Nina’s Story Ch. 03

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Nina was pleased and relieved to finally hear Lisa knocking at her door. She jumped up from the sofa to answer the door like an excited school girl being picked up for the prom.

“Oh finally!” she announced as she greeted Lisa and motioned for her to come in. “I was starting to wonder if you were still going to come over.”

“I got waylaid at Bert’s. You know how he is. Loves to chat,” replied Lisa as she looked around the room.

“Nice place Nina,” commented Lisa “Must cost you a fortune.”

“Thanks. And yeah I guess it does. But I’m not worried cos I’m sure we will both get picked for the magazine feature and Bert has something else lined up for me,” replied Nina positively.

Lisa had stopped and picked up a bottle of wine on her way over. Nina had thrown together a light meal of salad and grilled chicken while she had waited for Lisa.

They sat down at the dining suite and enjoyed dinner and wine together as they talked and got to know one another better.

Nina told Lisa her life’s story in detail. Lisa raising her eyebrow and pausing to stare at her when she mentioned just how much money Nina’s father had.

“You mean to tell me you left a life of luxury to have to fight it out here just on the off chance you might get a job doing commercials?” asked Lisa sarcastically.

“It wasn’t such a great life, unless you like the idea of being controlled all the time,” answered Nina with a sigh. “And besides, I don’t plan to just do commercials. Bert is going to get me a job in television.”

Lisa shrugged but didn’t want to get into a debate about her chances of that. Instead Lisa told Nina her life’s story too. She told Nina how she owed Bert big time for all he had done for her, but missed out the part where she often ‘pays’ him back.

The girls had a great night talking and drinking and getting to know each other. The more Nina spent time with Lisa the more she was convinced she was falling in love with her.

Lisa sensed this and although she somewhat felt the same way, she wasn’t about to give in to it or to show it. So anytime the conversation drifted to being too deep or hinted at anything romantic, Lisa changed the subject. Lisa also decided that it wasn’t a good idea for her to stay the night with Nina, even though that’s exactly what Nina wanted.

Lisa had to keep her distance emotionally or she feared she may not be able to fight the attraction she felt towards Nina.

But that didn’t stop her from having a fun two hours of hot, passionate sex before she left.

Nina may have been a late starter, but now that she had a taste of it and of Lisa, she was insatiable.

The wine had made Nina even hornier than she had already been due to the blow job she had given Rick that morning. Lisa’s oral ‘pay back’ to Bert had left her wanting more too.

Lisa didn’t have her dildo’s or strap-on with her, but they both managed to have many orgasms by using their tongues and fingers and a couple of good sized carrots that Nina had in her fridge.

Lisa enjoyed teaching Nina just as much as Nina loved to learn all she could about sex and what she had been missing out on.

At the end of their sex session, Nina lay in Lisa’s arms and fell asleep while Lisa played with her hair. Once Lisa was sure she was asleep, she slipped her arm out from beneath her and got up and dressed. She left a note saying sorry she couldn’t stay but had to be up early for an appointment. It wasn’t entirely a lie, but the main reason she didn’t want to stay was Nina was getting to her, making it harder and harder for Lisa to remain distant.

When Nina woke up she was surprised to find Lisa not there beside her and then disappointed once she had read her note.

She sat in bed and tried to read between the lines. Nina was naive but still she was getting signals. She was starting to realize that the love she felt for Lisa was one-sided and that made her feel sad.

Nina was just sitting there in bed alone, feeling more alone than she had since she first moved to L.A. when the phone rang.

She jumped up to get it, hoping it was Lisa.

“Hello. Nina speaking” she spoke into the receiver as she held the phone up to her ear.

“Hi sweetheart. It’s Uncle Bert here. How are you love?”

“I’m fine,” replied Nina, not completely truthfully.

“Great. Well I’ve got news for you honey. Actually I’ve got good news and bad news,” said Bert.

“Hmm ok. Well give me the bad news first Bert cos I’d rather get it over and done with.” said Nina pessimistically.

“Well the bad news is you didn’t get picked for the magazine. But before you get too upset. Rick really did like you and he said it was close and if he had needed 7 girls you were next in line,” Bert rattled it off so fast, taking the rip of the band aid fast strategy.

“Oh,” said Nina quietly, “And what about Lisa, did he pick her?”

“Oh yes. Lisa got in,” Bert replied.

