My True Love

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“So, it’s been awhile. But, it’s like riding a bike, right? Sure it is. Once you learn, you’ll never forget. That’s what I keep telling myself. One day you’ll find that special guy, that one person that …ooooh, hello. Gee, I wish that was the type of guy that would talk to me,” I think to myself as I walk around the restaurant. “Hmm, Saturday night, and what am I doing? … Working, of course. God, I’m such a workaholic…”

“Excuse me, miss?” you says as I walk past.

“Oh my God, it’s the guy, what do I do, what do I do…” I frantically think. “Yes, sir, wh-what can I get for you?” I ask as I flash you my best, I-really-don’t-look-that-desperate-do-I? smile.

“I don’t think you remember me, I, uh, used to work here,” you explain.

I take a long, hard look at your face: that strong jawline, and that gently sloping nose, the facial hair, and oh, those eyes, piercing blue and crystal clear. “Ohhh,” I think to myself, “I remember him; he used to cook here. Wow, do I ever remember him. I used to have so many fantasies about him…”

“Julie, right?”

“Oops, he’s talking to me, and I wasn’t paying attention,” I think to myself. “Yeah, that’s right, I remember you now. How have you been?” I ask.

“Oh, so-so,” you quickly responds. “I actually came here, hoping you’d still be working here. I was thinking…”

“Julie….. Julie” I hear from the corner of my section. “Uhh, excuse me for a second,” I say, as I cut you off mid-sentence. “There he is, damn it, the boss. I guess he noticed me standing in one spot for too long. God, why do I still work at the god-forsaken place??” I try to stop the thoughts racing through my head.

“I’ll be right back, sweetie,” I say, flashing that smile again.

I returned to the table a few minutes later, swinging my hips, carrying his burger in one hand and a refill of root beer in the other. “Here ya go,” I say, as I place your meal in front of you, leaning over, secretly hoping you’ll notice my advance. “My manager said I could take a cigarette break, so I’m just going to hide out here for a few minutes instead of going outside… if that’s ok with you,” I suggest, raising my eyebrows at you.

“Sure,” you eagerly respond, as I take a seat next to you. “Now, back to what I was about to ask you. Would you like to come over to my place tonight and watch a movie or play some video games or something?”

“Oh My God, wasn’t I just thinking that I’d like for a guy just like this, as a matter of fact, this exact guy, to talk to me? Holy Shit! Of course, I’d like to hang out with you. Wait, did I actually say that, or did I just think it?” I have to stop thinking so fast. “Yeah, that would be really fun,” I utter, perhaps a little too quickly, so I just smile trabzon escort and hope you don’t notice. “Whew, he didn’t notice,” I quickly and silently assure myself. “Well, my break is up,” I shrug. “Give me a call later tonight,” I whisper into your ear as I place my number scribbled on a sheet of paper into your soft hands.

My mind begins to wander, “Mmm, those soft hands, with those long curved fingers. God I love his hands. I would love to have his hands on me, on my breasts, on every curve of my body, caressing and massaging every square inch of my flesh. Ooh, I almost forgot I was at work. Hey, we close soon. I’m that much closer to those hands of his. Now that I think about it, why should I have to wait until later tonight to have his beautiful hands all over me?”

I stand for awhile out of your line of sight, watching you eat in silence. When I see that you’re approaching that last bite, I meander over to your table, checking on all my other guests on the way. I certainly can’t neglect the other guests. During the entire trek to the table, my mind is incessantly creating fantasy after fantasy of what your hands could do to me, and even better yet, what the rest of your body could do to me. By the time I actually get to your table, I am so turned on I can hardly stand it, so wet and hot that it is nearly unbearable. I smile seductively at you, lean down and put my mouth so close that my warm breath tickles your ear as I speak. “Why don’t you follow me?” I suggest.

“To where?” you ask, with a devilish grin slowly spreading across your face.

“You’ll see,” I quickly assert, taking your hand in mine. I can feel the heat flowing from your hand to mine, that same heat quickly moves through my body to my centermost core, sending chills up my spine. I lead you through the now nearly empty restaurant, and quickly duck into the cooler, pulling you in after me.

Once the door closes behind you, I spin around to face you, looking up into your eyes. I smile at you again while reaching behind your neck to pull your face down to mine. Here we are, face to face, at eye level to one another, savoring that special moment before pure ecstasy.

Suddenly, we are both overtaken by passion. I press my lips against yours, opening up to you. This kiss, the first kiss we’ve shared, pure bliss. Our tongues touch and swirl around one another, dancing together. My body pressed against yours, your large, gentle hand pressed against my lower back, holding me as close to you as possible, while your other hand runs through my long, silky hair. The roughness with which you kiss me, your facial hair scratching my face, your lips firmly pressed against mine, your gentle tongue exploring my mouth, sends a surge of trabzon escort bayan desire through my being.

