My Friend’s Girl

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This is my first story, and really my first attempt at writing. Any and all criticism is welcome.


There was no way I was going to make it home tonight.

I kind of knew going in that Mai Tais and Karaoke would lead to my being too drunk to drive the 45 minutes home, and luckily my friends were cool with my staying over. Bill and Wendy lived right near the bar we were drinking at, and had a nice couch for me to crash on. Wouldn’t be the first time.

So 1 AM rolled around, the DJ signed off, and we all headed out. Parting ways with the rest of our friends, Bill, Wendy and I headed for Bill’s car. Bill had stayed relatively sober because he had to work in the morning (sucker), but Wendy and I were pretty hammered. I’d always gotten along well with her, and it didn’t hurt that she was just my type – pretty, petite but with a good set of tits on her small frame. Not that I’d ever try anything – she and Bill had been together since fucking high school. But a little ogling and fantasizing never killed anyone.

After a mercifully quick ride, we got back to the house, and Bill went right to bed, having to be up in like five hours for work. Wendy and I were still raring to go so we busted out the beers and set up a little impromptu beer pong tournament on the back porch. I don’t think I had ever seen Wendy this trashed – for a hundred pound girl she could usually hold her liquor pretty well, but she was swaying and slurring pretty blatantly by now.

When it got to be almost three in the morning, I figured it was probably time to wind the party down, so we headed inside and threw the TV on. I plopped on the couch – soon to be my bed – and Wendy sat down next to me. Surprisingly close, actually, and my booze-addled mind immediately started concocting scenarios where she had sat that close for a reason. Thoughts of my good friend Bill sleeping 20 feet away flooded into my mind as I glanced to my left and saw her drunken cleavage just begging me to dive in. In my inebriated state I must have stared a bit too long, cuz as I looked up she was watching me with a smirk. She started cracking up when I turned beat red at the realization of being caught, and gave me a playful smack on the arm, and said “good night, perv” as she headed off to bed.

I had a raging hard-on that I was debating doing something about but I quickly passed out to visions of Wendy’s fantastic tight rack.


Around 6AM I half-woke to the sound of Bill getting ready and heading out to work. He saw me open one eye as he walked by, and just gave me a half-hearted wave and mumbled “stay as long as you like, I won’t be back till late.” I normally am not comfortable just crashing on my friend’s couch when he’s not there, but there was no way I was getting up – I had been asleep maybe three hours and the room was still spinning.


Around 10AM I awoke again, briefly confused as to where I was. I heard Wendy in her pendik escort bedroom getting out of bed, and glanced over to see her bedroom door open just enough for me to see in. I saw her foot come into view from the side of the bed, and then the rest of her long, thin legs as she slowly stood up and stretched. All she had worn to bed was a tight half-length tank top and her panties. As I watched her stretch, the tank top rode up to right under her pert little tits, and I could see her flat stomach stretching down to her panty-line. My forgotten erection from the night before was back, and much more urgently begging for my attention.

Wendy rubbed her face and turned towards the door. She must have forgotten I was out here; there’s no way my buddy’s girlfriend would walk around the apartment in her panties if she had known I was here, was there? I pretended to still be asleep as she walked by on her way to the bathroom. Through my mostly closed eyes I could see her staring at me unconcerned – I guess she hadn’t forgotten, and just didn’t care. OK then. I suddenly remembered that I was laying on my back and the tent in the front of my shorts was probably blatantly obvious to her as she strolled by. Fuck… I hope she bought that I was asleep. My situation didn’t get any better as she walked past and I watched her ass through the back of her black panties.

I heard the fridge door open and close as she apparently got herself a drink and then walked back towards her room. As she passed she said “There’s towels and shit in the bathroom if you need a cold shower, big guy.” Well at least she had a sense of humor about it.

Come to think of it though, a shower did sound good. Maybe I could use the time to take care of my… problem. At the very least wash off the stench of booze and help the hangover. I slowly made my way over to the bathroom and got the shower as hot as I could stand before stripping naked and stepping in.

The hot water felt perfect on my throbbing headache, not to mention my throbbing cock, which was definitely my first order of business. And of course, the starring role in today’s wank session was none other than little Wendy and her tight little body, which was a scant two rooms over from where I was. God help me.

I imagined just barging into her bedroom, and in a typical porn movie scenario, she would have a vibrator buried to the hilt and I would ask if I could help. Not very imaginative, but apparently my cock wasn’t picky, cuz as this scene played out in my head I could tell it wouldn’t be a very long buildup.

Just as I was imagining plunging balls deep into her tiny little cunt, and was ready to paint the side of their shower, I was awoken from my fantasy by a pounding at the door.

“Bob, can I come in, I have to pee so bad”

She sounded urgent as hell, and it WAS her apartment, who was I to say no? Besides, the shower curtain was opaque, it’s not like she could see me or I her. Hell, maybe her sudden close proximity could help maltepe escort me along….

“Uh, yeah, sure, come on in. I won’t look, promise.”