“I see. So is that the good news then? That Lisa got picked?” asked Nina, somewhat envious.

“What? üsküdar escort Oh no. It’s much better news than that sweetheart,” answered Bert enthusiastically, “The good news is my dear that Rick liked you so much that he recommended you and now Mr. Steele wants you to come in and do a reading for him.” Bert was grinning and Nina could hear it in his voice.

“Oh my God! Really? When Bert when?” Nina asked excitedly, all trances of her glumness disappearing.

“Yes really. I told you your uncle Bert would see ya right didn’t I sweetie? Yeah he wants you to come to his studio tomorrow at nine. He has seen your pictures and thinks you have the look he wants for this new part so as long as he likes how you act then it’s pretty much a done deal.”

“Just like that? Will there be other girls auditioning too?” asked Nina, amazed at how easy it sounded.

“Yep. Just like that. Mr. Steele trusts my recommendations baby. I told him you would be perfect for the part. That you have great talent and would make a wonderful nurse for his show. So he won’t audition anyone else until after he has seen you and of course if he likes you, and I just know he will then he won’t bother seeing any other actresses.” Bert said confidently.

Nina was so excited it was hard to talk.

“You still there sweetheart?” inquired Bert to the silence in the phone.

“Yes. Oh yes I’m here Bert. I’m just a little over whelmed. But thank you so much Bert. I’m so happy now I could just kiss you,” said Nina, sounding elated.

“Well now, I’m going to have to take you up on that when you come in,” said Bert with a chuckle.

“I have the script here. Call in later today and pick it up so you can practice your lines and be ready for the reading for Mr. Steele tomorrow.”

“I will be there in an hour Bert,” announced Nina keenly.

“My lips will be waiting for ya then sweetie,” said Bert expectantly.

Nina had the feeling he wasn’t joking but she was feeling so ecstatic that she would be happy to oblige.

“See you soon then,” said Nina as she hung up the phone and then rushed off to get in the shower and get ready.

Nina was at Bert’s office in 45 minutes, the disappointment of not getting the modeling job all but forgotten as she walked in to see Bert with a smile on her face.

Bert had spent his time waiting for Nina by looking at the video Lisa gave him in his back room and was now sitting back in his office chair savoring the taste of his own cum in his mouth as he waited for his latest find to arrive.

Although he had just cummed, when he saw Nina and saw how beautiful she looked as she beamed a joyous smile at him, Bert felt himself harden again.

“Welcome Nina. Boy you got here super fast,” announced Bert as looked up at her. He had been looking through all the photographs from Rick’s modeling shoot. Well he had been perving at them was more precise.

“Come over here and give your uncle Bert a big kiss. My lips have been waiting for you,” said Bert, motioning her to come closer.

Nina smiled and walked over, fully intending on giving Bert a quick kiss of thanks for getting her a chance to read for a TV show, but as she began to kiss him, he grabbed her and kissed her back hard. His tongue pushing its way into her mouth. She began to protest and was about to pull back when she tasted that familiar something. Not the same as Rick but still she recognized the taste of a man’s cum. Before she could even think to wonder who’s cum it was in Bert’s mouth, her body betrayed her again. She remembered how much she loved how Rick’s cum tasted and how the texture felt in her mouth. Her first blow job had been enjoyable and she craved for more. So before she knew what she was doing, Nina kissed Bert back passionately, her tongue sucking on his, searching for more of that delicious cum taste.

Bert was surprised but never one to question good luck, so he continued kissing Nina while his hands moved down and squeezed her firm ass cheeks.

Nina finally broke the kiss and stood up again as she could no longer taste any more cum and hungered for it.

“Oh my sweetheart. If that is how you thank Uncle Bert for getting you a reading. I look forward to seeing what you do when you actually get the part,” joked Bert.

Nina blushed and then smiled.

“You tasted good. I could taste…….um who’s um,” Nina struggled to say what she meant but Bert understood.

“It’s mine. My own flavor. If you like it. I have lots more,” said Bert with a wicked grin as his eyes glanced down to his groin and Nina could see his erection making a tent in his pants.

Nina blushed again but then her expression changed to lust and before her brain could stop her, her body just acted on instinct. Raw animalistic sexual instinct.

She just knelt between Bert’s legs and looked hungrily at the trouser tent, saying nothing.

