My Sex Life Ch. 20

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Chapter 20: Fun In The Afternoon

It had been a while since I’d met anyone new on the contact site I’m a member of, what with exams and so on so, now that I had some free time on my hands, I was looking forward to getting together with Dave (even if he is one of Katie’s cast offs). We’d been chatting online for a few weeks and he’d taken pains to describe all the things he’d do to me when we met. I had also had some pretty graphic descriptions of his abilities from Katie, so I was looking forward to finding out if he was as good as they both claimed he was for myself.

Although I had ‘seen’ Dave numerous times on webcam, those images didn’t do reality any justice. For a start, he was taller than I expected. I knew he was good-looking and strongly built but, at 6’3″, he towered over me, which I hadn’t really expected. I also knew that he was ‘well equipped’ but seeing something on a small 2″ by 2″ screen, even when accompanied with a detailed description (ie, from Katie) doesn’t really prepare you for seeing something close up and in person. I won’t bore you with the details but let’s say that I was suitably impressed with what I saw (oh, OK, he was about 8½” long and a little above average in thickness) and, if he was even half as good with it as Katie had said he was, I knew I was going to enjoy its attentions.

Having met for a drink and a blether at the West End to break the ice, we didn’t waste too much time in making our way back to his place. Once there, after fixing us both another drink, Dave spent an age slowly undressing me, kissing, licking and caressing me all over as he removed each piece of my clothing, exploring every newly exposed inch of skin with his fingers, lips and tongue before moving on to the next garment. I really loved the way he played with my tits, licking them, making them wet all over, teasing my nipples, sucking them deep into his mouth.

By the time he removed my knickers, they were absolutely soaking, that was the effect his slow teasing had on me. When he put his head between my thighs and started to lick, I came almost straight away.

Suffice to say, he didn’t stop just because I’d cum. He continued to lick my pussy and suck my clit, inserting two fingers and twisting them around inside me.

All of this attention kept me at boiling point and soon he was reaching up and playing with my tits again, rubbing the juices from my pussy into their skin and coating my nipples.

This had me cumming even harder. My climax was so intense, I almost didn’t notice when he stopped eating me and moved up to lick and suck my tits again.

Dave repeated this over and over. Every now and then, as he skilfully licked me out, his fingers would be in my pussy, collecting my juices as he drove me wild before spreading them over my tits then licking them clean.

His teasing was relentless. My orgasm just kept on going, surging through me again and again, growing in intensity with every flick of his tongue. In the end, it was more than I could take. I had to beg him to stop; beg him to fuck me.

And fuck me he did. With my legs spread wide, pausing only to put on a condom, Dave positioned himself above me and sank his long, thick cock into me with a single, hard, powerful thrust. “Ohhhh fuck, yesssss!” I cried as his cock filled me, my pussy stretching around his shaft.

Unlike his foreplay, which had been slow and tender, his fucking was hard and vigorous and exactly what I wanted and, straight trabzon escort away, I knew why Katie had always enjoyed being with him so much.

His cock pounded my pussy and I clutched and clawed at his back, digging my nails deep into his skin as his cock filled and stretched me. “Oh Shit! Oh fuck! Fuck me, Dave! Fuck me hard!” I cried as he hammered into me.

“Julie! Oh fuck, Julie!” Dave groaned as he speared me with his cock, “Your cunt is so tight!”

“Your big cock feels so good in my cunt,” I murmured contentedly in response as I rocked my hips to meet his thrusts. I could feel my womb begin to contract.

I came hard under the onslaught of his fucking. Moaning loudly, my body shaking uncontrollably as he pinned me to the bed with his cock, I let my climax possess me.

“Yessssss! Oh fuck, yessss!” I cried as waves of pleasure washed over me. I gripped him tightly, my fingers around his arms and my pussy around his cock.

And still Dave continued his abuse of my pussy; thrusting, if anything, even harder than before. My pussy gripped him tight inside me. “I’m going to cum!” he groaned. I felt his cock swell inside me and, smiling, I closed my eyes as I prepared for that last convulsive thrust as he released.

