Natural Together: Now What Ch. 02

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“I don’t know,” was all I could say even though my body was whispering touch me and my mind was screaming kiss me.

“I don’t know,” I repeated.

“Me either. I know what I want but it’s not about that,” he said walking closer yet remaining outside touching distance.

“I know what I need,” he said walking even closer with the look of a hungry leopard, licking his lips.

“Mmmmmhmmm, me too only thing is life, consequences and things like that.”

“Nat, it’s ok, it’ll happen when it’s time. And from how you’re rocking and bouncing that leg,” he said, pointing to my right leg, “it will happen.”

I stopped bouncing and rocking my leg, held my breath and said, “OK, it will happen. Now, I’m still not sleepy so quit inching your way out the door and come back over here.” I should have known I was playing with fire. I can act like a kid in a toy store or a cat with a ball of yarn when I see something I want. I touch, poke, prod and play with it until it’s truly mine. Los smirked and walked to the chair across from the sofa I was sitting on.

I, consequently, moved closer so I could talk lower. “OK, Los since it’ll happen, tell me something.”


“How did you know how to kiss me?”

“You,” he plainly stated.

“Me?,” I asked perplexed.

“Yea, I’ve heard you discuss how certain things turn you on and other things turn you off with Eboni, Erica, and Steph.”


“All of our lives. I told you I had a crush on you. So, I have always taken Nat-inventory.”

“Hmm … so tell me some of the things I like,” I said challenging him, wondering if my mouth was that big.


I was skeptical as hell even though he had kissed me like I’ve never been kissed before.

He said, “You like to be held gently but still love rough sex. Even though most women make faces about it you are open about your delight in oral pleasures and getting your hair pulled turns you on so you keep your hair natural. No fuss, no muss is what you say … right?”

“Right … you do know … some things can change though.”

“Yea, tell me, what about those things have changed?” he asked, challenging me with a sly smirk on his face.

“Weeeell … none of those, but other things have changed.”

“Like?” he asked turning into the psychologist.

“Like before recently I have only wanted a “real” relationship but now my life is too complex anadolu yakası escort for all of that and at the same time I want someone who can and will cherish me and fuck me right.”

“I understand that,” Los stated as I yawned and opened my phone to peep the time.

“Ok Los, it’s like 4 a.m. now, you have to be sleepy.”

“I am a little but I don’t want to abandon you.”

“Oh, how sweet,” I said sarcastically with a bright smile.

“Well since you insist …” he said, leaving his chair and walking towards the door.

I laughed and said, “I’m a big girl, baby, I can find something to do,” unconsciously bouncing my leg.

Los smiled his white toothy smile and said, “I bet.”

“Whateva, go to sleep.”

“Ok, mama Natilie.”

“That’s right, now come over here and give yo mama a g-rated hug,” I demanded, half serious and half laughing.

Why did he do as I requested, all obedient and observant?? As he walked across the room looking tall, tan and muscled with a new sexy aura around him, I wondered if I could keep this pending hug g-rated. And before I could answer myself Los was walking towards me with his arms stretched out.

As he moved towards me I suddenly realized that if I was still sitting by the time he got near the couch his crotch would be right in my face. I quickly pushed the thought of his crotch into the recesses of my mind and walked across the room to hug him goodnight.

As soon as Los wrapped his arms around me and I smelled his cologne mixed with his natural scent I got wet. The time between a g-rated hug and an NC-17 hug went out the window and the thoughts in the recesses of my mind ballooned to the surface. Before I knew it I was grinding and slowly walking Los back to the couch. He was all too willing to accept this. As I hugged him and we fell on the couch with me on top I kissed him. Long, slow and gently. Then long, slow and hard. Keeping my grinding in rhythm with my kissing while Los kept running his hands along the small of my back and across my ass, I grinded on him and kissed him until I was TOO horny. I ran my hand across his abs and pecked him on the lips as I unbuttoned his belt buckle. Los tensed up when I leaned back getting ready to take my halter off.

