My Post-Holiday Trip Ch. 02

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I was jolted into wakefulness rudely. A finger in the ribs will do that. When Sherry poked me I came just that close to punching her. “Don’t ever wake me like that!” I told her.

Sherry’s parents were in their customary chairs. There was no sign of the girls. Sherry was crouched on the floor next to the couch. My mouth felt like the army had marched through. I pushed her out of the way and stomped to the kitchen for water.

While I was standing at the sink rehydrating my system Sherry came up behind me and apologized. “Dad told me not to do it, but I wanted to. I’m sorry, Honey.” She slipped her arm around my waist and hugged me. At first I wanted to “keep my mad on”, but I relented. Had we been alone I would have hauled her ass into the bedroom and given her the paddling her little trick deserved. Then we’d have fucked our brains out the way we usually do when I spank her.

I turned and wrapped her in my arms for a kiss. I bent to her ear. “You deserve a good spanking for that,” I whispered.

“Mmm…I can’t wait!” she replied, pushing her hips into mine.

“Well, too bad,” I said. “You have to wait…unless you want me to do it in front of the whole family?”

She shoved me away playfully and laughed. “I think not!” she said. She turned her back to me, gave her haunch a little swat and walked back into the living room. I got more water and drank it as I thought about spanking. I have known of my wife’s fetish since we first got together. I was new to the world, but I found I kind of liked applying my hand or a paddle to Sherry’s round naked ass. Maybe it was the positive feedback — as I said she gets extremely aroused when her ass is stinging.

Billie’s earlier comment echoed in my mind (“…spank him, Mom…). I was fairly certain that she was a closet “spanko”, too. While she was with us I had threatened a few times when we were joking. She always put up a front: “Yeah? You only wish!” If we did get the opportunity to get together, I planned to check out her response to spanking. I was still standing at the sink, staring out the window. I came back to earth; I pushed those lewd images out of my mind and adjusted my half-hard cock before returning to the living room.

I looked at the clock and found that I’d only been sleeping for half an hour. I sat next to my wife and asked her where the girls were. “Billie is in the bedroom doing homework. She has a paper due as soon as she gets back. Jan went next door to visit.” Part of the reason Sherry’s parents had moved to Virginia from Maryland was that Alice discovered that a lot of her relatives lived in the area. I’m not clear on the reason she hadn’t known it before, but it doesn’t matter. At any rate, their next door neighbor is some kind of cousin, twice removed or something.

The rest of the evening was spent in front of the parade of inane sitcoms. I read and worked on crossword puzzles, but stayed in the room, so as not to seem rude. Around 10:00, Ben bid everybody a good night and Alice followed him down the hall to bed.

Sherry waited until they were gone before pulling the pencil from my hand and swinging around to straddle my lap. I put the magazine down and snuggled her closer. “I thought they’d never go to bed,” Sherry said as she bent for a kiss.

“Well, we could have gone to bed earlier,” I told her. “After all, I had a hard day, sweating over a hot stove. It’s a reasonable excuse to be tired.” Sherry poked me and we wrestled a little bit. About then the door opened and Jan stepped in, bringing the chilly night air with her.

“All right, you two!” she protested, “Why don’t you save that for when you’re alone?”

“We were alone until two seconds ago, you little shit!” I pointed out.

“Oh. I guess you’re right,” she said. Sherry dismounted and asked Jan about the relatives next door. They began a conversation that quickly lost me. I decided it was time for bed. I told Sherry I’d see her in a while, kissed Jan (on the cheek, discreetly), and went to brush my teeth.

I turned the light off in the bathroom and went down the hall. The door to the girls’ room was ajar and the light was on. I tapped for entrance and Billie told me to come in. She was in bed, lying with her back to the door. Her books and papers were spread out in Jan’s place next to her. She was looking over her shoulder as I entered.

“I just wanted to say good night, Honey,” I told her, crossing to the bed. She was still wearing the same tee shirt she’d had on earlier. I saw her jeans and panties on the chair by the door. I knelt next to the bed and she rolled to face me. She pulled me to her with a hand on either side of my head and kissed me hard. Her tongue penetrated my mouth insistently and I accepted it happily. I slipped my hand up under the covers and found her bare leg. She jumped at the first touch, but relaxed.