Bert did not expect that. Of course he hoped for it and had been day dreaming tuzla escort about it ever since he met Nina, but never thought he would be that lucky to get Lisa one day and Nina the next.

Bert not being one to look at gift horse in the mouth and in this case the horse in question was a beautiful young woman, so he quickly unzipped and let his hard cock spring free.

Nina’s eyes widened at his cock swaying right in front of her and not listening to her brain telling her this was a bad idea, she lunged forward and started frantically sucking on Bert’s piece of meat. He wasn’t as big as Rick so she easily could deep throat him.

Bert was just wondering how he was going to be able to get Lisa AND Nina to suck him off at the same time when the hungry mouth of Nina attacked his cock full on.

It was all Bert could do not to cum instantly.

He gritted his teeth and tried to hold back as long as possible as Nina sucked and licked and deep throated his cock. The sound alone was enough to make men cum as she loudly slurped and sucked and moaned in pleasure, so obviously starving for his cum.

Bert was amazed at how good she was knowing full well that she was still a virgin and that she had little experience.

A little voice in the back of Bert’s mind was telling him he shouldn’t be doing this and if Mr. Steele ever found out he would be in deep trouble. But that little voice got quieter and quieter as Nina’s slurping and sucking got louder.

Bert could feel his resistance giving up, his orgasm growing. He was about to full pretty young Nina’s mouth with his seed.

Just then Nina feeling impatient for some more cum to eat, stopped sucking and looked up at Bert while still holding the base of his cock in her small hand, staring into his lustful eyes.

“I’m hungry Bert. I skipped breakfast,” announced Nina in such a slutty tone that Bert exploded.

His cock spurted out cum all over Nina’s face and hand. Most of it missing her mouth. She didn’t waste any time as she leant back down and sucked up as much as she could as was rewarded with a second burst of cum. She moaned in thanks and greedily swallowed it all. Then she went looking for more. Licking it off her own hand and all over Bert’s shaft as it deflated.

Bert was amazed at how good she was. He hadn’t cum that much and felt that good in years. It was the best orgasm he had experienced since he was a young man.

Nina sucked cock like a slut, not a virgin. This girl was definitely going to make a great trainee slut for Mr. Steele, Bert thought to himself as he enjoyed watching Nina search for any bits of cum she may have missed. She was scraping Bert’s cum off her face with her own fingers and then sucking on them making soft cooing sounds of pleasure.

“Mmm you taste good Uncle Bert,” said Nina still using her slutty tone.

Bert smiled down at her. Then leaned forward, holding her head in his hands.

“You missed a bit,” he said as he licked some of his cum off her face and then leaned back and grinned at her.

“Oh I don’t know what’s come over me Bert. I’m just so horny. I need it. I can’t seem to stop thinking about sex ever since…….” her voice trailing off as she tried to remember was it just since she came to L.A. or was it since she met Lisa. “I’m sick of being a goody goody virgin Bert. Would you fuck me now Bert? Right here on your desk? Please?” begged Nina.

Bert wasn’t a young man and he had just cummed twice in the last hour, so he really didn’t think he could cum again just yet. He did however think he could get hard again and was quite capable of fucking this pretty young thing kneeling between his legs begging for it.

He wanted to, was so very tempted to. Bert loved sex, loved porn, loved hot young women. Bert was a pervert and a dirty old man. But one thing Bert was not, and that was stupid.

He knew if he was to put his cock inside of Nina’s pussy and take her virginity, he may as well cut it off. Mr. Steele had claimed her to be his and if he ever found out about the blow job he would probably get old Bert roughed up a bit and teach him a lesson, but if he found out that Bert had fucked Nina, then something really nasty would happen. A planned ‘accident’ or something and just the thought of that possibility kept his old pecker limp.

“Oh no my dear. I can’t right now sweetie. You wore out poor old Bert with the pretty mouth of yours,” said Bert, not wanting to tell Nina the truth.

Being rejected like that brought reality suddenly crashing back and Nina stood up blushing a deep red. She was shocked at herself at what she had just done and confused as to why she seemed to not be able to control the urges she now found herself having. She could hardly believe she had asked Bert to fuck her. She felt like she must be losing her mind.

“Oh I’m so sorry Bert. I shouldn’t have even asked you that. I don’t know what came over me,” said Nina, deeply ashamed.

