Narcissa Valentine Ch. 02

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The months passed quickly. Narcissa had been with the firm for nearly 6 months. Months of enjoyable work, great deals, fantastic times shared. Jack and Narcissa were pretty inseparable at work, usually found in one or the other’s office. After work, they often went to dinner, continuing the conversation from the office, planning even bigger accomplishments. At first, there was talk, but as time passed and their behavior continued to be above reproach, everyone lost interest in them.

As often happened with work mates, even their weekends were taken up with some sort of business deal or corporate restructuring. When Jack remembered his initial fantasies of being with Narcissa, he tried not to dwell on them. She was his friend, his companion. They worked, ate, and laughed together. Jack reminded himself regularly that he was a lucky man. He enjoyed and respected his coworker. They were very compatible. Any time he found himself thinking of her out-of-control glossy curls or her delicious scent, he sublimated the thought with memories of their victorious new business merger.

One thing they didn’t do was relax together. Neither had seen the other happily at play, with nothing more to worry about than the condiments for a great grilled burger or what time the game would start. Then the memos began appearing about the annual 4th of July party. The company had a gorgeous beach house, used for visiting executives and for this one yearly event. It was far from the corporate world, far from the high rise, windowed offices, far from the decorum that structured their everyday world. It was the one time each year that everyone could just relax and play, enjoy being fit and healthy. The executives were invited for the weekend, the lower echelon was invited just for the holiday itself.

It almost went without saying that Jack and Narcissa would drive out together. They did most things together. This year the 4th was on Saturday, giving them a reason for a nice long weekend of fun and games. All the executives had decided to include Friday in the holiday, and most of them were driving out sometime Friday morning. Jack drove Narcissa home after work on Thursday, promising to be there early the next day, so they could get a head start on the traffic. This would be his first extended executive party, but he had heard just how much fun they could be.

He liked that Narcissa wasn’t a typical woman. If she said she would be ready at 7AM, then she was ready. No silly games about doing one more thing, not being quite packed, or running a bit late. She was there when she said she would be. Friday morning was no exception. As he drove up, she walked out of her apartment building, one compact suitcase brought out by the doorman. She looked fresh and happy, relaxed in a way he hadn’t seen before.

She walked..floated… toward his car. She was dressed in a very pretty peach sundress, fitted in the top, full and swishy from the waist down. The tiny straps did nothing to conceal her very tanned and toned shoulders and arms. And her legs, Jack’s particular favorite, were bare, her small feet in strappy white summer sandals. He didn’t think she wore makeup, but he could have sworn she was the prettiest, freshest woman he had ever seen. As she settled in the seat, her signature scent filled the air and his head, reminding him briefly of his fantasies about kisses and soft touches.

Then they began to speak about the newest merger, the one with that company in Barcelona, and he forgot he was sitting beside a woman who could make his heart pound. He was with Narcissa, his pal and co-worker, and her femininity didn’t enter into it. As they sped to the coast, the conversation continued easily. The scenery changed, the terrain became hilly and green, fewer homes, fewer everything. Even the air changed, grew moister and denser, fresher and cleaner. Every year, Jack was amazed by the difference a few hours made. He was particularly amazed that this year, he was in the elite group who were invited for the whole weekend. It was Narcissa who made it possible.

He pulled into a little parking lot, inviting her into a small family diner for lunch. For some reason, he wanted to delay their arrival as long as possible, wanted this dazzling woman all to himself for a little longer. After lunch, they began the last part of the journey. Narcissa was happy to sit beside him quietly, sharing a comfortable silence. While Narcissa watched the greenery flash by, Jack once again wondered about nicknames for her. Nothing seemed appropriate. Everything he thought of seemed dull and overused. She was definitely a Narcissa, born to the name, deserving of it. He was still musing on this as he reached the entrance to the company house.