I slipped my hand up her smooth thigh to her naked hip. Rising a little, I moved over the mound of hip to her ass. She moaned into my mouth and I squeezed the soft flesh. I pulled my face away and marmaris escort watched her eyes as I ran my fingers down her crack and pushed in between her thighs. Her pussy was hot and damp. She smiled and raised her leg so I could have easier access. I stroked her for a few seconds before moving my hand to the front. She rolled to her back and spread her legs, offering me free rein.

I groaned as I played with her sweet cunt. Glancing over my shoulder I said, “Shh…” I could still hear Sherry and Jan in the living room. I pulled the covers away and bent my head to Billie’s crotch. She pushed my head as I licked at her. She really was sweet! Sweet and tangy flavors burst on my taste buds as I tongued and sucked at her folds. I knew it was crazy to be doing it while her mother was so near; not to mention the fact that her grandparents could come down the hall at any time. I was dizzy with desire for this young woman.

I raised up from the delight and kissed her again, sharing her own taste with her. “Now I have to go and wash my face again,” I told her. “I would be hard pressed to explain the aroma to your mom.”

“You should be ‘hard pressed’,” she replied. “But you should be pressed hard right here!” She shoved two fingers into her slippery pussy as I watched, almost drooling. I could smell her scent on the air.

“Oh…my…God…” I breathed. My cock was rock hard and doing some hard pressing of its own. I rose to my feet and pulled the covers up to conceal her actions. She watched hungrily as I adjusted my erection. “Good night,” I said. “We will definitely have to try and do something, maybe tomorrow.” I kissed her lightly, resisting when she tried to make it more intimate.

“You tease!” she admonished me. “Now you’ve got me all hot and bothered again.”

“Well, it looks like you’ll just have to keep doing what you’re doing for now. Besides, anticipation makes things much more exciting.”

“Yeah, sure. So you say! But you’re just going to use that (pointing at my erection) on Mom, while I’m all alone in here.” I smiled at her and winked. I returned to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash her off my face.

When I got into bed a few minutes later I was still almost hard. I used my hand (and mind) to get it back to full erection. I kept it hard until Sherry came in. Her eyes lit up when, after she closed the door, I pulled back the blankets to display my “surprise” to her. She shucked off her clothes and fell on it, licking and sucking. We tried to be as quiet as we could, but the girls were right next door. An hour later I used my shirt to wipe us dry and we drifted into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning I was alone in the kitchen, drinking coffee. I was racking my brain, trying to figure out how Billie and I could get some time alone. Ben scuffed into the room in his robe and slippers. “Good morning, Jerry,” he mumbled. I returned the greeting. He glanced at the clock. “What time did you get up?” he asked.

“Oh, about an hour ago,” I replied.

“Good God! That’s 1 AM, your time. Did you have trouble sleeping?”

“No. I just get up early.”

“Well, this is early enough for me. While I have you alone, I just want to thank you for making our girls so happy,” he said sincerely. (‘If you only knew!’ I thought.)

“Well, it’s easy. They’re all easy to love.” (Shit, they’re all easy! My little shoulder-devil said. I knew I’d have to keep a tight rein on my tongue!)

“That they are,” he said, pouring himself some coffee and freshening my cup. “What’s up for today?”

“I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the cruise director when she gets up.” He chuckled.

“She’ll have some plan or other, if I know her.”

We sat without much conversation. Ben was a creature of habit, just like me. After a few minutes he rose and began making his breakfast. I turned down his offer to make enough for me. I knew it would not be rude, so I took my book into the living room, letting him know I was just giving him his customary space.

Sherry rolled out about 8 and spent some time waking up. Ben made his daily trip to the convenience store for the newspaper, leaving us alone again. She slipped onto the couch next to me and thanked me for the night before. “Huh! I should thank you! I enjoyed myself as much as you did.”

“Oh, I don’t know…you only came once. I lost count of mine.”

“I counted six, but I might have missed a couple.” She grinned and kissed me. “So, what’s on the schedule for today?”

“I was thinking we could go shopping.” I groaned. “Okay, you don’t have to go. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t have any plans, other than getting the stuff for dinner.”

“We can get it when we’re out.”

“No, I need to do it. You can all do your thing and I’ll get the groceries.”

“Well, okay. I just hate to leave you out of things. You’re part of the family, too, now. We didn’t just bring you to cook for us.”

“I know. But you know me. I’m happy on my own.” It was true. I am very comfortable alone. Sherry isn’t. She never lived alone. marmaris escort bayan She went from her parents’ house to being a wife, and then a mother. When she divorced she still had Billie living with her. Then we met and got married, so there had never been a chance for her to learn.

