Ms. Pigtails

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Big Dick

Author’s note: none of this ever happened, these characters are entirely fictional, although the setting is very real. It takes place in San Jose California, in 2013.

It had been about ten years since my wife died, so I finally started allowing myself to look at other women: that’s when a particular black woman began piquing my interest in a very big fat way. I started calling her Ms. Pigtails because she always wore her hair in pigtails; she looked to be in her mid-thirties. She was always reading a real book of some sort, that is, I never saw her reading on a cellphone: I knew she was different. She was about my height, 5′, 9″ (175-cm), maybe 425-Lbs. (193-kg), with very large pendulous breasts that were slung over her round beach-ball-belly, that then protruded from her wonderfully expansive hips, although the thing that had a sleeper-hold on my brain was that queenly posterior of hers.

I had wistfully admired her throughout the summer, walking to-and-fro past my house: she eventually became friendly with my black cat, Lucy Fur. Lucy would rush out to meet her then rub herself on Ms. Pigtails leg while receiving a good scratching behind the ears and rump: oh, how I envied hat cat! Because I’m an artist and always busy in my studio, it allowed me to see her from my window whenever she’d go by. Seeing her bent over like that always made my day: right afterwards I’d make a mad dash for the bathroom and jack off into the sink:

I’d envision her glistening dark-mahogany skin beaded in sweat… kissing her wide flat nose and big full lips… biting her nipples… but I’d always reach my climax just as soon as I began imagining pushing my face between her butt cheeks and licking her puckered little asshole: without fail, the thought of it would always make me salivate!

That October I didn’t see her for about a week and a half: perhaps she’d gotten another job?

I was out front pruning my trees and shrubs when at last I finally saw her again.

She was petting Lucy when I popped up from behind a gooseberry bush, “Her name’s Lucy: Lucy Fur…”

“Oh my god, that’s soooo cute!” she had a shy smile with crooked teeth that made my heart flutter.

“Gosh, I haven’t seen you in a while, everything OK?” I blurted out before I realized what I had said.

“Hang on…” she took off her headphones and from out of her skirt she removed an old compact tape player, and with a crisp snap! it was silenced, “I’m sorry, what was that?” she asked.

My heart was racing because I didn’t want her to think I was a creepy old white guy, “I uhhh, Lucy hasn’t gotten her kitty lovin’s from you for a while…”

“Oh, I had the flu…”

“Wha’cha listenin’ to?”

“Some old French punk music…”

“Gosh, really: who?”

“Plastic Bertrand’s first album…”

“You fer real?” I asked incredulously.

“Hey, ya know what!” she snipped.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t expect…”

“Someone like me to listen to anything like that?” she growled putting her headphones back on and began to walk away.

“Wait…can’t you please forgive me–really?” I felt like such an ass.


“No, seriously: I have that on vinyl… I bought it when it first came out…”


“I’m just kinda surprised because most people only know about the one song…”

“I know right?” she grinned: damn, there were those oh so adorable snaggle-teeth again! “I mean ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’ is totally cool, but that mandolin and bass on ‘Bambino’ is awesome! You can totally hear the Ramones influence…”

“My name’s Clancy…” I held my hand out to her, and she accepted; her touch was so soft and gentle just like her voice, “So what else do you listen to?”

“Oh, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Black Sabbath, Gary Numan…”

“You’re listening to that stuff on cassette? How old’re you?”

“My name’s Lashawna,” she paused, “I’m forty-one… My dad and I used to listen to that stuff when I was a kid!”

“Have you heard Gary Numan’s latest album?”

“I’ve only heard ‘Love Hurt Bleed’ so far…” she looked at her phone, “I totally gotta run! It was nice meeting you, Clancy…”

“Yeah, uh, be safe Lashawna …” perhaps I was just imagining it and being hopeful, or is it that I’m a dirty old man, but I thought I’d recognized a certain gleam in her eyes that my wife would get!

Damn, she’s forty-one and I’m fifty-four: that would work, wouldn’t it? I was having he biggest crush on her ever: I immediately headed for my computer and did an image search for black SSBBW’s. I had to whack-off twice before I was satisfied, and then again before bed.

After dinner I made her a tape of Gary Numan’s album, “Splinter: Songs from a Broken Mind”: I wanted to surprise her when I saw her again…

I was finishing up my breakfast the next day when I heard a knock at my door: it was Lashawna and she was holding Lucy in her arms, “I made you a ‘mixtape’…” she set the cat down and handed me the cassette.

“Uh… uh… uh…” I stammered, “I mmm-made one ffffor you eryaman genç escort too, please wait!” I snatched it from the end table and handed it to her with trembling hands.

