My Baby No More

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“Michael! Michael, it is time to get up!” That boy is just like his daddy, shaking my head as I climb the stairs to Michael room. I swear both would sleep all day if someone didn’t come in and shake the bed. A smile crosses my face as I remember some of the times I woke Michael’s father, sometimes parts of him were awake before he was. Those were the good times…, never to be repeated as Michael’s dad was killed at work, almost a year ago. Lord I miss his touch upon my body. His sweet loving could drive me so crazy. Snap out of it Anna, you have a son to get up and off to his first year of college.

Michael’s bedroom door is open and as I walk into the room I stop and look at my son on his bed. He has kicked his covers off and is laying on his back. God, he is so handsome, coal black hair, long and lean body with muscles to spare, and a golden brown skin free of excessive body hair. Then my eyes are drawn to his jockey shorts, and what I see there takes my breath away. Michael’s dad was well endowed but Michael dick is so large that half of it has escaped from the top of his jockey shorts and the head of it is past his belly button!

I can’t take my eyes off of Michael’s monster cock. Like a moth to a flame I am pulled forward powerless to stop till I am standing next to his bed. I can see the veins in his dick pulse with the beat of his heart. The head of this giant dick is red with the hot blood flowing through it, and there is the glistening precum from the tip that has dripped down and pooled on his flat belly. My mouth waters and I can feel the moisture leak from my cunt, I’m so hot that I can smell my own passion. How long, oh sweet Jesus, how long has it been since I have seen a beşiktaş anal yapan escort cock? My knees grow week and I slowly lower myself on Michael’s bed as I don’t want to wake him up. I can’t take my eyes off his dick, I have been trapped like the rodent who has stared too long at the snake. Placing my hands on each side of my son I lean forward to get a better look at his serpent. I reach a point where I can’t go forward and I can’t go backwards.

I smell his musk, so like his dad’s that before I know what I am doing I have his dick in my mouth. The memories come flooding back, how many times did I do this with his dad. My mouth is so full with just the head of his dick in my mouth that I am doing everything I can not to scrape it with my teeth. The taste is wonderful! As I grow comfortable with this fullness, I start to let my tongue circle its’ head. Michael’s body starts to gently hump my face, a moan escapes his lips, and more precum escapes to coat my tongue. Too long, way too long, I think to myself as I start to move my head up and down on this massive dick.

I feel hands on each side of my head. I close my eyes and remember how Michael’s dad gently held my head as he fucked my mouth. I can feel my wetness as it leaves my pussy and moves down my thighs…

“Mom?” a sleepy sound escaping from Michael’s mouth.

I keep my eyes closed and continue to suck.

“Mom, that feels…, that feels so totally awesome.”

God he even talks like his father, I think, but his dick, this wonderful dick is certainly his own. Reaching down with my hands I remove his jockey shorts and now he is totally naked. I bring one hand beşiktaş bdsm escort to his balls and with the other one I encircle his dick. As I cup his balls I slowly use the other hand to jack him off. My mouth has never left his dick and the amount of precum continues to increase as I feel his balls pull closer to his body and I increase the motion of my hand on his dick.

“Oh momma, suck my dick. Momma I’m almost there… God this is so fucking incredible. I never knew this would feel so good,” Michael’s voice booms off the ceiling and walls of his room.

Then I feel him stiffen, I know what is coming next. I pull my mouth almost off his dick to give my mouth room for his cum. I put both hands on his dick and pump up and down as fast as I can. Then it happens, the first blast of cum from his dick hits the back of my throat, bounces forward and as I try and swallow another blast is released from his dick. I swallow as fast as I can but it is not fast enough and some escapes from my lips. I feel his cum as it slides down his dick and makes contact with my hands. He just cums and cums, it is like sucking on a fire hose as it just keeps cuming. I suck and swallow but my hands feel like I have placed them in a bucket of cum as they are so wet. Finally the pluses of cum start to slow and dwindle in size, now at last I am able to swallow it all. Then the hose runs dry.

I pull my mouth off Michael’s dick and look at my hands. I want to try and lick them clean but shaking my head I know there is just too much. God I don’t know how much he has cum, but he is still hard, YES!!!!! I scream in my head. I release his dick and stand up. I am only wearing a beşiktaş elit escort house dress and cotton panties and in no time I have both off, and I am up on the bed with my legs on each side of my son. With one hand I spread my pussy, with the other I guide this monster cock and slowly lower myself inch by inch until I have the whole thing inside of me. I have never known this kind of fullness and I like it. Yes I do!

As I place my hands on Michael’s chest I look at his face. Oh his face, his face is the face of an angel as he looks up at me with love in his eyes. I slowly start to rock back and forth on his cock. Too long, way to long have I waited for cock, but God the wait is over and what a fucking cock it is!

Michael reaches up and cups my breasts. Too long, too long, I think as I feel my body respond to his touch. “Fuck me Michael, fuck me like I have never been fucked before,” I tell my son as I look him in the eyes.

Michael smiles and starts to move his hips slowly and then he increases the tempo until I am almost flying off the bed. If it was not for his strong hands I know I would have flown up and hit the ceiling. But no matter how high I fly I still have part of that monster cock inside of me.

Then I start to cum. So long, so long has it been since I have felt this feeling, I don’t want it to stop, my soul cries out to who knows who. And I keep cuming as Michael keeps pounding my ass. Then I feel his dick get bigger, and I can’t believe what I am feeling but then I feel his dick throb and feel his cum inside of me. I cum again.

Slowly we stop moving and I fall forward until I am resting on Michael’s chest my head nest to his ear.


“Yes baby?”

“Can we do it some more?”

I raise my head and look Michael in the eye and tell him, “Baby we can do it whenever you want.” I kiss him long and hard then I pull away and look him in the eyes once more and tell him, “Whenever you want.”

With that Michael smiles, his dick twitches, and he pulls me tight against his chest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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