“Okay. If you say so. Mom and Dad want to get some things, too, so we’ll probably go to the city.” ‘The city’ meant Baltimore. I calculated it would give me most of the day to myself. I rejoiced inside.

“That’s fine. See? I couldn’t go if I wanted to. It’s just like yesterday. I wouldn’t have time to make dinner unless we were going to get moving right now. Obviously, that isn’t happening. There are three people still snoozing.” I said.

Over the next two hours the rest of the family made their appearance. It was almost noon before everybody was ready to get moving. Jan had given me a wink when she came out. She whispered to me when we were alone that she and Billie had heard their mother’s orgasmic serenade. “Can’t you teach her to be quiet?”

“Look who’s talking,” I kidded her. She grinned again and shook her head.

When Billie learned that I would not be joining the party that day, she decided she should stay home and work on her papers. Her mom was disappointed, but said she understood. “You can keep Jerry company, too,” she added. Glancing at Jan, I saw her look thoughtfully from me to Billie and back. Her eyes widened when Billie grinned at her. I guessed then that the two of them hadn’t discussed what had happened. Suddenly, Jan figured out that we’d been busted by her little sister. More than that, she realized that Billie had the same thing planned for that day.

I wasn’t sure, but I thought Jan was a little bit jealous. Her attitude shifted slightly, but no one but Billie and I noticed. They trooped out to the van Ben and Alice had just bought and were gone. Billie turned to me. “Well…?”

“Well, let’s give them some time to get down the street at least. Somebody might have forgotten something. In fact, I wouldn’t put it past your sister to find some pretext to do that, just to be a bitch.”

“Did you see her face?” Billie hooted at the barb she’d lodged in Jan’s ego. I shook my head. Sibling rivalry is never smooth.

We killed some time, Billie on her laptop and me with my book. When the phone rang I picked it up. It was Jan, on her mom’s cell phone. “I just wanted to ask you to pick up some corn chips and dip at the store,” she said. I thought that was pretty lame.

“I know why you called. You didn’t interrupt anything,” I told her. I had the advantage of being able to say anything, while she had to speak in code. “If you’d called a little later, though, you might have. Or else we just wouldn’t have answered.”

“Okay, that’s great,” she said. Just to drag things out, she asked, “What’s for dinner?”

“Prime Rib,” I told her. “But the hors d’oeuvres will be your sister, as you already know.” I looked at Billie. Her eyes were bugging out and she had the reddest cheeks I’ve ever seen.

“Uh-huh! I’m sure it will be delicious.”

“I know it will! All of it. Bye, now.”

“Okay,” she said cheerily. “Bye.” I chuckled and hung the phone up. Billie gasped. “Are you nuts? Jan doesn’t like to be teased. Now she might even tell Mom!”

“No, she won’t. If she does, she’ll have to tell her about what we did yesterday. She won’t take that chance. She’ll be upset for a while, but she’ll accept it.”

I decided I did have to get all the dinner details under control before we could play. We went and bought the groceries, returning an hour later. I didn’t forget the corn chips and guacamole dip.

Finally I took Billie’s hand and she set her computer aside. We went to her bedroom and I took my time undressing her. She is self-conscious about her weight. As I mentioned, though, I love women who have something “extra”. I kissed each part of her as I bared it. With her shirt and bra off, I sat her down and spent a long time on her arms and breasts. When I nibbled on her shoulder she shivered. “Oh, God! Will you hurry up? I’m dripping into my panties!” she pleaded.

“Well, then I guess we should get them off of you,” I said and pushed her to her back. I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants. When I pulled them off her, I lifted one of her feet to my lips. She giggled when I kissed her foot and tried to pull it back. I held on firmly and told her to relax. I kissed the instep and pressed my tongue to it. She pulled a bit, but when the initial tickle passed, she did relax. She sighed as I kissed her foot all over. When I sucked her big toe into my mouth and ran my tongue around it her legs parted almost automatically. I took her other foot in my other hand and ran my fingers between the toes as I sucked the smaller toes on the foot in my mouth. She couldn’t resist grabbing at her crotch as I stimulated her feet.