Slowly, we pull away from one another, pull away from a kiss that seemed to last forever. Breathing heavily, both extremely aroused, I ask, “You’ll call me later tonight?”

Between ragged breaths, you reply, “Definitely.”


I return to my apartment, welcomed by my loving kitten. I am pleased to see the message light flashing on my answering machine. I pressed the urgent red button and am greeted by your soothing voice. “Hey beautiful, I can’t wait to see you later. The trip to the cooler left me wanting more.” Beep.

I pick up the phone and dial your number. Just the anticipation of hearing your voice has gotten me aroused. I tell you that I am going to take a quick shower and that I will see you in a few minutes. “Why don’t you take a shower over here?” you propose enticingly. Of course, I accept the offer.

In a matter of minutes, I am standing on your front steps. As you open your door, I am met with the alluring scent of burning incense and lit candles.

I step inside and you move behind me and begin to kiss my neck. My sexual frustration from earlier in the night begins to intensify once again. As you continue lightly kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear, you slowly walk me towards the bathroom, where you have already run a hot bath for me.

Still standing behind me, you reach for the bottom of my shirt, and pull it over my head, exposing my full, bare breasts to your awaiting eyes. You kiss down my shoulder and onto my back while slowly turning me around. You then lick and lightly kiss your way up my stomach to my breasts, taking each in your mouth, sucking and biting each nipple, turning me on more with each tender kiss.

Quickly, you unbutton my pants, letting them drop to my ankles and then remove my now soaked panties. You pause for a minute to take in my scent and then reach your hands to my round ass, pulling the center of my being closer to you. You press your tongue against me, tasting me for the first time. You pull me even closer to you, burying your face in me, licking and sucking.

Suddenly, without warning, I am overtaken by an orgasm so intense, I nearly collapse in your arms. You continue to touch me, making waves of pleasure course through my body.

Once I can take no more, you stand and begin to undress yourself. I reach to stop you, and take your shirt into my hands and lift it over your head for you. Gently kissing your chest and muscular arms, I unbutton your jeans and pull your striped boxer briefs and pants off, freeing you from your uncomfortable confines.

I take you escort trabzon into my mouth, slowly at first, taking great pleasure in your taste and scent, bathing you with my tongue. As I taste you more and more, I take more of you into my mouth, until I cannot take anymore. I begin to run my tongue along you, sucking you and licking you. I am encouraged to continue by the moans escaping your throat. As you begin to thrust into my mouth, I pull you closer to me with one hand, while with my other hand I begin to touch myself.

Your moans begin to increase in intensity and volume as I suck harder and more rapidly. I feel your body tense, signaling your approaching orgasm. I increase the speed of my fingers on myself, until I feel another climax drawing near. Thrusting harder and farther into my mouth, your sexual frustration is released just as I reach a second, earth-shattering orgasm.

Both satisfied, for the moment at least, you help me to my feet and then into the now luke-warm bath and you climb in behind me. You lather up the soap and begin to bathe me, while gently massaging my shoulders and back at the same time. You kiss my neck and I lean my head back onto your shoulder, allowing you greater access to my shoulders and the sight of my naked, flushed skin.

After we are both squeaky-clean, you get out of the bathtub and hold a towel up to me and begin to dry me, careful not to miss a single droplet of water. You then lead me to the bedroom, lying my naked body down onto the soft mattress. Starting at my ankles, you kiss your way up my body, massaging every part of me before sweetly kissing.

Once again, I can feel the desire building in my core. When you finally reach my mouth, we become encompassed in our kisses, each more passionate than the one before. You pull me on top of you, still kissing my lips and neck and shoulders.

You quickly enter me, without hesitation. The sensation that spreads through me at that precise moment is powerfully overwhelming. Slowly, you begin to thrust in and out of me, helping lift me and allowing me to drop. Your hands are everywhere at once, touching, squeezing, pinching, and massaging. As your pace quickens, our breathing becomes ragged, moans and cries of pleasure escaping both of us simultaneously.

“Harder, harder, faster,” I command. You willingly comply. I lean toward your face to kiss you, biting your lower lip as I pull away. Harder and faster, and harder and faster, you thrust within me. With each thrust, a wave ecstasy flows through my body, causing all my extremities to tingle. Harder and faster still, and with one final thrust, we simultaneously orgasm. I throw my head back in pure orgasmic bliss, allowing the sensations of my climax to fully control my body.

Collapsing on top of you, breathing heavily, I kiss you and roll off of you. I cuddle up next to you, with my body fitting against yours perfectly and drift off to a comfortable slumber land, where I get to spend every moment of my day with you and only you.

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