Mum and Me

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It was when I was about eighteen years of age that I first saw her, saw her and knew her, as she really was. I was passing by her bedroom door, and I heard sounds emanating from within. The sounds were not ones that I had ever heard from another woman. I had heard them before, but they had come from my own young mouth.

I stepped back to the doorway and peered in, She was laying on her back with her legs spread apart. I could see everything. With her left hand she was lovingly fondling her own right breast, whilst her right hand was even more attentive between her long legs. She was far too busy with her own pleasure to notice me, so I thought.

I was actually witnessing my beautiful mother taking herself to the heights of ecstasy by masturbation. I was totally enthralled by what I was watching, so much so, that I felt no shame in what I was actually taking so much pleasure from, as at that moment I could see nothing but natural beauty in a state of utter abandon.

She was then about forty years old, and still a stunning looking woman, she had very dark brown hair and a complexion of what might be described light gold . At about five foot eight inches tall, her legs were a yard long and very shapely, her beauty would be the envy of any woman., having high cheekbones and a fine straight nose. The lips were full and sensuous, as if always begging to be kissed. Her facial expression could go from the epitome of innocence to that of a wanton. To me though, her finest assets were her beautifully ample breasts with large dark nipples and areolas. Of course I had seen mother naked many times .Her bra cup size was a generous “C”. Ever since I could remember I had always loved to be cuddled close to them. Mother breast-fed me for years beyond the norm.

As I watched at the door I saw her withdraw her hand from her jewel of womanhood which was completely denuded of pubic hair, and take up her vibrator, which was by her side, she first took it in her mouth to make it moist, before inserting it into herself between her legs. It really needed no lubrication as it seemed to glide in, her cunt was so deliciously wet. She switched it on and played it in and out for some minutes, moaning with pleasure, and then took it to her breasts, first to her swollen nipples so that the cloying love juices from the vibrator made them glisten, All the time I could hear her gasp and moan at her own sensation and pleasure This she continued for some time, every so often she would take her other breast, and, because she was able to, kissed, licked and suckled her own nipples. This she did for a while, and because her legs were so wide apart I could see the love juices run easily from her vagina. Before long she took the vibrator back to her jewel and resumed her self loving, giving most attention to her clitoris. As the time passed her movements became more urgent and the moaning louder, mother was in the first wave of her climax, she turned her head and saw me watching her.

My mother looked me in the eyes but to my amazement did not stop her self- ministrations, she continued fucking herself with the dildo, but with more intensity. At the same time her facial expression changed from ecstasy to a look of pleading. I was still spell bound, by what I was seeing, and had not moved an inch, but I failed to understand this look on her face. All the time she was coming, she was looking at me. After her intense orgasm had subsided she layed still for some time, just looking at me, until she whispered, “Lucy, come here”. I obeyed and walked towards the bed not taking my eyes away from hers. She made no move to cover her naked body

“Did you enjoy watching me?”, she asked”, ” I knew you were there”, I didn’t answer, trying to cover my embarrassment with silence. “You were there long enough to see everything I was doing, I am sure you did enjoy it, look at your breasts darling, the nipples are very erect, I can see them through your blouse, and that’s a sure sign of a woman’s arousal”. I looked down at my breasts and involuntarily compared mine with hers, mine were as erect as my mothers. I then also realised that I was very damp between my legs.

Not being at all sure of the situation, and how I felt about it, I looked away, still not saying a word, my eyes were drawn to a photograph laying on the bed beside mother, it was of me, taken by her whilst on a recent holiday, I was sunbathing topless at the time. It was then that I understood the meaning of that pleading look on her face just a minute ago. It didn’t take long for mother to explain. “You will probably have realised by now that “I’m bi- sexual , and lean mostly towards lesbianism”.

I had always suspected this, as mother, ever since I could remember, quite often had girl friends to stay at weekends. All of them beautiful women. I had not thought it unusual

“Yes”, I replied, “I have thought that to be the case for some time now”.