Turning into the bumpy lane, he slowed his car, wanting her first sight of the estate to be impressive. bostancı escort They drove along, through the overgrown greens and swaying weeds, seemingly landlocked. Then, suddenly, the beautiful house came into view, and with it, long stretches of vast ocean. It always took his breath away, the beauty of it, so incredibly impossible. He stopped the car and stepped out, going to the passenger side and opening the door for Narcissa. The air was lush and heavy, the breeze redolent with salty freshness. She looked around happily, anticipation making her nearly laugh out loud. “This is going to be so much fun, Jack. I feel like a kid on summer vacation. I’m so glad we are going to share this weekend!”

Finally, reluctantly, they got back into the car and headed toward the house. Driving seemed so silly, with the huge open spaces to run and play all around them. They soon pulled into the front drive, and climbed from the car once more. A few other executives came out to greet them, but it was early and they were very nearly the first. They carried the bags to their rooms, which were on opposite sides of the long hallway. Agreeing to meet downstairs to go exploring, they separated to change into more appropriate clothing.

Jack and Narcissa spent most of their time together in business garb. So this morning, seeing her in the sundress had pleased him, but when she came back downstairs, she took his breath away. She had changed into snug denim shorts and a baby blue sleeveless shirt, which buttoned down the front and tied under her very shapely breasts. Her bare tummy was also nicely tanned and toned, looking golden and warm and very touchable.

Her legs were the epitome of beauty. Jack had always been a leg man, but if he hadn’t been, he would have changed preferences just for her legs. They were short, shapely, absolutely gorgeous. As always, her clothes looked tailored for her, the shorts fitting her perfectly, hugging her tight ass, emphasizing her slim thighs. Everything about her was perfect. She looked classy and very fetching at the same time. She had changed into sneakers, anticipating a nice, long hike on the beach. Jack happily complied. The other guys were not interested in exploring. They had poured themselves some nice cool drinks and settled on the huge porch, enjoying the breeze and talking business. As they walked away, Narcissa turned to Jack, touching his arm to get his attention. “Let’s not talk business this entire weekend, please, Jack. I want this to be a true vacation, not an extended business day. Promise me that we will only talk about ourselves and our lives, no foreign problems or deals,” she asked earnestly.

Jack quickly and happily agreed. Walking beside her, he did not feel like a pal anymore, he did not see her as a whiz at foreign affairs. He saw a beautiful, intelligent woman and all his fantasies were rushing at him.

They climbed over the dunes, moving close to the huge waves that swept the shore. They removed their shoes and ran into the surf, laughing like children. The sun was warm, the breeze was brisk, and Narcissa’s laughter was like a balm on his soul. Jack could imagine spending every day of his life with her, sharing a home and children and a love others would envy. She was everything he had ever wanted, ever dreamed of. But as much as he wanted to tell Narcissa of his feelings, he knew it would end their wonderful friendship, would make them both uncomfortable. He didn’t want to risk it. He decided that he would remain her friend, even if it meant eventually watching her fall in love with someone else.

They played on the beach for hours. Walking with her, talking with her, these were things he craved. They found shells, made sand castles, chased each other into the cool water. Then they found a huge rock and climbed onto it, sitting close together and watching the sunset, filling the sky with incredible colors. All afternoon, they had shared memories of childhood vacations, childhood dreams. He felt incredibly close to her today. Now they sat together, enjoying the beauty of the oncoming night. When Narcissa shivered in the dusk, Jack slipped his arm around her, pulling her close to share his warmth, inhaling her singular scent and happily feeling he could now die a happy man. Too soon, they decided to return to the beach house and dinner. It had been a active afternoon and they were both starving.

As they approached the house, the aroma of grilling steaks filled the air. They both moved faster, hurrying now, anxious for a good meal with friends. As they entered the house, they found the cooking was nearly complete. They went up to their rooms to clean up and change for dinner. Jack was ready first and headed downstairs, entering the kitchen in time to cut up the salad. Everyone else had been drinking fatih escort most of the afternoon and the mood was very light and happy. Conversation flowed, everyone relaxed and mellow. Jack knew the moment Narcissa entered the room. The talk stopped and everyone stared.

