My Best Friend

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This story is for la osa. I hope that she realizes what she means to a guy like me. I always knew I liked her, but now I just want her with me.

For me, work used to be just as boring as it is for everyone else. I would clock in, do whatever they wanted me to do for the day, and clock out. Oh I was always popular amongst all of the other people that work there, having a unique way of making almost anyone laugh at any given time. However, my life at work changed dramatically once she arrived.

Her name is Layla and, at 18, she is an absolute stunner. She is the kind of girl that every guy around wants as soon as they set eyes on her. She stands 5’3” with a skinny/athletic build. She has long straight hair, somewhere between brown and red (closer to red).

Her lips are the kind that beg to be kissed all day long, yet look so good when they are wrapped around a cock. She has eyes that are so easy to get lost in. They are a bluish green and piercing.

When she looks at you, you’re not quite sure that she isn’t looking right through you…but more on that later. She has perky tits (C cups) that are just the perfect size to fondle and suck. She also has, in my humble opinion, the perfect ass. It is tight and firm, and has just the right amount of wiggle and sway when she walks around.

So, what kind of guy am I to be able to have all kinds of sexy fun with this little vixen? Honestly, I have no idea what she sees. I’m far from the Hollywood movie stars that every woman drools over. I am much more of an average Joe type myself.

I am 24 years old, and 5’8” with a little extra around the middle. I have brown hair and brown eyes, with a goatee. I am not all average though. I suppose that I have a personality that naturally attracts people.

I am always making people laugh and I have little problem getting people to engage in witty conversation. She tells me that she loves the way I smile and that when I wink at her, it makes her light headed. Her favorite thing about me though, would definitely have to be my cock and balls.

I am definitely above average in size, being 7.5” in length and 6” in circumference. I keep my balls shaven hairless, because she absolutely loves to suck them into her mouth while she is giving me one of her amazing blowjobs.

I guess I should go back to the beginning of our sexy little friendship. When she first started working with me, her amazingly sexy looks caught the attention of many of the guys that I work with. She was one of those girls that everyone wants but seriously, who has a snowball’s chance in Hell?

She was sexy and she knew it.

However as time went by, I realized that when I would try to sneak a look over at her, she would be looking over at me. We would lock eyes for a second or two, look away from each other, and then a few seconds later we would lock eyes once again.

I quickly found myself looking for opportunities to go through her line (we work at a convenience store chain by the way). She was a very friendly girl right from the start; almost always smiling and laughing at my corny little jokes.

In a very short amount of time, we had become fast friends. We liked a lot of the some things, had similar personalities, and we even had some of the same sexual kinks. She told me that she was a girl that loves sex as much as any guy around, but that she was not the kind of girl that was looking to fuck some different random guy every time either.

She was the kind of girl that wanted to have a connection with the guy she was fucking, because it would make her feel more comfortable and allow her to really let herself go. As I learned all of these things about her, I found that I was having a very difficult time walking around with a full on erection all the time.

We would hang out together as often as we could, laughing at each other the entire time. Then one day, she appeared to be very frustrated. When we talked, her answers were short and decisive in nature.

I decided that I should just be there with her and let her tell me what was wrong in her own time. Before long, she decided to open up about what was troubling her. “I haven’t been fucked in weeks, and you know by now that I really need a cock in me,” she complained.

I groaned internally at this comment, because she had already told me that nothing sexual would be happening between us due to the fact that we work together. I did the best that I could to relax her somewhat, without coming off as an overly horny guy that couldn’t think about anything except ripping her shirt open escort ataşehir right there in her SUV.

She seemed to enjoy having me there, as apparently my presence calmed her down. When I was ready to leave work for the day (she had a few hours to go), she asked if I wanted to just go hang out with her for a while instead of her going back to work.

I was all for spending as much time with this sexy friend of mine as I could, so I readily agreed.

We went over to my car, and she told me to just take her anywhere but here. After mulling it over for a while, we decided to go to the movie theater and see if there was anything good playing.

We arrived at the theater and she quickly saw that one of those animated movies that she had been dying to see was about to start. It was still early in the afternoon, so the theater was relatively empty when the show was about to begin.

Just before the movie started, a few more people came in to see it. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen between us in there anyway, but still it was an unwelcome sight. If nothing else, their presence made it so that we could not laugh and joke aloud with each other while the movie was playing.

Luckily we had chosen seats at the very back of the theater, since neither of us like the idea of having people sit behind us…we’re weird, I know. The other moviegoers all sat on rows that were at least three rows below us, so we still actually had a little bit of privacy.

The previews began and we continued talking and laughing; me trying my best to just lift her spirits and make her laugh. We began to poke and prod each other, kicking the seats in front of each other to knock the other person’s foot off, just playing around really. After the movie had started, we quieted down and began to watch like everyone else.