“Does that bother you at all”. no, “not really” I said, sitting on the bed beside mother, “I also have lesbian tendencies, does otele gelen escort that bother you mother?”,

” Not at all, Lucy my love, in fact I’m really very pleased. So is that why you were watching me for so long?, is it because you became turned on yourself, watching me masturbate?”. She asked while she stroked the inside of my thigh. and fondling her left breast again. “You might as well tell me”.

I had to admit it , to mother and myself, ” yes, I took a great deal of pleasure from it. Were you looking at my photograph before you were coming?, I asked. I was becoming wetter between my legs.

“Oh yes,” she said in a quiet seductive way, “I do it a lot, ever since I’ve watched you grow from a child into a woman I fantasised about us. having sex together. Although I’m well aware that it’s totally illegal and strictly taboo, are you angry with me?

“Come to think about it, it’s really quite erotic, mother and daughter having sex with each other and I like eroticism” I told her, casting my eyes to her ample breasts. I was getting more horny by the second. She caught my glance and smiled. “I have to admit that I love these breasts of mine, and by the look of it you do too Lucy. How big are yours now?, they must be as big as mine”.

“The same size as yours, mother” I some times borrow her bras.

” Really?, show me” she said, as if it was a dare. I could see she was getting exited again by the way her nipples were swelling once more. By this time I was becoming more turned on by the second, and knowing that mother was trying to seduce me, I was ready and very willing to give myself to her.

Mother could not take her eyes from my cleavage as I slowly began to unbutton my blouse, when at last it was off and as soon as my bra was away from my breasts her hands were seeking my nipples, “ooh so pretty” she sighed ” So much like mine, but your nipples are that lovely pink and they are so beautifully defined against your fair skin, not as dark as these”, fondling her own. She sat up straight, close to me so that our breasts were touching at each other’s nipple, we both shuddered with pleasure at this exquisite forbidden contact. It gave me a surprise when as she gently squeezed one of her breasts, a trickle of white liquid ran from her nipple “Is that milk?” I asked excitedly..

“Mmm,” she moaned sensuously, I take a special hormone that keeps my milk coming in when I’m sexually aroused, it always did when you used to suckle at them”.

“Did you get aroused when you breast fed, me and is that why you fed me so long?”

“Yes all the time, you couldn’t see, but I used to play with myself as well”

I pictured this erotic scene in my mind

I badly wanted to relive it. I said “I want to….. May I,…. may I do it now?, suckle at them I mean”.

“Of course you can, I’d adore it, providing you don’t mind me using my dildo while you take my milk”.

I needed no further invitation .Mother positioned me across her so I could easily reach her breast and lay in such a way she had access to manipulate her toy deep inside her . I put my hungry lips to one those fountains of sweet nectar and began to suckle at mother’s wonderful nipple, that by this time was the size of my little finger

My hand gently fondling the other golden orb the entire time mother was cooing and saying “There’s a good girl, it feels so nice when you suck your mummy’s titty, take mummies milk from her breast, you’ll make me come soon”

I sucked harder so as to take more of mothers milk and to bring her to the peak., and I could indeed feel her coming very quickly to anther orgasm. She shook as it happened, and by this time I was easing off my wet knickers so I could get to my own slit, and get my fingers to work.

“That’s right darling”, she encouraged me, “open your legs so I can see how nicely you cum”. It didn’t take long. Having left the dildo vibrating away inside of her, she gently massaged my cunt lips for me while I diddled my clit. I was almost senseless with the ecstasy I was enjoying, saying “Oh mummy I do love you”. I came so much that both our hands were soaking wet.

After we had our breath back we kissed passionately, and explored each other’s vaginas, this was wonderful as we were both dripping juices into each other’s hand. I knew from watching her earlier, that mother liked to smear love juice over her nipples, my hands and fingers were well coated with it, and I gently massaged her nipples with her own cum and juice. Mother was mesmerised by my hands at work, and in seconds her milk began flowing again. I could not resist this cocktail I had to have a taste of it. I went back to those gorgeous breasts once again. The taste was even better than before.

“It’s good isn’t it”, Mother asked,

“I’m sure that I’ve never tasted anything so good, it’s precisely how you should taste”, I giggled “all goodness and sex”.