She was wearing a summery white dress, long and flowing. She looked like an angel, a very tanned and healthy one. Her skin glowed, her cheeks were slightly pink, her curls askew. Her scent, her delicious scent, filled the room, rivaling the aroma of a great dinner being served. Jack couldn’t help watching her, wanting her. She began to help with dinner, fitting in with everyone, friendly and wonderful.

The meal was fantastic. They ate until they couldn’t take one more bite. The wine was delicious and plentiful. They all got along well, and there was never a moment of silence. After dinner, cards were brought out and teams formed. Jack and Narcissa challenged another couple to spades, and then proceeded to win handily. Again, Jack was aware that they were a wonderful team.

The evening had turned cool and someone built a fire. Someone else uncorked more wine and glasses were refilled. Now they sat quietly, enjoying the fellowship of a day well-spent. Conversations were lower, slower, and even slightly slurred. Narcissa sat beside Jack, growing quieter and quieter, until, finally, he felt her head on his shoulder and heard her soft breathing. He let her sleep as he made his point, then gently woke her and guided her to bed.

As he returned to his own room, Jack was bereft of her company. It didn’t seem right to be going to bed alone, he knew he should have her with him. He just didn’t want to ruin the perfect friendship they had developed. Climbing into his empty bed, Jack felt lonely and alone. After his rigorous day, he fell asleep quickly and dreamed of a life with Narcissa at his side.

He was almost amazed to wake the next morning alone, his dreams of Narcissa had been so vivid. But alone he was. He sighed and climbed from bed, dressing for another day of fun with his beautiful friend.

The day was golden. The junior executives began arriving, full of enthusiasm and joy to be included with the top brass. Everyone was in high spirits, happy and full of camaraderie. A volleyball team was formed, Narcissa being one of the first to volunteer. Jack sat out the first game, content to sit back and watch her play with amazing enthusiasm. Today, his angel was nowhere to be found. She had dressed this morning in another pair of shorts, deep pink this time, with a snug little T-shirt that rode up her tummy when she jumped for the ball. Her legs were so tanned from yesterday, so smooth, so delicious. Even though he was a dedicated leg man, he couldn’t help appreciating her tight bottom, her slim hips, her full breasts. Narcissa was a total package. She amazed him daily with her mind, her wit, her charm. Jack was pretty sure he would love her no matter how she looked.

Narcissa’s team won the first game. They cheered and high-fived each other and Jack inhaled her happy laughter. When the second game started, the other team became very competitive. Instead of a friendly match, now the ball was spiked with much vigor, flying quickly and wildly over the net. Narcissa was a natural athlete and seemed to be all over the beach, jumping high, hitting the ball back with surprising strength. Then it happened. The captain of the other team, a tall, muscular junior executive, served the ball directly to Narcissa. She moved forward, ready to send it sailing back, and jumped for it. She lost her footing and fell into the sand, her knee hitting a hidden piece of glass. She screamed and Jack was there immediately, his heart hurting to see her pain.

He easily picked her up in his arms, carrying her back to the house, her cut leg bleeding and dirty. He took her to the kitchen, setting her down on the counter by the sink. So gently, he soaped a cloth and washed her leg, carefully removing all the sand and debris. When the area was cleansed, he finally got a good look. She needed stitches, even he could tell that. He wrapped a clean towel around her leg and carried her to his car. She hadn’t really spoken. She was pale under her tan, her eyes huge and round and shiny with unshed tears. Jack talked softly to her as he drove, gentling her, reassuring her. He wished he could take the pain from her, take it onto himself, save her the distress. Narcissa remained quiet. She just listened to him, feeling completely secure with him, sure that he would take care of everything.

At the hospital, Jack insisted on carrying her into the exam room. She liked being in his arms, it felt good there, right. He stayed beside her as the doctor examined the cut, cleansed it and prepared to suture her knee. Jack held her hand and bağcılar escort talked softly to her, distracting her from the injections and the stitches. She listened, still in the dreamy world of surprise and pain. She nodded and sat bravely, never taking her eyes from his. Jack’s mouth was near hers, his breath on her lips. Narcissa had never felt so safe, so protected. Finally the doc finished his careful work. He looked up at Narcissa and smiled, saying, “There, I think the scarring will be minimal, if any. Lucky for you that this fellow moved so fast and got you here so quickly.”

