at the opening of her treasure trove for several seconds before probing inside with his long, hot tongue.

Jan jerked and tightened her ass and vaginal muscles at the shock of his initial touch, then relaxed and opened for him. The warmth of his lips against her labia and the roughness of the longest tongue she had ever experienced against the roof of her vagina were electrifying and caused her to gasp then sigh with pleasure.

He gently sucked on her thin inner lips and teased them with his teeth. He replaced his tongue with his middle and index fingers in her vagina, freeing his tongue to search for her super sensitive clit. Finding it, he pushed back the hood with his thumb and wrapped his tongue around it. To her delight he sucked on it sending rivers of almost unbearable pleasure through her entire body.

He teasingly brought her to near climax time after time until she could stand it no longer. While still sucking and licking her clit, he rapidly slid his fingers in and out of her sopping vagina. Blessed flashes of orgasmic bliss flooded her brain as her back arched, her ass cheeks tightened and her body shivered with ripple after ripple of orgasmic release, forcing her pussy tight against his face and smearing him with her juices.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and she settled back onto the bed. Her clit being much anadolu yakası escort too sensitive to be touched any longer, she took his head in her hands and pulled him upon her as she slid back, higher onto the bed. Her burning pussy had to have his cock. She pulled her legs up and apart exposing the now prepared target of his desire to full view. Her pussy lips glistening with her juices and his saliva, pulsated as though they were speaking, begging him to enter. She looked down his body and saw that his cock had now recovered and appeared to be even larger than before.

The first touch of it’s head against her open vagina sent electrifying pulses of stimulation through both of them.

He rubbed the burning hot crown of his cock the length of her gash, lubricating it thoroughly before pressing it gently against her opening. They pressed against each other, forcing him to enter little by little as her vaginal walls adjusted to his girth. Their pleasure grew more intense as her pussy adapted to each added inch of his rock hard manhood, tightening and releasing as if trying to suck it inside.

Once fully inside her, they kept adjusting their pace and position until they found the rhythm that allowed the most intense pleasure. He felt his cock surrounded by the velvety smooth, burning tightness of her pussy. It squeezed around his cock and begged him to probe deeper and deeper.

Jan felt the fullness of his cock stretching her as it rammed into and out of her burning, hungry pussy and thrilled at the slapping of his low hanging balls against her ass. The top surface of his cock slid against the tip of her clit with each in and out stroke driving her ever closer to another orgasm. She held onto the cheeks of his ass with both hands, wrapped her ankles around the back of his thighs and her soft voice moaned into his ear, “please don’t stop, please.”

Rob had no intention of stopping. Although almost exhausted, with beads of perspiration across his forehead, he was as a crazed, wild animal. He varied his speed and penetrations just enough to maintain maximum stimulation for both of them yet not allowing himself or Jan to reach the point of no return.

They maintained this magnificent pace until finally his balls began to tighten uncontrollably and that unmistakable fist of pressure began forming beneath them. She felt the head of his cock pulsate and swell with the first signs of impending release and increased her tempo and squeezed her vaginal muscles as tight as she could.

Rob desperately wanting her to finish with him. With the small amount of control he had left, he reached between them and allowed his fingers to work their magic on her swollen sensitive love button. A few more strokes carried them over the edge and ripple after ripple of orgasmic shock waves rocketed through their bodies.

They continued to fuck, gradually slowing their pace until exhaustion drained the remaining strength from his arms.

Jan gradually and reluctantly released her vaginal grip on his flaccid cock and allowed it to slip from her sopping wet, satisfied pussy. Rob rolled onto his back beside her. His cock lay limp across his thigh still shinning in the dim light with their combined juices. He wrapped his arms around her, hugged her to him and softly stroked her face.

She dragged her knee across his thigh and pressed it against his limp cock that had moments ago been deep inside of her and had driven her to the heights of ecstasy. Her breast lay pressed against his chest as they caressed and shared soft, loving, thank-you kisses.

When their hearts slowed to a more normal pace and their breathing allowed them to speak, she asked, “why have we waited so long for this?”

He answered, “we were fools.” He then kissed her passionately then said, “but not any more.”

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