“It’s ok sweetheart. pendik escort Don’t worry about it love. I’m flattered,” said Bert as he tucked his limp cock back into his trousers and zipped up. He thought the best way to relieve Nina of her embarrassment was to not make a big thing of it and carry on with business as usual.

“Now this is what you really came in for,” said Bert as he handed Nina the script for Mr. Steele’s television show. “It’s a day time drama, well soap opera really, but they don’t like it when you call them that,” Bert said with a chuckle.

“Any way the show is called ‘Vital Signs’ and it’s about the goings on in a hospital and the relationships between the doctors and nurses. The part you are going for is a new nurse named Amanda that is about to join the hospital and she ends up falling for one of the doctors who is a main character, so if it works out, you could be signed up for a whole season.”

A change of subject and especially talking about this big opportunity got Nina’s mind off her recent slutty behavior as she reached out and took the script from Bert’s hand.

“Thank you Bert. I will go home and practice my lines to prepare myself for tomorrow. And I will ring you afterwards to let you know how it went.” said Nina now feeling more in control of herself.

“Oh and here’s your payment from Rick for the shoot. Two days pay. I’ve already taken out my commission. Sorry you didn’t get picked but maybe next time huh doll,” said Bert as he handed Nina an envelope.

Nina smiled and put the envelope in her pocket. “Thanks Bert.”

“Oh one last thing,” said Bert as he got his wallet out of his trouser pocket and took out a hundred dollar bill, “This is a bonus from me to you for…….um doing a good job.”

They both knew he didn’t mean the modeling job. Nina was soon learning how things worked and she knew she really should feel insulted at being paid as if she was just a prostitute, but she took the money that was offered and stuffed it into her pocket with the envelope. Part of her was actually turned on by the idea of being used like just a slut, while another part of her mind was confused as to why.

“Thanks again Bert. See ya soon,” said Nina as she left, realizing as she closed the door behind her that she hadn’t even thought to lock it while she was giving Bert a blow job. She blushed as she walked to the elevator as the thought of what if someone had walked in on them and caught her in the act of being a slut. But was it an act she thought to herself? Nina was feeling quite confused and even more so when in the ride back down to ground floor, alone in the elevator she reached down and felt her wetness. It wasn’t just the act of performing oral sex on Bert that had got her worked up, but as she imagined a stranger catching her doing it, watching her carry out a sexual act, this idea got her pussy even wetter.

Nina stopped on the way home and spent the bonus money on a new top to wear to the reading as she wanted to make a great first impression.

She spent the rest of the day and half the night practicing her lines and reading over the script again and again.

The next day she woke up early and took her time getting ready. She looked fabulous and felt confident that she knew her lines off by heart but was still nervous at the thought of meeting Mr. Steele. Bert had told her that if she managed to impress him that not only would she get this part but other opportunities would open up to her. He had said that Mr. Steele was a man of importance not only in the entertainment world but in the business sector too. He was a man with connections and money. Definitely someone worth impressing.

Nina arrived ten minutes before her appointment. She hated being late.

It was a good thing too as instead of being asked to wait; the receptionist took Nina in to see Mr. Steele right away.

“Ah you’re early! Great. Welcome Nina,” said Steele as he got up from behind his desk and strode over to greet Nina, his hand out ready to shake her hand.

Nina gasped at the sight of him. She held her breath and forgot how to speak.

Mr. Steele was fucking gorgeous. She knew now where the saying ‘Tall, Dark and Handsome’ came from as he was all these. He must have been at least six feet tall. Jet black hair and piercing steel blue eyes suited his name, beautiful and powerful, yet cold.

But then he beamed this huge smile at her that made her think she might just melt and his eyes did not seem so cold anymore, in fact it felt like his eyes were burning through her.

It wasn’t just his good looks, and boy did he look good. But there was more, something else about this man smiling at her, reducing her to a melted pile of nonsense. The was an air about him, almost like a presence that shouted out loud to her and everyone else in a ten mile radius….I am here, I am in control and you will worship me.

“Are you ok Nina?” enquired the God looking at Nina puzzled at her lack of response.

Nina finally remembered to breathe again and realized that Mr. Steele was still shaking her hand. Not really sure of how long it had been as time seemed to have frozen for a moment.

“Oh I’m sorry. Yes I’m fine Mr. Steele. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” said Nina, finally remembering her manners and finding her voice again.

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