“It’s a shame that we can’t do anything sexy in here,” she said glancing in my direction. I quickly looked over at her, and we locked eyes for a few seconds before she returned her eyes to the screen. “It’s a damn shame,” I said to myself.

A couple of minutes later, I felt her looking over at me again. When I looked, we locked eyes once again and held the gaze for an extended period. I noticed her biting her bottom lip, before she looked back at the screen.

“Why couldn’t you be a girl?” she asked me, me realizing that she was beginning to lose her inhibitions and become horny herself.

Deciding that I had to say something clever and suggestive, I said “It’s probably for the best anyway, I doubt you could handle me.”

She looked over at me again as though I was crazy for thinking that someone as sexy as herself couldn’t handle the likes of me, even if she was already horny as hell.

“You have no idea how good I am, do you?” she asked me challengingly. “I bet you wouldn’t last two minutes inside my pussy.” “Whatever helps you sleep at night shug,” I replied, returning that challenging look that she had just given me. She arched her eyebrow before turning back to the movie.

We watched the movie a little longer before I felt her eyes turn my way again. This time however, once we locked eyes we didn’t break eye contact. Slowly, we leaned against either side of the armrest until our lips were almost touching.

We held that position for a few seconds, feeling each other out before finally crossing the remaining gap.

Our lips touched and we kissed, gently at first. It was like every first kiss should be; gentle before gradually building in intensity. Then, all of a sudden, she broke the kiss and looked back at the screen.

I sat there dumbfounded at what had just happened.

“Did this sexy thing just kiss me?” I asked myself. When she turned to face me again, there was much less hesitation. We leaned in and began kissing again, this time passionately from the start.

It wasn’t long before I felt her tongue against my lips. I gladly accepted her tongue as mine teased her back.

I reached over with my right hand to pull her lips even tighter to mine, wanting to make her feel how turned on I was. It wasn’t long before she took my hand in hers and guided it to her magnificent C cups.

My cock was hard enough to cut steel at this point, and only got harder when I felt her hand grip it through my shorts. It was about then that she realized that this average Joe was hiding something impressive under my zipper.

She broke the kiss once again to look back at the screen. The break from the action was short-lived, as our desire was growing by the second. When kadıköy escort she looked back over again, I was already waiting.

She grabbed my hand again, this time bringing it down to her covered pussy.

Even through her panties and pants, I could feel the intense heat coming from her dripping wet pussy. I broke the kiss and focused all of my attention on rubbing her clit. As I looked at her face, I saw that her eyes were halfway closed and her mouth was open as she surrendered to the feeling between her legs.

It wasn’t long before her silent moans signaled that she was cumming right there in the theater. Once she collected herself, she looked over at me once again. “Is it alright if I suck it?” she asked as she resumed rubbing my cock through my shorts. I’m not even sure what I managed to say, but she got the message that it was more than ok.

I reached down and unzipped my pants before pulling out my cock for her to see. “You’re so big,” she said as she stroked it slowly. She leaned over the armrest and slowly took my cock head into her mouth.

I was in absolute heaven as I felt the warm wetness that was her mouth.

She sucked more and more into her mouth until she had the entire thing deep in her throat. My eyes rolled back in my head as I desperately fought to contain the moans that wanted to escape. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft, working my cock like she was a pornstar.

One thing was for sure, she definitely did not sell herself short about how amazing she was at this. Luckily, she stopped sucking me before I completely lost control. She returned to her seat and groaned a little because we couldn’t really do anymore in a theater with other people in there with us.

We leaned in to kiss once again, her lips casting a spell on me all over again. “Do you want to fuck me?” she asked me. “Hell yes I wanna fuck you,” I quickly answered.

The movie still had a little bit to go so, putting our sex drive on hold for a little bit, I pulled the armrest out of the way and told her to lean against me to get more comfortable.

I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her head against my shoulder.

I gently stroked up and down her arm as we watched, occasionally turning our attention away from the movie to kiss each other again.

When the movie finally came to an end, I looked over at her and asked if she was sure that she wanted to go fuck. She didn’t take too long to say that she wanted to continue what we started. So we quickly made our way out if the theater and into the car.

After stopping at a drug store to pick up a pack of condoms, I took her to a little place I knew right off the road that gave just enough cover for us to be uninterrupted. We jumped into the backseat where we both took off our pants before our lips met once again. There was no gentle beginning to these kisses.

These were aggressive from the start, as we both knew that the other was just begging to begin fucking. She broke the kiss and dragged my boxers down my legs to free my cock once again. She bent down and quickly inhaled my cock again, sending me back into the bliss of having this sexy girl’s tongue loving every inch of my cock as she took it deep into her throat.

After a couple minutes of sucking, we both agreed that it was more than hard enough, and that we couldn’t wait any longer. I quickly rolled the condom over my cock as I sat in the backseat, thinking “I can’t believe this girl actually wants to fuck me.”