By now it seemed to me perfectly natural when mother suggested it would be good if she were pendik escort to taste me also, I readily agreed. I asked her if she would like to nuzzle at my vagina, or would she have more pleasure taking it from my breasts.

She replied ” let me take it from your vagina and smear it on my own nipples, so I can take it the same way as you took mine, with my milk. Would you play with my vagina while I do it Lucy?”

” Oh yes” I said , almost pleading, and mother and I opened our legs for each other.

. Our hands went to each other’s slits, mine to hers to stay and play, and mothers to mine to collect my love juice and take it to her breasts and nipples. When she was good and gooey she dipped her head and took her own nipple between her lips and sucked and moaned aloud until it was all gone.

“Ooh, Your juice is so thick and creamy, it’s almost like honey. I’ll frig you some more, so you can taste your own cum mixed with my milk”

I opened my legs wider for her, to take, and give me, the pleasure I was anticipating. I looked down, her fingers were so good, playing deep inside me and with my sopping clitoris. My mother had me coming again in no time at all. This time I was crying with the sensation of orgasm. After spreading my cunt honey on herself she tenderly guided my mouth once more to her tit and held me. Her hand went to her own slit once again. I had often before tasted and enjoyed my own cum and vaginal nectar when playing with myself, but it tasted so much better taken with my mothers milk fresh from her breast. Milk and honey!

Although we had engaged in very heavy petting we had not really performed true sex on one another. This time it was me whom instigated the next part of our sex game. We both had very wet vaginas at this time and I felt decidedly gooey around that area. I suggested to mother that she would like to taste me fresh from my slit

“Do you really want me to do that to you”, she enquired seriously, ” You know what you are saying Lucy, is that you want full oral sex with me. Are you sure about this?. It’s full lesbian sex, and you want your mother to perform it on you. I’m desperate to do it to you, and I know that we shall both adore it, but I want you to be sure. I see it as going beyond a barrier, a deeper meaning, if you know what I mean”.

“I know exactly what you mean mother, I feel the same way as you. You know that I have always loved you, but that is in the usual sense, between mother and daughter. Now, after what we have just been doing to each other it is totally different. and I feel that it’s a natural thing for us to do. I’m besotted with you and your body. I cannot get enough of you and I want to do every thing with you and to you. We both know it is wrong, but I don’t care. I love you and want you at my vagina so very much.”

Mother gave me a reassuring smile and kissed me full on the lips. Our tongues met in each other’s mouths, it was very erotic as we both knew that within seconds we, both mother and daughter would be lovers in the truest sense.

Tenderly she layed me back on the bed and spread my legs until she had the view of my jewel of love she so strongly desired. The pubic hair around my vagina is only what might be called a soft down of blonde hair and the lips and the cleft are perfectly visible

” Your quite sure”, she asked once again.. I smiled and whispered “yes, my darling mother” .

I looked down, so as to watch, she didn’t come straight to my slit, but began kissing me all the way along my inner thigh, taking her time, and driving me mad with anticipation. When she did arrive at the lips of my vagina I could feel her hot breath, again she paused.

“Do it to me mummy for gods sake do it” I demanded.

Her answer was to thrust her tongue deep into my dripping vagina expertly sliding it over my clitoris as it went in. I came immediately, with the most powerful orgasm I have ever experienced. Her licking and sucking caused wave after wave of orgasms to sweep over me. I thought it would never stop This was proved by the amount of cum that flowed from me. Mother could not believe that she had so much juice to lap from my slit. While my quaking body calmed, mother layed her head on my thigh and tenderly kissed the engorged lips of my vagina.

By this time I was feeling quite exhausted, but I wanted to give mother the same pleasure she had given me “Now it’s your turn,” I said.

She layed down for me, with her legs fully apart, I wanted to see my mothers clitoris before I started on it with my tongue, so I parted the lips of her vagina to reveal it. It was adorable, and quite larger than I expected, and the inner lips of her pussy were darker in colour. I took the clitoris in my mouth and sucked and licked it ,at the same time I was frigging her inside with two fingers until mother succumbed to yet another quaking orgasm. I in turn took all the love juice and cum that mother had let flow from her jewel of love.

