My Sweet Lady…

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The sun was shining through the window, and just this minute was beaming right into my eye. I guess I had forgot to close the shades last night. So semi-awake now, I look over and laying right next to me is Kate, my beautiful girlfriend. She was still asleep, and I liked to listen to her breathing as she lay there. I just laid up close to her for a little while, just watching, just feeling, just absorbing. Even while she is sound asleep, she moves as I move. When we spend the night together, our skin is always touching.

We have known one another almost a year and a half, and have been dating most of that time. I can look over at her sleeping body, her milky skin, flaming red hair, wonderful curves and it is always like I am seeing her for the first time. Her body is just as beautiful to me now as it was the first time I laid eyes on it.

My hand reached over and touched her cheeks, then her neck, ran the tips of my fingers up and down, then across her shoulders. She is a light sleeper, and just my touch began her soft moans of contentment. My hand roamed down to her nipples. She has the most gorgeous tits in the world. Her nipples are the perfect size, and get so hard.

I ran my fingertips over her nipples. Pinched each one. Not hard, but I watched her body jerk as she felt my pinches down to her crotch and back. Her moans were louder. I squeezed her tits, roller her nipples between my fingers, then I took each one of them in my mouth and she felt marmaris escort my teeth bear down on them. Startling her. Followed by her gush of pleasure.

She is awake now, and wanting more. My fingertips cross her belly. Up, down, all around. Then I reach for the patch of hair above her slit. And run my fingers through it. I caress her slit. I pinch her lips. I massage her clit. She is looking over at me now. Desire in her eyes. Allure on her lips. I know what she wants.

But I go back up to her nipples again. I take my hand and grab her entire pussy. Her lips, her clit, into my hand. I clench tight and squeeze her. Then I take her nipples in my mouth again, and let her feel my teeth again while I squeeze her. Both nipples get the nip. One after the other. Often this alone is enough to make her cum for me.

Now I know she is ready, she is drenched, she is wanting, she is needing. I love to be needed. So I put myself between her legs, her entire crotch right in front of me. Her legs are spread apart and her slit is inches from my face. I love her aroma, and breathe in while I put my lips on her for the first time. I kiss her lips, up and down. I gently nibble on then. She makes a little noise every time she feels my teeth. I run my tongue up and down her opening, feeling her wetness at the edge, tasting her with the tip of my tongue. More moans, more whimpers.

I love her taste. The temperature is rising. She is starting to move her hips, starting to grind marmaris escort bayan her cunt onto my face. I start to work her clit with my lips, my tongue, my teeth. Soft, hard, back, forth, round and round. I stick two fingers up her dripping hole and jab her gspot. She is so close, but I back off, and kiss her thighs, maybe lick on the little bit in between her pussy and her asshole. Maybe something else. Her frustration is vocal. So I start back up again taking her further. Taking her right to the edge, to the brink, her body is taught, then I back off again and kiss her crack up and down. She writhes with frustration. She was so close.

She begs me, pleads with me, to make her cum. To do what she loves. I put my lips back on her lips and start over again. More moans, more whimpers. She needs to cum so bad. I start to work her over again. My tongue goes up her as far as it will go. My teeth on her lips. My lips sucking her clit down my throat. I work her clit until she tenses up, until I hear her breathing change. Then I slide two fingers up her wet twat and jab her gspot, and rub it around in a circle. Sometimes when she is on the verge of orgasm I will just take the very tip of my tongue, and lick her back and forth on the very tip of her clit. So she can feel every sensation when her orgasms consumes her. And it does. She lays there, breathing heavy, barely able to move. Her pussy ultra sensitive to touch.

Her entire body is at ease, her mind is jelly. escort marmaris She lays there basking in the spasms between her legs, and throughout her body. I take her by the shoulder and roll her over on her stomach. I gaze at her beauty. This is one lady that looks just as good from the back as she does from the front. As I often do, I sit on her thighs. I love to have her rear end right in front of me. It is one of the most exquisite I have ever seen. Perfect size…perfect shape. It is so soft…so warm. I love running my fingertips over it. I love kneading her cheeks in my hands.

Sometimes my cock goes up in her pussy, sometimes I jack off with my tip in her crack, and every now and then my cock goes up her ass. I love how she just lays there for me. Any of her holes belong to me. She pushes her ass out at me, as she knows I love when she does that. When I fuck her pussy, my cock rams in and out of her. I know she loves hearing the slapping sound of my hips on her cheeks. When I fuck her ass it just glides up there, nice and smooth. It stretches her, fills her up. It goes in deep. I can feel my cum down in my balls. Rising. It grows a bit, then shoots its load. Up her pussy, up her ass, up her crack? Who knows? Who cares?

I finally realize we spent the night at a hotel last night. She likes to do that. Just to get away. Room service, amenities, big bath tubs, wine, nudity, lots of sex. And I think we both just enjoyed the company of the other. To share a meal, to share a bath, to share a bed, to share a memory.

So it’s early yet. I think I’ll get up for a cup of coffee. Then right back into this bed with the most beautiful, sexiest gal on the face of this earth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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