“Are you sure you want this Nat?” he asked. I kissed him hard and he kissed me back. Then out of nowhere ataşehir escort I was on the bottom. He was licking, kissing, and sucking on me from the neck up, while removing my halter, strapless bra, and unbuttoning my shorts the whole time. He ran his hands across my nipples and licked and nibbled on each one while I ran my hands along his back and his crispy low cut hair. I lifted my ass off the couch and in one swoop was out of my shorts and panties.

“I wanted to do that so I could see it all.”


“Oh yea, you don’t talk but you like to be talked to … right?”

I smiled and said, “Yea,” into another soul stirring, orgasm seeking kiss.

“Well, I’ll have to take an even closer look,” Los said, as he worked his way back to my breast while rubbing his fingers along my pussy, constantly avoiding my clit and arousing me slowly. Los deliberately moved his kisses lower and replaced his mouth on my breast with his free hand. When he was face to face with my wet pussy he blew a warm stream of air on my clit and inserted a finger into my pussy hole moving in circular motions, probing my g-spot.

As he fingered me he took long, slow licks and tongue kissed my pussy, still only putting just enough emphasis on my clit. As he kissed and fingered my pussy I moaned and felt myself about to cum. I felt like he was inside my head pleasing me like I would please me, taking his time and speeding up at the exact right time. Then he pressed his tongue against my clit and sucked me and rubbed my g-spot until I came. Moaning what I felt was loudly I came again, instantly, because he didn’t stop licking and sucking. As he rubbed my g-spot and ran his tongue up and down my pussy I came again and again and again. Carlos, my best friend’s cousin, my sister’s best friend and my cousin’s “boyfriend,” gave me my first multiple orgasm, in my mom’s basement.

As I came down from my orgasm-high I was ready to provide pleasure too. I could tell Los was still aroused so I kissed him on his lips and ran my hand up and down his crotch. He still had on most of his clothes. A wife beater, boxers that said I love you in 4 or 5 different languages and jean shorts. I played with his shirt and practically ripped it trying to get it off of him. So I stood up, naked as the day I was born and said, “Los, get naked.” And he obliged. My eyes immediately focused on a milk ümraniye escort chocolate dick that stood out from the rest of his dark-dark caramel body. It was big but not too big like Erica had tried to imply. I caught myself licking my lips at the sight of him, like the hungry lioness I was. I practically growled as I walked towards him and pushed him back onto the couch again. He was 3/4 erect and I wanted to see if men could have multiples too. I sat on his lap and rubbed my still wet pussy against his growing dick and kissed him. I slowly licked and sucked on his neck and moved downward and licked and sucked on his nipples. I nibbled his left nipple, when he winced I laughed. “That didn’t hurt did it?”

“Umm … a little.”

“Let me make it better,” I said with a mouth full of his nipple and a hand full of dick. Just as he had, I traded my hand for my mouth and my mouth for my hand. I slowly licked up his shaft and swallowed all seemingly 10 inches of him. I sucked and spit and licked and spit and sucked his glorious dick. I lavished the way it felt as I bobbed it in and out of my mouth. I sucked harder and faster when Los started playing with my hair. I played with his balls and slowed down my motions. I rubbed my hand up and down his dick and sucked his balls into my mouth. I alternated licking his dick and balls and whenever he would tense up like he was about to cum, I slowed down. Then just when he got used to the alternations I sucked his dick and played with his balls until he came in my mouth. And I swallowed — another first. I’m still not sure if that was a multiple orgasm but he nutted for 2 whole minutes. When I was done he pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep, naked on my mom’s basement couch, for what seemed like 20 minutes until we both heard people in the kitchen upstairs. We rushed up and put on our clothes but stayed in the basement. Smelling of each other’s essence we kissed some more.

“Los, folks gone come down here. You have a crib right?”

He laughed and said, “Yea in Clifton. You cummin? … again?”

I laughed and said, “I hope so.”

“Me too,” was Los’ response.

We walked outside through the basement to Los’ car that was parked right out front. As I rode with him to his apartment not far away in the gaslight district I was replaying what had happened in my head and getting hornier as the seconds went by.

As soon as we hit his door we were naked — again. Licking, sucking, and kissing each other. He escorted me to his bedroom where he laid me down and slowly made fuckin-love to me. When we were satisfied, gratified and comforted I asked, “Now what?” We laughed and silently contemplated what could be next.

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