New Year’s Celebration

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I decided to whisk you away to a nice warm beach on the shores of a Caribbean island to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It was a chance to get away from the cold and responsibilities of the everyday life and be free to enjoy ourselves… and each other.

We had our own private cabin in a more secluded part of the resort. It was right on the white sand of the beach, with the warm azure water lapping against our private dock. So far our stay had been wonderful since we arrived the day before. The food was spectacular, the view was breathtaking, and the water…oh the water was pure bliss. We slipped in last night sans suits and let the warm ocean tide embrace our naked bodies. Of course we embraced too, but we had made a pact to limit ourselves until the new year so we could celebrate in a truly explosive fashion.

That made our naked water excursion that much more enticing, as we both teased each other simply being exposed together. I made sure to press my hardness against you as we connected in the water, my thick cock nestling perfectly between your tight cheeks when I wrapped my arms around you from behind. You made sure to tease me right back, spinning yourself around in the water, l and making sure to press your beautiful breasts tight against my chest as you pulled your exposed skin against mine. My cock throbbed in delight, now pressed against your stomach. I leaned forwards and whispered softly in your ear, my breathe giving you a delightful tickle as I spoke.

“Naughty girl.”

I give your lobe a light nibble and lick before pulling away and giving you a devilish grin.

From that point on, we spent the rest of our time leading up to the big night teasing each other every chance we got. A finger slip during breakfast, a flash while out shopping, a bite hiking through the forest. The sexual tension between us was building rapidly, to levels we soon wouldn’t be able to control ourselves. It was hard enough seeing your glowing smile and gorgeous eyes light up as we enjoyed exploring our island paradise. Having you tease and tempt me with your sensuous body and suggestive taunts was bringing me to the brink of throwing you against a tree and unleashing my near overwhelming carnal urges.

But now the night was upon us and finally released would be at hand. After another delicious dinner, we joined in the resort’s New Year’s Eve festivities. Live music thrummed through our bodies as we moved against each other on the dancefloor set up under the stars. It was a perfect night to celebrate. A gentle warm breeze carried the sweet scent of the ocean to us as we danced. The sky a deep blanket of velvet darkness, speckled by pinpricks of shimmering white starlight and completely devoid of any clouds. Perfect for ringing in 2018.

“15 minutes until the New Year everybody!” The DJ announced. The crowd around us cheered with excitement and the music was cranked even louder. We paused, our eyes met. We held each other in what seemed like a frozen moment in time as both of us wordlessly knew what that meant. It was time to take the celebration back to our cabin and begin our own private festivities.

Hand in halkalı escort hand, we left the party behind us and ran across the sand to our cabin in the distance. The rush of adrenaline and hormones pumping through us turned our sprint into a playful race. Determined to get there first, I pulled you behind me and took the lead. Not to be beat, you caught up and tackled me into the soft sand, laughing as we rolled over each other. Before I could react you slid your tongue into my mouth, our lips locked together as we tasted each other in a passionate kiss. You pulled away with a grin, leaving me dazed in the sand as you ran the final few steps into our waterfront cabin. It took me a few moments to recover, the blood from brain rushing… elsewhere. That kiss had been my breaking point. Now my built up lust was ready to be unleashed upon your perfect body. I raced to hunt you down inside the cabin.

The lights were off inside, the only light coming from the nearly full moon overhead and the party still thriving further up the beach. It was enough for me to see your dress on the floor. Further down the hallway your bra lay across the floorboards. Following this delightful trail, it led me to the walkout from our bedroom. There, draped over the handle of the slightly open door, was your last piece of clothing, a small black g-string. That could mean only one thing, you were outside, completely naked, and waiting just for me. Miraculously, I managed to control myself enough to not burst through the door and slowly stepped out onto our private balcony, just barely above the gentle waves of the moonlit water.

It was there I found you, your naked skin glowing in the soft light of night as you leaned against the railing waiting for me. That was it for me. I lost all self control and rushed to take you in my arms, hoisting your delicate frame against me as I met your lips in a deep, sensual kiss. My hands gripped you tightly, one firmly dug into one cheek of your firm ass, the other wrapped around your back as I lifted you against me. You wrap your arms around my still clothed body, letting out a soft moan as I pull away from your mouth and begin exploring your neck with my tongue, lips, and teeth.

I set you down so I can explore your body further but you stop me to pull off my shirt. I fumble with my shorts and quickly slide them off, taking my boxers along with them and leaving me in the nude. I immediately pulled you back against me, rejoicing in the electric sensation of our skin grazing against each other. My exploration of your beautiful body continues, moving down from your neck to your shoulders then on to your chest. You reach out and grab hold of my now solid shaft, gently stroking me as you purr with delight from the pleasure you’re experiencing. My mouth finds your breasts, gently taking your nipple in my mouth while groping you with my free hand. A moan releases from your mouth and I reward you with a soft bite in your nipple while giving your other nipple a small twist with my fingers.

