My Sister-In-Law Niki Ch. 02

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(Note: This is part two of a story about me and my beautiful, full figured sister-in-law Niki.)


It was the most amazing experience of my life, and now I was totally worn out, sweaty, satisfied, and in love. My beautiful sister-in-law Niki had just kissed, and sucked, my cock until it exploded into her mouth.

Niki’s leopard print bra was still open, with tits hard under the splayed, toying fingers of her left hand. Her right hand was busy farther south, and her eyes were closed. Traffic whizzed by, but I was transfixed watching the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Sweat poured down her cheeks, and along her neck, onto the seat back she was resting against.

Now I needed to make Niki feel good. I wanted her to feel the physical joy she had given me, and I wanted her to know that what I felt was not merely tied to my own arousal. But I also needed to serve her. I also wanted the tang of her pussy on my tongue.

I quickly buttoned my fly, and pulled back onto the freeway, and then off the ramp. Niki’s eyes jerked open, her hand froze, and my heart sank as I saw the fear of rejection in her beautiful, dark brown eyes. Shit, I had given the wrong message.

“Ummm, Niki,” I began, “I want you now, but the freeway won’t do. I’m not a troll, and I can’t get under the dash to lick you!”

That did it. Niki erupted in laughter, and the pools of her creamy white breasts jiggled and bounced. Niki’s eyes lowered shut, her teeth biting her lower lip. Out of he corner of my eye I saw that her right index finger was sliding between the folds of a beautiful, dark, hairy wonderland.

Sitting at a stoplight, fethiye escort I admired her in action. Creamy white breasts and expansive tummy pooled and spread to the sides of the narrow bucket seats. Soft, brown hair gathered into sweaty points along her temples and by her neck and shoulders. A long silver chain lay soaked in sweat at the middle of her chest. Niki’s left leg was crammed up against the center console, while her right leg was wedged below the door handle. Wet sucking noises emanated from her working pussy.

The entire car was intoxicating in its perfume of perspiration, tang and musk. Niki’s dimpled pale skin, full belly, and hints of cellulite only added to my impression that at last I was with a real woman for the first time in my life.

My hand reached over, and my fingers caressed her salty cheeks. When the light turned green I sped on, but totally missed the street where I was supposed to turn. I thought Niki was totally oblivious to me at this point, but she laughed when I let out a soft, but frustrated “fuck.”

“Trouble?” she asked, opening her eyes and arching a beautifully thick eyebrow.

Sweat poured from the bridge of Niki’s cute, soft nose. I laughed, but noticed that her fingers didn’t miss a step. She began to work at the hood above her sweet, pink, hole.

I found the condo. Finally. After assuring Niki that my friend was definitely out of town, I pulled into the garage as soon as the door opened wide enough t let us in. Before the door closed again, I was on Niki’s side of the car, opening it for her.

As Niki stood up, starting to pull up her damp panties, I fell to my escort fethiye knees. I immediately yanked them back down, and buried my mouth into her dark, black, bush. Hair in my teeth, I teased her slit with a hard sweep of my tongue’s tip. Then, as she yelped, I reached up, pulled off her bra, and massaged her belly and breasts, while sucking and stroking her cunt with my mouth and tongue.

Needing a more convenient spot, I stood and and slid my left arm under Niki’s ass. Coaxing her back, I lifted her into the air, and cradled her in my arms. She was shocked, and while she was very heavy, this made it even sexier. I have to admit, I felt pretty good, since most men wouldn’t have tried. Her joy made it worth it.

I backed into the house, walked into the downstairs den, and lay my baby on the day bed. Here, I gently spread her legs, and re-introduced my mouth to her thick, wet cunt. Niki moaned and pulled the hair at the base of my neck. My tongue slid along her slit, seemingly toying with the possibilities.

My fingers pinched rock hard tits, while my lips tenderly kissed Niki’s pussy as if it was my first kiss behind the gym. It wasn’t long, though, before I was french kissing her hole. I alternated between big ligs straight up and down, and strokes around her hardening shaft.

“Go ahead and fuck me!” she screamed.

“Why?” I retorted, don’t you want me to continue?”

“Yes, fuck yes, suck my cunt baby!” she screamed. And I did.

She began to writhe and drive against my face. Soon she was oblivious to anyhthing, but whst she needed.

I was getting screams, curses, and demands: “Left, hard. Up, fethiye escort bayan nibble that. Yes! Fuck, yes!”

Before I knew what was happening, Niki pinnd my head between tight, massive thighs, and somehow used her old high school gymnastic skills to flip me. I found myself gazing up into hanging tits, hanging belly, and drops of sweat that I had to blink away. I felt her full weight come down on my face, her hips grinding herself rapidly against my face.

Just as I thought I was going to pass out, she pulled away a little, and I could breathe a bit through my nose. Drips of sweat slurped in with each breath. Then, down came her pussy, out went my tongue, hard, and serving as a prop for her machinations.

I didn’t want to get in the way, but delighted in the presence of this amazon goddess above me. Niki’s hands teased her clit from time to time, and then she resume her furious grinding.

My mouth was now one with her. My lips were raw, soar and happy at the pleasure derived from their supplication. My hands slid across Niki’s back, and felt it arch.

Niki screamed, “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck …”

She pushed down with all her might, and then collapsed above my head, her gut pressing into my eyes.

As she heaved and gasped for air, my senses seemed to be more alive than ever before. The sounds of sweat dripping were clear, her breathing explosive … All of my baby’s scents, every odor from every region, was distinct and intoxicating.

I didn’t want this to end. It had to, though.

Niki muttered a simple, “I love you.”

I smiled and figured she would fall asleep above me. Instead, she sat up, slid herself back across my face, placed her left hand on my dick, looked me square in the eye and mounted me.

Her face had a look of adoration I had never seen on a woman before. It made my heart hope for the future …

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