“You alright?” she queried.

“I am now!” I smiled, “It’s Gary Numan’s new album, I hope you like it?”

“Thanks, I gotta run now…” she turned and hurried away.

What she gave me was a mix of songs from 1980’s bands like Split Enz and The Buggles, but none of them were the hits, they were much more obscure, then on the other side it was the Cocteau Twins. I had all this music already, but it felt so special coming from her. Once again, I did another image search to frustrate my purpose while listening to her music.

“I loved all those songs!” I said calling out to her as I stepped down from the porch to intercept her on her way past my house.

“Dang, that whole album is hella tight–I liked how dark it is!” she smirked turning her music off, “What else have you got?”

“Ohhh, I’ve got tons of stuff…”

“Can I see?”

“Ummm, sure?”

“I don’t bite…” she giggled, “unless you want me to!”

“Are, are yyy-you flirting with me?” I squeaked.

“Well, that was the general idea anyway…” her big brown eyes sparkled behind her chubby cheeks.

“W-would you l-like to come up on the porch… to, to… to just talk?”

“W’ll yeah!”

“Would you like something to drink: water?”


“I have some home brew: it’s a dark stout…”

“Just like me then?” she teased.

“Ummmm…” I blushed.

She stated bluntly, “I know you like to watch me!”

“I, well… ya see, I ummm…”

“I like it–a lot!” she looked around my house through the front window, “You don’t seem like the creepy type…”


“Naaawww, people’s pets reflect their person… Lucy’s a nice kitty: if she wasn’t, I know you’d be an asshole to stay away from…” All that week she made a point to stop by to talk about music.

It was Friday afternoon when I asked, “Lashawna?”

“Uhhhh-huh?” she purred.

“C-can I… Um, would you… I mean… can I t-take you to, to, to dinner?”

“Clancy, are you askin’ me out, like on a date?”

“I, well, umm-er-ah… yes?”

“I was hopin’ you would…”

I took her to a little hole in the wall called “The Lunch Box” on West San Carlos in the Burbank area that served the most amazing Ethiopian food ever. I learned that she worked as a librarian at the Willow Glen branch on Minnesota Ave and that she lived only a mile away so that she could walk to work. She seemed extra fascinated when I told her that I was a freelance graphic artist as well as a fine artist.

We had been dating three weeks before I worked up my nerve: we had just finished dinner and walking back to her car when I asked, “Pigtails… May, may I kiss you?”

“I’ve been wonderin’ when you’d ask that!”

“Well, I…” she pushed her tongue halfway down my throat, “mmmmmph!”

She stared into my eyes, “Did Daddy like that?” while caressing my back.

“Yes Pigtails…”

“Does Daddy really love baby Shawny?”

“I do…”

“W-would you still love her if I she ww-was different from most wo-women?”

“How different?” I sighed feeling a bit worried, “Do, do you nn-not have a vagina or, or something: are you really a man?” I pulled away slightly.

“Nnnno, I’m still a woman, and I have a vagina, i-i-i-it’s j-just that…” she gulped, “I… I’m kinda different…”

“At this point, I don’t think it matters…” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Mmmmy, ummm… I have a really big, ummm clitoris…” she bit her lip nervously, unable to meet my gaze.

“But… you still have a vagina, right?”


“It’s too late now to care about something like that, even if you didn’t… Damn, ya know…” I paused thinking more about it, “That’s like seven kinds of hot, isn’t it?”

She heaved a heavy sigh of relief, “Yer like totally hella kinky, aren’t you?”

“Maybe…” I smirked rubbing myself against her big round belly.

“I want you Daddy…” she cooed breathily, licking my ear, “I need you…”

“I want you more than anything Pigtails… But can’t we just wait a bit longer… It’s only because I think I am very much in love with you… I want to make sure I do though…”

“Ohhhh, why?” she moped.

“Do you shave your, you know?” I asked coming up with a plan.

“Of course!”

“Well then I won’t sleep with you until you have hair there and under your arms…”

“Ewwwww,” she squinched up her nose, “why?”

“Because I like it; that’s why!”

“Under my arms too?”

“It’s there for a reason ya know…”

“Well, I ain’t gunna have hairy legs!”

“I like smooth legs: I’ll even shave them for you…” I winked.


“Of course…”

“So, when do I get to come into your house, you’re not ashamed of me are you?”

“Fer fuck’s sake no!” I sighed absentmindedly caressing the fat rolls under her arms, “Lashawna, you’re a nice lady: I wanted us to get to know ankara escort bayan one another before inviting you in… OK, yeah, maybe I am old fashioned, but until recently we really didn’t know each other…” I didn’t realize it, but I had thrust my hands very deeply into her armpits and I very enthusiastically massaging them, “I need you to feel safe when you’re with me!”