Suddenly, his cock was no longer inside me; that final heave never came. I opened my eyes to see his twitching cock just in front of my face, pre-cum oozing from its slit. I smiled and Dave pressed the head of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and took him inside. I sucked hard as Dave fucked my mouth. I could feel his cock jerk as his orgasm approached and then, suddenly, he was filling my mouth with his rich, creamy, hot cum.

As he pumped his thick, creamy load into my mouth, I swallowed it down hungrily with my usual relish, not wasting a single drop. After the initial outburst subsided, Dave stroked his cock, milking his cum on to my tongue. I let it pool there, savouring its rich taste before sending it on its way.

I was exhausted from his attentions so, as soon as he’d recovered, Dave treated me to a lovely relaxing all over massage. It was just what my climax wracked body needed and the tension melted away under his strong yet gentle hands. His touch was so soothing that I almost drifted off to sleep but I was still highly aroused and my arousal kept me awake.

Being the greedy little slut that I am, one fuck, however good, was never going to be enough for me. Once I felt strong enough, I decided, just in case Dave needed any persuading to give me what I wanted, and as a way of thanking him for the way he’d already made me feel, to unleash the powers of my mouth on him.

I started off stroking his cock and licking the length of his thick shaft, bringing it back to life. He groaned when my tongue teased his knob and his cock grew thicker and harder. I always get a buzz from the way using my mouth has such an effect on a guy’s cock, knowing that what I’m doing is making him hard; making him want to fuck me.

I took my time, slowly teasing him as his cock grew stiffer and fuller. Dave murmured soft, appreciative noises, letting me know that he was enjoying my attentions. Eventually, when his cock was pretty much back to full hardness, I took him into my mouth and began to suck. Sliding my lips up and down his length, I was rewarded with moans and gasps of pleasure. After a few minutes, I took a deep breath and slid him fully into my mouth, his knob slipping trabzon escort bayan into my throat as my lips wrapped around the base of his cock. I was rewarded with a gasped “Oh fuck!” for my efforts.

As I deep throated him, I swung round and moved into a 69 and Dave eagerly began to lick my pussy again. This time, the fact that I had Dave’s cock rammed firmly down my throat as his tongue expertly delved between my moist folds only added to my arousal. I wanted to cry out with pleasure as his tongue lapped up my juices but with my mouth stuffed full of cock, all I could manage was the occasional, “Ungh, mmmm, ungh!”

The sensations quickly intensified, causing me to suck harder. Dave reached forward to squeeze my tits and tug on my nipples as his tongue probed my warm, wet depths.

My mind began to wander. In my imagination, as well as having Dave’s cock in my mouth, there was another filling my pussy, stretching it wide as Dave’s tongue flicked over my clit. The images in my mind combined with the sensations I was experiencing and, suddenly, I was cumming again.

As my body heaved, Dave’s cock slipped from my mouth, allowing me to give voice to my pleasure. “Fuck! Oh fuck! I’m c… cumming, Dave! I… I’m cumming!” I cried. Dave didn’t stop. His tongue drove me on as I surrendered to the feelings it was providing. I rode his face for as long as I could endure, moaning and crying out until I could take no more.

Rolling away from him, I allowed myself a few moments to regain a measure of composure. As soon as I had recovered, I decided I was ready to be fucked again.

I rolled a condom over Dave’s cock then slowly impaled myself on him. It felt so good as I slid slowly down his length, feeling him filling me completely, my pussy stretching around his shaft as I received it.

I rode him hard, increasing my pace, slamming my hips back to collide with his as he moved to lick and suck my tits. My body was on fire. My nipples, stiff and wet with Dave’s saliva, tingled as he squashed my tits together and sucked them both between his lips.

I rotated myself to face away from him, giving him a view of his cock disappearing up inside me. Dave’s hands were on my arse cheeks, lifting me up and pulling me down. His cock thrusting up as I pushed my hips back. As I slid up and down, impaling myself on his cock, I reached down to play with my clit.

The result was immediate. Bolts of electricity flashed through me. “Oh! Oh fuck! I’m cumming again!” I sobbed as I ground myself against him, the walls of my cunt tightening rhythmically around his shaft.

