Mutual Service Ch. 01

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It was a typical Monday morning during the summer hols; waking up at ten in the morning, having breakfast alone, not a thing to do except to lie around the entire day doing practically nothing at all, except getting horny of course. I had just had my 18th birthday and was in the final year of high school, and had grown tired of the erstwhile huge wonders of the internet and the female body and the deadly combination of both! All my friends at school were fascinated by everything remotely connected to sex, and most of them have had multiple experiences till date, save for poor ‘Yours Truly’! You see, the last girlfriend I had was ‘Ruefully religious’ and was regrettably a staunch believer in the institution and sanctity of marriage! No wonder we broke up!

I was having a drag week anyways! The only good thing that happened was watching a trashy Bollywood flick with lots of bikinis and women-coming-out-of-the-sea, with some of my guy friends, and hooting lusciously at the stars on the big screen! Pathetic, you said? Well, I cannot agree more!

My family and I lived in the immense apartment of ours, my family members being my parents and my sister Anita who was two years senior to me! She was 20, a college-goer, and boy was she hot! I was especially aware of this fact since my sister and I shared the same room! It was that my sister had the habit of being ‘dead’ while she’s asleep, and she also had a habit of having rather nasty nightmares whenever she slept alone. So I was used by my parents to act as a leash on her to drive away the devilish nightmares… and the arrangement worked fairly well for me as well.

You see, as I mentioned before, my sister had a habit of being ucuz escort ‘dead’ while she’s sleeping! And especially during the summer months, I took advantage of her being ‘dead’ to the fullest. In fact only last night, after she started snoring lightly on the bedspread, I sat up. This night, she was wearing a knee length pink night-gown which was fairly transparent. I could see the faint outlines of her shapely breasts encased in a white brassiere. But boobs were not what I was concerned with since it involved more risk than I bargained for. So as always, I took the easy way out and slowly lifted the end of her gown to expose her snow-white, beautiful thighs, and matching white panties. I shuddered involuntarily as I sensed my manhood squirm in my trousers. It had indeed been years since I learned this amazing thing called masturbation and I still got a kick out of servicing my manhood several times a day! And I had found out that the best way to jerk off was by staring at my sister’s undies! That’s all I do, really! Just lift her gown up to her belly-button, watch her undies and gift myself a handjob. Of course it doesn’t sound very impressive, but what else could I do… I could land into serious trouble if she woke up! But last night, I decided to be a little bolder and see how ‘dead’ my sister really was… was she dead to the extent of allowing a little simulated necrophilia?

I moved my index finger up and down her thighs in slow ecstatic motions but my sister didn’t budge. You see, Anita never woke up in the middle of the night for any reason. I needed to go to the toilet a couple of times during a night, but she never got up. Even in the morning, I ümraniye escort had to push, pull and prod her for at least five minutes before she moved at all! So I counted on my common sense as I took the immense risk of the next big step.

I placed my hands on the hilt of her panties and, slowly but carefully slid it down her long, slender legs till the thing looked like a pair of socks an inch above her heels. I whistled softly at my self, as my dick literally jumped out of my pajamas. I was staring at my sister’s pussy, a very unshaved one at that, and it had to be the most beautiful thing in the entire world. Why would women hide something so beautiful when they should be proudly displaying it in public??

The hole was not a hole but more of a thin crack, and my friends had told me that this was the sign of a woman being a virgin. It was a wonder how a piece of art like my older sister was still virgin at 20, but maybe she suffered from the same sanctity-related issues that my old girlfriend used to suffer from! I wonder how a section of Indian women are still so… outdated! In any case, she was sleeping, so nothing mattered now! With trembling hands, I fondled Anita’s public hair for a while as I felt my dick throbbing uncontrollably. I was hesitating to touch the flesh since I didn’t know whether a touch of ecstasy on the pussy would wake her up or not. But I slowly mustered up my courage and went ahead and touched the clits anyways. Boy, it was so soft, and to my slight horror, my sister actually moved a little and spread her legs apart, inadvertently pulling one of her legs out of her panties.

The vaginal opening was slightly parted üniversiteli öğrenci escort now, and the bushy darkness of the abyss was inviting me like a mirage in a desert. I knew it was impossible for me to get there, but the formula was to enjoy the mirage as long as it lasted! And I decided to do the same!

I started masturbating slowly, since I was already on the verge of cumming, and enjoyed fantasizing about putting my dick in that pussy. My dick was almost six inches and I hoped it’d reach the break-even point in a year or two. I positioned myself on top of my sister and simulated the action of putting my dick in that cave, and the mere fantasy itself was driving me nuts! I moved up and down in rhythmic motions on top of her, and I bet the tip of my dick licked her flesh a couple of times too! Staring into my sister’s sleeping face, I got a kick out of imagining what her reaction would be if she woke up and saw me air-humping her, and almost at the same time, I realized that I desperately needed someone to fuck properly! Anyways, driving away the digressions, I concentrated on the fun at hand! I was about to cum rather forcefully, and almost at the last moment, I directed my dickspray towards the floor, where it made a fine pattern indeed. Had I been a little late, I would probably have messed up my sister’s gown and public region! I lay down, exhausted, beside my sister, with the first experience of ‘simulated sex’ pleasing me indeed. Little did I know that I would be losing my real virginity within a few hours of this grand simulation.

After a while, I pulled up Anita’s panties carefully and tried to restore it to its original position. I had to take her legs and put her foot through the leg-holes, but that didn’t bother Anita in the least, although the touch of her warm flesh nearly gave me another hard-on! Within five minutes, I drifted into a deep slumber indeed.

[So whom did I lose my virginity to? Well, don’t forget to read Chapter two to find out!]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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