“Thhhhhat’s rrr-really sss-sweet…” she panted, “But… but you’ve mmm-made my pussy totallllly wet… touching me like that!”

“Oh my, sorrrry!”

It was 3:04 Thursday morning when I was awakened by my phone: it was Lashawna, “Hey…” I yawned, “what’s wrong sweet girl?”

“Daddy, can I come over,” she sniffled.

“Uh-um… yeah… sure,” I shook my head trying to clear it.

“I… I’ll be there in like five, ‘kay?”

“Yeah, sure…”

“I love you…”

“I love you too Lashawna…”

As soon as she pulled up to my house I jumped out and wrapped my arms around her, “What’s wrong little girl?”

“I’m just so depressed…”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“I’ll be alright, I get this way sometimes: but I just need to be with you–please!”

I lead her straight to my bedroom and removed her clothes and tucked her into bed before kissing her forehead.

She covered her head then peeked her face out to watch me undress, “This is just how I imagined it…”


“Uh-huh… Is, is that your wife?” she asked looking at the picture I kept near my bed.

“Her name was Glenda…”

“So, you’ve always had a thing for fat-ladies then huh?”

“Always…” I nodded sidling in behind her and pushing my hand in under her belly and thigh, “I got’cha now little girl…” I could hear her gently weeping, “Doesn’t the rain sound good Shawny?”

“Uh-huh…” her breathing was coming quicker, “I’ve thought about this moment for so long…” she paused before continuing, “You’re the only one I’ll ever let call me that… Does it bother you that I call you Daddy?”

“No, I feel very flattered… It sounds as if you were very close with your father…”

“He was killed in Iraq… I worshipped the ground he walked on… He was a really awesome skater: he taught me how to do tricks on a half-pipe, how to grind… I used to be able to do an ollie before my ass got too big…” she chuckled nervously.

“Well, if it wasn’t for that big ass, you probably wouldn’t be her right now,” I whispered kissing her ear and pinching her nipple between my index and thumb.

“I… I can feel you getting hard…” she murmured deeply as I rolled her between my fingers, “Do that harder: no, more…”

I was slipping and sliding myself between her huge cheeks, “Can I make love to you Shawny?”

“Yes please…” she reached her arm around and grabbed me, “Pigtails made Daddy very wet…”

“Let me get some protection first…”

“I’m on the pill, it helps ’cause I get horrible periods, and I haven’t been with anyone in years, an’ you said you haven’t either… Ummmm?”

“Yes baby girl?”

“Do…do, ummm, do you like creampies?”

“I’m an old fart, remember: I don’t know what that means?”

“Every night I fantasize that you eat your come out of my pussy after you’ve made love to me… Please, please, please Daddy!” she whined. I just couldn’t say no to those beautiful brown eyes and sexy crooked teeth!

“I, uh-ummm,” I balked, “if that’s what my little Pigtails wants… But only if I get to lick your little asshole after: deal?”

“Mmmmm, that sounds nice…” she purred, “Damn, you are totally hella freaky, aren’t you?”

“Maybe!” I smirked.

“Lie back…” she commanded pushing me down.

“Yes ma’am…”

She spread my leg apart and crawled between, “Baby needs some candy…” taking me into her hand, she milked out a big glistening bead of thick clear fluid that she greedily slurped up.

“Mama?” I moaned clutching up big handfuls of sheets.

“Does Mommy’s boy like that?” she whispered.


She stopped for a moment, and I could hear her licking something, and that’s when I felt her thrusting her finger into my rectum.

“Ummm?” I began to protest.

“Hush, Mommy knows best!”

“Yes ma’am…” I smiled falling ever deeper into love with this amazing woman.

She pushed a little deeper, “Shhhh, just relax… push a little bit now… good… a little more for Mommy now…”

It felt amazing… in, out, in… slowly deeper and deeper… exciting all the nerve endings… suddenly the tip of her finger began to massage my prostate gland… it was the sensation of somewhere between having to pee and coming, “OH GAAAAWWWD!” I screamed.

That’s when she quickly mounted me. She was rocking those gigantic hips of hers back and forth, back and forth, back and forth… With my left hand I was caressing the now stretched tight flesh of her thigh: it was covered in a myriad of sensuous ripples and dimples, and with my right I cupped my hand under the deep fold of her belly that was hanging sincan escort down, pressing against my own. While all of this was happening Lashawna was pinching and pulling on my nipples…

“Daddy… Daddy… Daddy?” the frequency of her rhythms was increasing exponentially and that’s when I began to feel the strong muscles of her vagina gripping, clutching and squeezing to wring out the very last drop of…

“Shawny? Shawny? SHAAAAAAWNY!”

