My Daughter , Me Ch. 4

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It has been a month or so now that my mom married Rocky. Rocky and I haven’t had sex ever since he married my mother. I was surprised my mother got married to a man again. Now I was Rocky’s step-daughter and sort of proud of it. I don’t understand why he chose my mother over me. He said he loved me at sex more than he did with my mother and that he loved me a lot and I was at the right age to get married. I don’t understand that. I am 18 and he didn’t ask me to marry him.

I was sitting at the table eating breakfast and Rocky was sitting there in his robe and pajamas and slippers reading the newspaper when my mother had woke up wearing a blue teddy that had black lace around the breast area and vagina area. She kissed Rocky and told me good morning and poured her a cup of coffee. I must admit I am starting to get jealous of my mother because I started to have feelings for Rocky.

“Well I am going to be going on a business trip for work.” Mom announced. My ears beşiktaş masöz escort and eyes widen and I jumped out of my chair and screamed when. My mother said she will be going on a business trip next week to Atlanta, Georgia. My mother got a job at a travel agency 2 months ago and this was going to be her first business trip. She had to do a survey for the travel agency’s business and she had to stay there for two weeks for a brochure.

It was a week later and mom left Rocky some cash for groceries and things and then the cab honked the horn. Mom was dressed up in a blue suit with a blue skirt with brown panty hose and black dress shoes. She looked stunning. Rocky and I went outside and waved good-bye to her. After my mother took off, I headed back up to my room and Rocky followed me.

“What are you doing?” I asked Rocky.

“I WANT YOU TANYA!” Rocky yelled.

Rocky then kissed me and I kissed him back and he laid me beşiktaş otele gelen escort down on the bed gently. I was wearing a red shirt, white jeans, a white silk and lace bra, and white silk panties. Rocky took off my shirt and started to kiss my breasts and then he stood me up and spanked my ass. He then undid my bra and started to cup my breasts.

“Mmm…haven’t felt a young girl’s breasts in a long time.” Rocky said softly.

“I haven’t had a man’s hand on these in a long time.” I said back in a whisper.

Rocky then took my right breast and started to suck on it while his other hand squeezed my left breast real hard. I felt like a cow getting milked because he was trying to get my milk. I then started to take his shirt off and started to lick at his nipples and licked down to his pants. Rocky stopped sucking and squeezing my breasts when I pushed him down and I got on my knees and took off his pants. I then beşiktaş rus escort pulled off his boxers and started sucking his fully erect cock.

“OOOHH YESS YOU BITCH SUCK THAT HOT ROD! MMMMMMM YESSSSSSS!” Rocky moaned. I sucked harder and harder at Rocky and then I started to suck on his balls.

I gently nibbled on them and then started sucking on them harder and harder as my free hand jerked Rocky’s dick off. “OHHHHHH GOD TANYA I AM CUMMING! HERE I FUCKING CUM!!!!!!!!” Rocky moaned. I rushed up to his dick and started to suck on his dick again and he exploded right in my mouth. Mmm…his cum tasted so good. He came real hard in my mouth.

After Rocky came in my mouth, Rocky collapsed on my bed and I got on top of him I took off my pants and panties and started to ride him.

“OOHHHHHH ROCKY YESSSS GIVE IT TO ME BABY!!!”I yelled while I fucked Rocky like crazy.

“OOOhhh Tanya you’re such a whore come on be the step daughter I want you to be, FUCK ME SLUT!!” Rocky yelled at me.

I then came all over Rocky’s dick and I collapsed on him. Rocky and I kept going at this every time my mother went away on a business trip. We also had a new addition to our family, Rocky got mother pregnant and so I have a new baby sister and her name is Roxanne. I am enjoying Rocky for a step dad and as a secret lover.

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