I let my orgasm subside and Dave got out from beneath me. Positioning me on all-fours, he sank his cock into my quivering pussy with a single squelching thrust and started fucking me from behind. “Harder!” I urged as he reached round to grab my tits, “Fuck me harder!”

I was in heaven as Dave banged away at my pussy, squeezing my tits as his cock ploughed in and out. He fucked me hard and rough, abusing my poor cunt with his cock. Once again, I had become nothing more than a cheap slut with no other purpose than to take his cock however and wherever he saw fit.

I was loving every second, every moist, squelching, pussy-stretching stroke of his cock. In that moment, I was his slut, enduring his onslaught and wanting even more.

Almost as if he’d read my thoughts, Dave announced, “I’m going to fuck your arse, Julie. I’m going to stick my cock escort trabzon in your tight little arsehole and fuck it hard.”

“Mmmmm, yes,” I responded dreamily, “Fuck my slutty little arse, Dave. Fuck it good and hard.”

With his cock still in my pussy, I felt him apply lube to my arsehole and slowly inserting one, then two fingers into my rear hole. He worked his fingers in and out and twisted them around inside my back-passage, opening me up, readying me to receive him.

When my arse was relaxed and slippery with the lubricant, Dave pulled his cock from my pussy. “Fuck me!” I sighed as I braced myself, knowing what was coming next, “Do it, Dave! Fuck my arse!”.

The head of his cock pressed against my arsehole and, well lubricated as it was, it still stretched to accommodate him as he slowly sank into me. “Yesss! Ohhhhh yesss!” I cried as, inch by delicious inch he slid his thick cock past the resistance of my tight rear hole until he was buried up to the root in my back-passage.

Dave began to thrust, spearing my rear entrance with his cock. I fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit, urging him to fuck me harder. Dave responded, thrusting into me with increasing force. “Pull my hair! Treat me like a slut!” I demanded as his body collided with mine.

Dave did as I demanded, alternating between tugging on my hair, which was tied in bunches, and slapping my arse cheeks. “You little slut,” he groaned, “You love having a cock in your arse, don’t you?”

“Y… Yesssss,” I replied, “I… I love having a big, thick c… cock in m… my arse.”

“Whose cock?” he demanded, slapping me hard.

“Yours, Dave, yours.”

“My what?” He slapped me again

“Your cock, Dave. I… I love your cock!”

“What about my cock?” Slap! Slap!

“I… I love it in my arse, Dave! I love it in my arse!”

My arse cheeks stung. My eyes watered as he pulled my hair.

“You’re a dirty little slut, aren’t you, Julie?”

“Ohhhhhh, I am… I am,” I admitted, “I’m a slut, Dave, I’m your dirty little slut!”

Eventually, Dave decided we should switch positions. He pulled out and lay back on the bed. “Don’t just sit there,” he said, “Get that sweet, slutty little arsehole back on my cock!”

I moved into position and lowered myself on to him. Soon I was riding him cowgirl fashion, taking his cock deep into my back passage. He kept tugging my hair as I rode him hard with increasing abandon. I began rubbing my clit furiously as I impaled my arse on his cock.

I came almost at once, screaming as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over me. Dave was breathing hard. I glanced back over my shoulder and, from the look on his face, I could see he was getting close too.

I turned to face him, rotating on his cock. “Cum for me,” I told him as my tender arsehole slid up and down his shaft. “Cum for me Dave,” I purred.

Seconds later, he did just that. I could feel his cock pulse inside me as he emptied his load into the condom. I fleetingly wished he hadn’t worn one and that I could feel his cum being shot deep into my bowels.

Exhausted, I collapsed on top of him. His cock slipped from my battered arsehole. We lay together, just holding each other and occasionally kissing for quite a while after that.

Eventually, I got up, showered and left; but not before letting him know that we would definitely be doing that again.

Katie called round and stayed over that evening. Later that night, as we lay in bed, having already feasted on her sweet pussy until I reduced her to a whimpering, quivering wreck, I recounted my exploits from earlier that afternoon and earned myself a bloody good tongue-lashing that was the perfect end to what had been a truly memorable day.

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