She swung the door open immediately,and she wasn’t kidding about having to go; I don’t even know how she sat down that fast. The sound of a girl taking a piss certainly doesn’t turn me on at all, but knowing that her bare pussy was so close to me right now was enough to nearly push me over the edge. She finished and without thinking flushed the toilet, and the water in the shower got hotter than I think any water on Earth has ever been. Reflexively I jumped away from the scalding water…. right into the center of the bathroom, where Wendy was pulling up her panties. My erection was bouncing about four inches from her ass as I just stood there, dripping, wondering what the hell just happened.

Wendy seemed just as shocked as me, but her eyes immediately went to my crotch. I’m not going to pretend I’m Mandingo, but I was about as hard as I had ever been and I wasn’t ashamed of what was showing.

It seemed like an eternity before she spoke. “Holy shit.”

All I could do was stammer. “Uh, sorry.,… the water got so hot… I…. “

“No, it’s OK, I just…. is that from me?”

“Well, yeah, when you flushed the toilet the water got so h–“

“No, doofus, not the water…. the cock. Did I give you that boner?”

Just her mention of my cock caused it to jump, and she giggled a little bit as I made a futile effort to cover myself with my hands and tried to figure out what to say.

“Uh, yeah, I mean… sorry, I don’t wanna disrespect Bill or anything, but you are pretty fucking hot.”

She smirked that cute little smirk of hers. “Fuck Bill, Mr. I work-every-weekend hasn’t even SHOWN me his little cock in a month, let alone fucked me with it.”

I just stood there dumbfounded, not just that she was talking about sex but that she was doing it so bluntly. Not to mention while I was standing a foot away with an erection that could smash diamonds.

This was going dangerous places, and I realized who I was talking to, and fought every animal urge in my body that was telling me to just hump the living shit out of this girl.

“Uh… yeah, that sucks. I should… get back in the shower.”

She was still staring at my cock. “Yeah…. do that.” She paused. “You know what, I could use a shower too.” And without even a beat of hesitation, she tore off that tight little tank top and dropped her panties to the floor, and walked past me into the still running water.

So much for fighting my animal urges; I was right on her heels.

Her slender body was everything I had imagined it would be, and more. Her tits seemed to defy gravity as they were heaving under the running water. She had a small trail of pubic hair leading down to her mostly bare mound, and her pussy looked impossibly tight. The moment I stepped into the tub we were on each other, our lips mashed together and our tongues kartal escort meeting between. My hands wanted to grab all of her at once, and were content to just find every curve they could to caress and squeeze. She moaned into my mouth as my hand cupped her perfect breast and I flicked her nipple with my thumb. I pushed her back against the wall of the shower and started kissing my way down her perfect body.

Water was pouring down as I latched onto her neck, and kissed my way to her breast. I started licking and sucking her tits like there was no tomorrow, and she held my head and moaned as she thrust her crotch against me.

After a few beats I felt her hands pushing me lower, and knew where she was aiming me. We were both anxious for me to make my way down, but I wasn’t going to rush it. I kissed my way down her stomach, and then moved down to her thighs. She was pushing her pelvis around trying to aim me towards the goal line, but I just kissed and licked and nibbled all around, driving her crazy, as she begged me to dive in.

When I finally found her slit, my teasing had paid off; she was so worked up in anticipation that she came almost immediately, her thighs clamping tightly around my head as my tongue worked away inside of her. I went at her for all I was worth, and even with her thighs over my ears I could hear her yelp and moan in pleasure.

It wasn’t long before I felt her hands around my head, pulling me back up to her level. Considering where my tongue had just been I was kind of surprised when we were making out again, and she moaned into my mouth “I need you inside of me, now!”

I had a slight twinge of responsibility (though obviously not morality considering who I was with) when I realized I didn’t have a condom on me, but I figured she HAD to be on the pill since she hadn’t mentioned it AND considering how long she’d been with Bill. I didn’t give it a second thought when I felt her hand wrap around my shaft and pull me toward her ready and waiting hole.

When she first started to envelope my cock I almost thought my knees would buckle from the pleasure. The girl I had lusted after so much, but never expected ANYTHING to happen with, and here I was half buried inside of her. I didn’t waste much time before I was thrusting away, balls deep, my tongue battling hers as the water from the shower played against my gyrating back. Her moans were again increasing in pitch and tempo, and I could feel myself getting closer to my own release. She must have sensed my impending orgasm, as she gaspingly whispered to me “I’m not on the pill” right as my cock erupted deep inside of her womb. I swear I have never shot so much come in my entire life, and I could feel her legs wrap around me and pull me in tighter to her as I continued to pump more and more of my unprotected sperm into her.

Slowly, we both came down from our lover’s high, and I stepped back and let my quickly deflating cock fall out of her, followed by the remnants of what we had just done. “Sorry” I managed to squeak out, “I really thought you were on the pill.”

“I know” she said with a smile that almost got me hard again. “I just couldn’t resist the idea of you coming inside of me.”

It was going to be a fun day, wasn’t it?

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