My Favourite Recruit. Unabridged

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Private Jennifer Taylor was no doubt my favourite recruit, having served me in my squad for well over a year. That is not to say she is sometimes the cause of embarrassment with her mischievous ways, but given all that she has become close to me in more ways than one. As her commanding officer I must not let it be seen, either by the other recruits or generally.

I must be always prudent because the last thing that was to happen would be for it to get around that I was having an affair with one of my subordinates because that would entirely discredit my authority,

Before I met Jennifer I would never have thought of such a thing. I had a career and an exemplary reputation to honour and the gist of it too I had been engaged to be married to Henrietta, but this is not really a cheating issue because Henrietta and I haven’t hit it off for ages past, and never since I met Jennifer. She never hit it off in bed with me, it was like flogging a dead horse and I am sure she was thinking of England every time I found it hard to enter her. And when I did make it all she could say was; “hurry up darling, I have things to do!” What sort of relationship is that!

I have made Jennifer my personal assistant, which I have discovered suits her best, for let her loose and there is all hell to pay in trying top control her natural exuberance in public. Put in the mode of my office she is happy and content to serve me in many ways.

And of course, so am I!

From day one I was taken by her, not only her looks, her great figure but her absolute charm and sexual allure, and it did not take me long before I realised she was out to bait me.

What is it they say about a guy chases a gal until she catches him?

I loved the scent of her, the perfume that said “I am Jennifer.” It played a big part in enticing me to take advantage of my rank I guess, well she looked so good in her army uniform, the way she wore her skirt, the way she wore her army shirt, plenty to fill it out and I remember longing to make love to her. Secretly I was becoming absolutely besotted by her, all the little things about her – like even the creases in her figure hugging skirt which somehow did wonders for my credentials.

When one day she sat on my desk and so cheekily crossed her gorgeous thighs, dragging up her skirt to display just enough above the knee to show me she wanted my attention, I just could not resist.

She had this habit of bringing in cream buns every day from the NAAFI ( that’s the service canteen) layered with raspberry jam, which were tempting enough in themselves, and my mind was thinking wicked with how I could enjoy both the buns and her. That’s what pendik escort it had become, like I was a complete pervert, but for the right reasons – and by now, with her sitting on the edge of the desk as if perched and ready for me, also scoffing one of those cream buns, the jam oozing from the sides. But she, always careful to catch the excess with her curled tongue before it dripped onto her skirt, licking and sucking it up in the most delightful and sexually explicit fashion; to be honest I wouldn’t have minded if it had because it would have given me an excuse to lick it off – and, well you know how one thing leads to another? I shouldn’t have worried though with what came after the bun munching; when she pulled out of her tunic pocket a couple of Cadbury’s Crème Eggs, offering me one to share with her.

“I love to see the way people eat these, Sir,” she said with that certain mischief in her glowing eyes and I pulled her up for calling me that, she knew she could always call me Pete when we were alone. Although oft times she just ignored me, I really think it was all part of her sexual prowess that she liked the idea of me having command over her. She started to peel slowly back the silver cover on her egg, just to expose the top half, and it wasn’t very long before she showed me with some delight just how she tackled a Crème Egg. I was absolutely entranced and thrilled out of my mind the way she placed the egg against her lips and so sexually used the tip of her tongue to lick the chocolate slowly, her eyes closing as she took it so beautifully into her mouth, then just fracturing the chocolate shell, she dipped her tongue inside, whirling it around and around and the enjoyment was evident from her expression, those half closed eyes and the moaning sound..

She knew just how to arouse me and no mistake and I saw her mischievous grin again as, she glanced down at me sitting in the chair by my desk, taking in her scent, the scent of the woman I loved and ached for, more so now as she continued to do things with that egg that I could never have imagined, all the time I felt the message was there, she so teasing me then by intentionally or not, parting her thighs do, with hers sill perched seductively on the corner of my desk I was able to peek between and see the blueness of her undies. But then she closed again and crossed her legs the opposite way, her skirt rising even higher, enough for me to take in the very arousing an erotic sight of her dark tan army issue stockings supported by black suspenders attached to her stocking tops, I guess like most guys I find that a real hardener, there is just something so seductive about seeing the whites of maltepe escort the thighs, I guess that is knowing that not far above is heaven tucked somewhere between those enchanting tight fitting panties which make a woman look a hundred dollars.