Any remaining doubt was ushered away as she threw her leg over me and grabbed by cock.

She placed the tip at the entrance to her soaking pussy, moving the tip around a bit, before starting to ease herself down.

I felt the head penetrate her pussy, immediately noticing how tight she was despite her being soaked. The pressure squeezed the head of my cock as she eased further and further down; the compressing tightness enveloping more and more of my cock until she finally had the entire cock buried to the hilt.

“Oh My God!” she exclaimed as she sat there with her pussy stretched around my cock. I could feel the muscles of her cunt tensing and relaxing as she tried to get used to the thickness.

Slowly, she began to rise back up. I looked down to see her pussy lips clinging to the sides of my cock, as if they were protesting that it was being withdrawn.

She rose halfway off my cock before dropping back down to the bottom once again. Her eyes glazed over as she surrendered to the feeling of being fucked by a big cock. I grabbed her maltepe escort bayan by her hips as she began to pick up the pace, going faster and faster until she was bouncing all the way up and down my cock on every thrust.

I picked her up and pulled her back down with every move that she made, with my hips jumping forward to meet hers every time she dropped back down. “OOOHHH, Fuck me Fuck me FUCK ME!” she exclaimed as she came continuously, with small orgasms sandwiched between larger ones.

After fucking this way for about 8 minutes, she stopped bouncing, saying “I want you to fuck me doggy.” I quickly helped lift her off my cock before she scrambled onto her hands and knees on the back seat.

As I turned to look, I was greeted by the sexiest sight I have ever seen. She had her ass sticking straight out at me, her pussy glistening in the light from the windows and her little asshole puckered above it.

I couldn’t resist reaching out to run a finger up her wet slit and stick two fingers inside her, bringing a moan of pleasure from her lips. I removed the fingers and lined my cock up with her waiting pussy. This was not the time to enter her slowly.

Once the positioning was correct, I quickly and smoothly slid my entire cock into her tight little pussy until I was once again buried balls deep inside this little vixen. I grabbed her by her hips and I started to fuck her roughly from behind. With each thrust, I saw her ass ripple from the impact.

This caused me to fuck her harder and harder until the car was filled with the sound of my balls slapping against her clit with each hard thrust. “OH FUCK!! YOU’RE FUCKING ME SOOOOO GOOOOOD!! FUCK ME!!,” she screamed.

This fueled me to fuck her harder than I ever thought I could. Surprising to both of us, I had managed to fuck this sex goddess for about 20 minutes and I still was not even close to cumming. I was a man on a mission.

I was going to make her cum as many times as humanly possible before I came. Once again, she came over and over again, squeezing my cock with each renewed orgasm. “We don’t have a lot of time left,” she said. “I want to feel you cum inside my pussy.”

We changed positions once again, this time having her lay back on the seat with me in the floor in the a missionary-like position. I lined my cock up with her pussy once again before easing back inside her.

It was beginning to feel like this was where my cock belonged. In this position, I was able to look directly into those intoxicating eyes and see the pure pleasure that she was feeling every time that she felt my cock ram back into her pussy. “Please baby, cum inside me!” she pleaded.

Her words sending me into a whole different place, I felt that familiar feeling begin to boil inside my balls. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before my cock exploded. Redoubling my efforts, I put every bit of strength I had left into driving her pussy into the seat beneath her perfect ass. Each thrust was slightly harder than the last as I got closer and closer to the brink.

“Cum for me please. Cum inside me!” she begged. Her words sent me over the edge, and with a loud groan, I sent my cum deep inside her pussy. Feeling my cock twitch and jerk during my orgasm made her moan even more in pleasure. Completely spent, I slowly pulled my cock out of her well fucked pussy.

“OOOHHH,” she moaned as she missed the feeling of my big cock inside her immediately. Both of us still huffing and puffing from the effort, we leaned in to kiss each other gently once more. We enjoyed each other’s lips and tongues for another minute before we both sat back to relax.

“Wow,” she said.

“Very wow,” I agreed.

We agreed that neither of us expected anything like what had just happened, but that we were so glad that we fucked. We slowly put our clothes back on, with me being very disappointed to see her incredibly sexy form being hidden beneath clothes again.

“This creature is not meant to be hidden by clothes,” I thought as I tried to find my shoes. We made our way back to work, so I could drop her off at her own car.

As we sat there together in my car, we were both recollecting everything that had happened in the past few hours…with me hardly believing that it could possibly be real.

We agreed that it had been amazing before she got out, unsteadily I might add, and made her way back to her car. I later got a text from her saying that she wasn’t sure that we should do this again, because we were indeed coworkers and that this event could be chalked up to the heat of the moment.

Yet, I was certain that I had not had enough of her sweet pussy. Hell, I had still yet to taste her pussy. However, it is hard to resist repeating something that was so amazing the first time. Did we ever fuck again? That’s a story for another day.

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