“YES DADDY, COME INTO YER MOMMY’S BIG FAT PUSSY!” she moaned with a climactic shuddering and quivering of her pillowy-soft body.

But before there was even time to relax and enjoy the moment, she ordered, “Hurry before we make a mess in the bed,” she lifted one of her thighs and pushed me down and through, “I’m not going to sleep in a cold spot… Hurrrry it’s dripping out!”

Quickly, I did as she bid: holding my mouth open under her loins and letting the long slow sinuous white mass ooze into my mouth, dripping… dribbling… drizzling… onto my tongue… slurp… smack… lap-lap-lap… I licked greedily at her labia… and then I discovered her clitoris: it was about three-inches long!

“Oh my god Lashawna… it’s so, so beautiful–it’s just adorable!”

“I knew somehow… sss-some… oh Daddy… d-d-don’t stop!”

I continued swabbing… mopping… swishing… sucking all I could from her vagina… and then I took her stump into my mouth, leaving her a giant mass of quivering adipose flesh, “More, Daddy… more! Mmm-make Mommy’s… Mommy’s… Mommy’s…”

Just when I knew she was about to come again I asked, “Please turn over little one…”

“Like this?”

“No: head down, butt up…”

“Like this?”

“Uh-huh….” Her butt and thighs were covered in the most delightfully enchanting dimples, divots and stretchmarks, and in between them hung her cock-stiffening yummy-tummy… she had oh so many more of those delicate stretchmarks that laced the folds and mounds of flesh: needless to say, my heart was pounding with anticipation!

I lovingly began to knead the two dark loves before kissing them, “OH DADDY!” she whimpered: I saw that she now had gooseflesh covering her body.

“Does my baby girl like that?”

“Uh-huh…” she whined.

After spreading her gigantic cheeks apart for me, she asked, “Is this what you wanted?”

I tenderly kissed her puckered little rectum a half dozen times before admitting, “Since the first time I ever saw you sweet girl…”

“It feels so good, what you’re doing…”

“Good…” I continued with my worshipful pecking for a few more seconds before a more intense rimming her of her hole. The bitter tang of her as well as a heady-musky-fecal smell were all that I had longed for, “I love the way you taste…”

“HOMYGOD!” she cried trying to offer more of herself to me.

I was trying to savor her aroma and zestiness for a few more minutes before beginning my penetration and exploration of her sphincter, until finally forcing myself inward. That’s when I took her wonderfully long clitoris in my hand while simultaneously massaging my own member, with my other hand.

“OH MY GOD… DA-DADDY…” she panted, “PLE… PLE… PLEASE DOH-DOH-DON’T SSSSSTOP!” she begged rocking and rolling her huge hips back and forth, up and down in time to the movement of my tongue and tugging at limb, “Pull harder… harder… mmm-more tongue, deeeeeper Daddy, deeper… yes-yes-yes…”

Her sphincter became relaxed, engorged and dilated, inviting me deeper still… I was probing, darting in and out… I desperately needed to be further in because I was so madly in love with this beautiful woman… She was whimpering and whining, her whole-body trembling and quivering with anticipation… If I could have found some way, I would have gladly climbed inside of her. Then at last, when I became aware that I was climaxing, I pulled back, furiously pumping my member, spraying her belly, the backs of her thighs, and calves with messy splops of jizz.

Staring starry-eyed at her behemoth buttocks, I realized that Lashawna must have fainted, because I was hearing the long slow even breathing of someone who was fast asleep!

“Hey…” I nudged her.

“Huh?” I heard her slurp: she must have been drooling.

“You passed out…” I told her as I began to suck the messy splashes of viscous spooge from her skin.

“What’re you doing… that totally hella tickles!” she tittered.

“Licking my come off of you…”

“So… so yyyyou like my clit then?”

“To use your words: it’s ‘totally hella sweet!”

“Most guys get all weirded out by it: they make me feel so ashamed of myself… Sssomehow thhhhough, even before we started talking, I… I knew yyyyou’d like it… if, if you sssaw it…”

“I do…” I kissed it lovingly, “very much…”

“I felt so sexy and beautiful that first day we talked,” she finally turned over and locked me in her embrace, “I’ve never felt so confidant ever!”

“Lashawna…” I was pecking her face all over with little kisses, “that has everything to do with you: I just happen to be one exceptionally fortunate, lecherous old fart in the right place at the right time…” I paused for effect, “I know a really great thing when I see it… Fer fuck’s sake: I know I’m more than lucky to have you!”

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