“You show me yours now?” said she as she licked and sucked up the remains of her egg, taking me out of my trance fixed and focussed on the darkness now between her thighs as she closed up once more. Her teeth nibbled through the chocolate..


“Your egg, dafty, Oops I mean, Sir! Show me how you tackle yours?”


“You know full well what I mean Peter Carr, show me how you eat it!”

My wicked mind was flowing with carnal imaginings again… but I concentrated on making the best effort with my egg although I knew it could never be as sexually stimulating as hers. But she look endearingly at me as I tried to make the best of it, just letting my mind flow and imagining what I would really like to be doing with her right now. I closed my eyes and let providence take over, now my turn to fracture the egg and delve inside. Thus closing my eyes and I was surely there, her legs apart again, there was I gently easing them further apart, leaning between those gorgeous feminine thighs, running my tongue along near and over the stocking top and then holding my breath as my heart thumped and more too as I went for it…

In my dreams, just momentarily in my dreams. But the thought was sensuous to the extreme and maybe later?

As if some special magic came over us, she twisted around on the desk, and , moving her rear, slid to the middle facing me as I still remained sitting on the chair, lavishing the egg. I simply loved her to do what she was doing. It was probably the start of our relationship, when I remembered how, spread-eagled over my lap in her very alluring tight skirt and what materialised from that point. But now she was treating me to a much better show of pure silken red panty just visible in the darkness between her thighs.

“I love the way you suck egg,” Jennifer whispered, her eyes looking straight into mine. I felt the message in her body language that she wanted me and now!

It was so good to rise up and kiss her lips as I pulled her down from the edge of the desk so that she straggled around me, her skirt riding right up now and her hands joining and groping me around the back. We kissed deeply and complete, Jennifer’s kisses were like heaven and so very warm and passionate, I wanted more and more and we certainly made a good job of it, by which time I had grown so full and I felt her whole being working against me in a rhythmic sway, kartal escort she moaning as her hand lowered to touch me there as she moved my hardness between her thighs, pressing through my trousers against her middle..

I gulped the rest of my egg and swallowed.

“Don’t choke yourself, Sir. That would be tragic at a time like this.”

We both chuckled and concentrated on the job in hand, which for me was becoming a real need. I backed away, leaving her leaning on the desk as I quickly stripped off My needs, and I could tell hers too were urgent and needed to be gratified at once, Jennifer moaning and groaning for my fill, so ripe for her and so very ready as she massaged me into her warm wetness – teasing her panty aside and I felt the silkiness of her, the warmth and glorious touch of sheer feminine need teasing my stiffness into her, stretching aside her panty again I took in her nectar and her so very sweet fuck like an animal possessed.

To have her like that was something so very special, and then to have her again, doggie like across the desk – stripping her of those gorgeous moist red panties and teasing her wonderfully defined tight bottom garnished with stockings and suspenders was sheer heaven, there was nothing ever to compete with sweet Jennifer as far as I was concerned, and she simply adored everything I enjoyed of her -and was so willing to let me have her the way I wanted was an exuberance so warm and heavenly.

I was simply hers or the taking and she wanted that, and she wanted all the other lovely things we did to each other, I discovered with a beautiful response that by having her femininity in every oral position one could possible imagine, the taste and nectar of her most intimate femininity filling my senses as we spent lots of wonderful happy and soothing mutual oral delights

It was all I could do to drag her head away from me, like she was deeply locked in the depth of that so warm and passionate desire, she loved it so very much I was reluctant to drag her away to taste her kiss given the essence of us both combined which was surely the most intimate thing, next to what was to follow, to experience, so long after she had left me, to return to duties, her taste was still with me supreme and the feeling of a wonderful sense of soothing calm after her defining very impulsive long fuck.

A new day and again She came to me like an angel and we soon reached our heaven together, feeling the throb of her climax meet mine and the taste of her lips moulding against mine as we climaxed again and again, down on the thick pile carpet, across the desk and piggyback over the edge of the sofa.

I could not go on like this. I mean it was just too much. I needed to be with her complete and in consequence of that she would become Mrs Pete Carr.

But of course we still continued with the role play. I’ve promoted her to corporal now for good services offered.

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