I grin up at you as I push you against the railing and lower myself further down your body. I navigate şişli escort down your tight stomach with my lips and tongue, tasting every inch of you as I go. Finally I end up on my knees, my head nearly at your now sopping wet pussy. I reach my hands around and tightly grip your ass while my mouth moves down your thighs. My tongue lingers around the edge of your sweet lips, taunting you with waves of ecstasy that drive you insane. Desperate to feel me lap up your juices, you beg me to taste you, not being able to handle much more of this teasing. Suddenly without warning, I plunge my face between your thighs, at the same time slipping a finger into your ass. The combined sensations send you reeling as you shudder from the explosive pleasure erupting through your body. You cum right there and then, the surprise taking you over the edge before you even knew it was there.

I gently suck on your clit as you ride out your orgasm. Soon after, my tongue begins exploring your wetness with a determined vigor. I taste your the juices flowing from you, the tip of my tongue grazing the inside of your pussy and sliding up to flick your sensitive clit. You let out a loud moan as my tongue traces complex patterns inside you. My finger continues to slip in and out of your ass, quickening with intensity as I build another orgasm inside you. I can feel your body tense against me, your hands gripping my hair as you feel another overwhelming release coming to wash over you.

But before you tumble over that edge, I stop and pull away. You nearly collapse from being denied your orgasm, letting out a small whimper as you’re lost in pure sexual turmoil. My hands glide up your body, pulling you into another passionate kiss. You taste yourself on my tongue, relishing in the sweet tanginess of your drippings swapped between us. The sensation of my hard cock throbbing against you as we embrace sends shudders through your craving body. You slip your hand between us and begin stroking my thick shaft while our tongues continue exploring each other’s mouths. I release a soft moan into you, enjoying your supple hand sliding up and down me.

Reluctantly, you break away from me. As much as you’re enjoying our tongues swirling around each other, there’s another part of me you just need to taste. You kneel against the warm wood of our deck, feeling the ocean breeze brush against you as you take my cock into your mouth. You slide yourself down my length, deep throating me to the point of gagging. I let out a low moan and shudder from the incredible sensation of your mouth. You lick up and down the sides of my shaft, exploring every inch of my cock with your tongue. It’s too much for you to handle as you enjoy tasting me and you slip on of your hands between your legs to play with yourself while you continue sucking me off. You let out a gentle moan around me, causing me to let out a low “fuck” from the feeling. My hands reach around to the back of your head and begin guiding you up and down my cock. I quickly build up to a furious pace, passionately fucking your mouth and causing you to gag as my tip sarıyer escort hits the back of your throat again and again.

I can’t take it anymore. If I keep you sucking my cock I know it wouldn’t be long before I unleash a load of thick cum into your mouth. In a single motion, I pull you away and up to my mouth, giving you a quick but sensuous kiss before spinning you around and bending you over the railing. As you look out at the moon reflecting off the water, you suddenly feel my cock slide into your ready and waiting pussy. We share a loud moan together, not caring if we can be heard or seen by anyone. It’s what we’ve been waiting for and the feeling is sensational. You’re tight pussy easily takes my full length, slick from your previous orgasm and the pent up sexual frustration. I start slowly, taking my time to slide myself in and out of you from tip to hilt and back in again. It’s not long before the primal passions inside me take over and I quicken my pace, rapidly slamming my hips against you with deep, powerful thrusts. I clutch one hand to your hip, pulling you against me. My other wraps around you throat, applying a firm pressure against you as I take full control. I bite into your neck, grunting and moaning as I fuck you harder and harder. You let out screams of sexual bliss as you feel my girth fill you completely. Each thrust shoots tingling waves of pleasure along your spine, spreading through the rest of your body like lightning. I feel you tighten around my cock as your body tenses. I dig my fingers into your ass and squeeze your firm breast as you ride me through another explosive orgasm. I feel your cum dripping down our legs, slipping through the gap in the deck boards and joining the ocean below.

I slide myself out of your soaked pussy and, using your own juices as lubrication, slip my cock into your perfect waiting ass. I bend you down further, your arms clutching the railing as you moan in pleasure. My cock, slick with your cum, easily glides inside your tight hole. You nearly keel over, barely recovered from cumming moments earlier. I begin thrusting deep and hard into you, my balls slapping against your wet tender pussy, my hips leaving your cheeks red. I grab your waist with both hands and quicken my pace, fucking you wildly in the warm ocean air. You feel me throbbing deep inside your ass, the sensation driving you crazy with animalistic lust. You turn to look back at me and see a fire alive in my eyes as I too give in my carnal urges.

In the distance we can here the celebration growing with cheers and shouts from the crowd. The music lessens and the voice of the DJ can be heard clearly across the beach as he counts down with the crowd.


I thrust deep inside you.


My fingers twist your nipple.


My other hand rubs your sensitive clit.


I bite into the back of your neck.


You moan loudly.


I meet your lustful, craving eyes.


Our lips join together.


Our tongues dance around each other.


Our bodies tense.


We share an orgasm as one. I unload rope after rope of thick cum deep inside your ass as you shudder through the most intense orgasm of the evening. We ride the explosion together, both of our naked bodies tight against each other as we let the wave of pure ecstasy wash over us.

I lean over and whisper in your ear, “Happy New Year.”

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