I kissed my way up her legs and rolled her panties off her wide hips. I kissed all the curves around her hips and belly. I slipped my tongue into escort marmaris the fold of the roll of flesh that ran around her middle. She was going crazy. The clear enjoyment I was getting from her body let her know she was attractive to me. I kissed her all over her belly and down to her pussy. I wasn’t ready to dive in there yet, though.

She protested when I pulled my mouth away. I stood up and got out of my clothes. Billie had seen me naked before when she lived with us. She protested it then, though I think that was more for her mom’s benefit than anything. This was the first time she’d seen me with a hard on, however. Her eyes locked onto it and she licked her lips. I smiled and bent forward.

She was surprised when I grabbed her feet again and rolled her onto her belly. I slid my hands up the back of her legs and lowered myself to kiss my way up to her ass. I gripped a round cheek in each hand and squeezed hard. At the same time, I planted a kiss right at the juncture of her ass and legs. I licked my way around the fold at bottom of each cheek before pressing them apart, baring her asshole. She squealed when my tongue found her pucker. I probed it slightly and she spread her legs wide and gasped. Then she groaned with pleasure.

I continued to lick her ass while I slid two fingers inside her hot pussy. She rose up to her knees and emitted sounds of pleasure. After a few minutes I pulled my fingers out, stopped tonguing her ass and swatted her upraised butt with a sharp smacking sound. The swat hadn’t been that hard, but she collapsed to her stomach. I held her down with a hand in the small of her back when she tried to roll over.

I dropped my weight on top of her and wrapped an arm over her waist. “You’ve had this coming for a long time, Sweetie. Just relax and we’ll see if you are like your mom.” With that I began to give her “warm up” swats all over the twin mounds of her ass. The girls had long known about their mom’s fetish, so I wasn’t letting any cat out of the bag. Billie squealed and cussed me, trying to escape all through the warm up. I held firm, though at times she nearly got away.

I began to increase the strength of the swats. After ten or so of those harder strokes, Billie stopped trying to get away. Each swat was punctuated by a grunt from her. Her legs slowly parted and I could smell her excitement again. I let a swat (gently) fall on her exposed crotch and she let out a wail. She moved her legs farther apart. I concentrated on spanking her pussy. The smacking sounds turned to a splashing sound as she oozed her sweet fluids out. I was surprised when she groaned and tightened up. She let out an, “Oh…God!” when she climaxed. That was just too hot! Even her mom didn’t cum while I was spanking her. She had gotten close a few times, but never went over the top.

Billie’s orgasm tipped the scales for me. I rolled her back over and drove my face between her soft thighs. I licked, sucked and bit — the level of excitement was too high for nibbling. She loved the sharp pain of my teeth on her tender mound. I had to keep my control tight to keep from actually breaking the skin. When it was too hard, I moved to one side and bit hard on her swollen outer lip. I left teeth marks with that one. She had another orgasm during this time, but I hardly noticed.

I lifted up and slid between her thighs, drawing them up as I did. I shoved my cock full length into her waiting cunt. She screamed out loud and I felt her muscles clamp me when she came. I let my weight fall on her (that’s another advantage of larger women — they can support my weight) and began to pound into her. Our lips clamped together and she sucked my tongue hard. She licked my cheeks, relishing the taste of her pussy.

I didn’t last long the first time. My own excitement had been driven into high gear just as hers had been. I spilled into her in a succession of throbs. I continued to pump until it was over and I was out of breath. I opened my eyes and looked into her sweet face. She had that shine in her eyes a woman gets when she has been well fucked. She stroked my cheek. She was in love with me.

I loved her, too. I didn’t waste any thought over what problems might arise from all this love — not then. I pushed it aside for later discussion. We rested a while, my cock still buried inside her tight pussy. Billie had only had three other partners, all boys near her own age. As a result, their experience level was little greater than her own.

“How did you know I wanted you to put your tongue up my ass?” Her face at that instant seemed to be the picture of innocence, despite the subject under discussion.

“I didn’t. I just knew I wanted to do it. I guess you liked it then?”

“Jesus, yes I liked it! When you sucked my toes I somehow felt it in my cunt! I liked all of it, even…” She blushed and it was pretty enough to melt my heart. She dropped her gaze. “…even the spanking.”

“I could tell.” I took her chin in hand and lifted her so I could see her eyes (and she could see mine). “I loved giving you pleasure, Billie. That’s my biggest thrill with sex. My pleasure comes from giving pleasure more than getting my own. Find yourself a partner who feels that way and your sex life will always be rich.”

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