We must have been playing with each other for rus escort at least two hours and were both exhausted from our loving and multiple orgasms. For the first time in years I spent the night in her bed, and we slept in each others arms, as lovers do.

The following morning, over breakfast we talked about our partly changed relationship, and how happy we were with it, and not developed any regrets.

I then proceeded to ask her about how she came to realise that she loved women so much, and not men.

“It was quite a few years ago”, she replied “I had had some sexual experience of men, and enjoyed it. That was until a visit to the doctors changed me.

Like yourself Lucy, I had previously fantasised about sex with women,

It was a very warm day, and mine was the first appointment after lunch and the surgery was very hot, I had come in for a check up. I had a very small lump in my left breast, and was a little worried about it. The doctor turned out to be a very good-looking lady of about thirty . After the usual general questions regarding my well being, the doctor asked me to undress to the waist and lay on the couch for an examination. Whilst I was undressing, the doctor commented on the temperature in the consulting room, and I half jokingly suggested that perhaps she too should remove some clothing. She thought it an excellent idea and asked me to excuse her if she changed in the room to save time. Then stripped down to her half cup bra, pants and suspender belt and stockings a lovely matching set of white lace, and I remember thinking, how stunning it looked against her summer tan. It was at that moment that I realised that I would really like to try sex with a woman. Little did I know how soon it would be. She did of course put on her white coat before coming to me on the couch, but had not paid to much attention to the buttons, I layed down on the couch and the doctor started to feel my breasts Whilst she was giving both breasts a thorough going over I could not help taking advantage of the view I was getting through the openings in her coat. Her breasts weren’t large but ample, and the cleavage tantalising, her breasts seem to grow fuller as she leant forward to attend to me.

The doctor must have seen the direction of my eyes and asked me if I liked what I saw. There was no way I could have given her a direct answer, so pretending to ignore her partial nudity I asked where she bought her underwear. She told me it was from Janet Reger, I had not seen that particular ensemble and told her so. To my surprise the doctor undid the remaining buttons of the coat and held it open for me to take a closer look. It was all lace, and much of it see-through. Her nipples were very easy to make out as they were quite dark compared to the lace, and so was the cleft of her vagina for the same reason. I asked about the comfort and quality of the lace, and the doctor invited me to feel it. I didn’t know were to put my hand to do so, so she indicated to her bra. I slid my finger into the low cut top and tested the fineness. By this time I was rather turned on by what had so far occurred, so was a little over adventurous by actually making contact with her nipple, she reacted to this by giving a little squeal, either of surprise or delight. She immediately said that this was not getting the job done, so went back to the business of feeling my breasts and declared that she could feel nothing there and that the lump had probably dispersed, as they sometimes do.

Before moving away from the couch, the doctor asked if I had recently had an internal examination, to which I answered “no”. She said that as there were no other patients to see for at least another hour, so she would have time, if it were convenient to me. I jumped at the opportunity and said that I was free for the afternoon. I was then told remove the rest of my clothing. At this stage I should say I was not sure of the doctors intentions, as she still had not rebuttoned her coat, and I could see there had appeared a damp patch at the crotch of her knickers

She asked me to open my legs and went to the end of the couch were upon she inserted her fingers into my vagina. I gave a little gasp, which made the doctor look up and gave me a smile and apologised, I said that there was no need, and smiled back. Her eyes did not leave mine as she continued to explore every inch of my pussy and could obviously feel how wet she was making me, and I was making little moaning sounds. My hips were involuntary rising to meet her fingers. “Diana,” she said, You’re enjoying this aren’t you” she had found me out.

I answered ” yes” in a very husky voice. “very much”.

She replied in an equally husky tone ” then this examination will take a lot longer than usual” and went to lock the surgery door.

Returning to the couch she said it had got a lot hotter in the room, and that she would be more comfortable if she removed the white coat which she did, and revealed herself fully to me again in that lovely underwear. With a smile on her mischievous face she said” I’d better check those breasts of yours again. Standing at the couch, she was even more attentive than before, with a great deal of time taken over my nipples, as she rolled and tweaked them between her thumb and fore finger as she passionately kissed me full on the lips.

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