They gave her a few pain pills to ease the ride home and Jack carried her back out to the car. He settled her in the front seat, carefully buckling the seat belt. Then he hurried around the car, anxious to get her home and comfortable.

Back at the house, the games were continuing. Jack drove up to the front steps and carried Narcissa inside. She was nearly asleep from the medication, so he carried her upstairs to her room, placing her on the fluffy comforter. She woke enough to ask him to stay with her. Jack knew better, god knows he knew better, but he couldn’t resist. Promising himself he would just stay until she fell asleep, Jack agreed. He removed her sneakers and socks, then his own. He elevated her right leg on a pillow as the doctor suggested, then he climbed into the bed and pulled the quilt up over them. Outside the raucous party sounds filled the air, but inside Jack was as close to heaven as he had ever been. Narcissa snuggled against him, wincing a little when she moved her leg. She settled onto his shoulder, in a spot that seemed to have been made just for her, and fell asleep. He listened to her soft breathing, felt her curls tickle his face, inhaled her sweet fragrance. His fingers slipped into her hair, toying with it, enjoying the springy softness. He barely moved, not wanting to disturb her. He thought he could lie here forever, holding her, watching over her. He also thought he would never sleep, but would stay awake forever, loving the magic of this night.

Of course, he was wrong and he did fall asleep. The windows were open and the breeze whipped the lace curtains, making the wind chimes sing out. The party outside grew wilder, with games, cook fires, music, and, after dark, a magnificent display of fireworks. The two would-be lovers slept through it all, snug in their own world of touch and warmth. The quilt became their haven, their arms became the entrance to worlds of happiness. They slept.

When Narcissa woke, it was quiet and dark outside. The breeze continued to cool the room, and Jack continued to warm her. She lay beside him, watching him sleep, their roles reversed. Her eyes returned to his chin, the tiny dimple there, and she thought of how much she wanted to touch it, just let her fingertip rest there and feel the indentation. Tonight, he had a slight beard and the stubble attracted her even more. She watched him carefully. Finally, she was sure that he was asleep. She lifted her hand, reaching for him, feeling him with a lover’s touch. His rough skin sent tiny tingles throughout her body, making her ache for more. Assuring herself that Jack was still asleep, Narcissa opened her palm and caressed his cheek. Her soft palm was electrified by the slight scratchiness of his beard. She held her hand there, feeling his breath on her arm, unable to break the contact. Jack opened his eyes, looking at this sweet woman. He turned his head slightly, moving her hand over his mouth. Then he slipped his tongue out and made soft circles on the tender flesh of her palm.

Narcissa lost her breath, her entire being centered on the sensations of his tongue. He licked across her hand, capturing her thumb and sucking on it like a starving child. His eyes closed and he was nurtured by her proximity and her warmth. He only looked at her when he felt her other hand caressing his face, sliding into his hair, touching him so lovingly.

Jack had to tell her. He needed her to know how much he loved her, how much he wanted her. Releasing her thumb with a slight pop, he turned to face her. “Narcissa, I love you. I have from nearly the moment we met. I can imagine spending the rest of my life with you, sharing everything. I can see our kids, our days, our nights. I love you so much!”

Narcissa listened, watching him carefully. Then she moved her face forward, slowly and precisely bringing her mouth to his, matching lips with him for the first time. They moved together well, slowly and seductively. Lips brushing, breaths mingling, tongues searching. She breathed him into her, felt him against her, wrapped herself around him as best she could. They kissed forever, wanting everything, but not wanting to give up this new-found pleasure.

It seemed days later when they reluctantly pulled apart. Breathing hard, Narcissa caressed his cheek again. “I love you, Jack. I suppose I always knew it but fought against it. Yet, here it is. Thank you for being you, my sweet man. Thank you for loving me and waiting for me and finally finding me. Love me tonight, Jack.”


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